Why You Shouldn’t Buy Instagram Followers (& What to Do Instead)

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You might understand your Instagram content is good, but imagine how much better it will seem if it looks like 10, 000 people agree.

Whether you’re trying to turn into a social media celebrity or simply trying to spread brand awareness upon Instagram, it can seem appealing to take shortcuts wherever you are able to in order to expand your viewers, including ‘buying’ Instagram fans.

Here, we’ve gone ahead and covered all the questions you might have about buying Instagram fans to give you a better idea of exactly how it actually works. We’ve furthermore explored the pros and negatives, so you can decide for yourself in case it’s a good move for the brand.

1, 500 followers seems like a good deal for the price of a small Starbucks latte. But of course , if it actually was that cheap and easy, everyone would be doing it. So what is the catch? Is purchasing Instagram followers legal very safe for your business? Is it an experienced investment?

The main reason buying Instagram followers can prove to be a lost investment is because the balances you follow often normally are not real.  

Buying ‘Fake’ Instagram Followers

The vast majority of purchasable followers are either bots or inactive accounts. This how it works:

Instagram Bots

As of 2018, Instagram might have as much as 95 million robots, which accounts for approximately nine. 5% of its total consumer base. There are companies on the market who have automated the process of producing bots so well they can then sell these robots as followers. In some cases, the bots may even assume the identity of a real individual, using stolen images and names.  

Depending on the services, these dummy accounts may even seem organic, running upon automation to share and such as content. Some can even be designed to produce content. However , due to the fact they’re not real people, they will not have an organic-looking following to follower ratio. Consequently, the engagement they do create will have little impact.

With no real followers to engage together with your content, your posts are essentially hidden from everyone except your inauthentic audience. In addition, your bot followers will not discuss your brand in real life with friends or family, because, well . they don’t exist in real life (no offense, bots).

Inactive Accounts

However , not all fake followers are bots. There are some companies who sell followers that are genuine balances.

In this situation, the balances are created either because she or he is managed by users in whose only goal is to get followed in return or for that sole reason to offer this particular service. And while these supporters might show early wedding, they’ll ultimately become a deplete on your Instagram account’s performance metrics when their accounts go dormant.

After all, if their account was created for the sole purpose of fulfilling sponsorship demands, the real person behind the account has little reason to dwell on the newsfeed, interact with content, or purchase the goods and services being advertised.  

Without that interaction, your follower numbers are inflated with none of the value that organic followers would bring.

When you buy Instagram followers, you’re paying for a number alone. Engagement is not guaranteed, or even likely.

In addition to buying followers directly, you can also pay services to strategically adhere to other accounts on your behalf based on your preferences (location, hashtag use, account type, and gender). Ideally, those followed accounts will then follow you back again.

With this option, your fans are more likely to be real people, but engagement is still unlikely. Since you can’t even ensure these accounts will follow a person back, it’s a dangerous investment. Most accounts won’t follow you back, and also if they do, they possibly aren’t going to be extensive, loyal, or active fans.

You’ll get early engagement that will tapers off.

Purchased Instagram followers also provide no long lasting value to your profile’s content material. The followers you buy may give you views, likes, plus comments early into obtaining them as a follower, however the attention they throw at this point you won’t be there later — when you start reporting on how your Instagram account is executing.

And how helpful, really, are 10, 000 followers that will don’t engage with you? Engagement is key to how Instagram’s algorithm displays posts in order to users. Without likes or even comments, your post possibly won’t show up on your audience’s newsfeeds, and it also won’t show up on any Explore Pages.

You could hurt your trustworthiness.

Having a lot of followers could convince users to follow a person organically, but it’s not an assurance.

Remember the risks: these followers will probably never like or comment on a post, and when you’re caught with a load of fake followers, you can ruin your credibility with your real audience.

Users may notice you don’t have a ton of wedding on your posts, which could deter them from following a person. If you have 10, 000 followers but only four likes per post, it won’t consider people long to realize something is up.

Think of it by doing this: would you keep following a merchant account if you saw that most of their “loyal audience” were inactive accounts or bots? I am guessing not. It could seem deceitful, and lead you to believe the brand couldn’t obtain authentic followers through great content alone.

Bought Instagram followers can distort your performance metrics.

It’s practically impossible in order to measure how well your target audience is connecting with your brand if a high portion of that audience isn’t genuine. How will you measure posts that well with your real target audience if those bots plus inactive accounts skew the particular ratio?

If you don’t know how well your posts are doing or exactly what your real audience believes, you’ll never convert your own Instagram followers into actual customers. And isn’t that the point?

Ultimately, if you pay money for Instagram followers, you aren’t spending money on quality, real-life followers. You are paying for a blank number. Plus since Instagram’s algorithm is largely tied to engagement, not followers, buying followers isn’t the long-term solution. In fact , this isn’t really a solution whatsoever.

Take the time, energy, and money that you would’ve dedicated to purchasing followers, and focus rather on building genuine relationships with a real audience. In case your content is engaging plus authentic, your loyal supporters will spread the word and engage with your brand without needing any bribes.

Instagram Recognizes and Purges Fake Supporters

Recently, Instagram has updated its terms of use to spot and remove inauthentic accounts from its platform. Instagram is usually removing any likes, comes after, or comments from third-party apps that are designed to artificially grow accounts’ audiences. By buying followers, you violate Instagram’s local community guidelines and it may result in a reaction from Instagram moderators.  

Instagram is trying to maintain genuine interactions upon its site, protecting real accounts and experiences. Fake or bought activity infringes upon this mission and might result in consequences, so it’s better to grow your audience organically.

Alternatives to Buying Instagram Fans

Instagram’s new algorithm benefits engagement more than follower rely, displaying content similar to posts users engaged with previously. In order to drive engagement, there are various actions one can try on the woking platform to get in front of your ideal audience.

By using good Instagram marketing practices — if you are building your personal brand or even a company account — you can better reach the nearly 800 million monthly Instagram users and build a geniune audience.  

1 . Make your account public.

First, make your account public so that users can see your profile and content. This way, you can grow your audience organically when your content material pops up on users’ discover pages, attracting and delighting your target viewership.  

2 . Give users a reason to follow you by publishing quality content.

Next, distribute a variety of posts to your give food to: you can post images, GIFs, videos, Boomerangs, quizzes on your story, how-tos, user-generated articles, and so much more. Build trust and excitement among your supporters by using high-quality photos, writing catchy captions, posting regularly, and keeping up a unique design overall to differentiate yourself from other accounts. Do your research which hashtags generate a lot of buzz and which are aligned with your brand — hashtags could be a great way to reach new viewers if done correctly.

Based on your brand personality, it can help to be funny or amusing in your content. Having an acute awareness of how your brand is perceived as well as the trends going around Instagram can serve you when choosing content to post and how to interact with your Instagram community.  

3. Make use of Instagram to its maximum capability.

Lastly, utilize the a variety of channels on the platform, like Instagram Live, IGTV, Instagram Stories, or Shopping upon Instagram. There are so many different ways to connect with users, and by traveling engagement through these features, you can drive engagement plus traffic organically and legitimately.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in March 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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