Methods to Create Irresistible Facebook Getting Pages (Examples)

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Imagine a potential consumer is sitting in their vehicle, waiting to pick up their kids from practice. They’ ve got a quarter-hour to kill, so they pick-up their phone and (because they’ re 46 and don’ t know about TikTok yet) scroll through Fb.

Between checking out their best friend’ s pictures from a tropical vacation and trying to untangle their Aunt Ida’ s… uh, “ unorthodox” politics insights, they see your Facebook advertisement for gorgeous, hand crafted leather bags.

Your ads reach people like this because of tracking, pixels, lookalike audiences, and all the other technical magic that powers Facebook’ ersus advertising platform. Facebook can easily see that this potential customer is in the marketplace for a new leather handbag (they were just searching for one last night! ) and, based on the demographic targeting you’ ve applied, shows them your ad.

There are only five minutes left until the school bell rights and kids flood out the doors into the car, demanding snacks, Fortnite V-Bucks, and meaningful activity to address global climate modify. So , your prospect clicks your ad with the intent to buy.

Only… your Facebook ad doesn’ t send them exactly where they expected . Instead, it takes them to the homepage of your store. The stunning leather bag you were marketing is nowhere in sight. Today the kids are in the car, the phone is back in the console, and the sale is lost. Where’ d you go wrong?

In this article, we’ re going to discuss how dedicated Facebook landing pages help you capture more of these near-miss conversions . Along the way, we’ ll highlight ways you can improve your pages to make ’ em more impactful and promote some examples of digital brands who’ re doing it right.

Landing Pages with Social Media

What Is a Facebook Landing Page?

The Facebook landing page is a devoted page designed to convert visitors from a specific pay-per-click (PPC) Facebook ad .

These landing pages are different from other pages (like product pages on your website) since they’ re tailor-made to fit your Facebook ad. These people continue the story—the connect, the design, the call to actions that was introduced to the viewer as they scrolled through their particular Facebook newsfeed.

Years ago, Fb offered landing pages inside their own platform. These allowed businesses to gate their particular content for Facebook prefers (earning them the play name “ like gate” ), but they haven’ t been available since 2014.

On this page, when we talk about Facebook getting pages, we’ re speaking about the first page someone views after they click on a Fb ad—not to be confused with the on-platform landing pages Fb used to offer.

Precisely why Do I Need Landing Web pages for My Facebook Ads?

Everyone’ s Facebook newsfeed is unique. The content plus pages you like, the close friends you’ re connected to, the particular groups you’ re joined—these things all influence the way your newsfeed populates. Since prospects’ newsfeeds are customized and the ads they see are highly targeted, your own Facebook landing page needs to be firmly aligned with your ad when it’ s going to achieve success.

Here are some other reasons that having dedicated landing pages for each Facebook ad is good practice:

Potential customers need more information

Scrollers, readers, and browsers upon Facebook need extra nurturing to go from ad click on to purchase. These potential customers have been in the brand awareness phase. To convert on your page, they’ ll wanna find specific information related to what ever got them to click on the advertisement in the first place. A focused Facebook landing page—with concise info and a consistent message—is the easiest method to turn them into customers.

Mobile users are distracted users

People don’ big t log into Facebook for in-depth reading and focused studying. They’ re filling period, or just picking up their telephone for a quick check-in. And because 94% of Facebook ad revenue is from a cellular device, you should assume everybody who sees your ad only has five minutes or even less to make a purchase.

That’ s why you need to make it as easy as possible to go from Fb ad to landing page proactive approach. Every navigation obstacle or confusing message risks shedding your prospect’ s interest and having them move on in order to something else.

Homepages are gradual and overwhelming

Homepages are good for solution-aware prospects looking for particular information, but they can be overwhelming for visitors from social media marketing. (Just think of all the interruptions: nav bars, calls in order to action, lists of companies features. ) A MECLABS study found that 44% of clicks generated by B2B companies send readers to a homepage and not an ardent landing page. That’ s plenty of businesses that aren’ capital t optimizing for conversions.

An average visitor won’ big t wait more than three seconds for a page to load. The majority of websites are heavy along with images, scripts, and other elements that make them slower than an optimized landing page. If you send your Facebook advertisement traffic to your homepage, you’ re probably losing a lot more customers than you realize.

How Do I Create a High-Converting Facebook Landing Page ?

We’ ve got a quick-reference list of Facebook landing page best practices below, but there are 2 things you really wanna keep in mind as you start building your page:

Know your target audience . It’ s simply no secret that Facebook has amazing targeting capabilities, however, you won’ t be able to take advantage of them if you don’ to know anything about your own ideal prospects. Before you shell out the cash for Facebook advertisements, make sure that you know your market well. Spend time investigating how potential customers search for your alternative, what words they use whenever describing products or services similar to yours, and what features or advantages interest them most.

Keep it consistent . When writing for a Facebook landing page, remember to keep the messages consistent between your ad and your landing page. Marketers might believe that repeating copy is recurring, but it can help reinforce your own message to prospects plus reassure them they’ re in the right place after they click. Same with calls to motion: if someone clicks a good ad about earning the doctoral degree, that’ m better be the main focus of your landing page.

5 Facebook Landing Page Must-Haves

  1. Very clear unique selling proposition (USP) . Visitors should immediately be able to tell what makes your product or service a fit for needs. Don’ t hide the most important details lower on the page—show ’ em above the fold.
  2. Strong, descriptive head lines . Your headline ought to make the reader want to know more or see more. The particular headline on both the Fb ad and landing page need to convey the same offer.
  3. Consistent style elements . The objective here is to continue the story you started on Facebook, and that includes visuals. If the images in your Facebook ad are natural colors with images associated with smiling kids, then your Fb landing page should also have fairly neutral colors with images associated with smiling kids.
  4. High-quality images or videos . This seems like a gimme, but you’ d be surprised how many Facebook landing pages use low-res visuals that scare off prospects right after they’ ve clicked an advertisement. Make sure to use images or even videos on your landing page that shows your offer within the best light.
  5. A singular, compelling proactive approach . You can repeat your call to action throughout the page, but you should only ask people to do one specific matter. Plus, your copy should tell them exactly what happens when they actually that thing: for example , “ get the ebook” rather than “ submit” on a form.

Examples of Facebook Getting Pages Done Right

Of course , we’ d never ever give you all this information without having providing some concrete examples. Here’ s a breakdown of Facebook landing pages from Unbounce customers who understand what they’ re doing.

Quarters: Target Your Ads with Demographic Information

Quarters is definitely an all-inclusive community living space in multiple locations around the world. They will advertise their service on Facebook by highlighting their transparent pricing, contract versatility, and included amenities.

This Facebook ad that Sectors is running has five variants. Each features copy and imagery designed to target people looking for housing within a particular city or neighborhood—say, Manhattan—allowing Facebook to surface area relevant ads depending on market location.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - Quarters
Image courtesy of Quarters. (Click to see the whole thing. )

When someone clicks through to the landing page, Sectors encourages them to “ Verify Availability, ” repeating the call to action throughout the page to keep it top-of-mind. This does an excellent job of guiding visitors to take the next step in the buy journey.

Choosing a place to live can be a substantial expense (especially in the Big Apple), and Quarters anticipates their potential clients will have plenty of questions. The particular landing page includes tons of useful information, including 360-degree tours of available rooms, details on the particular neighborhoods (with images plus maps), and quick-reference listings of amenities and prices.

TapSnap + Samuraw: Give Site visitors Everything They Need to Convert

Here are a couple of landing pages that will show it’ s usually more important to be clear than clever.

TapSnap is a photo booth rental company and their Facebook landing page makes that obvious. Above the particular fold, their message is usually super straightforward: they’ re selling photo booths, they’ ll deliver them to a person, here’ s how to get in contact. Boom .

Side note: Check out the arrow at the bottom of the fold that directs your eye in order to more information. Without it, the page might’ ve a new false bottom effect, top people to believe that they were at the bottom of the page when there’ s actually more to learn.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - TapSnap
Image courtesy of TapSnap. (Click to see the whole thing. )

Further down, TapSnap provides a concise, skimmable list of features that help potential clients quickly understand what they can anticipate from the product. Plus, the particular brand shows its booths in action with photos through real events (alongside samples of the different kinds of pictures available) to show off the experience these people create.

TapSnap doesn’ t leave anything to the imagination—and neither does Samuraw.

Samuraw offers a high-quality mineral and probiotic supplement made from natural ingredients, and this Facebook squeeze page (built by Webistry) delivers that message right away within the headline. By including the “ add to cart” call to action above the fold, Samuraw furthermore gives visitors a clear path to purchase.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - Samuraw
Image courtesy of Samuraw. (Click to see the whole thing. )

If you’ re already in the market for a real-food multivitamin and probiotic (who isn’ t? ), you might choose to purchase right them. But if you’ lso are curious about ingredients and other dietary details, Samuraw has done an excellent job of providing all that information further down the page.

One more neat feature of this Samuraw landing page is the sticky call to action that follows visitors because they scroll the page. This can help keep the offer top associated with mind and makes it easy pertaining to readers to purchase the product whenever they’ re ready to convert.

Wanna see how other brands are utilizing Facebook landing pages to develop their businesses? Check out this post about how an infant food brand used Fb to create an email list of 14, 000+ subscribers, or that one about how Indochino drove 50% growth in just one year.

Taboola + TurnKey: Make use of Proof Points to Establish Trustworthiness

Leveraging proof (like proof of your supposed benefits or even testimonials from happy customers) in your Facebook ad and landing page copy is a powerful way to create trust along with your audience.

Take Taboola, an advertising and sponsored articles platform that you’ ve probably seen surfacing articles all over the web. In this Facebook ad, Taboola makes sure to highlight their expansive digital network: “ Reach 1 . 4B users – and get traffic that converts. ”

That’ s a huge benefit that’ s certain to get the attention of businesses who wanna get their information in front of loads of prospects.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - Taboola
Image courtesy of Taboola. (Click to see the event. )

Taboola continues to build trust on their Facebook landing page. Above the particular fold, they’ ve integrated a banner of a selection of their most recognizable partners and customers: USA Today, IKEA, and Microsoft, to name a number of.

Further down, Taboola even includes concrete outcomes that brands have obtained with the platform. It’ ersus one thing to say you can boost someone’ s conversion price or audience engagement. It’ s another thing to show it with hard numbers.

TurnKey gives us great example of how to use proof on your own Facebook landing page. As a holiday rental platform, the company needs visitors to trust that their attributes will be handled with care. They are doing that by including showcased media logos and numerous awards in a banner over the fold.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - TurnKey
Image courtesy of TurnKey. (Click to see the whole thing. )

But the many compelling proof on this page is a testimonial that TurnKey includes lower down. This customer totally lays out TurnKey’ s unique selling proposition: other rental platforms have remaining their home in shambles plus failed to earn them what they expected, whereas TurnKey puts their mind at ease simply by protecting the property from damage and generating more income.

You’ ve gotta hire this guy, TurnKey.

CommuniCloud: Convert More with a Persuasive Incentive

Sure, your provide is great—but to really get people converting, it can help to give ’ em a little something extra. For ecommerce companies, maybe it’ s totally free shipping or a discount. Just for SaaS brands, it’ s i9000 usually a no-commitment free trial offer.

That’ s how CommuniCloud is driving registrations about this Facebook landing page. The brand name keeps things simple: along with a quick description of their advantages and some social proof, we’ ve got a quick form that asks just for necessary information.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - CommuniCloud
Image courtesy of Communicloud. (Click to see the whole thing. )

It’ ersus important to note that CommuniCloud doesn’ t need a credit card to sign up for their trial. That’ m create some serious rubbing at this stage, so better to capture contact details and straighten out the payment side afterwards.

Schedulehead + HiredHippo: Show Off the item In Action

Some products are… let’ s say, more photogenic than others. It’ s easier to get people’ s attention with a picture of food or clothing than something like software. Nevertheless, showing off your product—whatever it is—can better (and more quickly) communicate what you’ re offering than words and phrases alone.

Schedulehead is a software program platform that helps companies handle their employee scheduling plus payroll. On this Facebook squeeze page, the brand is sure to highlight their user interface right from the beginning—before even getting into the specifics of their functionality.

Facebook Landing Page Examples - Schedulehead
Image courtesy of Schedulehead. (Click to see the whole thing. )

This helps visitors understand that Schedulehead isn’ t some overvalued spreadsheet. There are at-a-glance charts and charts, map plus calendar integrations, and tons of other features to help monitor your workforce.

And check out this page from HiredHippo, a job search network that automatically matches professionals with hiring businesses. (Love this headline, by the way. Finding job opportunities with out updating a dull curriculum vitae sounds like a dream come true. )

Facebook Landing Page Examples - HiredHippo
Image courtesy of HiredHippo. (Click to find the whole thing. )

After listing some of the advantages and sharing testimonials from users, HiredHippo is sure to include a snapshot of the platform to demonstrate visitors what they can expect. Actually just from this image, you observe that the dashboard makes evaluating job opportunities way simpler by sharing the key information in a bulleted list.

Start Building Your Own Facebook Getting Pages with Unbounce

Ready to create a landing page for the next Facebook ad campaign? Make sure to check out how Unbounce helps digital brands turn more followers into customers. Then head over to our templates to obtain a head start building a customized landing page that’ ll keep your promotions consistent and convertin’.

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