31 Instagram Hacks, Tips, & Features Everyone Should Know Regarding

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Instagram has become the favorite social network of numerous — and, as a result of the popularity, its become a main platform for marketing opportunities.

For instance, consider the fact that 80% of Instagram users make a purchase based on something they discovered on the platform.

Additionally , folks don’t just use Instagram casually, as 60% of the site’s active users visit Instagram everyday.

But for those who have never used the platform before, or even those who just want to take their own usage to the next level, Instagram has some lesser-known tricks, settings, hacks, search options, plus comment features you should know regarding.

That’s why we set out to find them and list them all in a single place.

Whether you’re the recruiter looking to showcase your own company’s culture, a marketer in the ecommerce industry, or even an individual who’s just planning to use Instagram in the greatest ways possible, there are guidelines and features here for you.

And for a quick overview of these types of hacks, check out this rundown from HubSpot ‎Content Marketing and advertising Strategist Megan Conley.

Note: Before getting started, make sure if you’re operating on the latest edition of Instagram. At the time of posting this guide, the latest version can be 158. one on iOS and on Google android . Please also note that although this article might show each tip below utilizing an iPhone or Android gadget, all items on this checklist are available for both operating systems and can be enjoyed using the same step-by-step instructions.

31 Hidden Instagram Hacks, Tips, and Functions

1 . Get notifications whenever your favorite people post.

Never ever want to miss an Instagram post from your favorite influencers again? You can choose to get a notification every time a specific user posts a new photo. All you have to do is turn on notifications for each user individually.

To turn on these notifications, go to a user’s profile, click the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the post, click on “Notifications” from the menu, and finally toggle on notifications intended for either posts or tales from the menu that seems.

someone's instagram account to get notifications when influencers post someone's instagram account to get notifications when influencers post someone's instagram account to get notifications when influencers post Instagram Account: Jen Reed @thesisterstudioig

Wish to turn post notifications away from? Just follow the same actions. It’s important to note that you must enable notifications from the Instagram app in your phone’s settings — here’s how.

  • To allow notifications on iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings, ” then “Notifications. ” Choose “Instagram” and then turn on the establishing to “Allow Notifications. inch
  • To allow notifications on Android: Visit “Settings, ” then select “Apps, ” then “Instagram. ” Select the option to display notifications.

2 . Add special fonts to your bio.

Here’s an Instagram bio hack that may truly make your profile stand out. You can already include emojis to the bio underneath your profile photo, however your keyboard limits your creativity right there.

Using a couple of simple third-party websites, you can copy over some more special fonts not often found in the Instagram community. Here’s how.

To Add a Special Font to Your Biography via Mobile:

Add a brand new font to your Instagram bio via your mobile gadget using a website like LingoJam. Open the site on your cell phone, type your desired bio text in the lefthand text box, and you’ll see the same bio text in different typefaces appear on the right.

how to add special font to bio with a tool like lingojam

Have your chosen font over to your own Instagram bio by tapping it and selecting “Copy. ” Then, open your Instagram app, navigate for your profile, select “Edit User profile, ” tap the “Bio” section and paste your chosen font into the empty field.

To Add a Special Font to Your Bio on Desktop:

Should you be editing your Instagram profile on your laptop or desktop computer, Font Space has a library of fonts you can down load and copy into your bio in seconds. To do so, Find a font you like and select “Download” beneath the font’s sample image, as shown below.

cursive font of someone's name

Downloading this font will open a folder on your desktop where you can pull the “. ttf” file that will carries the various versions of the font. The file will look something like the screenshot beneath.

copying special font to paste it into instagram

Once you have this font copied to your computer’s clipboard, open your internet browser and log onto Instagram. possuindo. Select “Edit Profile” plus paste your downloaded typeface into your bio field. You may then edit the sample textual content that came with your font to write your new bio when you see fit.

3. Add special characters to your biography.

Not only can you customize your bio with a special typeface, but you can also add atypical heroes that distinguish you or even your brand — yet that you wouldn’t find on your smartphone’s normal keyboard. For instance , §, †, as well as ™ in case your Instagram name features a branded product name.

To Add Special Characters From Mobile

Using your mobile gadget, install a free mobile app like Character Pad, which usually catalogs nearly every character plus symbol you might need but will not find in the 26-letter English alphabet.

Open the application and find the character you want to help to increase your Instagram bio. Within Character Pad, you’ll basically double-tap the picture of the chosen symbol to paste it into a text package, as shown below. Then, copy this character for your phone’s clipboard. (For our own purposes, I double-tapped the half moon icon. )

using character pad the app to find a special character like a moon

Once you have your image copied to your clipboard, open up Instagram, navigate to your bio, and tap “Edit Profile. ”

someone's instagram account to click edit profile to add character to bio

Hold lower your finger on the industry of your bio you want to insert your special character until “Paste” appears as an option, as shown below. Tap “Paste” and then “Done” you’ll be geared up.

someone's instagram bio with moon

To Add Special Character types From a PC

You can also place special characters and emblems through Instagram’s web customer on a desktop or notebook computer. The easiest way is to use Microsoft Word’s “Symbol” insertion icon, as shown below.


Choose your desired symbol or character and copy it to your computer’s clipboard. After that, navigate to Instagram. com and follow the steps over to paste your personality into a particular part of your bio.

You might be tempted to merely Google search the special personality you want, and at times it might work just as well as the ways above. But keep in mind not every special characters you duplicate from the internet are “clean” whenever you paste them into Instagram — some of them might turn out to be corrupted or not show up properly.

4. Search Instagram customers without an account.

As much as Instagram would like to see you ultimately produce an account for yourself or your company, you can peruse the gorgeous brands, people, and dogs that are waiting for you with no account to see if it’s worth signing up.

There are two ways to look for people on Instagram without having logging in:

Entering a Username at the End of the Instagram URL

The first way to lookup users without an account is to use an Instagram username you already know, and adding it towards the end of “www.instagram.com/.”

For example , if you were to start with our own Instagram username — that is simply “HubSpot” — you are able to enter the following into your browser’s address bar: www.instagram.com/hubspot. This will bring you to our Instagram user profile as well as the elusive lookup bar at the top of the page:

desktop version of hubspot instagram account

Once you’ve reached this site, you can use the search pub to the left of the “Sign Up” button to browse users who are already active on the platform.

Googling Them in an Instagram Site Search

A slightly “hackier” way of looking up users with no Instagram account of your own is to simply search their name in a Google site research. This means telling Google to look up search terms on a website of your choice (in this particular case, Instagram).

To web site search a user, open the Google search and type the following: ” site: instagram. com [name of user] . ”

By keeping all the text prior to the mounting brackets in your search bar, you can shuffle through names of people and businesses and Google will produce results that live just on Instagram. Here’s what a site search seems like for HubSpot, below. This is why, Google produces our major profile, our culture-focused HubSpot Life profile, Instagram content that include the #hubspot hashtag, and our HubSpot School Page.

Google site search for HubSpot, allowing you to search Instagram users without an account

5. See all the posts you’ve enjoyed.

Ever wanted to see the posts you’ve Liked, all in one place? All you have to do is go to your own profile and click on the “Settings” button in the best right — a equipment icon on iPhone/iPad, plus three dots on Android — then, click “Account”, and finally “Posts You’ve Liked. ”

someone's instagram settings to click account to find out posts you've liked someone's instagram settings to click account to find out posts you've liked

In order to un-Like any of the posts you’ve Liked, simply go to the submit and deselect the “heart” icon below it. May worry — the user won’t be notified that you’ve un-Liked the particular post.

6. Add and manage multiple accounts through the same device.

Have a individual account for your dog? Don’t be ashamed; stand by your puppy profile. Actually whether it’s a pet account or perhaps a business account, you can add plus manage this one right alongside your personal account.

Here’s how:

  1. Out of your profile, tap the gear image. To find this icon on an Android device, you’ll first need to tap the three horizontal lines to the top right of your screen.
  2. Scroll towards the very bottom and touch “Add Account. ”
  3. Add your other account simply by username and password, and you’re spots.

To toggle between both profiles, hold down your profile picture in the navigation club to view all connected accounts. You can also switch to a different accounts through the Settings page talked about earlier. See what this particular screen looks like in the next Instagram feature, below.

7. Schedule posts in advance.

Instagram being a mobile app, you’re probably in a routine of consuming photos and posting these to your Instagram Story instantly. But , you can also pre-post them from your computer for a set day and time in the future.

This feature is available with a social media scheduling tool, as well as HubSpot if you have an Instagram business account. If you have this business profile, switch to it via the Instagram mobile app plus follow the prompts to connect it to Facebook.

how to switch to instagram professional account

Depending on the social scheduling tool you utilize, you might not include this step. Once you have toggled to the right accounts, however , you’ll launch your own scheduling tool, navigate for your current connected profiles, and see Instagram as an available integration.

8. Optimize your Instagram bio to appear in the Discover tab.

Your friends, family, plus coworkers might be your first number of Instagram followers, but increasing your audience takes a lot more than the people who already know you. One key way to try this is to get your profile to show up in Instagram’s Explore page.

instagram explore page

The Explore web page, accessible using the magnifying glass image shown above, is a browsing page that sorts the whole Instagram community by topic and keyword. These include “Fitness, ” “Style, ” “Science, ” and more.

Hashtagging your posts with these words can reveal your content to the people browsing these topics, but you can also use them in your Instagram name and bio to promote your profile.

If Jane Doe is a marketing consultant, for instance , she might want to make her Instagram name “Jane Doe Marketing, ” rather than just “Jane Doe. ” After that, in her bio, the girl can include all of her specialties, such as “SEO, ” “blogging, ” “email marketing, ” etc .

9. Create a assortment of saved posts.

In addition to being in a position to view all of the posts get liked, Instagram also has an option to save or bookmark certain posts in collections that you simply create.

Start by going to your profile, and tapping the “Settings” icon at the top-right of the screen, and then select “Saved”:

someone's instagram settings to find saved posts

Next, press the “+” button and name your new Collection. someone's instagram settings to find saved posts

Click “Next”, and select images from your “Saved” section.

someone's instagram settings to find saved posts

To save photos for future collections, tap the save icon below the write-up you want to add, as proven below:

someone's instagram settings to find saved posts

Then, get back to your saved photos by using the previous steps.

You’ll see the photos you’ve saved — to add them to your Collection, select the Collection you want to enhance, and tap “Add in order to Collection. ” From there, you can include any of your saved photos.

someone's instagram settings to find saved posts

10. Use ‘Type Mode’ to enhance your Instagram Stories.

Instagram Stories is a feature of Instagram that allows you to definitely post ephemeral photos that show up separately from your user profile and only last 24 hours. From the great function for helping like-minded users discover your profile on Instagram’s homepage.

Consider its beginning, Stories are becoming quite creative, and it takes more than a pretty filter to stand out to your audience. Enter “Type Mode, ” an alternative similar to Snapchat that gives the power to caption Stories that need extra context to speak out loud with someone. Here’s how to use it:

1 . Open Instagram Stories by swiping from your Instagram feed. This can launch your smartphone camera. Then, take a photo or video and press the “Aa” icon to the top-right of your screen, as shown below:

the text button on an instagram story to add text

This “Aa” icon will open Kind Mode, where you have five fonts to choose from: Modern , Neon , Typewriter , Strong , and Classic . Which a sample Story looks like with Modern font:

adding text to instagram story

eleven. Create Stories Highlights to exhibit Stories for longer than a day.

Like in Snapchat, posts for your story only stick around for your followers to see for 24 hours. Yet sometimes, you have a story that deserves more daylight to become told.

That’s where Stories Highlights comes in, a feature simply by Instagram that allows you to save stories together in the exact same space on your profile page. If you ever wondered what that “New” button with the “+” symbol was below your profile image, this explains it.

To make a Stories Highlight, touch this New option and select any number of past stories in your album:

Instagram Stories Highlights are highlighted from this page of past pictures
Image via

Then, give it a cover photo and a name to display as its own Instagram Tale on your profile page. You can remove Stories Highlights at any time simply by tapping and holding lower this story.

12. Posting content from other users to your Instagram Story.

Although Instagram Stories are a great way to give your articles exposure on your followers’ homepages, you might not always have something Story-worthy. In those times, you are able to share an inspiring posting from someone else through your Instagram Stories. Here’s how:

1 ) Find a post you want to reveal in your Instagram Stories and tap the paper jet icon, as shown beneath.

freddy's usa instagram post of french fries to add to instagram story

Instagram Account: @Freddysusa

This icon will open up a screen allowing you to send this post to specific supporters, or add to your Story. Tap the latter option, because shown below.

adding someone's post to my instagram story

Going this option will automatically convert the post into a good Instagram Story, which you can edit and design to your liking exactly the same way you would any other Instagram Story.

13. Upload and browse video content on IGTV.

IGTV is one of the biggest new features by Instagram to date. This acronym, as you might assume, stands for “Instagram TV, ” and it’s basically an Explore page just for users’ video content. The primary benefits of IGTV? You can upload videos more than 60 seconds long, and you can create your own route with, perhaps, a video collection that can be broadcast across other video platforms like YouTube.

explore page on instagram

Navigate to IGTV by going to your Explore page and selecting “IGTV” at the top, as shown above. A page will appear featuring topics plus videos by some of the most legendary IGTV video creators on the platform today.

As you view more videos, the topics you see on the IGTV home page will begin to adapt to your passions and serve you more content material around those interests. Plus, naturally, the same goes for your own target audience.

Create an IGTV channel by tapping the “+” icon to the top right of your screen, since shown below:

IGTV homepage showing how to add your own video to IGTV

Having an IGTV channel created, after that you can upload videos directly from your own smartphone’s camera roll for your channel.

14. Look through images without accidentally liking all of them.

It’s pretty easy to learn to like something on Instagram — so easy, in fact , that people do it accidentally: It’s simply a quick double tap of the photo once you’ve entered its full view.

The thing is, it’s so easy to do quickly by mistake.

So , here’s a quick Instagram cheat for you: To look by means of someone’s photos without “double-tap paranoia, ” scroll via Instagram feeds with your phone set to airplane mode. Without having internet access, you won’t be able to Like a photo, even if you accidentally double-tap it.

The pictures is not going to load in the first place if you start on airplane mode, though. You’ll have to go to the feed first to load the posts, then turn on airplane mode, then begin scrolling.

When you reach the end of the first rows associated with posts and want to load a lot more, simply turn airplane setting off, let more fill, and then turn it on again. Cumbersome? Maybe a little, however it could be worth the systematisierter wahn mitigation.

  • To turn on airline mode on an iPhone/iPad: Swipe up through the bottom of the screen plus click the airplane icon. Or even, go to “Settings” and then “Wi-Fi, ” and switch “Airplane Mode” on.
  • To show on airplane mode with an Android device: Swipe down from the top of the screen. Then, swipe through right to left until you discover “Settings, ” and then contact it. Touch “Airplane Mode” to turn it on.

15. Conceal, delete, or disable feedback on your posts.

Twitter might carry a more “anything goes” culture of commentary, but your Instagram is your domain — and it’s much easier to control exactly who says what on your content material. This is especially important if you manage a business account.

To Filter Comments by Keyword:

In the Instagram mobile application, navigate to “Options” and choose “Comments. ” From here, you are able to toggle on “Hide Improper Comments” and even enter particular keywords you’d like the app to police within every comment.

To Delete Feedback:

Tap the speech bubble icon below the comment you’d like to delete, and swipe lightly to the left over this particular text. Select the garbage may icon that appears to remove this post. You can also do this to your own comments.

To Turn off Comments Entirely:

To clarify, you can’t turn off comments across your entire profile; you can just disable them for individual posts.

To do so, start publishing an image on which you’d like nobody to comment. When you achieve the page to add the caption, tags, and place, tap “Advanced Settings” in the very bottom. This will open a screen where you can effortlessly switch on an option labeled “Turn Off Commenting. ”

sixteen. Clear your Instagram search history.

We swear — this blog post isn’t all about how to convince people you aren’t an Instagram creeper. Several of us can relate to the need to clear our online search history everywhere, including about this particular social channel. Luckily, you can.

To clear your Instagram search history, go to your own profile and click the “Settings” button (a gear symbol on iPhone/iPad and 3 dots on Android). Scroll down and click “Security”:

showing in settings how to clear instagram search history

Then, select “Clear Search History” at bottom level of the screen, and then confirm by clicking the blue link, “Clear Search History”.

showing in settings how to clear instagram search history

17. Reorder filters and hide the ones you don’t use.

If you use Instagram a great deal, chances are, you have a few favorite go-to filters, and others installed touch. To make editing photos easier, you can reorder the filters in your editing windows, and hide the ones installed use.

To reorder or hide filters, add a new post and begin editing it. When you get to the filters page, scroll to the very far right of your filter systems options and click “Manage. ”

instagram editing features and filters

To reorder filters, hold your ring finger down on the three grey ranges on the far left of the filter you’d like to move, and drag it to reorder. To hide them, deselect the particular checkmark to the right.

instagram filters with arrows showing you can move filters up or down

18. Use Instagram being a photo editor (without having to post anything).

Perhaps you love Instagram’s filters and editing capabilities, but aren’t quite ready to post the picture to your account — right now, or ever. To use Instagram as being a photo editor without posting anything, all you need to do is certainly publish a picture while your own phone is on plane mode.

First, be sure you possess “Save Original Photo” turned on in your Instagram settings.


Then, turn on airplane setting — see instructions in #5.

Next, follow the regular steps to post a photo to Instagram: Upload the photograph, edit it, and push “Share. ” An error message will appear saying the upload failed, but you’ll be able to discover the edited image in your phone’s photo gallery.

error message because instagram didn't upload a photo properly

nineteen. Insert line breaks into your bio and captions.

Whenever you write a caption within Instagram, you’ll see the keyboard does not give you an option to press “Enter” or “Return. ” The same is true for your biography. So how do all those individuals put line breaks inside?

No return key.png

As it happens that all you have to do is press the “123” key in the underside lefthand corner of the keyboard, and the “Return” key can look on the bottom right.

Return key.png

I know this particular tip sounds simple, yet a lot of people miss it — myself included, till a colleague clued me in. We’ve seen several elaborate solutions out there pertaining to hacking through this problem, such as writing the caption duplicate in another app, then copying and pasting it into Instagram. Thankfully, they have much simpler than that.

20. Hide Pictures You’ve Been Tagged In

When someone tags a person in a photo or movie on Instagram, it’s instantly added to your profile below “Photos of You, inch unless you opt to add tagged photos manually (see the next tip).

To see the posts get been tagged in, visit your own profile and click on the person icon below your own bio.

instagram profile with section where you are tagged

Next, select an individual post (any within the group of tagged photos) and click “Edit” in the best right. Then, click “Manually Approve Tags”:

click manually approve tags to hide photos you're tagged in

Then, to hide the posts an individual has been tagged in from all other users, select the posts you’d like to remove from your profile, so when you’re done, tap “Hide Photos” at the bottom of your display. When prompted, tap “Hide From Profile. ”

someone's list of photos they've been tagged in

This won’t remove the content themselves from Instagram, however it will remove them from your user profile, so you and others can’t gain access to them.

21. Adjust your own settings to approve tagged photos before they appear in your profile.

As we stated in the previous step, when someone tags a photo or video clip of you on Instagram, it’s usually added to your user profile automatically. But , you can swap out your Instagram settings to enable by hand selecting which photos you’re tagged in that show up on the profile.

To add tags manually, follow the same steps over to get to the photos by which you’ve been tagged, plus click “Edit” at the top right of your screen. Tap “Tagging Options, ” and select “Add Manually. ”

manually approve tag instagram CTA

You’ll still be notified when someone tags you in a photo. Once that happens, to personally add a tagged photo to your profile, tap the photograph you were tagged in, after that tap your username and select “Show on My Profile. ” And if you’d rather this not be visible, choose “Hide from My Profile” instead.

22. Browse posts from certain locations.

One fun thing you can do on Instagram is browse photos and videos from a specific location, or used near your current location. I love to do that when I’m planning for a trip somewhere, or wish to check out a new restaurant and scroll through the pictures taken there.

Here’s how to perform both of these things.

To Browse Posts From at a Specific Area:

You can either search for a specific place, or you can click into a geotag on an existing picture.

To search for a specific place: Tap the particular magnifying glass icon at the bottom of your home screen, which will bring you to the general search page. Once you click into the search bar at the top, four tabs can look. Choose “Places, ” and type in the name of a place. When you press “Search, ” it really is heading show you all the top and recent posts that were geotagged with that location.

searching location on instagram search feature

searching location on instagram search feature

To check out posts with a certain geotag: Go to the photograph that’s geotagged with that place, and click the geotag. They’ll show you all the top and recent posts that were geotagged with that location.

clicking on location on a post of fenway park instagram feed of fenway park images

Browse Posts Near Your Current Location:

Follow the same directions above to get to “Places. ” Tap the search pub, and select “Near Current Place. ”

searching in places on instagram for near current location

Choose which usually geotag you’d like to browse through the options that appear. Parenthetically I chose to browse articles with the Museum of Science geotag. When I click “Museum of Science, Boston” over the menu, I’ll see the top and recent posts which were geotagged at that place.

23. Drive traffic to a website.

One of the biggest frustrations people have with marketing on Instagram is that clickable URLs do not get allowed anywhere except the particular single “website” box inside your bio. If you put the URL in a photo caption it’ll appear as basic text, meaning users would have to painstakingly copy the URL, open a web browser, and paste or type this in there.

One sneaky way to get people to visit your own Instagram profile, which is exactly where that one clickable URL can be allowed, is to use your photograph captions to encourage individuals to visit your profile to get a link. Then, update that will URL frequently to point to your latest blog articles, YouTube video, product, or provide.

Check out the example from meals magazine Beleg Appétit beneath. This photo’s caption offers a text call-to-action to visit the user’s profile so you can click the link related to the post.


Comfort food gone eco-friendly 🌱. Brandon Jew, cook at @misterjius, put a spring spin on his mom’s congee for @healthy_ish. Head to the link in our profile for the recipe. 📷: @laurashoots

A post shared by bonappetitmag (@bonappetitmag) on May 11, 2017 at 3: 02pm PDT

Then, in Bon Appétit ‘s profile, you’ll see the link itself. Update this link frequently to point to your latest content or provide.

someone's link in instagram bio

Plus, if you have the verified Instagram account, you can even add links to your Tale. Read more about this feature here.

24. Sell products through Instagram using Shoppable Blogposts.

You might already know you can label people in your Instagram blogposts as (or after) a person post new content. Today, you can tag products — and direct your audiences to a product page to buy what they saw.

To Add an Instagram Business Account

You may have an Instagram Business account to publish shoppable posts. You may get one by selecting “Edit Profile” on your Instagram user profile and tapping “Try Instagram Business Tools, ” as shown below.

switch to professional account button on instagram

In order to Tag a Post With Products

Once you’ve launched an Instagram Business account, you will need to enable product tags for their services on a post that describes a product. Navigate to your configurations using the gear icon from the profile page, and select “Products. ” Tap “Continue” and the actual prompts to connect a “product catalog” to your business user profile.

With product tags allowed on your Instagram Business accounts, you can now upload new articles and tag your picture with products you find from your product catalog. Here’s what a shoppable post can appear like:

instagram-shoppable-post Image through Instagram

25. Pin number your Instagram post in order to Pinterest.

Instagram doesn’t have a natural integration with many social networks (except Facebook, its parent company) for publishing Instagram content to other social accounts.

Using respect to Pinterest, image-loving platforms stick together. Here’s a backdoor way to Pin your own latest Instagram Story to Pinterest:

On the Instagram mobile app, tap a posting to view it in full, then tap the three dots to the top-right of the image. Choose “Copy Share URL” to attach the picture’s link to your own clipboard.

copy an instagram post's link

Open the particular Pinterest mobile app — or download it; you may have it for this step — and navigate to your profile. If you have the latest version of Pinterest downloaded, it might ask you as soon as you open the app if you’d like to produce the image from your clipboard.

If not, select the “+” icon to the best right to add a new pin, and you’ll see a menu associated with options where you can add your “Copied Link” to a new Pin or board on the profile.

26. Hide advertisements you don’t find relevant.

Instagram tries to show you ads that are interesting and relevant to a person. You might see ads based on people you follow and things you Like on Instagram, or the third-party websites and apps you visit.

If you see sponsored posts a person find relevant, though, you can let Instagram know plus slowly teach its algorithm what you like and don’t like to find.

To hide ads on Instagram, tap on the three dots to the right of a write-up labeled “Sponsored, ” plus choose “Hide This. inch

hiding a starbucks ad on instagram

From there, it’ll request you to share why you don’t need the ad anymore.


You can also opt out of viewing ads based on sites and apps off of Instagram plus Facebook from your device’s configurations. Note that even if you choose to choose out of seeing these types of ads, you’ll still see advertisements based on your Instagram plus Facebook activity.

  • To restrict ad tracking on an iPhone/iPad: Go to “Settings” and choose “Privacy, ” then “Advertising. ” Following that, choose the option to “Limit Ad Tracking”

Screen Shot 2020-09-14 at 2.30.43 PM

  • To turn off interest-based ads on Android: Go to “Google Configurations, ” then “Ads. inch From there, choose the option to “Turn off interest-based ads. ”


twenty-seven. Send photos privately for your friends.

Posting pictures with all of your followers or with the public isn’t the only method to share content on Instagram. You can also share them with person or multiple users, kind of like a Facebook message or group text message.

You can possibly send a new photo in order to friends, or send a photograph that you or someone else has already submitted.

To send a new photo privately, upload a photo and begin editing it, as you would whenever editing a new post. Once you get to the “Share” web page, tap the top where it automatically says “New Posting, ” but when prompted, choose “Direct Message. ” Following that, you can pick and choose whom you want to send the photo in order to.

You can access your direct messages at any time by clicking on the mailbox icon at the very top right of your homepage.

To deliver an existing photo privately, begin by opening the post you wish to share — it can be your own personal or someone else’s, as long as the latter has a public account. Following, click the paper-airplane-like icon beneath the post, then choose who you want to receive it when the “Send to” package appears.

28. Add one more Instagram account to your bio.

Perhaps your company has more compared to one Instagram account for different facets of your brand. For instance, HubSpot has a verified HubSpot accounts, a HubSpot Life account, a HubSpot Academy accounts, and a HubSpot Partners accounts.

To draw awareness to its main company page, then, HubSpot links towards the @HubSpot account in its some other account bios, like in @HubSpotLife’s account:


Fortunately, you have the option to include another Instagram account in your Instagram biography. To do so, simply type the particular “@” sign into your Bio, and then select the account you want to tag. Then, click “Done”.


29. Reorder Instagram Stories highlights.

The Illustrates on your Instagram feed behave as your brand’s portfolio — you can use Highlights to demonstrate your company’s values, showcase new products or services, or rank various topics you publish about frequently.

For instance, The North Face uses its Highlights section to highlight various endeavours that are important to the brand, including a section labelled “VOTE”, “Global Climbing Day 2020” and “Summer Basecamp”:


Since a user can only view the first four highlights whenever they first come across your feed, you’ll want to ensure your first highlights are the ones you’re most proud of. To do this, simply follow this trick:

1 . Hold down the highlight you’d like relocated to the front of this list plus click “Edit Highlight” when the slide-up appears.

editing a highlight on instagram

second . Next, find an image or video you’d like to add to the emphasize. (Don’t worry — you can use delete this within thirty seconds, so you don’t need to choose one that will stay on the emphasize. )

selecting an image to add to instagram highlights

3. Click on “Done” in the top right corner.

4. Now, your own Highlight will be first in the list. To remove the image or video you just added, follow the over instructions and simply un-check the you added. Your emphasize will remain at the beginning of the Highlight reel.

30. Change your Instagram Highlights Icon without submitting it to your feed.

The image you choose for each Highlight should accurately depict what type of content material users can expect to see if they tap the Highlight, therefore you’ll want to choose a compelling, engaging image.

However , if you have the design, logo, or image you’d like to use that isn’t within your Instagram feed, it’s nevertheless possible to make it the Highlight Icon.

To do this, click “Edit Highlight” (same as the action above):

clicking on edit highlight button on instagram Next, click “Edit Cover”. Scroll throughout your camera roll to find a picture you like.

editing cover highlight on instagram

choosing photo for instagram highlight Once you choose an image from your digital camera roll, click “Done”. Your own Highlight cover image is currently an image you’ve never posted on your Instagram account:

choosing instagram highlight cover photo

31. Create an auto-complete quick reply for regular responses.

Responding to user feedback and questions is incredibly timely, but fortunately, you will find a hack to streamline the process and make it more efficient. (Note: This only works on Instagram Business accounts. )

You can just create a one-to-two word expression that can act as your shortcut to a longer standard reaction you might send often. To get this done, click “Business” in your Settings, and then “Quick Replies” — or, click the three-dot chat bubble icon on bottom of screen, and then click “New Quick Reply”.

Add a shortcut you can enter for your response. For instance, you might kind “returnpolicy” as the shortcut for a longer response, i. e.: “Hey there. We’re sorry you don’t love your purchase. Fortunately, we permit 30-day returns, no questions questioned. Please send us your own order confirmation number to find the process started. ”

Once you’ve added a shortcut, you can either type the shortcut “returnpolicy” into the comment box when you want it to auto-generate, or you can tap the three-dot chat Quick Replies bubble icon at the bottom of your display to choose from a response you’ve made. (Read more about Quick Replies here. )


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How to Get Verified on Instagram

A verified badge (the blue check beside a celebrity or brand accounts name) tells users that you are currently, in Instagram’s words, “the authentic presence of a significant public figure, celebrity, global brand name or entity it represents”.

For instance, there are plenty of “Reese Witherspoon” fan pages on Instagram, but there’s only one real Reese Witherspoon account, since verified by the blue badge:

reese witherspoon blue verified logo

To request a verified badge, you must be considered a public figure, celebrity, or brand name and meet certain specifications. If you’ve determined you suit Instagram’s criteria for confirmation, follow these steps to ask for a badge:

  1. Go to your user profile (the person icon within bottom left corner).
  2. Tap the three lines in the best right corner.
  3. Click “Settings” > “Account” > “Request Verification”
  4. Fill out the form, which includes username, Full Name, Known As, Type, and government-issued phoot IDENTIFICATION.
  5. When you’ve filled out all of the form fields, click “Send”.

You have to note, you won’t necessarily get a verified badge if you demand one. Learn more about what happens after you request a verified logo.

Instagram Hacks

I might be biased, yet Instagram is one of the most enjoyable (and visually appealing) interpersonal apps around. And now, using these tricks, you can use it for an even fuller extent.

In addition, many of these features can help to boost your brand’s presence on Instagram. Now, you know how to use the app more efficiently, to make sure most likely only tagged in photos you want to appear on your profile, and have even more ways to engage with the people by whom you’d like to be discovered.


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