The particular 9 Best Cover Letter Good examples: What They Got Right

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Let’s encounter it: A job search is, typically, anything but fun.

It is almost as if it bears its own five stages associated with grief. At first, there’s denial of its demoralizing nature. After that comes the anger over either radio silence or rejection from prospective employers. Of course , there’s bargaining — “I promise to never complain about work again, if I can find a new job! ”

That’s often followed by depressive disorder, and the idea that one is simply just unhireable. Then, there’s approval: “This is awful, but I have to keep trying, anyway. ”

But we have great news. It is definitely possible to possess a little fun with your work search — and maybe even make yourself a better candidate along the way. The magic, it turns out, could be within your cover letter.

It may be true that will only 26% of employers have deemed cover words important, but that doesn’t mean yours has to contribute to that will statistic. In fact , it might be that will cover letters are deemed insignificant because so handful of them stand out. Here’s an opportunity for you to exercise your creativeness at the earliest stage of the recruitment process.

Personalization, in the end, goes beyond replacing the particular title and company title in each letter you send to recruiters.

What does that look like in practice, and how can you make your cover letter stand out? We found 6 examples from job seekers whom decided to do things a bit in a different way.

Note: Some of these include letters contain real corporation names and NSFW vocabulary that we’ve covered up.

Best Cover Letter Illustrations

1 . The Cover Letter That will Explains ‘Why, ‘ Not simply ‘How’

We’ve already covered the importance of addressing how you will best execute a certain function in your cover letter. But there are another question you might want to solution: Why the heck do you wish to work here?

The Day job, a career guidance site, says that it’s often better to lead with the why — especially if it makes a good tale. We advise against blathering on and on, but a brief tale that illuminates your own desire to work for that particular employer can really make you stand out.

Why Example.png
Source: The Muse

Here’s another instance of the strength of personalization. The author of the cover letter clearly has a enthusiasm for this prospective employer — the Chicago Cubs — and if she’s lying about it, well, that probably would ultimately be revealed in an interview.

Make sure your story is nonfiction, and relatable according to each job. While we adore a good tale of child years baseball games, an introduction like this one probably wouldn’t be fitted in a cover letter for, state, a software company. But a story of how the hours you devoted playing with DOS games as being a kid led to your interest for coding? Sure, we’d find that fitting.

If you’re actually passionate about a particular job opening, think about where that deeply interest is rooted. Then, tell your hiring manager about it in some sentences.

2 . The ‘We’re Meant for Each Other’ Cover Letter

This cover letter example is really a special one because it has been submitted to us at HubSpot. What does the letter excel? It makes a connection with us before we’ve even met the particular letter’s author.

We're meant for each other cover letter submitted to HubSpot

“Content Marketing Certified” indicates the particular applicant has taken the content advertising certification course in our HubSpot Academy (you can take exactly the same course here). Our “records” indicate he/she did certainly give an interview with us prior to — and was a HubSpot customer.  

The resume cover letter sang references to a relationship we didn’t even know we had with the candidate.

The letter ends with a captivating pitch for why, despite him/her not getting hired previously, our interests enhance each other this time around.

(Yes, the particular applicant was hired).  

3. The Cover Letter with H. E. A. R. T.

HubSpot has a wide range of H. E. A. Ur. T. — Humble, Understanding, Adaptable, Remarkable, Transparent. The west Code is the foundation from the company’s culture, the generating force behind our mission to help millions grow much better, and serves as the scaffolding for our hiring practices. Employers at HubSpot look for candidates that demonstrate how they convey the Culture Code plus job description, paying extra attention to cover letters that are super custom to HubSpot.

In another HubSpot submission, a HubSpot applicant creates about how she found out about HubSpot, why she likes the organization, and how her professional encounter aligns with H. Electronic. A. R. T.


HubSpot’s recruiting team has been impressed with her commitment to the company and how the girl went beyond what was requested by link her profile in her closing section.

Short Cover Letter Examples

four. The Short-and-Sweet Cover Letter

Last year, David Silverman penned an article for Harvard Business Review titled, “The Best Resume cover letter I Ever Received. ” That letter contained 3 complete sentences, as follows:

Short and sweet cover letter example
Source: Harvard Business Evaluation

One might argue that this particular letter is less than exceptional. It’s brief, to say the least, and the author doesn’t go into a ton of detail about what makes her or him qualified for the job in question. But that’s what Silverman likes about it — the fact that the applicant only integrated the pieces of information that will matter the most to the receiver.

“The writer of this letter took the time to think through what would be relevant to me, ” writes Silverman. “Instead of scattering lots of facts in hopes that one was relevant, the candidate offered up an opinion as to which experiences I ought to focus on. ”

When you obtain a job, start by determining 2 things:

  1. Who might oversee the particular role — that’s usually included in the description, under “reports to. ” Address your own letter to that individual.
  2. Find out what problems this part is meant to solve for that person. Then, concisely phrase in your cover letter how and why your experience can and can resolve those problems.

The key the following is research — by looking straight into who you’ll be reporting to and learning more about that person’s leadership style, you’ll be better prepared to tailor your cover letter to focus on how you offer solutions for her. Not sure the best way to learn more about a leader’s character? Check out any content she shares on social media, or even use Growthbot’s Personality Profile feature.

Insert incredible persuasive writing here

5. The particular Bare Bones Cover Letter

In the current job market, cover letters generally are not always necessary. Even though numerous recruiters won’t ask for or perhaps read them, cover words can still be effective and present personality to a reader. Composing a strong cover letter can help you much better convey your interest in the position and company.  

This particular template from The Balance Professions puts together the essential aspects of a short cover letter: excitement about the position, your qualifications, plus a call-to-action for the recruiter to follow along with up with you. Combining these types of central aspects in a well-written, compelling narrative will go a long way in convincing readers to employ you.

best short cover letter example Supply: The Balance Careers

Creative Cover Letter Examples

6. The Brutally Honest Cover Letter

Then, there are the occasions whenever your future boss might appreciate honesty — in its purest form. Livestream CEO Jesse Hertzberg, by his own admission, is one of those people, which can be why he called this particular example “the best cover letter” (which he obtained while he was along with Squarespace):

Brutally honest cover letter example
Source: Name Needed

As Hertzberg says in the blog post elaborating with this excerpt — it’s not appropriate for every job or corporation. But if you happen to be sure that the corporate culture of this prospective employer gets a kick out of a complete lack of filter, then there’s a chance that the hiring manager might appreciate your candor.

“Remember that I’m reading these all day long, ” Hertzberg writes. “You need to quickly convince me I should keep reading. You need to stand out. ”

7. The Straw (Wo)man Cover Letter

When I was in the throes of my own job search and reached among the later stages, a friend believed to me, “For the next job you apply for, you should just submit a picture of yourself a stick figure that somehow represents you working presently there. ”

Et voilà:

Funny illustration cover letter by Amanda Zantal-Wiener

I in no way did end up working for the particular recipient of this particular piece of art, however it did result in an interview. Again, be careful where you send a cover letter like this one — if this doesn’t match the company’s culture, it might be interpreted while you not taking the opportunity seriously.

Be sure to pair it after some bit of explanatory text, too. For example , when I submitted this particular picture-as-a-cover letter, I also had written, “Perhaps I took the ‘sense of humor’ alluded to in your job explanation a bit too seriously. ”

eight. The Overconfident Cover Letter

I can admit that I considered making out this example. It’s rife with profanity, pride, and arrogance. But maybe, in some settings, that’s the right way to perform a cover letter.

A few years ago, Huffington Post published this take note as an example of how to “get noticed” and “get employed for your dream job”:

Overconfident cover letter example
Source: Huffington Post

Here is the thing: if the Aviary cited in this letter is the exact same Aviary I researched upon discovering it, then, well, I’m not sure this shade was the best approach. We read the company’s blog plus looked at the careers site, and neither one signifies that the culture encourages this — or lowercasing proper nouns like “Google, ” for which I personally cannot forgive the applicant…

However , Aviary was acquired by Adobe in 2014, and this letter was written in 2011. So while it’s possible the fact that brand was a bit more comfortable at that time, we wouldn’t suggest submitting a letter with this tone to the company these days. That’s not to say it would move unappreciated elsewhere — Doug Kessler frequently discusses the particular marketers and brands that value colorful language, by way of example.

The point is, this example additional illustrates the importance of research. Make sure you understand the culture of the organization to which you’re applying before you send a completely unfiltered cover letter — if you don’t, there’s a good chance it’ll completely skip the mark.

9. The particular Interactive Cover Letter

When designer Rachel McBee applied for a position with the Denver Broncos, the girl didn’t just write a personalized cover letter — she designed an entire digital, interactive microsite:

Source: Rachel McBee

This cover letter — if you possibly could even call it that — checks off all of the boxes we’ve discussed here in an extraordinary way. It concisely details and organizes what many hiring managers hope to find in any cover letter: how her skills lend themselves to the role, why she wants the job, and how to contact her.

She even includes a “traditional” body of text at the end, with a form that allows the reader to easily get in touch with her.

Take Cover

We’d prefer to add a sixth stage to the job search: experimentation.

Within today’s competitive landscape, it is so easy to feel defeated, less-than-good-enough, or like quitting your job search. But do not let the process become therefore monotonous. Have fun discovering the particular qualitative data we’ve discussed here — then, possess even more by getting creative with your cover letter composition.

All of us certainly can’t guarantee that every prospective employer will react positively — or at all — to even the the majority of unique, compelling cover letter. However the one that’s right for you will. That’s why it’s important not to duplicate these examples . That defeats the purpose of personalization.

So get creative. And, by the way — we’re hiring.

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