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Want to jump straight to the answer? The best cheap web hosting provider for most people is definitely DreamHost.

Finding cheap web hosting that doesn’ big t suck can be tough.

Luckily, I’ ve done the task for you.

I’ ve taken a look at dozens of inexpensive web hosts out there to find the most affordable web hosting plans that are worth using.

All of the options in this guidebook are shared hosting plans, which will always be the most cost-effective method to host your website, regardless of the provider you choose.

Whether or not you’re looking for month-to-month programs, annual options, or the most effective rate, you’ll find the best website hosting provider for your website below.

Seeking the Cheapest Long-Term Hosting Plans

They are the best cheap web hosting companies overall:

  • DreamHost — Starting with $4. 95 (month-to-month contract)
  • Hostinger — Starting at $9. 99 (month-to-month contract)
  • InMotion — Starting with $4. 99 (annual contract)
  • A2 Hosting — Starting at $8. 99 (month-to-month contract)
  • HostGator — Beginning at $6. 95 (month-to-month contract)
  • SiteGround — Starting at $11. 95 (month-to-month contract)
  • iPage — Starting at $2. 99 (annual contract)
  • Bluehost — Starting at $4. 95 (annual contract)

But to have the absolute cheapest monthly rates available, you’ll need to lock in a contract for more than twelve months. This will cost you more money in advance, but save you in the long run.

Then, the above programs look more like this:

  • Hostinger — $0. 99 per month (48 months paid in-full)
  • iPage — $1. 99 per month (36 months paid in-full)
  • InMotion — $2. forty-nine per month (36 months compensated in-full)
  • DreamHost — $2. 59 per month (48 months paid in-full)
  • HostGator — $2. 75 per month (36 months paid in-full)
  • Bluehost — $2. 95 per month (36 several weeks paid in-full)
  • A2 Hosting — $2. 99 per month (35 several weeks paid in-full)

In addition to locking within the lowest available rates, you’re also delaying your restoration upcharges.

Once you know that your site will be working for at least a few years, a long-term contract will offer probably the most value. Just make sure you subscribe to a plan with a money-back assure, so you can opt-out at the beginning if you’re unhappy.

The very best Month-to-Month Hosting Prices

For those of you who do not want long-term contract obligations, you’ll need to find a web hosting provider that offers month-to-month pricing. These prices will be a bit higher than the cheapest advertised prices, but you won’t be locked in for multiple years.



Visit Dreamhost

Starts at $4. 95/month

$3. 95/month if you pay each year

Recommended by WordPress

four. 6/5 rating from Trustpilot

Get up to 47% off

If you’re looking for an affordable website hosting option, look no further than DreamHost. Over 1 . 5 million websites worldwide are hosted simply by DreamHost. They also have an outstanding reputation due to their high-quality hosting in rock-bottom prices.

DreamHost offers month-to-month website hosting plans starting less than $5 per month.

  • Shared Starter — $4. 95/mo month-to-month / $3. 95/mo for 1 year / $2. 59/mo for 3 years
  • Shared Unlimited — 10 dollars. 95/mo / $4. 95/mo for 1 year / $4. 95/mo for 3 years

There are no setup charges and no strings attached. Terminate whenever you want. You don’ t have to commit to more than a month. These are two of the very straightforward low-cost plans in the market.

Both plans come with a free website contractor, WordPress pre-installed, and a free SSL certificate.

Email comes free using the Shared Unlimited plan plus starts at $1. 67 per month with the Shared Starter plan.

Their particular customer service team is totally in-house. They don’t outsource agents like other website hosting companies, and can provide a lot more hands-on support to your problems. However , the trade-off is that live chat and e-mail support is only available for 16 hours per day.

If you miss those hours, don’ t worry. DreamHost has an extensive knowledge base of FAQs and guides making it easy for you to find help on your own.

Not just are you able to sign up month-to-month, yet you’ll also be refunded should you be unhappy. DreamHost has an industry-leading 97-day money-back guarantee. Have a look at my complete Dreamhost evaluation for more details about them.



Visit Hostinger

Starts at $9. 99/month

$5. 85/month if you pay yearly

Free SSL certificate

30-day money back guarantee

Get up to 90% off

Hostinger offers inexpensive web hosting with month-to-month contracts.

Here is a summary of Hostinger’s currently discounted monthly rates:

  • Single Shared Hosting — $0. 99 per month
  • Premium Shared Hosting — $2. fifth 89 per month
  • Business Shared Hosting — $3. 99 each month

The biggest difference between the three options could be the server resources and the number of websites that can be hosted. The available disk space is certainly 10 GB, 20 GIGABYTE, or 30 GB, depending on the strategy you choose.

The Single Shared Hosting plan has 100 GB of bandwidth and it’s good for 1 website. The Premium and Business plans have unlimited bandwidth and up to hundred sites can be hosted.

All three programs have a 99. 9% uptime guarantee, 24/7/365 customer support, and an easy-to-use website contractor.

What they absence in name recognition, earning up for in affordability and service.

I like Hostinger because their support is reliable and they do not force you to commit extensive. However , the month-to-month plans do not come with lots of freebies and extras. These are a few of the add-ons that you’ll want to consider:

  • Daily backups (free using the Business Shared plan)
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • SEO toolkit
  • Priority support

At a minimum, I’d recommend the daily backups. The Cloudflare CDN is an excellent value as well.


InMotion Hosting

Visit InMotion

$4. 99/month paid annually

Free domain name and SSL certificate

Free and unlimited email

90-day money back guarantee

Get up to 57% off

The web hosting programs offered by InMotion are great for small businesses proprietors. So if you’re looking enemy cheap small business web hosting, they are the plans that you should think about:

  • Launch — $4. 99 per month ($59. 88 per year)
  • Power — $6. 99 per month ($83. 88 per year)
  • Pro — $13. 99 per month ($167. 88 per year)

Again, you need to pay upfront to secure these annual rates.

Most entry-level plans limit you to host just one website. But the Launch plan from InMotion allows you to sponsor two sites.

All plans come with limitless disk space, unlimited band width, unlimited email, security collection, marketing tools, and a free of charge SSL certificate.

InMotion has a free one-click installer for more than four hundred apps as well as one-click information backups and restores.

Another reason why I suggest InMotion is because of their 90-day money-back guarantee. This confidence should make you feel more comfortable about paying for a year in-full whenever you sign up.

While InMotion does have some addons like a dedicated IP and backup management, the programs seem to have more basic features included then some of the various other providers out there. Learn more about all of them by reading my in depth InMotion hosting review.

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting

Check out A2 Hosting

Starts at $9. 99/month

$7. 99/month if you pay annually

Free site and SSL certificate

30-day money back guarantee

Get up to 51% off

A2 Hosting provides one of the fastest web hosting services out there. The fact that you can get inexpensive month-to-month pricing from such a reputable provider is a cherry on top.

Their own rates also differ from lots of what we see out there.

A2 gives a reduced rate off of the first month of the month-to-month contract. The particular renewal rates for each following month are higher, but nonetheless affordable enough to fall in the cheap web hosting group. Let’s take a closer glance at the pricing for these plans.

  • Startup — $2. 99 for the first 30 days, then $8. 99 per month
  • Drive — $4. 99 for the first 30 days, then $11. 99 monthly
  • Turbocharged Boost — $9. 99 for the 1st month, then $19. 99 per month
  • Turbo Max — $14. 99 for that first month, then $24. 99 per month

The Turbo Max plan offers you the fastest speeds. However , if you’ re searching for cheapest, you’ ll opt for the Startup plan.

A2 Hosting provides a free SSL certificate using three plans. However , you’ll need to pay an extra $4 per month if you want a dedicated IP. Web site builders, backups, spam protection, and Cloudflare cost extra as well.

Another reason why I recommend A2 Hosting is because they provide cPanel the control panel. This feature will make this much easier for you to manage your hosting experience.



Visit HostGator

Starts with $10. 95/month

$8. 95/month if you pay annually

Free domain and SSL certificate

45-day money back guarantee

Get up to 61% off

HostGator’s entry-level rates are a bit greater than some of the other month-to-month programs that we’ve reviewed—but these are still one of the best cheap web hosting providers in the industry.

One great benefit of HostGator: Their month-to-month rates are exactly the same as the 3-month contracts and 6-month contracts.

So for those of you exactly who don’t want to commit, even for a few months, there’s simply no reason to.

  • Hatchling Program — $2. 75 per month for the first year, then $6. 95 per month
  • Baby Plan — $3. 95 monthly for the 1st year, then $9. 95 per month
  • Business Plan — $5. 95 per month for the first year, then $14. ninety five per month

Even at $6. 95 each month, it’ s still very affordable. Especially when you factor in the particular setup fees and revival rates of other suppliers.

The fact that there is only a $1 difference between Hatchling and Baby programs is another bonus. In my brain, this pricing structure makes it a no-brainer for you to subscribe to the Baby plan.

Even if you only have one domain name right now, being able to add more down the road without switching programs is worth the extra $1 a month, and even the extra $3 after the first year.

Additional features like SiteLock checking, professional email, SEO tools, and daily backups will cost you extra.

HostGator offers 24/7/365 support via phone, email, and live conversation. They offer instant account service without any setup costs as well as a 45-day money-back guarantee.



Visit Siteground

Starts at $11. 95/month

$3. 95/month if you pay yearly

Recommended by WordPress

30 day money back guarantee

Get up to 67% off

SiteGround is another best name in the web hosting market. They have a great reputation plus host websites all over the world.

Their month-to-month prices is a bit unique. SiteGround offers a low rate for the initial month, advertised as a trial. Then the rate increases for every subsequent month.

All trials have a one-time setup fee, which in fact makes the trial more expensive compared to other months. This is a little bit unusual, but it shouldn’t be considered a reason to turn you far from using SiteGround’s month-to-month plans.

Here’s a deeper breakdown of their prices:

  • Startup — $3. 95 + $14. 95 setup fee trial, then $11. 95 per month
  • GrowBig — $5. 95 + $24. 95 setup fee trial, then $19. 95 per month
  • GoGeek — $11. 95 + $24. 95 setup fee trial, then $34. 95 per month

Truthfully, the GoGeek program price point probably falls outside of the range of what most people would certainly consider “cheap” for web hosting. But with enough resources to support roughly 100, 000 month-to-month visits, it’s a great approach to a larger website that needs inexpensive web hosting.

For anyone who are starting a new website, you should be fine with the Startup company plan.

The very best Annual Hosting Prices

If you’re willing to commit to a web hosting plan for at least one year, you’ll get a cheaper monthly rate if you purchase 12 months upfront. These plans will take more out of your pocket initially but save you profit the long-run.



Visit iPage

$2. 99/month paid annually

Free site and SSL certificate

TOTALLY FREE drag and drop web site builder

30-day money back guarantee

Wake up to 75% off

iPage has been around for more than two decades. They are known for website contractors and affordable web hosting. Several million websites use iPage for hosting services.

I recommend iPage due to the fact their annual pricing prices are cheap and straightforward.

As we have already seen, other hosting providers offer multiple plans at varying price factors. The pricing depends on features and resources.

But iPage pricing relies solely on your term length. Then you can customize your program with additional products.

The base price to have an annual web hosting plan will be $2. 99 per month, which translates to an upfront total of $35. 88 for the year.

Here are a few of the additional features that you can incorporate into customize your plan:

  • Daily back up copies — $14. 99 each year
  • Website security — $19. 95 per year
  • Pro site builder — $131. 88 per year
  • SiteLock — $23. 88 each year
  • Domain personal privacy — $9. 99 each year
  • WordPress optimization — $36. 00 each year
  • G Package business — $36. 00 per year

Most of you won’t require all of these. But you’ll probably want to add-on the domain name privacy and added security at a minimum. That would bring your upfront annual total to $65. 82.

iPage offers a free SSL certificate and a 30-day money-back guarantee for its annual plans as well.

General, iPage has some of the most inexpensive annual web hosting plans in the market. Read my full iPage review for more on them.



Visit Siteground

$3. 95/month paid annually

Free of charge SSL, email, CDN, & backups

Recommended by WordPress

30 day money back guarantee

Get up to 67% off

We already reviewed SiteGround’s month-to-month pricing. But their annual rates are usually appealing enough for me to point out them again here.

In most cases, web hosting providers give you better discounts longer contract terms. But SiteGround offers the same monthly rate for 12-month, 24-month, and 36-month contracts.

You’ll still have to pay upfront, but you don’t need to devote for three years to get the greatest rate.

  • Startup — $3. 95 per month ($47. 40 per year)
  • GrowBig — $5. 95 per month ($71. forty per year)
  • GoGeek — $11. 95 each month ($143 per year)

So if you know that you want to use SiteGround to get at least one year, these annual rates are much more affordable then the month-to-month options that we discussed earlier.



Visit BlueHost

$4. 95/month paid annually

Free domain and SSL certificate

Recommended simply by WordPress

30-day money back guarantee

Stand up to 63% off

A lot more than 2 million websites across the globe trust Bluehost for web hosting. Since launching back in 2003, Bluehost has become one of the best and most well-known hosting providers in the industry.

Bluehost programs are pretty unbeatable when comparing the price to the performance plus quality of service that will you’re getting in return.

Let’s take a closer look at the annual rates meant for Bluehost shared hosting plans.

  • Basic — $4. 95 per month ($59. forty per year)
  • Plus — $7. 45 a month ($89. 40 per year)
  • Selection Plus — $7. 45 per month ($89. 40 per year)
  • Pro — $18. 95 per month ($227. 40 per year)

In terms of affordable web hosting, the majority of you probably won’t need or even want the Pro strategy.

But the Basic plan is a great option for a new or small website.

If you have the budget to invest a little bit more, the Plus plus Choice Plus plans can be found at the same price for the first year. So I’d suggest Choice Plus, as it includes extra benefits like web site backups and domain privacy.

Just be conscious that all of these plans renew at higher rates after the first year. The restoration rate for Choice Plus is $16. 99 a month ($203. 88 per year) compared to $12. 99 a month ($155. 88 per year) for the Plus plan.

For an extra $4 per month, I’d still lean toward Choice Plus because the best value.

All of plans come with a free SSL certificate and unmetered bandwidth. The basic plan has 50 GB of storage, and the other three have unlimited SSD storage space.

Bluehost also provides $100 in advertising credit for Microsoft Advertising in addition to $100 in credits intended for Google Ads. The totally free advertising can balance out several of your hosting costs. Look at my full Bluehost evaluation for more info about them.

Calculating Your Actual Hosting Costs

Web hosting costs aren’t always transparent. You can’t just look at the advertised rate on a website plus assume that’s what you’re going to pay.

No matter which hosting provider you use, there are other costs that you need to be aware of. In addition to your base price, these are the factors that contribute to your actual hosting costs.

Introduction pricing and renewal rates

Whether you commit to one month, one year, or even four years, your first contract will always be your best offer. But you need to understand what you’re going to be paying when your contract expires.

Let us look at an example, using iPage, which has the lowest annual prices on our list.

The introductory pricing rate for a 12-month contract, compensated in-full, is $2. 99 per month. So your base hosting cost is $35. 88 for your first year. However , iPage annual plans renew at $9. 99 per month, so you’ll be paying the $119. 88 base cost for each subsequent year.

Hosting providers are always changing their introductory offers. It’s common to see costs slashed around the holidays, like Black Friday or Cyber Monday. But with that said, I wouldn’t recommend waiting until you see an offer like that to start your website.

Contract length

If you’re short on cash plus don’t want to commit, after that month-to-month hosting plans could be more appealing to you. But smaller contract terms translate to raised monthly rates.

For example , HostGator’s entry-level prices starts at $10. ninety five per month with no long-term commitments. This will cost you $131. 40 over the course of the year, which is very affordable.

However , in case you lock in that same specific plan for 36 months and spend upfront, the monthly rate drops to $2. 75. So you’ll get 3 years of web hosting for $99 total. That’s less than the cost of one year at the month-to-month price!

You’ll have in order to weigh the pros and cons here. The downside of securing in a long-term contract is that you lose the flexibility to change your plan if you’re unhappy or outgrow your resources.

With that said, I’d nevertheless lean toward locking within the best long-term deal you will find. You can always continue using your exact same hosting plan even if you modify domain names.

Add-ons and freebies

Most web hosting providers will offer you extra features built-in towards the base cost of your web hosting plan. Some providers provide more than others. Although the associated with a plan typically reflects the number of add-ons you’re getting.

In addition to web hosting, typical add-ons, freebies, and bonuses include:

  • SSL certificate
  • Domain registration
  • Setup costs
  • Security
  • Everyday backups
  • cPanel
  • WordPress incorporation
  • Advertising credits
  • Email
  • Marketing tools
  • SEO tools
  • MySQL databases
  • Domain privacy
  • Website builders

The list goes on and on. It is important to take all of this into account.

One program may look more appealing from face value, but you’ll have to pay extra for simple features. Whereas another supplier may have higher base prices, but deliver more when it comes to extras and freebies.


As your website scales, you’ll eventually need to look over and above the cheapest web hosting option. At some point, your traffic and internet site will exceed the limitations of an entry-level shared plan.

The next logical step is to upgrade in order to VPS hosting or a cloud hosting plan.

While this may not happen for many years, you should take a look to see what types of upgrades are offered by different web hosts. Ideally, you will want to choose a provider that will make it easy for you to update to another type of web hosting.

So review these upgraded plans so you can spending budget and calculate your web hosting costs accordingly for the long term.


You don’t need to invest a ton of money on web hosting, especially if you have a new or small website. But seeking the best cheap web hosting provider can be difficult because the rates depend on so many different factors.

I do not recommend selecting a web host based solely upon price. You also need to element in the quality of the service that will you’re getting.

If your site crashes or even goes down, you want to make sure that your hosting provider is available to fix the situation immediately.

The first thing you need to do is decide if you want a month-to-month plan, annual plan, or long term contract. Then you can evaluate the host based on features, resources, and customer service.

So if you are in the market for cheap web hosting, these are the providers you should consider.

Here’s a summarize of the most affordable web hosting programs that I would recommend:

  • DreamHost — Starting at $4. ninety five (month-to-month contract)
  • Hostinger — Starting in $7. 99 (month-to-month contract)
  • A2 Web hosting — Starting at $9. 99 (month-to-month contract)
  • HostGator — Beginning at $10. 95 (month-to-month contract)
  • SiteGround — Starting at $11. 95 (month-to-month contract)
  • iPage — Starting at $2. 99 (annual contract)
  • Bluehost — Starting at $4. 95 (annual contract)
  • InMotion — Beginning at $4. 99 (annual contract)
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