A2 Web Hosting Review

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A2 Hosting features exceptional web hosting despite its lack of name recognition.

For nearly 20 years, the independently-owned hosting company has established alone as a reliable and speedy solution for websites.

A2 delivers strong uptime rates and great customer service. When it comes to speed, A2 is second to nobody.

Fast web hosting and A2 are associated. In fact , I named A2 Hosting as the most reliable plus fastest host on our list of the best web hosting suppliers.

A2 Hosting

Visit A2 Hosting

Normally $7. 99/month

Month-to-month pricing at $9. 99

Free site and SSL certificate

30-day money back guarantee

Get a 63% discount

A2 Web Hosting Review

Whether you’re new to web hosting or looking to change web hosting providers, A2 needs to be taken into consideration. I created this guide to give you a more in-depth review of A2’s plans, features, and benefits.

Is definitely A2 good for web hosting? Discover my answer below.

The Benefits of Using A2 Web Hosting

Ultra-Fast Speed

A2 delivers blazing fast velocity. In fact , they beat their own competitors when put up head to head.

Take a look at this speed comparison chart.

A2 Hosting Speed Chart

Think of it like golfing. This is one chart exactly where being at the bottom means you are the best. A2 clocks in around 150 ms.

That’s more than two times as fast as popular companies like GoDaddy and Bluehost. With plan names like “Swift” and “Turbo” it’s clear that A2 is definitely playing to this advantage.

If you’re leaning toward a shared hosting plan, you’ll be happy with the speed no matter which choice you choose. But the Turbo plan is really going to take you to definitely that next level.

A2’s speed remains unmatched when we look at their own VPS and dedicated web servers as well. So if you have a site where speed drives sales (such as an ecommerce site), then A2 is a great approach to you.

Excellent Customer Support

Great customer service should be a priority when it comes to web hosting. Your site is too important for your provider to overlook you in times of need.

In most instances, you probably will not need to contact your service provider. So customer service might not be on the top of your priority list at the moment. But I can promise a person that it will change in the event of an urgent situation or times where you wish some extra assistance.

A2 has 24/7 reside chat, phone, email, and ticket support. I prefer live chat, so I gave it a try to see how fast and responsive it would be.

I was connected with an agent in less than five minutes, which is a little bit slow for my liking. But once I was linked it was smooth sailing from there.

The agents are friendly, knowledgeable, and react quickly. If you look up consumer reviews for A2 on the internet, you’ll see plenty of endorsements for their customer service experiences.

A2 Hosting posseses an extensive list of articles plus guides in their knowledge base as well. This is great for those of you who prefer self-help options.

Enhanced Safety

All A2 Hosting plans come with HackScan and KernelCare. These are each components of A2’s perpetual safety initiative.

HackScan is essentially malware protection. This runs 24/7 to prevent assaults from happening to your website.

KernelCare is a software program extension. It allows A2 to update the security of the kernels every day without having to restart any servers. With KernelCare, you’ll benefit from faster up-dates and no downtime during updates. This ensures that your kernel is always up to date on the newest security software.

Essentially, both HackScan plus KernelCare are preventative safety measures against malicious episodes on your website.

Tools For Developers

A2 Developer Tools

Some of the A2 plans are geared toward developers. More specifically, developers would probably consider the unmanaged VPS plans or among the dedicated servers with basic access. The reseller plans are a great option for developers as well since you can get admin-level access to servers.

A2 works with all major content management systems. Some examples include:

  • Wp
  • Magento
  • Joomla
  • Drupal

You can install a CMS along with just a couple of clicks, even without the help of a developer.

A2 Hosting offers its own website builder too. This is a user-friendly way to build a website as a beginner. Keep in mind, the pricing for the web site builder is a bit different than the bottom price for the shared hosting plans.

Your A2 Hosting plan is also suitable for Cloudflare CDN. This will keep larger files separate out of your server to keep loading situations as fast as possible.

Free Site Migrations

If you’re currently using one more web hosting provider, A2’s group will move your site for their servers for free. All you need to accomplish is contact their customer care.

Other web hosting providers charge $100 or more for this service, so it is definitely a great added worth.

There’s only one catch. The number of sites that they’ll migrate for free depends on the plan that you’ve chosen. All of the shared plans come with a single site migration. The particular reseller, VPS, and devoted server plans come with twenty five free migrations.

You need to be able to provide A2 with your existing cPanel qualifications for this to go smoothly. Or else, they may require a small fee for the added work.

Environmentally Friendly

A2 Green Hosting

A2 is carbon neutral, which known as “green” hosting. They’ve partnered with Carbonfund. org to ensure that every server is carbon neutral.

While this might not be a dealbreaker, I think it’s nice to use a web hosting service that cares in regards to the environment. You can then turn this particular around and use it as a marketing strategy for your website as well.

If A2’s web servers are green, and you’re using their web hosting services, which means your website is environmentally friendly by default.

This could be an enormous selling point. According to a recent study, 73% of Millennials declare they’re willing to pay more to get sustainability.

But marketing and sales aside, helping an environmentally-friendly business is definitely an added perk of making use of A2 for web hosting.

Other Considerations

Before you sign up for an A2 Hosting plan, there are a few other considerations that you should bear in mind. I’ve identified a few downsides or downsides of making use of A2.

Higher Renewal Rates

Unfortunately, low promotional prices and high renewal prices seems to be the industry standard in web hosting. A2 implements this particular policy as well.

So don’t expect to pay out the same price forever. A person won’t get a better offer than your initial contract. To get the lowest possible rate, you need to choose a 3-year agreement.

There’s 1 part of their pricing plan that doesn’t quite sit well with me. According to A2’s terms of service, your own plan will automatically restore unless you contact them via email at least 15 days before the renewal period.

You also have the option in order to submit a request to cancel through their client portal.

If you’re signing up for three years, there’s a good chance you might forget to try this 15 days before your contract is up, meaning you will be forced to renew at top dollar no matter what.


Surprisingly, A2 doesn’t have the best uptime prices in the industry. I’ve seen some months throughout the year where their own uptime rates slipped to 99. 6% or 99. 7%. Those numbers are not awful, but they are definitely beneath satisfactory.

Luckily, A2 guarantees a 99. 9% uptime rate. When they fail to meet this promise, they’ll refund you 5% for every hour that your web site was down.

While the credit is a good way to show their dedication to customer service, I’d instead just pay full price and also have strong uptime rates.

Plan Restrictions

Some of you might be drawn to A2 Hosting because the contributed plans are so affordable. But if you’re considering the Lite options (the cheapest plan), you should be aware that it has some limitations.

The plan is only to get a single website and does not come with the fastest computers. If you decide to use their cheapest website builder, it will just give you the option to create one particular page. That’s obviously inadequate to build an entire website.

There are some other inexpensive web hosting plans out there that aren’t so restricting and have significantly lower prices.

A2 Web Hosting Programs

Like most internet hosts, A2 offers a number of different hosting options. The programs can be segmented into 4 different categories:

  • A2 Shared Hosting
  • A2 VPS Web hosting
  • A2 Marketer Hosting
  • A2 Dedicated Hosting

I’ll go over the particular pricing and features for every of these plans as we carry on.

Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting has its own of the best shared web hosting plans on the market today. The choices are competitively priced, and offer plenty of benefits. A2’s shared plans certainly deliver in terms of performance too.

There are three different shared plans to select from. Here’s a quick overview of each one.

A2 Shared Web Hosting Plans

For less than $3 each month, the Lite package might seem appealing to some of you having a small single website. But with that said, I’d recommend the particular Swift plan, at a minimum.

You’ll get double the resources for an extra $0. 75 per month. Even when it comes time to renew, the particular Swift plan is only $2 more per month than the En aning plan.

For anyone who want the fastest shared enviroment plan on the market, you’ll have to sign up for the Turbo plan.

Don’t get me wrong; the Lite and Swift plans are still faster than average in terms of shared hosting. But the Turbocharged plan is as fast as it gets.

A2 Turbo is up to 20 instances faster than its competitors’ shared hosting services. The concept behind Turbo is simple. A2 allocates more resources per consumer and fewer users per server for sites with this shared plan. If you set that with the enhanced overall performance over Apache, you get blasting fast shared hosting speeds.

All of A2’s contributed plans come with unlimited storage space, unlimited transfers, a free SSL, and free site immigration.

VPS Hosting

If you’re looking for a step above shared hosting, you might like to consider a virtual private server. A2 offers both handled and unmanaged VPS plans.

A2 VPS Hosting Plans

Most web hosting providers either offer one or another, so it’s nice that will A2 has both to meet the needs of a wide range of customers.

Unmanaged VPS

  • Entry — Beginning at $5 per month
  • Mid — Beginning at $10 per month
  • Elite — Beginning at $15 per month

Maintained VPS

  • Power+ — Starting at $25 per month
  • Prestige+ — Beginning at $35 per month
  • Pinnacle+ — Starting at $50 per month

A2 also has something called “Core VPS” plans. The prices for these are exactly the same as the managed programs. The only difference is that the Primary VPS comes with root accessibility.

While the prices for the unmanaged VPS plans may seem appealing, these are not for the everyday website owner. An unmanaged VPS is for experienced developers who want full personalization over their virtual machine.

With an unmanaged VPS, developers can select exactly how much RAM, storage, as well as other resources that they want. Therefore you’ll only end up spending money on what you need.

All of unmanaged plans come with the selection of Linux OS. But you can alter this on-demand at any time.

The managed VPS plans are more suitable for nearly all websites.

Resources max out at 8 GB of RAM, a hundred and fifty GB of storage, and 8 vCPUs. This should be more than enough to accommodate a growing website.

Reseller Hosting

If you’re a developer, web designer, or have an agency, reseller hosting might be the best option for you personally.

You should consider A2 reseller plans if you want to sell web hosting plans to your clients. This is a great opportunity for you to earn some extra cash whilst providing more value for your existing services.

Here’s an overview of the pricing and features for A2’s reseller plans.

A2 Reseller Hosting Plans

If you read my guide for the best reseller hosting programs, you’ll see that these costs are very affordable.

I wouldn’t consider the Bronze plan. So we can remove that as an option right away.

It’s the only plan that doesn’t come with free WHMCS, which you’ll need in order to effectively control your clients. You could usually buy it separately to have an additional $10 per month. Yet it’s better to just update your plan to Silver or Gold.

Plus, 30 GB of storage probably won’t be enough to manage more than a handful of clients. The Silver package offers more than double the particular storage for less than $5 a lot more per month.

Overall, the Gold reseller plan is my top pick. With 150 GB of storage plus 1, 000 GB of transfer speed, it can accommodate up to 250 websites. This provides you plenty of opportunity to scale your reseller services.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated servers would be the top of the line in web hosting.

Most of you probably don’t need a dedicated hosting program. These servers are made with regard to websites with high volumes of monthly traffic. Smaller businesses or medium-sized websites don’t necessarily need enterprise-level web hosting.

Large e-commerce shops good candidates for the dedicated server, since the machine resources like bandwidth, RAM, storage, and CPU output won’t be shared with any sites.

From this article you can see, A2 has four different dedicated hosting plans.

A2 Dedicated Servers Plans

Only the Unmanaged Flex Server and the Core Flex Server come with root access. Like the VPS plans, root entry is really intended for developers who want complete control and customization over their server.

Personally, I’d go with the Discount SSD machine. It’s got more than enough assets to handle an enterprise-level website. The price is pretty affordable as well compared to other dedicated machines on the market.

If you would like that optional root access, you can go with the Core Flex Server. It’s nevertheless fully managed but the root access will be there if the day comes when you need it.

A2 Hosting’ t dedicated servers delivers some of the fastest speeds we’ ve seen.


Do we all recommend A2 Hosting pertaining to web hosting? Absolutely.

A2 is an industry leader in speed. They are termed as a reliable and reputable provider with outstanding customer service.

When it comes to shared web hosting, VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER plans, dedicated servers, and reseller plans, A2 is a top option to consider for each category.

A2 Hosting

Visit A2 Web hosting

Normally $7. 99/month

Month-to-month prices at $9. 99

Free of charge domain and SSL certificate

30-day money back guarantee

Get a 63% discount

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