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Want to jump right to the answer? We suggest Business Directory Plugin and GeoDirectory for the best WordPress directory wordpress plugin.

The web is full of directories.

In fact , your website might already be listed on some directories right now.

Directories like Yelp help consumers find a eating place or service in their region. While a directory like Angie’s List connects individuals with contractors for things like electrical work, landscaping, and domestic plumbing.

Both of these internet sites are very different—and they are each directories.

There’s a good chance you can find a way to implement a directory in your website. Law firms use website directories to list their lawyers and employees. Real estate companies have directories for his or her listings as well as their agencies. A retail chain possibly has an online directory for its store locations.

If you’re using WordPress, adding a directory to your website is easy. You just need to install a wordpress plugin.

The 6 Best WordPress Directory Plugins

  • Company Directory Plugin
  • GeoDirectory
  • Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro
  • Toolset Directory
  • LDD Index Lite
  • Directories Pro

Below are my in-depth evaluations of the six best WordPress directory plugins:

Business Directory Plugin

Business Directory Plugin

The Business Directory Plugin is an all-in-one option for WordPress directories.

It offers some of the key features that I look for in a directory plugin:

  • Media assistance
  • Customized type fields
  • Payment processing

You can also purchase add-ons to enhance your directory with the Company Directory Plugin. If you’re going to use these add-ons, I’d recommend buying the package.

The combo group is $199. 99 for a single site and $399. 99 for multiple sites. It may sound pricey at first, but considering the price for every add-on starts at $69. 99 and $139. 98 (for a single site plus multiple sites, respectively), it is actually a great deal.

They have add-ons for superior features like:

  • 2Checkout gateway
  • Discount codes
  • Ability for businesses to claim listings on your site, similar to Yelp
  • Google Maps integration
  • File attachments module
  • PayPal gateway
  • Ratings
  • Stripe integration

Even though you’ll have the option for premium add-ons, you can install and use this wordpress plugin right out of the box for free. The plugin also has a built-in reCAPTCHA tool to avoid spam listings on your listing.

The Business Directory site Plugin also has a featured-levels module. This is perfect for individuals who are using this directory to create recurring sales by applying subscriptions. Here’s how functions: You can set up your site to provide specific features for compensated listings.

For example , a business that pays to become listed can have unlimited personality counts, images, and roadmaps, whereas a free listing wouldn’t get these features. Business Directory Plugin even lets you specify between payment divisions based on the features you provide.

This plugin really gives you all of the tools that you need to compete with the huge names in the directory industry. I’m not saying that all of you should try to be the next Yelp or TripAdvisor, but if that is your goal, you should certainly consider trying the Business Listing Plugin. I think it’d become super smart to create a directory in a very niche area that is not well-represented or easily searched for in an existing index.



GeoDirectory has one of my personal favorite search interfaces, allowing you to make a massive global directory on your website.

It is a great option for those of you who are looking for a free WordPress directory plugin as well.

They make it easy for readers to find exactly what they’re searching for without sacrificing the look and visual appeal of your website.

This plugin offers a front-end form that allows other businesses and users to publish listings, so scaling your directory is limitless.

When someone looks for a business on your website, the particular listings are displayed simply by proximity, so users can easily see the closest and most appropriate options to them first.

The plugin integrates with Google Maps. There is a huge and clickable map close to every listing in the directory. Users can find directions to the location directly from that chart without having to leave your website.

While most of the features are free, you can buy add-ons for things like:

  • Paid listings
  • Reviews
  • Multi location support
  • Advanced search
  • Events
  • Option for businesses to “claim” their listing

GeoDirectory is also multi-site compatible, so I recommend this to developers who will include it to their clients’ websites or to those of you who plan to build a network of web directories.

If you’re building your directory website from scratch, you could also consider purchasing the particular directory themes from GeoDirectory as well. But , this plugin will work with any theme, so you’re not required.

Merchants with listings on your directory may have access to Google Analytics information. This feature will demonstrate to them how much your site is assisting their company. You can use that to potentially justify your own pricing if you plan to charge for listings.

Overall, GeoDirectory is a best option for anyone who wants to create a large and scalable business directory.

Innovative Classifieds & Directory Professional

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro‘ s possible applications are seemingly limitless.

You can use this as a platform for Craigslist-style classifieds, or use it to get something like a directory of movie ratings.

Maybe you want to add a traveling guide directory, wedding directory, restaurant guide, or real estate property portal to your website. All of these options are possible with the Innovative Classifieds & Directory Professional plugin for WordPress.

This plugin will be free to install. But it provides premium add-on features that you could purchase.

Among my favorite add-ons is the listings slider/carousel. That allows you to easily show off pictures of your list in a user-friendly slider format.

The plugin has a simple interface intended for businesses to manage their entries on your website. This region also lets those businesses see their payment history and renew their entries directly from the platform. This plugin can integrate with Red stripe, PayPal, and WooCommerce to get payment processing, and even facilitates offline payments, meaning you are able to accept checks from local businesses that don’t wish to pay online. This can be a way for you to save some money by avoiding the payment processing add-on. Retailers will automatically be informed via email when their particular listings expire. They will furthermore receive a confirmation message whenever payments have been received.

Advanced Classifieds & Directory Pro lets you organize listings by category, that is something you should take advantage of. An advanced search widget is also available from Advanced Classifieds and Directory Pro, so users can narrow their options by category, location, keywords, and more. All of these flexible features make this one of the best WordPress index plugins you’ll come across.

Toolset Directory

Toolset Directory provides all of the key functions you will need for an advanced directory website without using complex PHP coding.

The plugin is targeted at both experienced programmers and coding novices. Designers will be able to add features for example front-end forms quickly minus needing to waste valuable time coding PHP. Meanwhile, beginners will be able to create complex directory web sites that they didn’t think had been possible for someone of their level.

Use Toolset Directory to create a number of features including:

  • Custom post types, fields and taxonomies
  • Custom search with multiple filters
  • Maps with distance filters
  • Front-end forms
  • Paid listings
  • E-mail notifications
  • Payment support because of WooCommerce integration

It’s easy to customize these features too. For example , you have flexibility over how your search results are shown – whether it’s inside a grid, a table or on a map.

If you are building a multilingual directory website then you will be pleased to know that Toolset Directory was created by the group behind WPML so they are usually completely compatible.

Toolset Listing is also integrated with other well-known plugins such as Elementor, WooCommerce and Yoast SEO. Additionally , it works with the major designs on WordPress.

The full Toolset Directory package on 3 websites costs $149. But its versatility means that you can use it to also build other types of websites such as e-commerce, membership and brochure internet sites. Therefore , you don’t have to download multiple plugins if you are planning on building various websites.

LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite

LDD Directory Lite is extremely esy-to-install, which means you can get a directory ready to go on your site in just moments.

It’s an additional free WordPress directory wordpress plugin with add-on options available for sale. Compared to some of the other extensions out there, these premium upgrades are fairly inexpensive, ranging around $10 to 20 dollars.

The LDD Directory Lite shortcode will allow for you to add a directory to any page or post on your WordPress site. Once the shortcode is added, the listing gets generated automatically. This solution makes it one of the most light-weight (hence the name) directory plugins available.

Once the plugin is set up, you have seemingly endless personalization options. You completely manage how the directory looks and feels on your site. A few of the top add-ons include social networking and Google Maps integrations.

By using this plugin, you will benefit from a modern design. It is ideal for WordPress users which aren’t too tech-savvy and don’t want to play around with complicated features, but still want a good looking result.

LDD Directory Lite is compatible just for front-end submissions. It’s simple for website visitors to view your entries and navigate without any difficulty as well.

You are able to set up email notifications related to listings. Businesses that have listings on your site have the power to customize and make edits from the front end as well.

I recommend it in order to anyone who wants a simple listing plugin that’s powerful plus won’t weigh down your website.

Directories Professional

Directories Pro

Last, but not least, is the Directories Pro WordPress plugin. It’s extremely receptive and uses caching in order to optimize the performance from the directories from both desktop and mobile devices.

The plugin offers an advanced search and filter for your visitors. You can even enable an auto-suggest feature in the lookup forms.

All of the fields are completely customizable. Each listing can have areas like tags, locations, testimonials, and categories.

One of the best features of Directories Professional is the content display editor. It’s easy for you to use the particular drag and drop modifying options to customize the particular directory without having to use any kind of code. Some of the other best features include:

  • Map integration
  • Paid listings
  • Claim listings
  • CSV import and export
  • Personalized email notifications

With Directories Professional, customers can rate and review the listings on the directory without having to register, login, or create an account. Therefore you’ll likely get more testimonials that will improve your directory.

It’s easy to develop multiple directories with this plugin as well. You also have the option to clone or migrate your own directories from one site to another. All of these features make Directories Pro one of the best WordPress directory site plugins for developers and average users alike.

Key features of a WordPress directory plugin

Since the word “directory” is so vague and has a lot of potential applications, it can be a little bit challenging at times to find the best Wp directory plugin for your internet site. So before I proceed through my list of the top choices for you to consider, I want to briefly explain what to look for in a listing plugin.

  • Payment options (for individuals who will charge for listing listings)
  • Location-based searches with integrated maps
  • Fully easy to customize form fields
  • Easy ways to add plus adjust directory listings
  • Ways for customers to rate and review companies
  • Back-end tools
  • Front-end submitting features
  • Shortcodes that make it easy to add a directory anywhere on your site
  • Media support

You won’t necessarily need every function on this list. It really depends upon your company, your website’s purpose, and the type of directory you’re trying to create. As we continue through this guide, you’ll discover these features and many more provided by the directory plugins I have listed. So use this list as a reference to help you find the very best WordPress directory plugin for the site.


There are so many different ways to add a directory to your site.

Some of you could be trying to create giant company directories that will compete with the best players in this industry. Some other websites will create local directories in niche classes. You might even just need directory for something easy, like your staff.

Regardless of your situation, you can add a directory to your WordPress web site with ease by installing a plugin. So use this facts narrow your search. Look for the option that has the specific features you have to help you find the best WordPress directory site plugin for your website. If you are planning to create a large directory be sure you have a fast web host. Take a look at my list of the best wordpress hosting companies if you need a new host.

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