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Wish to jump straight to the answer? The very best online payroll services for most businesses are definitely Gusto or even OnPay.

Historically, payroll continues to be one of the most complex elements of running a business. Business owners need to make sure that many people are paid with 100% precision, including calculations related to taxes, benefits, and more.

How hard can it be? Well, about one-third of small businesses are fined by the IRS each year because of payroll mistakes. With increased businesses working with remote staff members, freelancers, and independent companies, payroll is no small task.

But contemporary payroll solutions are altering to accommodate this. We’ lmost all show you the best solutions to the task.

The 7 Best Online Payroll Services

With regards to something as important since payroll, you don’t wish to take any chances with an second-rate service. Depending on the size of the business, there are only seven online payroll services which i would recommend:

  • Gusto
  • OnPay
  • ADP Payroll
  • Square Payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Paychex
  • SurePayroll

Read on regarding the features, pricing, pros, plus cons of each service for top level one for your business.



Visit Gusto

Starting at $39. 99 a month

Unlimited payroll cycles

Calculates & files taxes

Easy access to pay stubs & W-2s

Get Started Now

Gusto provides one of the best online payroll solutions out there. They serve more than 100, 000 businesses across the nation.

The reason why so many companies are choosing Gusto with regard to payroll is because of the platform’s simplicity. It’s easy for one to set up, manage, and spend workers.

With Gusto, you can run payroll in minutes. You can even run it on autopilot, assuming points aren’t changing each spend cycle.

The user experience of Gusto is unparalleled as well. It’ s incredibly simple to use even if you’ re completely inexperienced with online payroll services.

Not just does Gusto calculate your own taxes, but it files everything for you. Local, state, plus federal taxes are automatically paid to the right authorities office each time you run payroll. This benefit is totally free, while competitors charge extra for it.

I love Gusto’ s onboarding process for each employee. Regardless of whether you have a new W-2 employ or 1099 contractor, they could onboard themselves.

Your staff will have easy access to pay stubs, W-2s, and everything else they need online. Actually former employees will still be capable of view old payroll info.

Gusto provides unlimited payroll cycles, which means you can issue payments once you want. You’re not locked into weekly or bi-weekly cycles.

Gusto helps you with compliance, time-tracking, PTO, employee benefits, and more, in addition to being a full-service on the web payroll company.

Pricing for Gusto is really as follows:

Core — $39 a month

  • $6 per month per person
  • Employee self-service
  • Health benefits administration
  • Workers’ compensation administration
  • PTO policies

Complete — $39 per month

  • $12 per month per person
  • Many Core features
  • Employee offers and onboarding
  • Time monitoring
  • Time-off demands
  • Employee directory site and surveys

Concierge — $149 per month

  • $12 each month per person
  • All Complete features
  • Certified HR professionals
  • HR resource center

The Core plan is ideal for small teams with simple payroll. As your team scales, you may want to upgrade to the Complete package. Gusto Concierge is designed for larger businesses as a full-service HR resource.

Workers’ comp and health benefits are free to integrate with Gusto. They don’t charge any administrative fees, so you’ll only pay for the rates.

401k plans, 529 college savings plans, HSAs, FSAs, and commuter benefits come with additional month-to-month base rates, as well as extra charges for each participating worker.

Gusto provides everything you need in an online payroll service. We use it at QuickSprout, and I think it’s exceptional. The only potential drawback could be the price. It used to be one of the cheapest payroll options available, which is no longer the case.

You can try Gusto free for one month . There is no charge for setting up an account, plus you’ll only pay after you operate your first payroll.



Visit OnPay

Starting with $36 per month

Unlimited month-to-month pay cycles

Automated tax filings

Supports W-2 & 1099 workers

Get Started Today

OnPay processes more than $50 billion in payroll each year. They’ re reliable, protected, and you can bet they have all you need for your business.

The best part: They’ re simple. There is just one plan to select from, and it comes with everything you need all-inclusive. That’s why OnPay can be my top recommendation with regard to small business owners.

The particular all-in-one payroll service provides straightforward and transparent pricing. It’s $36 per month plus $4 per employee.

This is a great worth compared to some of the other options on our list, especially considering all of the features and benefits that will you’ll get.

  • Unlimited monthly pay cycles
  • Automated tax filings and payments
  • Supports W-2 and 1099 workers
  • 2-day turnaround
  • Pay via immediate deposit, live check, or debit card
  • Garnishments
  • Versatile pay rates and schedules
  • Unemployment insurance policy withholding
  • 40+ reports
  • Time-tracking integrations

OnPay also has specialized payroll solutions for businesses within specific industries with distinctive needs. Examples include restaurants, farming, nonprofits, and churches.

Employees can self service their own payroll as well. Your staff can onboard themselves, access their accounts even after leaving the company, and change their personal information at any time. Workers can also manage voluntary deductions like their 401k plans directly online.

OnPay integrates with other software that you might be using to run your business, like QuickBooks, Xero, or even TSheets.

Overall, OnPay is about as simple because it gets. You’ll get all you need to run payroll for your small company, including HR benefits. It’s easy to add on things like employee health and dental, workers’ compensation, and retirement plans.

Your first month using OnPay is free. They will also cover any migration costs from your old payroll provider.

The only real major drawback of OnPay is the fact that there they don’t have the mobile app. While the web site is optimized for mobile phones, apps seem to be pretty regular in today’s day and age.

OnPay will charge you extra for any year-end forms that are mailed to your office or employees. But you could always print them away yourself to avoid those costs.

Visit OnPay to learn more.

ADP Payroll

ADP logo

Visit ADP

• Very popular payroll service
• Trusted by 700, 000 small businesses
• Robust HR features
• Versatile plans
Get 3 months FREE!

ADP Payroll is one of the most popular on the web payroll services out there.

They offer “ payroll, global HCM, and freelancing services” throughout 140+ countries worldwide.

If you take a look at their plans, you’ ll see that they’ re easily scalable too:

  • Small business payroll. This is their own service for smaller businesses with 1-49 employees. Ideal for start ups.
  • Midsized to organization payroll. This is their own service for bigger companies with 50-1, 000+ employees.

Across both levels, there are 4 different pricing plans your business can choose from. Expect everything from direct deposit and tax filings, to more unique advantages like legal assistance plus HR training toolkits.

ADP Payroll also gives you hiring solutions. You’ ll be able to conduct background record checks, get access to 25, 000+ work boards to find the right get, and also set up interview scheduling and offers of employment.

You’ ll become able to track your employees’ hours worked as well as take care of their vacation days and PTO requests.

They help nearly 700, 000 small businesses with their payroll solutions, according to their website. And that means you know you’ ll maintain good hands with them.

As for pricing, you’ ll need to go to their site and get a free quote from them. Depending on the specific needs of the company though, you can expect to spend roughly $10 – $15 per employee.

Square Payroll


Visit Sq .

Starting at $29 per month

Wake up and running fast

Compatible with Square products

Self-service onboarding

Get Started Now

Square is better known for its POS software program and credit card processing services. But Square Payroll is a wonderful all-in-one payroll solution for just about any business.

The largest draw of using Sq . Payroll is its compatibility with other Square solutions. So if you’re using Square POS, you can sync those timecards with your payroll system.

This is one of the best ways to digitally track employee hrs without having to manually enter details for each pay cycle. Square will also help you calculate plus split any employee bank card tips.

Another top benefit of Square Payroll is the setup. You can get working in just a few quick steps, all done online. Basically input your company info, add your workers’ information, and run your payroll.

Alternatively, you can ask your employees to enter their own information for self-service onboarding. Square Payroll has a great mobile app with regard to managing payroll from anyplace.

Pricing intended for Square Payroll is affordable and straightforward. It costs $29 per month plus $5 per person paid.

Furthermore, Square Payroll offers a unique option for businesses paying contractors. It’s just $5 per contractor each month, with no base subscription charge. This is one of the most affordable pricing plans you’ll find.

Overall, Square Payroll is perfect for businesses already using the Square POS system. It’s got everything you need to process payroll.

With all of that said, I wouldn’t recommend it to larger businesses in need of more HR sources. Square Payroll is pretty limited in that sense.

QuickBooks Payroll


Visit QuickBooks

Starting at $45 per month

Simple integration with QuickBooks

Full-service payroll

Expert support

Get Started Now

QuickBooks is best reputed for its small business accounting options. But the company also has an outstanding online payroll service that will ranks high on our checklist.

QuickBooks Payroll is definitely something you should consider if you’re already using the company designed for bookkeeping software. You can easily include QuickBooks Payroll to your current QuickBooks accounting plan.

The result will be a seamless all-in-one solution for your accounting, payroll, and HR needs.

All local, state, and federal taxes will be calculated and paid, automatically, each pay period. You can also run Auto Payroll after the initial set up to minimize the time spent running payroll each week.

One of my personal favorite parts about QuickBooks Payroll is that the company stands behind their product. They are so confident that will their calculations will be precise, that they’ll pay penalty fees incurred from filing errors.

When you would probably expect, the biggest advantage of using QuickBooks Payroll is its integration with QuickBooks accounting software.

Your bookkeeping records and reports will be updated within real-time with each pay out cycle. This also makes it easier for you to share payroll information with your accountant.

More than 1 . 4 mil businesses use QuickBooks pertaining to payroll, so you know it is a company and solution that you can trust.

Here’s a brief overview of the programs and pricing for QuickBooks Payroll:

Core — $45 monthly

  • $4 per month per worker
  • Full-service payroll
  • Auto payroll available
  • Health advantages
  • Expert assistance
  • Next-day immediate deposit

Premium — $75 per month

  • $8 per month for each employee
  • Most Core features
  • Same-day direct deposit
  • User permissions
  • HR support center
  • Premium period tracking with mobile application

Elite — $125 a month

  • $10 per month per worker
  • All Superior features
  • Elite onboarding
  • Elite time tracking with project planning and geofencing
  • Tax penalty guarantee
  • Personal HR advisor

Overall, QuickBooks Payroll is really as solid as it gets. They provide exceptional customer support for this type of large company. If you have any problems, questions, or require assistance, it’s easy to get things resolved.

QuickBooks Payroll falls a bit short in terms of employee advantages and HR guidance with all plans. But it’s still a top choice to consider, especially if you’re already using QuickBooks Online for your accounting requirements. Click here to see QuickBooks and learn more.



Check out Paychex

Starting at $59 per month

Paychex Flex for huge businesses

24/7 phone plus live chat support

Free mobile app

Get Started Right now

Paychex has been in the payroll business for nearly 50 years. They currently service the payroll needs of more than 650, 000 companies.

Over the years, Paychex has progressed to adapt with the expanding trends in the payroll sector. That’s what makes them this kind of appealing option for online payroll services.

While Paychex offers solutions regarding small business owners, I’d recommend this company to larger organizations searching for new payroll options.

The reason why Paychex is better for large corporations is due to its flexibility. Paychex offers solutions that go much and beyond basic payroll processing. They also provide HUMAN RESOURCES administration, employee onboarding, background record checks for new hires, and powerful analytics.

paychex dashboard

Depending on the plan you choose, employees can be paid via direct deposit, document checks, or prepaid free e cards.

Paychex Proceed is the plan designed for smaller businesses. It starts at $59 per month plus $4 per employee. It’s easy to sign up and get started online simply by creating a free account. But overall the plan is pretty limited, and I’d look for other options as a small business owner.

Paychex Flex is the total payroll and HR solution designed for larger companies. Pricing is customized based on your needs. Added benefits of Paychex Bend include:

  • Free mobile app
  • General ledger support
  • Custom reviews
  • $1, 000 in prepaid digital marketing and advertising services
  • 24/7 phone and live chat support
  • Devoted payroll specialist
  • Automatically deduct and remit garnished wages

The Flex program also comes with employee providers like extra payment options, onboarding essentials, HR administration, employee screening, and a monetary wellness program.

I’d say the biggest downside of Paychex is that the sign up process isn’t as simple compared to a few of the other options on our list. You will need to request a estimate, so it’s not something that that you can do on your own without any assistance.



Visit SurePayroll

Customized pricing

“ Auto Payroll” options

Helps you manage 401ks

Exceptional customer support

Get Started Now

SurePayroll has been around for about two decades. In 2011, the company was acquired by Paychex. But it is still run and sold as a separate payroll program, and it’s different from the Paychex plans that we examined earlier in this guide.

This payroll provider is more equipped to meet the requirements of small business owners, compared to the Paychex parent company.

All you need to do is definitely enter the hours or income for each employee, review the tax deductions, and accept the payroll to start processing. This is extremely easy for any kind of small business owner to do online.

Run unlimited payrolls each month for no extra charge. You also have the option to run one-day and same-day payrolls.

If your company runs the same payroll each cycle, you can use Auto Payroll as a hands-off service.

SurePayroll helps you handle 401ks, HSAs, FSAs, commuter benefits, and garnishment reductions as well. They also have exceptional customer care via phone, email, and live chat. However , this really is limited to six days each week during normal business hrs.

In addition to small business owners, SurePayroll carves out a unique niche. They offer specific payroll solutions for nannys, caregivers, and other household employees.

This service assists homeowners avoid IRS penalties and ensures compliance.

Like Paychex, you will need to request a quote from the sales team to learn more about your specific pricing options. So getting started isn’t necessarily a piece of cake. SurePayroll does offer two months free, which is one of the best promotions that will I’ve seen in my study.

The Value of a Payroll Company

The main value of an internet payroll company is simplifying your payroll process. Whether or not it’s for new hires, contractors, or just weekly payments with regard to full-time employees, online payroll makes things easier.

With online payroll software, you don’t have to hire someone to manage payroll for you. The software takes care of everything, from tax filings in order to withholding deductions and more.

Another top advantage of online payroll is flexibility. Some companies offer on-demand payments, so your staff is not tied to specified pay series.

You’ll also provide access to your entire payroll system from anywhere.

How to Find the Best Online Payroll Services

There are various different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you’re evaluating an internet payroll service. This is the strategy that we used during our own research to create this guide.

Business Size

Large and small company have different needs; payroll is no exception. A business along with just five employees won’t be using the same payroll system as a company with 50 or 500 employees.

Recognize which payroll solutions are the best for your business size. If you’re planning on growing and hiring new people within the coming months or years, make sure you choose an online payroll solution that can scale with you.

Types of Employees

Who are you paying?

Most payroll services will accommodate businesses with full-time W-2 employees. However , there are better options if you have part-time employees or issue payments in order to independent contractors.


Your web payroll solution is supposed to make your life easier. So I always recommend techniques with automated options.

If your payroll does not change between each routine, look for an option with an autopilot mode that allows you to simply set it and forget it. The best online payroll services will automatically calculate and file taxes along with other withholdings.

Employee Self-Service

In case you choose an online payroll service that is employee-friendly, it’s going to make your life much easier too. The best payroll software allows workers to edit their personal data, manage their benefits and taxes, as well as view older pay stubs.

You can even find payroll solutions that offer self-onboarding for employees. Just invite them to join so they can enter personal information and bank information. Your own W-2 and 1099 employees can use the self-service features to access tax documents every year, instead of you having to print and mail them by yourself.


Not every payroll system has built-in options for you to definitely set up and manage employee benefits. I’m referring to things such as:

  • Workers’ compensation
  • 401k plans
  • HSAs
  • Health insurance
  • Vision and dental care

So if you’re offering these types of benefits to your employees, you need to find a payroll system that’s helpful.

Pay Process

How usually do you want to run payroll?

Lots of online payroll systems won’t restrict you to definitely just once per week or twice per month. There are plenty of options available that offer unlimited payroll every month.

This is great for those of you who don’t wish to be tied into a specific timetable. In some instances, you can even let your employees decide when and how they get paid.

Maybe you want employees upon salary to get paid instantly each week. But you want to by hand pay independent contractors intended for specific amounts only once a month. There are online payroll services that let you do both with ease.


The cost of your own payroll service will obviously be a factor in your decision.

In many cases, payroll plans are structured by a fixed monthly rate and an extra fee per employee. The monthly rates can range any where from $30 to $150. We have seen employee fees begin as low as $4 per month and get as high as $12.

The price you pay may also have an impact on the features of your own plan. If you’re looking for a full-service HR solution in addition to conventional payroll, you can expect to pay for the higher end of this spectrum.


Every business needs a payroll solution. But not every online payroll service is created similarly. There are definitely options out there that are better than others.

What’s the best on the web payroll service? The answer differs for each business owner. Here’s a fast recap of the best choices depending on our methodology:

  • Gusto
  • OnPay
  • ADP Payroll
  • Sq . Payroll
  • QuickBooks Payroll
  • Paychex
  • SurePayroll

Whether you have a small business, large corporation, and have unique payroll needs, there is certainly definitely a solution for you in this guide.

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