thirteen Simple (But Critical) Methods for Creating Better Landing Webpages

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There’s no query that landing pages — and the lead-capture forms that come with them — are 2 of the most important elements of leads generation. Without them, marketers would be much more limited in their capability to convert website visitors into potential clients — and generate reconversions, too.

That’s because getting pages enable us in order to direct site visitors to better focused pages that have the ability to catch leads at a much higher price than forms on some other web pages.

Landing pages furthermore focus your visitors’ attention on one particular offer, limiting the distractions of everything otherwise on your website. Visitors are on a landing page for just one single purpose: to obtain an offer by completing a lead-capture type.

But converting visitors in to leads, even with landing webpages, is much easier said than done. In fact , there are quite a few best practices every marketer should consider when setting up plus optimizing landing pages.

To keep you on track, here is your own landing page tip list, excerpted from our newest ebook, The particular 30 Greatest Lead Generation Ideas, Tricks & Ideas.

1 ) Include all critical aspects of an effective landing page.

Landing web pages, sometimes also called “lead-capture web pages, ” are used to convert visitors into leads by finishing a transaction or simply by collecting contact information from their website. In order to make these transactions take place, it’s critically important that your landing pages consist of the following components:

  • A headline and (optional) sub-headline
  • A brief description of the offer that clearly stresses its value
  • At least one assisting image
  • (Optional) supporting elements such as testimonials or safety badges
  • And most importantly, a form to capture visitors’ information

landing page elements

2 . Take away the main navigation.

Once a visitor arrives on a landing page, it’s your job to keep them generally there. So if there are links to the page that enable visitors to move about your website, a person run the risk of distracting them, which creates lead generation chaffing and increases the chance might abandon the page prior to even converting. And, why don’t face it: No respectable marketer wants that. One of the best ways to reduce this chaffing and increase your landing page conversion rates is to simply remove the major navigation from the page. Simple as that!

Landing page example with no top navigation.

3. Match the headline of the landing page in order to its corresponding CTA.

Maintain your messaging consistent in both your own call-to-action (CTA) and the headline of the landing page. If individuals click on a CTA for a free offer only to find out there there’s a catch on the landing page, you’ll instantly shed their trust. Similarly, when the headline reads differently than the CTA, it might lead to confusion, and the visitor might wonder if the CTA is from the wrong page. Eliminate any and all confusion, and make sure your squeeze page consistently reflects what you guaranteed in your call-to-action — and vice versa.

Landing page example with CTA.

4. Remember: Much less is more.

Many of you are probably conscious of the phrase “keep it simple, stupid. ” Utilize that same philosophy for your landing pages. A cluttered page usually results in a distracted, confused, and/or overwhelmed visitor. Talk about landing page rubbing! Instead, embrace white space, and keep the text and images on the page simple and to-the-point.

Complex versus a simple landing page.

5. Emphasize the offer’s worth.

Highlight the benefits of the offer with a brief paragraph or even a few bullet points. The very best landing page description offers more than just a list what comprises the particular offer; it also clearly highlights the value of the offer and gives visitors a compelling incentive to download. For example , rather than “Includes specifications of product XYZ, ” say something along the lines of, “Find out exactly how XYZ can increase efficiency by 50%. ” Put simply, emphasize how the offer address a specific problem, need, or interest your target audience loves you about.

Landing page example providing value.

6. Encourage social writing.

Don’t forget to include social media sharing buttons that enable your prospects to evangelize your articles and offers. To limit cluttering, just be sure to only include control keys for the social platforms your own audience uses. And don’t forget to include an email forwarding option, considering that people have different sharing choices. Keep in mind that even if your social media marketing contacts never buy from a person, there’s always a possibility that somebody in their personal network may!

Social media sharing buttons on a landing page.

7. Create a lot more landing pages to generate a lot more leads.

According to HubSpot’s Marketing and advertising Benchmarks Report, companies see a 55% embrace leads when increasing their number of landing pages through 10 to 15 . The takeaway is simple: The more content, offers, and landing pages a person create, the more opportunities you need to generate leads for your company. More landing pages also usually means more targeted content that better appeals to your various buyer personas, which can help to increase your conversion rates. To increase the number of landing pages you have on your site, invest in a good easy-to-use landing page creation device, create more offers, tweak the offers you already have in order to cater to individual personas, and repurpose content you curently have. In fact , we elaborate on all of the above in this post about why you (yes, you) need to create more landing pages.

Landing page types example.

8. Only ask for the information you really need.

You might be wondering how much or how small information you should require within your forms. There is no magic response to this, but the best balance is to collect only the info you really need to qualify leads. Generally, the fewer fields you might have on a form, the higher the conversion rate. This is because, along with each new field a person add to a form, it creates a lot more work for the visitor, and thus fewer conversions. A longer form seems like more work and will frequently be avoided altogether. However, the more fields you require, the better quality those leads will likely be, because they thought your provide was valuable enough in order to warrant a form completion. Essentially, the best way to determine what form size works best for your business is to test it for yourself.

Form fields on a landing page.

9. Consider whether or not “To Submit, or Not to Submit? ”

That is the issue most of your visitors are probably inquiring. That’s why one simple yet effective way to increase form conversion rates is to avoid using the default word “Submit” on your type button. If you think about it, no one wants to “submit” to something. Instead, turn the statement into a benefit that pertains to what prospects will be getting into return. For example , if the form is to download a brochure kit, the submit switch should say, “Get Your own Brochure Kit. ” Some other examples include “Download Whitepaper, ” “Get Your Free E-book, ” or “Subscribe to the Newsletter. ” Here’s one more helpful tip: Make the switch big, bold, and multi-colored, and make sure it appears like a button, which is generally beveled and appears “clickable. ”

CTA example.

10. Reduce anxiety with proof elements.

People are even more resistant to give up their private information now than ever before. It’s understandable, considering all the spam around. Luckily, there are a few different features you can include to your landing pages to help reduce visitors’ form completion anxiousness:

  • Add a privacy message (or a hyperlink to your privacy policy) that indicates visitors’ email addresses will not be shared or sold.
  • In case your form requires sensitive details, include security seals, a BBB rating, or certifications so visitors know their particular information is safe and safe.
  • Add testimonials or customer logos. It’s a great way to leverage social proof. For instance , if your offer is for a totally free trial of your product or service, you might like to include a few customer testimonials about that particular product or service.

Example of trust seals on a landing page.

eleven. Make the form appear shorter.

Sometimes people won’t fill out a form just because it l ooks long and time-consuming. If your type requires a lot of fields, consider making the form appear shorter by adjusting its styling. For example , reduce the spacing in between fields or align the titles to the left of each field instead of above it so that the form appears shorter. When the form covers less room on the page, it may seem as if you’re asking for less. Plus whenever possible, implement Smart Areas — dynamic form areas that automatically adjust to the shortened version if a website visitor has already been entered into your marketing and advertising database.

Short form on a landing page.

12. Include rich media on your landing web pages.

In this day and age, one of the ways to help make your landing pages stick out is to include rich press.

For example , you can have moving GIFs, videos, and interactive pictures. While design isn’t necessarily the most important component of a landing page, you should try that your design helps your landing pages stand out.

The particular goal is to entice the user to feel compelled to down load your content offer. Design can help with this.

13. Pay attention to the copy.

The most critical component of your own landing pages is to possess copy that inspires customers to download your provide. How do you do this?

Well, the easiest way is to write copy which is targeted toward your persona. This means that your target market need to feel like they could’ve composed the copy themselves. Whenever your target market feels like you understand their particular problems, they’re more likely to down load your offer.

Landing pages can feel overwhelming to create. However , if you use HubSpot’s landing page builder, you can incorporate with companies like briX and Ceros to make your landing pages stand out.
Editor’s note: This post had been originally published in December 2012 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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