The Best VOIP Phone Systems For the Business

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Want to jump right to the answer? The best VoIP phone systems for most small businesses are Nextiva, RingCentral, or Ooma VoIP.

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone systems are great for remote workers as well as other employees on the go.

With dozens of VoIP phone services on the market, choosing one can be tough. Luckily, we have done all of the research plus heavy lifting for you.

Below are in-depth reviews of each one, as well as pricing, features, and anything else that should be taken into consideration.

Let’ s jump in.

Top 10 Best VoIP Phone Systems in 2020

These are the 10 best VoIP cell phone systems on the market today:

  1. Nextiva
  2. RingCentral
  3. Ooma
  4. Phone. possuindo
  5. Grasshopper
  6. 8× 8
  7. Vonage
  8. Jive
  9. 1-VoIP
  10. Mitel

Keep reading to get more in-depth reviews of each assistance.



Visit Nextiva

Beginning at $19. 95 each month

Affordable enterprise-level plans

Unlimited calls

Free local & toll-free number

Get Started for Free

Nextiva offers a wide range of excellent services. In addition to its VoIP phone services, the company offers sales and service CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT software.

A few of the top Nextiva features consist of:

  • Nextiva desktop and mobile application
  • Text messaging
  • Auto attendant
  • Voicemail to email
  • Unlimited contacting
  • Call queuing

Whilst Nextiva is definitely a viable strategy to small businesses, they also offer exceptional programs for enterprises and contact centers. It’s used by big national brands like Taco Bell, Stanley Steamer, plus DirectBuy, and Ashley HomeStore.


The plans through Nextiva can be segmented straight into two main categories: small company and enterprise.

Like most VoIP phone solutions, the rates vary in line with the number of users you have as well as the length of your contract. Nextiva has month-to-month and yearly rates.

General Nextiva is easy to use and provides high-quality customer service. From smaller businesses to enterprises, Nextiva is a top choice consider.

Try Nextiva for free and see if it is the best choice for your business today.



Visit RingCentral

Beginning at $19. 99 each month

100 toll-free minutes each month

On-demand call recording

Small to enterprise solutions

Get going Now

RingCentral is the best general VoIP phone system. Hands down.

Their functions and services offers any business what you need for your VoIP needs.

The best part: No new hardware. To get going, you can easily use your existing phone number and phones to do calls over the Internet.

You can also access your business line through anywhere. You can use the phone provider from any device. It’ s probably the fastest plus easiest way to get a business telephone number on your current cellphone. Set up your RingCentral account and install the app:

RingCentral Mobile App

In addition to traditional phone calls, RingCentral offers a wide range of business mobile phone needs. You can have access to messaging and video conferencing too. In fact , RingCentral also rated first on our list of the very best video conferencing services.

Whether you’re looking for an all-in-one calling answer, or VoIP phones just, RingCentral has you covered.


Pricing for a phone plan starts at $29. 99 per month per user. But that’s for a month-to-month agreement. You can save 33% with the annual rate.

If you have 20 or more users, you will need to upgrade to an helpful plan, which starts with $24. 99 per month per user with an annual agreement.

RingCentral is a best VoIP solution for any business.



Go to Ooma

Starting at $19. 95/user per month

Keep your number

Unlimited calling

No contracts, terminate any time

Get Started Now

Ooma VoIP is best for smaller companies and startups. They give you the option of keeping your existing quantity or getting a new 1.

The best part: setup is lightning fast. Actually you can set everything upward in less than 15 minutes.

Some of the top small business features of Ooma VoIP include:

  • Free mobile app
  • Virtual receptionist
  • SMS messaging
  • Spam call blocking
  • Call recording
  • Multi ring
  • Company directory
  • Custom extensions

Ooma gives you an excellent rate with no long-term agreement. There are two main company phone plans offered by this particular provider:

  • Ooma Office — starting on $19. 95 per month per user
  • Ooma Office Pro — starting from $24. 95 per month per user


Any office Pro plan is worth the extra $5. This plan comes with the most advanced features like call recording, call blocking, and voicemail transcription.

To get small businesses looking for an all-in-one solution, you can use Ooma to build your own system from scratch. This can include hardware, separate conference phones, and a physical send machine if needed.

If you’ve got small businesses with five or 10 employees, Ooma VoIP is a top choice for you to consider.

Phone. com


Visit Phone. com

Starting at $9. 99 per month

50+ standard features included

E911 dialing options

Premium function addons

Get Started Now

Telephone. com offers a budget friendly VoIP phone service.

In fact , they have some of the most cost-effective VoIP phone plans on the market nowadays.

There are certainly cheaper plans offered elsewhere, but none that I would certainly recommend. Phone. com could be the one I’ d point to if your budget is tight but you still want great service.

Here’s a short overview of the pay-per-minute plans and pricing. All prices are for annual contracts.

Base — $9. 99 a month

  • 300 minutes per month
  • Unlimited user extensions
  • 1 local or toll-free number
  • 2, 000 SMS messages
  • 40+ standard features

Plus — $14. 99 per month

  • 500 minutes per month
  • Unlimited user extensions
  • 2 local or toll-free numbers
  • 3, 000 SMS messages
  • Automated voicemail message to text
  • Premium hold music

Foundation — $29. 99 each month

  • 1, 000 monthly moments
  • Unlimited user extensions
  • several local or toll-free figures
  • Unlimited SMS messages
  • 300 call recording minutes
  • Call analytics
  • HD video conferencing

While the plans are affordable, they are certainly limited. If you’re going to exceed those monthly minute limitations, you can consider switching to a Phone. com unlimited program.

The limitless plans start at $24. 99, $32. 99, and $49. 99 per month, respectively. They are nearly identical to the plans listed above, except you’ll get unlimited monthly minutes.



Visit Grasshopper

Beginning at $26 per month

VoIP and Wifi calling

No calling limits

24/7 reside support

Get Started Now

For those of you who need a business VoIP program for calls on the go, Grasshopper will be a top choice to consider.

Lots of VoIP phone services have a cellular app, but Grasshopper really stands out from the crowd. You will be able to use Grasshopper with your existing phone; no extra devices are required.


The setup process is extremely basic.

Just select the app (Grasshopper or Grasshopper Connect) based on your business requirements. Then select a number (toll-free, vanity, local, current number) and download the application. Then you can start calling plus texting using your number immediately.

You can try making use of Grasshopper for free with a 7-day trial. No credit card needed.

Assuming you’re happy with the service (which I’m sure you will), here is an overview of the paid programs and pricing:

Grasshopper Solo

  • $29 per month ($26 with yearly contract)
  • 1 number
  • three or more extensions

Grasshopper Partner

  • $49 per month ($44 with annual contract)
  • three or more numbers
  • 6 extensions

Grasshopper Small Business

  • $89 per month ($80 with yearly contract)
  • 5 numbers
  • Unlimited extensions

Grasshopper Connect

  • $39 per month ($35 with yearly contract)
  • one number
  • Email, text, and phone incorporation

This is why, the Grasshopper plans are perfect for smaller organizations, startups, and solo entrepreneurs. The fact that you can sign up and occurs VoIP phone service without any additional hardware is a huge bonus.

8× 7

8x8 > > Compare Quotes

Begins at $12 per month per user

Unlimited US & Canada calls

International contacting capabilities

8× 8 recieve more than one million company users across the globe. It’s reliable by international brands like McDonald’s, Regus, and NetSuite.

They offer a wide range of phone services, including VoIP phones, contact centers, and video conferencing. I’d suggest 8× 8 to small and medium-sized organizations that require international calling capabilities.


Here’s an overview of the small company pricing plans for all-in-one communications.

8× 8 Express — $12 per month per user

  • Unlimited calling in the US and Canada
  • Auto attendant
  • HIGH DEFINITION secure voice
  • Voicemail
  • Team messaging
  • HD audio and video meetings with screen sharing
  • Mobile and desktop apps

X Series X2 — $25 per month per user

  • Unlimited calling within 14 countries
  • Advanced harasser ID, call forwarding, plus call queues
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Single sign on and CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT integration
  • Call recording
  • Limitless Internet fax
  • Cross-platform team messaging

X Series X4 — $45 per month per user

  • Limitless calling within 47 nations
  • All X2 features
  • Owner switchboard
  • Analytics and call quality confirming

X Series X6 — $115 per month user

  • Unlimited calling within 47 nations
  • 4, 500 minutes of contact middle calling zone within 47 countries
  • Skills-based routing
  • Online voice response
  • Queued and web callback
  • Post contact surveys
  • Native CRM
  • Contact center reports and analytics

In case your organization has more than 100 users, you can contact the 8× 8 sales team to get a quote on an enterprise VoIP phone solution.


Vonage > > Compare Quotes

50+ communication functions

Compatible with Vonage Meetings

Easy to set up and scale

Vonage is second to none for business VoIP plans. They offer a wide range of communication packages, including:

  • Business phone systems
  • Office phone systems
  • Contact center solutions
  • Mobility
  • Conferencing
  • Marketing and advertising automation
  • Cell phones, accessories, and other hardware

Vonage integrates with popular tools plus technology like G Suite, Salesforce, Office 365, Slack, and HubSpot.


One more unique standout of Vonage is that the company offers industry-specific solutions as well as services depending on business needs. For example , they have tools for accounting, lawyers, healthcare, retail, real estate, and more.

The company also offers tools for things like reducing communication costs, starting a call center, recording worker calls, or connecting virtual teams.

For VoIP phone plans, Vonage has three main programs; Mobile, Premium, and Sophisticated.

The prices vary based on how many outlines you need, so there’ t a wide range of prices offered. To give you some perspective, here are the particular rates of each plan for businesses who need 20+ lines:


  • Mobile — $14. 99 per month per line
  • Premium — $24. 99 per month per line
  • Advanced — $34. 99 per month per line

If you need four lines or less, all those rates would jump in order to $19. 99, $29. 99, and $39. 99, respectively.

Based on the prices structure and wide range of product offerings, Vonage is the ideal VoIP phone solution designed for growing businesses.


Jive > > Compare Quotes

Lots of all-inclusive functions

Call recording & monitoring

Custom greeting & keep music

Jive is an affordable VoIP phone service with perhaps the most extensive feature checklist on the market today. It’s tough to get Jive’s offerings at a much better price point elsewhere.

The platform has solutions intended for small businesses, mid-market, and business, as well as products for voice, video, contact centers, and more.


But for now, we’ll just stick to the VoIP telephone features:

  • Auto attendants
  • Custom greetings
  • Time-baed routing
  • Virtual fax
  • Voicemail to email
  • Fax to e-mail
  • Hold music
  • Call recording
  • Call lines
  • Call analytics
  • Desktop integration
  • Conference link

Record is seemingly a mile long. In fact , there are more than 80 different VoIP telephone service features available with Jive. The best part? Features are all-inclusive breaks with all Jive plans.

Pricing is based on the amount of users you have, and ranges between $19. 95 plus $29. 95 per month, per user. No long-term agreements or annual commitments. Most plans are available month-to-month.

If you need a cell phone plan with 100+ users, contact Jive for a custom made quote.


1voip > > Compare Quotes

40+ standard features

Spend on what you use plans

Most affordable & flexible

1-VoIP continues to be providing phone services for 10 years. On average, business clients switching to 1-VoIP save 53% compared to their current plan, which makes this service provider one of the most cost-effective options at the list.

Some of the top 1-VoIP business functions include:

  • Call recording
  • Hold music
  • Virtual fax
  • Auto attendant
  • Hours of operation
  • Queues
  • Extension transfers

While 1-VoIP has some traditional plans, I’d recommend the metered prices option. This will be the best choice meant for businesses that only want to pay for what they use.


If you’re a low-volume harasser, the base rate is $14. 97 per month for each expansion. From there, you’ll pay just $0. 02 per minute.

The package comes with all features included. You will find no long-term contracts with no cancellation fees either.


Mitel > > Compare Quotes

Starting in $20. 99 per month

Industry leader in reliability

Operates on Google Cloud

Mitel provides a VoIP phone service that operates on Google Cloud. So you realize that you’re getting support from an industry leader in dependability, scalability, and security.

It has a modern interface that’s extremely easy to use. You will benefit from real-time management plus a seamless experience across all your devices.

Mitel is an all-in-one solution intended for communication, collaboration, and contact center services. It’s utilized by well-known names like Netflix, Smile Doctors, and Benefits Network.


Here’s a short overview of the plans and pricing:

Essentials — Starting in $20. 99 per month per user

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 8-party audio meeting
  • Instant messaging
  • Mobile applications
  • Outlook plus G Suite integration

Premier — Starting at $26. 59 per month per user

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 25-party audio conferencing
  • Salesforce CRM integration
  • Voicemail transcribing
  • On-demand contact recording

Elite — Beginning at $38. 49 per month per user

  • Unlimited minutes
  • 100-party sound conferencing
  • Constant call recording
  • Archiving
  • Owner

From this article you can see, Mitel has the ability to meet the requirements of multiple business types and sizes. It’s a top solution for anyone who wants to benefit from Google’s Cloud reliability.

What Is a VoIP Telephone System?

VoIP stands for “voice over Web protocol. ” Instead of a conventional phone line, VoIP techniques use the internet.

Incoming calls from a non-VoIP amount can be converted to a VoIP line. You’ ll get calls from anyone regardless of their phone system.

VoIP phone software has been growing in popularity for businesses over the past few years. That’s because services are simple, cost-effective, and offer complete flexibility.

How to Choose the Best VOIP Telephone service For Your Business

Compare Rates From The Best VOIP Cell phone Services

Get matched up with a VOIP phone service that fits your specific needs.

Compare Quotations


Now that you’ve had a chance to see a few of the top VoIP phone services on the market today, it’s time to choose one for your business.

This is the methodology that we utilized to narrow our options. We all recommend that you do the same for the business.

Hardware Requirements

Its not all VoIP phone service is created equally. Some will allow you to use your existing hardware, while others will require you to definitely get specific devices.

There are even VoIP company plans with no hardware specifications. You can simply make and obtain calls directly from the mobile app.

Everything depends on the needs of your company. A solo entrepreneur plus an enterprise-grade calling center will obviously have different hardware preferences.


In most cases, VoIP business plans are priced based on the number of customers or lines you have. The greater lines you need, the lower the per-user cost will be.

Some services ask you for per-user, some give you limitless minutes, and others provide moment restrictions based on your plan.

It’s essential that you find a price point that’s affordable, while still meeting your requirements. If you’re a low-volume caller that only makes plus receives two or three calls each day, you probably won’t need a large plan.

You should also consider the length of your contract. Some companies force you to indication an annual contract to get the best rate, while others bill month-to-month.

Setup and Ease of Use

Theoretically, VoIP phone services are meant to be easier than a traditional business landline. So prevent companies that have a lengthy set up process and complex features.

You can usually request a demo or even free trial to test out a service before you commit.

Observe what the company’s existing clients say about the products and services by reading third-party reviews.


It’s easy to get drawn toward a VoIP telephone service with an extensive feature list. But with that said, you might not need every feature under the sun.

While some of such will definitely be useful, think about which ones you actually want or need. There’s no cause to pay extra for functions you’ll never use. Function lists are always a top selling point, but focus in at the features that will help your business.

Some services supply features all-inclusive, and others offer features based on your bundle.


If your business is ready to make the switch to a VoIP phone service, then the options above would be the top ten that I’d suggest.

Overall my top 3 favorites are Nextiva, Ooma VoIP, and RingCentral. Compare them all for top level for you.

No matter how big or small your business is, I’m confident that this perfect VoIP phone for the company can be found on this listing.

Compare Quotes From The Best VOIP Phone Services

Get harmonized with a VOIP phone service that fits your specific needs.

Compare Quotes

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