seven Tips for Running Engaging Instagram Giveaways (+Tools to Get You Started)

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Along with 80% of Instagram customers following at least one business, it makes sense you want to increase your own visibility and reach on the system — but with such immense competition, it can be a difficult task to perform.

Fortunately, there are a few specific Instagram marketing strategies you can implement that have proven effective. For instance, you may optimize your posting occasions to ensure maximum engagement, partner with an influencer to distribute awareness, or designate the content creator to craft more compelling content.

Additionally , to delight your current followers and attract new visitors to your page, you might think about hosting an Instagram giveaway.

Simply put, an Instagram free items allows you to offer something free of charge in exchange for an Instagram like, comment, or other pre-determined requirement.

For instance, take a look at this particular giveaway from Fabletics:

Fabletics hosts an Instagram giveaway.

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There are a few reasons why this free items works — first, Fabletics partnered with Blissworld, which enables both businesses to reach the other brand’s audience. 2nd, Fabletics asked viewers to “tag your bestie” and follow both brands. This particular doubles the reach these people might’ve had if they’d only asked one fans to comment.

When done correctly, giveaways can help you create your brand on Instagram, cultivate a loyal following, and share your impressive services or products with a larger audience than you could organically.

Here, coming from created a complete guide in order to run your own giveaway, to make sure you’re able to delight and employ both new and current followers on Instagram.

1 ) Choose the prize for your giveaway.

The first thing you’ll want to do is usually decide on the product, service, or experience you’ll giveaway as your prize. This will vary based on your goal — if you need to spread awareness around a product launch, for instance, you’ll likely desire to giveaway that specific product as your prize.

Instead, perhaps you want to partner with a brand and create a distinctive prize that will appeal to all of your audiences.

Lastly, you may try offering an experience instead of a specific product or service — just like a weekend trip, a health spa day, or the chance to satisfy a leader in your industry.

2 . Determine the entry-criteria for the contest.

Your entry-criteria is dependent, again, on your ultimate objective. For instance, if you simply wish to spread brand awareness, you may ask each participant to like your post and comment with the name of a friend — this allows you to raise your reach quickly, and could lead to new followers.

Alternatively, you may want to draw attention to your blog, or another page on your website. If this is the case, you may ask participants to go to your site or web page to find entry-criteria there — such as a question you then want them to answer in your Instagram comments area.

Lastly, perhaps you’ve joined with a brand and, in exchange for one of their products like a prize, they’ve asked you to include a request to follow their brand as part of your entry-criteria.

three or more. Decide on a goal for your Instagram contest.

By determining a particular goal, you’re able to tailor your own strategy more specifically and keep track of whether or not your giveaway was successful.

Your objective might be an increase in site traffic, more followers, an increase in engagement, or a boost in sales — it’s for you to choose what makes the most feeling for your brand.

4. Consider a brand partnership.

To explore the advantages of brand partnerships for Instagram giveaways, I spoke with Conor Janda, an Associate Manager of Marketing Partnerships at Chomps. He told me, “A giveaway is a nice way to align with peer manufacturers and partners, and drive traffic to your account. ”

Janda also mentioned giveaways are usually particularly successful when new brands partner together. “For instance, a brand might post a recipe, and then point out specific brands in the elements section, ” he informed me. “A successful giveaway is normally when a brand partners with a content creator or changer to make something specific, and they push that prize out through both of their channels. ”

Ultimately, the giveaway could allow you to achieve a similar brand’s followers, and vice-versa — a win, win.

5. Select a campaign hashtag.

On Instagram, hashtags help your content surface on Explore channels, and often increase visibility on the system. Consider creating a compelling and unique campaign hashtag to help spread awareness of your free items. For instance, along with #giveaway, you might include #winitwednesday #[yourbrand]giveaway #[yourbrand]competition, or something of similar nature.

6. Put a time-limit on your contest.

Inform your participants how long they have to complete your requirements by putting a moment limit in your caption, after which adding “Giveaway Closed” at the end of that time. For instance, you might place, “Giveaway! Over the next twenty four hours, please tag a friend in the comments and include your favorite place to travel for a chance to stay overnight at one of our own resorts. ”

The time-limit will ideally create a sense of urgency, and incentivize followers to engage with your submit more quickly — which will furthermore help your giveaway stay at the top of your followers’ Instagram feeds.

7. Launch and promote your Instagram contest.

Once you’ve chosen your prize, entry-criteria, potential partners, hashtag, time-limit, and goal, you’re finally ready to launch and promote your post! Remember, Instagram customers favor posts during a particular time in the day, so an individual plan wisely.

Additionally , you’ll likely attract further attention to your giveaway if you also post giveaway details on a post, Facebook page, or another interpersonal channel. Consider where otherwise you can promote your giveaway designed for optimal results.

Instagram Giveaway Rules

Instagram’s rules are relatively simple when it comes to giveaways.

First and foremost, it’s important you include a statement like the following, so viewers know your promotion is not tied to Instagram:

“Per Instagram rules, this promotion is within no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm that these are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and receive Instagram’s terms of use. inch

Additionally , you’ll want to make sure you don’t ask participants to tag themselves in your articles, or tag something that actually in the photo — Instagram will penalize you with this.

Take a look at Instagram’s promotion suggestions for a full list of regulations.

Instagram Giveaway Ideas

Once you’re ready to post your giveaway, there are a few different action items you may ask your participants to complete in exchange for the chance to win.

Here’s a list of some of the more prevalent giveaway ideas:

  1. Like to earn : Have followers like your post for a chance to earn a free product or service. This helps you boost engagement.
  2. Tag a friend to win : Have followers tag among their friends in the responses section for a chance to earn. This allows your brand to achieve new potential leads on Instagram and grow your viewers.
  3. Like and share in order to win : You might ask followers to like your giveaway and repost it on their own channels for the chance to greatly expand your brand’s achieve — if ten fans with 100 followers each re-post, that’s a chance to reach 1, 000 new people.
  4. Follow to win : Ask followers to follow your brand, or a partner (or both) for the chance to win. This is a popular tactic given that it’s an easy way to increase your follower count.
  5. Photograph contest : Ask participants to upload a photo of themselves using your product or service. This really is another easy opportunity to distribute brand awareness, since your participants’ posts will be seen by way of a own network of supporters and friends. You should inquire participants to include your brand’s hashtag, or tag your own brand, for optimal presence.
  6. Caption this : Some brands post pictures and leave the caption section blank with a “Caption this for a chance to win” command. Your participants will enjoy the chance to offer creative captions for your image, and you’ll be able to add the caption for your post with credit towards the winner once your giveaway ends.

Instagram Giveaway Picker Tools

Once you’ve closed your giveaway contest, it’s time to pick a winner — but how can you do that and be sure fairness?

There are a few tools you may use to truly randomize your champion. Here are a few options:

1 . Use a free number generator.

Whilst admittedly tedious, particularly if you have hundreds of entries, you might consider counting the total number of individuals who engaged with your giveaway, and then using a number generator to select your winner.

For example, let’s say you count 500 participants in your comments area. Go to Google and kind “random number generator” to the search box, and Google’s number generator will appear being a box in the search results (you actually can also use another amount generator tool, if you want).

Your minimum should stay 1, and your maximum should be the total number of participants. When you click “Generate”, the device will provide a random number. Now, simply go back to your comments section and rely until you land on the user name that matches that number.

2 . Make use of Easypromos’ Instagram Sweepstakes Application.

You might consider using a tool like Easypromos’ Instagram Sweepstakes App to organize your giveaway, which could help you ensure fairness plus efficiency when choosing a winner.

With Easypromos’ app, you can filtration system finalists based on number of described friends. Once you’ve closed your own giveaway, the tool can randomly select between a single and 1, 000 those who win, and alternate winners automatically. The tool provides a check run that you can try prior to the final draw.

Best of all, Easypromos’ offers a link to a certification of validity that ensures the draw has been arbitrary, ensuring a level of openness and honesty between you and your participants. You can customize the certificate for your brand.

a few. Use a random name picker.

This last option is likely probably the most tedious, but if your giveaway participant pool is relatively small, you can consider using a random name picker to choose your champion by username instead of amount. Particularly if you’ve already put together your list of names in to a spreadsheet, this could be a good strategy to you.

To use a random name picker, go to a website such as Miniwebtool. com and insight all usernames, each on a separate line, into the textual content box. Then click the “Pick a name” button.

1 ) Wishpond

Wishpond is a great tool that can help you organize and track your Instagram free gifts.

With Wishpond, you can operate an Instagram hashtag free items and view all the entrants on your dashboard. You can even add a voting capability for users to vote on the best entry.

The goal of this type of device is to help you take your free items and promotions to the next level. If you want to run regular contests on Instagram, it might seem sensible to invest in a platform such as this.

2 . Easypromos

Similar to Wishpond, Easypromos makes running a good Instagram giveaway or competition a seamless process.

This tool will help you track comments on one or several posts. It can help you determine if people tagged the right amount of friends in the comments section and help you arbitrarily choose the winner.

The basic strategy is affordable, with no-frills added. This is a great option if you want to run simple free gifts without adding on getting pages or marketing software.

Alternatively, if you are running business level giveaways, there are other compensated options that will include the functions you need.

3. Woobox

With Woobox, you can easily create plus run successful contests, free gifts, polls, coupons, forms, and much more.

You can download your Instagram comments and pick one or several random winners. In addition , this tool allows you to easily collect winner contact info and export Instagram comments.

If you’re looking to use an affordable tool, this is an excellent option. There exists a free plan for smaller free gifts, but also an enterprise level power plan for larger competitions.

Using a tool is a great way to organize and track your own giveaways. Now, let’s observe what a giveaway looks like for.

Instagram Giveaway Good examples

1 . Domino’s

Dominos Instagram giveaway.

One of the more impressive giveaways in this list, Domino’s offered the chance to win $10, 000 for any participant who seem to followed @Dominos, posted a picture to prove they’re the superfan, and used the hashtag #PieceofthePieContest.

With simple, clear instructions, I’m willing to bet this was a successful giveaway as followers quickly spread the word about their love with regard to Dominos — and probably incentivized followers to order a pizza from the brand name.

2 . Ali Fedotowsky

Ali Fedotowsky hosts an Instagram giveaway.

Ali Fedotowsky, a lifestyle and fashion blogger and ex-Bachelorette, partnered with Sole Society in order to giveaway a pair of loafers and also a purse. Since she’s also well-known as an affordable style influencer, the partnership is sensible, and likely resulted in brand new followers for both Ali and Sole Society.

Additionally , Ali wisely instructed participants to check out her blog for the final requirement, likely resulting in an up-tick in traffic.

3. Cakesmiths

Cakesmiths hosted an Instagram giveaway.

Cakesmiths does the giveaway every Friday and uses the same hashtag, #FridayFavourite, to evoke loyalty plus engagement from their Instagram supporters. Cakesmiths is proof you don’t need any outrageous prizes to get a giveaway — sometimes, a simple treat will do.

4. Get Local Asheville

Dig Local Asheville Instagram giveaway.

Dig Nearby Asheville partnered with @findyourspiritfest to inspire people to check out distilleries in the local Asheville, N. C. area. This is a good sort of how you might use your giveaway to increase awareness and exhilaration regarding one of your company’s forthcoming events.

5. SojoS Vision

SojoS Vision sunglasses giveaway on Instagram.

SojoS Vision cleverly asked participants to like six of their photos instead of just one, which usually likely helped them increase their Instagram engagement rates. Additionally , SojoS included ‘Giveaway’ text at the top of the image — if your followers don’t often quit to read captions, this is a sensible way to draw more attention to your giveaway.

If you’re interested in learning more about Instagram marketing, consider taking an online training course, like HubSpot’s Instagram Marketing and advertising Course.

Ultimately, running a social media giveaway should help you raise your brand recognition and appeal to more followers.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in April 2019 and has been updated intended for comprehensiveness.

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