How to Make an Instagram Post Template for Your Business or Brand name

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Instagram is an undeniably powerful promotion, but with over 25 million businesses on the platform today, it’s critical you take time to create well-designed and thoughtful Instagram posts to stand out.

You’ll need to apply a strategic style plan to your business’s Instagram to attract a faithful following and find success for the app, long-term.

However , developing a clean and cohesive Instagram feed takes design skills you may feel you lack. Plus, Instagram’s algorithm mementos brands that post at least one time a day — that time commitment could be adding to your stress.

If that’s the case, you’re in luck — there are ways you can create pre-made Instagram publish templates, so you’ve got a put ready-to-go. Plus, by making sure you use the same templates for different posts, you’ll have an easier time creating a cohesive and aesthetically-pleasing feed.

1 . Use Instagram Post Templates

Let’s face it — you don’t have always the time, resources, or personnel to design noteworthy Instagram blogposts. That’s why we recommend making use of Instagram Post Templates for Business which you can build through and customize.

Here are some choices to create and save Instagram post templates, so you can possess stunning posts on-hand anytime you’re ready to publish.

instagram post templates

Featured Resource: sixteen Free Instagram Post Templates for Business

Need templates to get started? Download HubSpot’s free Instagram post layouts for both traditional articles and stories, which you can tailor as you see fit with regards to your brand. You can modify any and all parts of the template – the image, the duplicate, and the design elements – to ensure you’re publishing content to grow and engage your own follower base.

2 . Choose Your Post Format

Whilst traditional Instagram posts to your permanent timeline are more durable and allow for comments plus likes, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of Instagram Stories, which can be used for more immediate requirements and occasions.

In fact , five hundred million accounts use the Instagram Stories feature daily. Therefore , when you’re creating your posting, ask yourself if it warrants publication as a story or as a traditional post.

3. Select an Image

Maybe you’ve chose your post doesn’t need a photograph and that text overlay on a solid-color background will work for you. If that’s the case, hop over to the next step.

If you’ve decided a person do want to use a picture – particularly if you want one particular as the background for text overlay – you’ve got a couple of options.

  • Take a photo on your telephone or with a camera. No need to be a professional photographer for your Instagram posts – you can study how to take great photos with your phone here.
  • Work with a photo from your company’s documents. This works well if you need to use team photos or product photography, which may be better quality.
  • Make use of a stock photo that pertains to your business (just make sure you avoid the use of the same one multiple times! ).

Whichever photo you do decide to use, simply replace it as the background for the template you’re using in the HubSpot Instagram Blog post Template collection and resize the photo so it’s to your liking (and is good quality).

four. Add Design Elements

Instagram post templates come with style placeholders for text with special fonts and other elements. Your next step is to modify, add, or remove any kind of elements that you see match.

This includes updating the copy so it reflects the information you want followers to know and/or the particular action you want them to consider.

5. Save the Picture

When you’ve done all you can in the template builder of your choosing, save your photo to become posted on Instagram. Just about all you’ll have to do here is click on “File” > “Download” > “PNG Image” or “JPEG Image. ” Then, just name the photo file, email or message it to yourself, and save it on your phone so that you can post it.

6. Upload to Instagram

Once you have your photo saved, it’s time for you to upload it to share along with your followers. For a traditional posting, open Instagram, click the “+” button in the bottom center, choose your photo, include any filter, description, or hashtags, and click “Share. ” (Take a look at The way to Post on Instagram: a Step-by-Step Guide if you’re nevertheless unsure. )

For an Instagram Story post, click on the camera icon in the top still left of your screen, access your camera roll in the base left of the screen, choose your image, minimize the date that shows up to the level where it can’t be observed, and add any further design elements – like a GIF or additional copy – to the image. From there, click on “Your Story” on the underside left.

Other Ways to develop Instagram Posts

Here are a few other options to create and save Instagram post templates, so you can have stunning posts on-hand whenever you’re ready to release.

1 . Canva

Canva offers thousands of customizable Instagram post templates. To create an Instagram post upon Canva, go to Canva’s Make a Design page, click “Instagram Post”, and then follow these steps:

1 . On the left side, you’ll see an array of template options — some have a price, while others are free. Choose one.

2 . Once you select a template, click on the text box to write something. There are colors at the top if you want to alternate your text color — you may also change font, size, plus spacing.

3. When you are finished with your text, click on the background of your image (outside the text box). This will enable you to filter your background, alter the brightness and contrast of the image, and more.

4. When you’re pleased with your template, open up the particular Canva application on your mobile phone. Click on your Instagram post design.

five. Click “Share” in the top right.

six. Now, you can post right to Instagram by clicking “Import with Instagram”. If you normally are not ready to post it, you can even “Save Image” and it will come in your camera roll at a later time.

7. If you are immediately posting to Instagram, choose whether you want to add to your “Story” or “Feed”.

8. Edit the Instagram post just like you would any other post — add tags, a caption, location, etc . When you’re ready, click “Share” in the top right.

Remember, your template is automatically saved for your Canva account. You can can get on in the future, on both desktop and app versions of Canva, and edit it along with new text to post the same design again.

Alternatively, you might consider creating a few content now, and then saving these to your camera roll to post them in the future.

Besides Canva, there are a few other design editors that offer free pre-made Instagram templates. In particular, here are 3 tools you might consider:

  • Fotor
  • Crello
  • HubSpot

2 . ReciteThis

If you’re interested in creating a template for quote posts, it’s easy to do — in fact , we now have already curated a list of nine apps to help you make estimates for Instagram.

For our reasons, we’ll try just one — ReciteThis.

To create a quote design template for Instagram, go to ReciteThis, then follow these 3 easy steps:

1 . Enter your quote in the textual content box.

2 . Beneath, click the left or correct arrows to peruse web templates and choose one you like. Once you have chosen a template and written your text, click on the “Create” button in the text box.

several. Click “Download Image” to post to Instagram’s desktop edition, or email it to yourself to post on your phone.

3. Creative Marketplace

If you’re willing to shell out the money, you might consider buying one of Creative Market’s Instagram Template bundles.

For instance, you could get these 1053 Quotes social media group.

Additionally, you can purchase a bundle with Instagram Story content, like this Cartoon Stories bundle.

Finally, you might think about purchasing a bundle to help you make a cohesive theme for your Instagram feed, like this The Grid template.

And that’s it! You’re areas to create and save pre-made Instagram templates, so you can concentrate on attracting a loyal following without tediously designing the post from scratch every day.

Have a look at our Instagram Marketing: The Ultimate Guide for more Instagram guidelines.

Editor’s note: This awesome article was originally published within October, 2018 and has already been updated for comprehensiveness.

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