35 Office Costume Ideas meant for Marketing Nerds & Technology Geeks

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Halloween is a fun vacation, and it doesn’t get the attention it deserves. It doesn’t have got recognizable songs or holiday days associated with it, and yes it falls on a busy time of the year for most people in the workforce.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore the festivities at your workplace Halloween celebration.

How many days of the year are you encouraged in order to dress up and goof close to at work? Probably just one — Halloween — and even after that, it can be hard to know can be office-appropriate.

We want you to have fun this Halloween, so wish taking the work out if it for you. We’ve compiled a list of DO-IT-YOURSELF Halloween costume ideas that are simple to put together, inexpensive, and perfect for the digital marketer or even tech professional.

If your friends and family don’t get your costume, your colleagues definitely will.

35 Office Costume Ideas for Marketing and advertising Nerds & Tech Geeks

Computer or App-Related Outfits

1 . Alt Text

Altbier text isn’t just the metadata of an image published on the web — you could also say that it is an “alternative” fashion statement with all the text to describe the period. This was HubSpot Director associated with Content Corey Wainwright’s workplace Halloween costume a few years ago. They have great because you don’t actually look dressed up if you have an informal office dress code, so that you can just blend in.

To dress as alt text this particular halloween, break out your best 90s alternative garb — the coworker Corey went along with black jeans, combat footwear, and a flannel. Then, video tape hyphenated text that greatest describes what you’re wearing, much like an image of your outfit would do online to help search engines read the file.

We edited a sash of alt text on to the alternatively dressed girl below, just to help you picture your own awesome costume.

Computer costume of girl in 90s alternative outfit with alt text written across her shirt Source: That’s Life

2 . SEO Ninja

Speaking of dorking out on SEO, you could be everybody’s favorite LinkedIn title — the SEO ninja. Dress in all black, buy a black ski mask, and video tape keywords all over yourself. Voila… you’re an actual ninja — just one much more concerned with seo than lurking in the night.

seo-ninja-costume Supply: Pinterest

3. Mobile App

Stroll around holding an appetizer — candy, cheese plus crackers, chips and dip… whatever you have on hand. Boom. You’re a mobile “app. ”

This costume furthermore doubles as a great way in order to introduce yourself and socialize at a party.

mobile-app-costume.png Source: Opportunity Utmost

4. Instagrammer

Want another way to turn handing out food into a costume? Decorate like a hipster and hand out graham crackers. You’re an “instant” “gram” cracker server — or, for brief, an Instagrammer. Pun certainly intended.

5. Ghostwriter

Perhaps you have written something for somebody else’s byline? Such is the life of a “ghostwriter. ” Convert your author-less accomplishment directly into this year’s office Costume.

To dress up as a ghostwriter, grab a white linen and cut a opening for your head and arms. Dob some black printer ink spots on the sheet, obtain a book and one of those down quills (or just get the feather, I suppose), and boo — you’re a ghostwriter.


6. Whitespace

Whitespace on the internet might just represent all the blank space you utilize to help your design stick out, but on Halloween, “whitespace” isn’t just the absence of room.

Dress in all white — add white face paint and a white wig should you be ultra-committed. Then add a hint of color somewhere in the outfit, like a colored tie up or scarf, or even a paint splotch. That color splotch will make the white space more prominent, transforming you into “whitespace. ”

7. Error 404 Code

You’ve most likely encountered a amusing error 404 page just before, and you can make it a funny costume, too. Grab a linen of paper, write “Error 404: Costume Not Found, ” and tape this to your outfit.


A photograph posted by RachAel Klopfenstein (@theklopf) on Sep five, 2015 at 12: 33pm PDT

8. (Monty) Python

If you’re into programming code, British comedy, and low-effort costumes, being (Monty) Python is perfect. Dress up in anything remotely snakelike in your wardrobe: olive green clothing, snakeskin accessories, and fake vampire teeth that can serve as your own fangs.

Then, to amplifier up the dork factor about this costume, add two coconuts or a gold chalice to embody Monty Python on his quest for the Holy Grail.

nine. Facebook

Grab face paint or eyeliner and compose “book” across your cheeks. Just like that, you’re the particular world’s biggest social network to get Halloween.

And for your benefit, we hope your colleagues really get it:

Halloween-Jim_Bookface-Jim.jpg Source: AndPop

10. Unicorn

Here’s another tech-friendly, double-entendre costume: End up being your own version of a tech unicorn. Here at HubSpot, all of us love this tech image, and you can easily make your personal version of a unicorn car horn with help from this post.

aid2617087-v4-900px-Make-a-Unicorn-Horn-Step-10-Version-3.jpg Resource: WikiHow

11. Phishing Emails

Phishing emails are nothing to laugh about — they can significantly threaten your technology plus data security. But on Halloween, you can dress up as a play on phishing emails for an easy DIY costume. All you need are a stick, some string, and an package. Bonus points if you very own a bucket hat plus vest to complete the ensemble. Check out an amusing edition of this costume below.

Email phishing Halloween costume with fishing rod with Passwords label as bait Source: Vehicle and Driver

12. Copycat

“CNTRL + C” is the popular keyboard macro allowing you to copy items from one place to another on your computer. Well, here’s a technology spin on a classic Halloween costume. All of you’ll need are cat ear, eyeliner-drawn whiskers, and a page of paper. Write “CNTRL + C” on the paper, tape it to your outfit, and you’re a “copycat. ”

Girl in copycat Halloween costume with black cat makeup and CNTRL + C labeled necklace Source: BuzzFeed

13. The particular Blue Screen of Death

You know the screen, even if you don’t know the morbid nickname the tech world provides given it. This classic error screen is known for signaling the end of a computer’s useful life, and you know it possibly it. It causes so much stress on site, in fact , that the color alone is usually scary enough for October 31.

Believe it or not, there are established T-shirts you can get with the glowing blue screen of death duplicate printed on them. Want to make your own personal? All you need is a royal glowing blue t-shirt and a printed edition of this horrifying error information to pin to it.

T-shirt with Blue Screen of Death error message printed on it Source: Spreadshirt

14. GPS Costume

This will function best with two people. You can cut a Point A and Point B pin shape out of cardboard, paint both red, and simply write The and B on it. From there, you can personalize the costume whichever way you’d like. You may also get more intricate by finding a T-Shirt with a map on it.  

GPS office costume

Supply: Pinterest

15. Dead Battery and Low Wi-Fi 

Nothing is more terrifying than the usual dead battery or no Wi fi. This costume brings all of techy’s fears to life. It is . pretty simple to create. Just mp3 or glue images of dead Wi-Fi and low battery signals on to a black shirt. To emphasize the low-connectivity fears, put on a few zombie or skeleton make-up.  

Although this can work as a couples costume, this may also be a fun option for workplace colleagues. Since both outfits within the set don’t depend on each other to be understandable, an individual could also wear either the Dead Battery outfir or maybe the No-Wi-Fi suit and still become easily recognized.

Dead Battery and Low Wi-Fi Halloween Costume

Source: Pinterest

Emoji Costumes

16. Information Table Girl

This genius expert found a golden (or, rather, purple) opportunity to become the “information desk emoji, the numerous gestures of whom we now have all come to know, love, and use at some point in a text conversation.

The best part about this awesome tech reference is that you simply don’t need to alter your regular attire to make it work. As Naomi shows us below, it’s all in the hands gestures.

      View this post on Instagram    

No one recognized my Costume for work until I actually started texting and impressive poses #emojicostume #lazycostume

A post shared by Naomi (@naomi_yyz) on Oct 30, 2015 at 3: 26pm PDT

17. Dancing Girls Emoji

In case you are the owner of one of the nearly over 1 billion Apple apple iphones sold worldwide, you’re probably familiar with the dancing young ladies emoji, shown below.

The easiest version of this costume is to find a buddy and gown all in black with each other. If you’re committed to emoji authenticity, buy black bunny ear to complete the look.

Screen Shot 2016-10-25 at 2.13.14 PM.png Source: Brit + Co

18. Heart Eyes

Are you just in love with Halloween? Show it with this passionate emoji face. You don’t have to paint your entire face, chin to hairline, to get the Heart Eyes Emoji just right, but it certainly helps. It’ll also disguise your own stress when you’re at your the majority of focused during the day.

“This employee just seems to love the girl job, I can’t put my finger on why, ” your manager will believe… See how to paint this emoji onto your face below (you’ll need some help for this one).



Topical Office Costumes

19. Fully Vested

At work, “fully vested” usually refers to a person’s ability to earn all complementing funds of a 401(k) pension plan. But for some, you just can’t help but picture someone wearing lots of sleeveless jackets at the same time. Now’s you a chance to personify that image.

In case you work in a company where people would get the joke, wear a bunch of vests (at least three, but even more is usually encouraged), and that’s about it. Occur to be fully vested.

20. Nerd

What I love about the geek costume is that it’s easy and always unique — there are many ways to be a geek in this day and age. Are you the tech nerd, a video sport nerd, or a book geek? The sky is the limit with this costume. Show up wearing glasses with your favorite accessories, such as a magic wand, book, or lightsaber, to complete the effect.

Worlds cutest nerd costumes. Erin Harrison and Chandler Abney everyone!! ;) Follow me for my next Halloween costume!

Source: Pinterest

21. A Solar Eclipse

Last year, the pv eclipse took over the internet — and the country. As millions of people flocked to the path of totality to (hopefully) catch a glimpse of this rare event without burning their own corneas, millions more made jokes about it on social media marketing.

To dress up as a solar eclipse for Halloween, etc work pal to be the sun and the moon along with you. One of you wears black, the other wears yellow, and you both wear dark sun glasses. Then, at the Halloween party, the one dressed in black usually spends the whole time standing in front side of the one in yellow-colored.

Two girls dressed in solar eclipse costume at an office Source: Pinterest

22. The ‘Evil Kermit’ Meme

If you haven’t heard of this mega-popular meme this year, you’ve probably seen this somewhere: It features Kermit the Frog, face-to-face with his evil twin, Evil Kermit. Evil Kermit looks identical, except for the black hide.

For this costume, you and a coworker can keep it basic: You both wear green shirts, and one of you wears a black hoodie or even jacket on top. If you really want to commit to the costume, likely to spring for some green face paint to complete the outfit. Walk around the party together, facing one another, for maximum effect.

evil kermit halloween.png

23. Fifty Shades associated with Grey: PG Paint Sample Costume

Want to do something cheeky, but still office friendly? This is PG pun costume stocks the name of a popular romantic story and film, “50 Shades of Grey. ”

Visit your local paint or hardware store and buy 50 greyish paint swatches. Then, strapping them to a black shirt and tell your colleagues you, “50 Shades of Grey. ” 

50 Shades of Grey Pun Halloween Costume

Source: Sibel 24 of Kansas City

24. The “But Gowns None of My Business” Meme

If you love Kermit the Frog, but don’t have a friend to team up with for your “Evil Kermit” costume, think about going solo with a costume based off of the “But Absolutely None of My Business” meme, where Kermit is seen judgmentally drinking coffee.

All you have to perform is stick a pair of eye on a green hoodie and begin sipping your tea or coffee. For an added effect, you can cut a white photo frame to hold ahead so you can look like an image submitted on social media.  

But That's None of My Business Meme Halloween Costume Source: Pinterest

25. Eleven from Stranger Things

Eleven from Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things is universally dearest, and it’s a bonus that the girl signature look is a comfy and easy-to-assemble costume. Rock and roll your best Eleven with a gown, a denim jacket, as well as a box of Eggo Waffles.

the-stranger-things-actress-behind-eleven-doesnt-love-eating-tons-of-eggo-waffles.png Source: Business Insider

26. Scoops Ahoy Employee from Stranger Matters

While Eleven, noted over, is an absolute classic Unfamiliar person Things character, 2019’s season inspired another great costume chance. During the newest installment associated with episodes, Stave, a main character played by Joe Keery, worked at an icecream shop called Scoops Ahoy. As a server, he had to wear the goofy sailor uniform together with his coworker Robin.  

Since the season aired, the particular uniform has been regularly put on by cosplayers and at Comic Con as people imitate Steve and Robin.

Considering that it’s a pretty generic sailor man uniform, you might be able to locate one that’s similar in a variety of Halloween shops. This costume could work for both individuals or two colleagues.  

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Ahoy Ladies! 😏⚓️ I LOVED Robin in Stranger Things Season 3 ♥️ what about you? Did you like the new season? #strangerthings #strangerthings2 #strangerthings3 #scoopsahoy #scoopsahoycosplay #scoopstroop #robincosplay #robinbuckley #robinbuckleycosplay #robinbuckleyedit #steveharrington #strangerthingscosplayer #strangerthingscosplay #strangerthingsnetflix

A post shared by Inken (@quialastaris) on Oct 15, 2019 at 9: 13am PDT

27. Pokémon GO Fitness instructor

Pokémon GO had roughly 45 million people travelling in cities glued for their phones last summer (I, among them). To pay honor to the explosion of this technology trend, you’ll need a t-shirt that’s red, yellow, or azure. Using fabric paint or permanent marker, write Canon (for red), Instinct (for yellow), or Mystic (for blue) on your shirt.

Invest Halloween walking around pointing your own phone at objects, and you’re the spitting image of a Pokémon GO instructor. Gotta catch ’em most, right?


A photo posted by Odinia (@marshmallowsie) on Aug 9, 2016 from 4: 44pm PDT



Group Office Costumes

28. The Sales Lifecycle

At HubSpot, we love embracing group costumes. In 2018, a handful of HubSpot employees grabbed some T-Shirts and wrote the stages of the sales lifecycle on them. Then they lined up accordingly and passed a phony prospect listing around in order to symbolize the process of making a selling. This was such an easy outfit to coordinate that the group could even include an out-of-office employee over a video contact.  

HubSpot Employee sales cycle halloween costume Source: Maggie Bomze, Principal Customer Success Manager of Strategic Accounts at HubSpot

29. Social Media Channels

While this Pinterest picture shows classmates posting because the major social media networks, this could easily be modified to match the office setting.  

Simply pick out a solid list of the most popular social networks, then by empty T-Shirts that match the colours of each platform. From there, you can either draw, tape or glue the logos on to each shirt. If you’re not really interested in the tutus worn below, you could also find complementing pants, or just wear skinny jeans and keep things simple.

Social Media Network team costumes

Source: Pinterest

30. Google Algorithm Update

Find a couple of office their peers for this one — one particular panda, one penguin, and one pigeon. You might be thinking, “what the heck is the pigeon algorithm update? ” 1) It’s a thing, and 2) we checked Amazon designed for hummingbird costumes and there aren’t any cheap ones available.

google-algorithm-update-halloween-costumes.jpg Source: Opportunity Max

31. Black Head wear and White Hat SEO

This is an additional SEO-related costume, and I think you are able to figure this one out on your own. I recommend wearing a black hat for one, and a white hat for the other, and getting “SEO” embroidered on each one of these — which you can easily customized order.

Black hat with SEO label on top Source: SEO-Hacker

32. Snapchat Filters

Here is another group costume idea that pays tribute to Snapchat’s filters feature.

There are numerous options that you and your team peruse to embody this outfit. You could dress up as vomiting rainbows, cat and dog hearing, a flower crown, or a face swap, and this could be as DIY or store-bought as you’re interested in pursuing. For instance , here’s some inspiration for a couple of the dog filters:

snapchat filter team costume Source: PopSugar

33. Snapchat Ghosts

Put a marketing rewrite on a classic Halloween costume simply by arriving as a Snapchat ghosting. You’ll all need a white sheet and to pick which ghost you like the most.

Snapchat Ghost team halloween costume Source: Youtube . com

34. PAC-MAN and Company

Here’s another awesome ghostly costume concept your whole team at work can get in on. Have your team lead wear the yellow pie-shaped garb of PAC-MAN, with each group member dressed as the colorful ghosts that roam the particular screen in this vintage game game.

Just make sure the team lead doesn’t actually try to eat the ghosts — you’re in an office, and you’re all technically on a single team.

Group costume with PAC-MAN, four ghosts and fruit from the vintage arcade game Source: Meningrey

35. Instagram Filters

For this group outfit, you’ll need white t-shirts plus fabric markers. Draw an Instagram photo frame over the front of your shirts, and each team member can create a different Instagram filter’s name inside the photo frame. Or, create frame props with various filters on them like the group did below:

Instagram Filter Halloween costumes Source: Nails Journal

The clothes don’t make the marketer, however the costume can certainly make the culture at your company. Find out what it takes to hire and train the very best fits for your open functions in the free ebook, accessible below.

Editor’s Notice: This post was originally published October 21, 2018 unfortunately he updated in October associated with 2019 for comprehensiveness.

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