fourteen Cover Letter Templates to Perfect Your Next Job Application

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No one seems to agree on include letters. How much time do you need to spend perfecting them? Do hiring managers even go through them? Is it better to simply send in your resume and call it a day?

I’m not in HR, but I’ve been approached by applicants which wondered whether their cover letter would actually be read. Our answer is one not many of them wanted to hear: “sometimes. inch Sometimes it will be read. Other times, you can get away with simply sending in your resume — like when you network your path into applying for a position.

The reality is, you can’t really predict on the case-by-case basis — and you’re better safe compared to sorry. For the most part, having a cover letter will give you an upper hand in manners your resume doesn’t. It allows you to show off your creating skills, provide details that you simply couldn’t fit on your continue, demonstrate your passion, and show your willingness to put in as much time and effort as possible.

Seems pretty basic, right? Cover characters can hold different levels of significance to an employer depending on the market you’re in and the work you’re applying for. If you do plan to write a cover letter, bear in mind there are certain qualities it should have got that are not included in the description above.

What to Include in a Cover Letter

So , what in case you include? We’ll let the 11 templates below this listing do most of the talking. No matter what one you download, pay attention to the following elements — all of these should shine through within the letter you send for your future manager.

1 . Contact Information

Cover letters ought not to just carry your contact information, but also that of the company to which you’re applying. Get in touch with info includes your telephone number, email address, and any social networking accounts you’re willing to talk about and receive connections to.

Home addresses aren’t required, but they can be a helpful confidence to the employer that you currently live nearby and would have no trouble coming into any office.

Avoid offering phone numbers, emails, or actual addresses that will belong to your current employer. Making use of your personal Gmail address more than your work email, for example , guarantees your correspondence with recruiters remains separate from all your current work communication.

2 . A Personal Address Line

Pertaining to as often as you see “to whom it may concern” on top of cover letters today, do your best to avoid writing this exhausted line.

Address lines that specify a person or corporation grab your reader’s attention much more quickly, and show company that you’ve taken the time to tailor your application letter to them. Have no the name of the hiring manager? “Employers at [company name]” will do just fine.

3. A Catch

A “hook” is a smart introduction that “hooks” you into wanting to learn more. Think about yourself as a job candidate — what makes you exclusive? What about your career might a recruiter be intrigued simply by that you can package into a fascinating first sentence?

4. Precisely why You’re Qualified

It’s a no-brainer that you should summarize your professional experience in your cover letter. However , today’s best applications explain why this experience authorize the applicant for the work they’re applying for. For example , may just state that you spent three years writing for a company blog. Explain that this type of function lends itself to managing your new potential employer’s content calendar every week.

5. General Knowledge of the company

Grammatical errors could mean your application is thrown in the trash, but that’s not the only thing that could get your letter tossed aside. Using a generic “one-size-fits-all” cover letter — especially if you miss to change the name of the organization — will also hurt the chance for landing an interview.

So , for the time to write a cover notice, take the time to comment on the business itself. Why are you applying to this company? What about their business stuck out to you being a professional?

Now, let’s check out an example cover letter, what makes it effective, along with 11 templates you can download or draw inspiration from.

Cover Letter Example

Cover letter example.

Image Source

The particular example above illustrates tips on how to write a marketing cover letter using the elements we shown.

Besides the contact information and the address line, the first few sentences explain why the applicant is qualified for the placement. This example uses specific data to show why they might be a good fit.

In addition , in the second to last paragraph, the candidate discusses why they’re interested in the specific company, demonstrating general knowledge of the business.

By combining all of the elements to a cover letter, it is a great example to use intended for inspiration.

14 Free Resume cover letter Templates for Your Next Job Application

Template 1: Basic

Basic cover letter template with 7 qualities to learn from.

The example above is a basic (but great) cover letter. The numbered sections are explained in more detail below.

1 . Header

The level of formality your header has will depend on the company to which you apply. If you’re signing up to a formal business, it’s important to use a formal header to spread out your cover letter, like in the particular sample above. Put your address, the date, and the company’s address. But if you aren’t applying to a company that isn’t as formal, you don’t need to include your own and the company’s addresses. You are able to still include the date, even though.

2 . Greeting

Using “To Whom It May Concern” can be okay, but you may want to take the time to research the name of the recruiter or even hiring manager online. If you do pursuit and aren’t confident you found the right name, then you should definitely use the generic handmade — but if you are sure, then it shows you put in the effort to find their title and it will catch the recruiter’s eye.

If you have the recruiter’s name, do you greet them by their full name, or by way of a courtesy title (i. e. Mr., Ms., or Mrs. )? Similar to the header, this will depend on the company’s level of custom. If you’re applying to a corporate business, you may want to consider using “Mr. Snaper” instead of “Jon Snaper. ” If you’re applying to the start-up or a business using a more casual culture, you can use “Jon Snaper, ” as shown in the example.

3. Introduction

Your opening section should, in 1-3 phrases, state why you’re excited to apply and what makes you the right candidate. Get right to the point, and don’t worry about explaining to found the posting or who you know at the company. This isn’t a place to go into detail about why you’re a great candidate — that is for the second paragraph. Here, simply list a few crucial reasons in one sentence to build the rest of your letter. Keep in mind that the particular recruiter may cross-reference your own cover letter with your resume, therefore make sure the two sync upward.

4. Paragraph 2: The reason why You’re a Great Fit for the Job

Next, sell yourself and your experience by selecting one or two concrete examples that show why you’re a great fit for the position. What did you do at a previous company that gave you relevant experience? Which tasks have you worked on that would benefit the new company? How will your prior experience help this business grow? Stay humble inside your explanation of credentials whilst still showing that you will be an asset to the team. Utilize this paragraph to show you’re truly excited and interested in the positioning.

5. Third Paragraph: Exactly why the Company Is a Great Fit to suit your needs

While it’s certainly essential you’re a good fit for your job, it’s also important that the organization is a good fit for you. “A cover letter typically describes the reason why you’re great for a company — but how will you take advantage of getting hired? ” requests Emily MacIntyre, a Team Development Manager at HubSpot. “We want to know why the company appeals to you, and how it will be a mutually beneficial working relationship. ”

In the third paragraph, show you’re serious about growing and developing your career at this new company. What impresses and excites you about the company? Is there something that you feel highly about that aligns with the industry’s goals? For example , the candidate in the sample letter used this space to show his personal commitment to environment causes aligns with the carrier’s green initiatives.

6. Strong Closer and Signature

Do not get lazy in the final couple of sentences of your cover letter — it’s important to finish strong. Become straightforward about your attention and enthusiasm about the new position, and tell them you available to talk about the opportunity anytime. Be sure to include your phone number and email address. At this point, the golf ball is (rightly) in the recruiter’s court to decide how to follow up.

Last but certainly not minimum, thank them for their time and consideration. Use a formal sign-off like “Best, inch “All the best, ” or even “Sincerely, ” and complete by typing out your full name. You don’t need to sign it with a pen.

Template 2: Data-Driven Marketing Cover Letter

Get it here.

Data-driven marketing cover letter template

When applying to a data-driven position, it might be appealing to inject your resume cover letter with, well, the data to describe what you’ve done for other employers. But in an application letter — particularly for your marketing industry — the way you convey this data is simply as important as the data alone.

The cover letter template above, which we created at HubSpot, can help you present the data that’s most important to you being a candidate such that it’ll matter to your future employer.

Spot the three bullet points close to the center of the letter over, preceded by the statement: “… I’ve developed a strategy that has helped the organization achieve… ” This setup is important, mainly because while you can add as many stats as you want to this template, your data points should explain how your current/former company benefited from your work, instead of how you, yourself, benefited.

Template 3: Straight-to-the-Point Cover Letter

Have it here.

Straight-to-the-point cover letter template

Harvard Company Review contributor David Silverman hailed the above cover letter illustration as “The Best Cover Letter I Ever Received. inch For context, Silverman thinks there are only a handful of times when writing a cover letter is really necessary:

  1. When you know the name of the hiring manager.
  2. When you know some thing about what the job requires.
  3. When you’ve been referred to the job personally.

Under those three circumstances, a straight-to-the-point cover letter like the one above could be the best choice. Because it’s so to the point, however , make a point to add your own personal letterhead above the message itself. It might be easy for the recruiter to sift through a brief and sweet cover letter like the one above, but it can just as easy for it to get lost in the shuffle of their application list without a simple shape or format.

Template 4: Referral Cover Letter

Get it right here.

Referral cover letter template.

Just because a friend or colleague recommended you to get a job doesn’t mean the business is all set to hire a person. Therefore , the cover letter design template above is written especially for referrals. We made that one here at HubSpot. Download it here (it comes with four other resume cover letter templates , too).

As you can see in the picture above, the very first paragraph of the cover letter can be dedicated entirely to acknowledging the circumstances of your applying: You know someone who works there — no harm in that. But there may be damage in not mentioning this to the hiring manager. Telling the reader about your connection at the company shows you’re conscious and confident of the actions you take to get the possibilities you’re interested it.

Ultimately, it’s better than the employer hearing about your employee connection from somebody else.

As for the rest of the cover letter, treat your message the same way you will if you had applied with no connection from within. Your abilities and successes are no less important because of your internal referral.

Template 5: Photograph Letterhead Cover Letter

Get it right here.

Photo letterhead cover letter by Microsoft Office

The cover letter template above was designed by Ms Office, and as comprehensive because it looks, it’s completely free to download and modify.

Since it looks right now, this cover letter contains about half photo, half text. Feel free to shrink (and change) the image to give your self more room to tell your own story. Of course , a nice washed-out image that expresses who you are can be part of that story…

Template 6: Digital Innovative Cover Letter

Get it here.

Creative cover letter template.

This sixth template is good for the applicant who wants to emphasize the many different digital channels he or she is on. The header bar also allows this particular template to go well having a resume of the same file format.

As you personalize this letter with your own experience, make take note of the social networks and business software included in this template. You will see along the top that LinkedIn, email, and personal website are available for you to fill with your own information.

The bullet factors in the above template furthermore allow you to highlight your most significant skills or accomplishments for your hiring manager.

Template 7: Advertising Manager Cover Letter

Get it here.

Marketing-specific cover letter template

Our seventh cover letter comes from Monster. com. This cover letter, shown above, is focused specifically on a marketing part.

Notice how the writer includes references to important advertising metrics and terminology. If you’re applying to a data-driven part, you might not want to fill the particular page with a story of the experience in paragraph type, like Template 1 does at the beginning of this article. Instead, consider highlighting three (or 4, or five) of your successes that you believe the hiring manager would resonate most with, in bulleted form.

As a marketing professional, breaking up your letter with bulleted information like the ones above shows a respect for the employing manager’s limited time — a mentality that all marketing experts must understand when communicating with a brand’s audience.

Template 8: Career Day Follow-Up Cover Letter

Get it here.

Career day follow-up cover letter template

This is a unique kind of resume cover letter from Princeton University.

CareerBuilder, Monster, and Indeed might take the particular lion’s share of your job searches online, but still some employment opportunities come out of a industry show, job fair, or similar networking event. For those occurrences, you have the follow-up cover letter template above.

This cover letter has everything you need to assist an employer recall a discussion you had with him/her at a career fair. As you can see within the second paragraph, the notice is particularly useful to people who are going to graduate college.

Template 9: Logo and Watermarked Resume cover letter

Get it here.

Logo and watermarked cover letter template by Microsoft Office

Here is another cover letter template through Microsoft Office. This one has a light touch of color in the design just above the letterhead, but create no mistake — the template caters to any professional looking to make a good first impact on their future employer.

Don’t allow the logo space in the top-right of the page confuse you. This can be the logo of the company to which occur to be applying — to rapidly get the attention of the employer — or your own logo design. Perhaps you freelance on the side or simply just like branding yourself. This cover letter template is meant with regard to customization.

Template 10: Company Cover Letter

Get it here.

Business cover letter template.

The cover letter template above is perfect for entry- and mid-level marketers who want to show and take note professionalism in their opening take note to a potential employer.

The particular multi-colored header (you can change the color if you wish) shows just the right amount of creativity and may go quite well with a resume of the same style. If you don’t have enough experience to fill the entire page, don’t be concerned. Feel free to write to a length you think is representative of who you are and what the hiring manager desires to see.

No matter how long your final cover letter is, the above template is your opportunity to show your attention to detail — from your contact information within the top header, to the individualized address line where you can range from the name of the hiring manager. Such as we said, “to who it may concern” is pretty out-of-date, anyway.

Template 11: Basic Cover Letter

Get it here.

Entry level cover letter template.

The cover letter template above, written by HubSpot, is specifically designed for entry-level applicants.

Whenever you only have a few years experience, you need to display how you gained your skills and what you learned from your education or internships. Additionally , it’s important to mention why you want to work at the company that you simply applying to.

No matter your encounter, the template above will help you decide what skills you would like to highlight and flesh away in your cover letter.

You can down load it here (it includes four additional cover letter templates , too).

Template 12: Healthcare Resume cover letter

Get it here.

cover-letter-template What stands out to me in this cover letter is the direct, straight-to-the-point topic points that reference the job posting. The cover letter, created by The Balance Careers, cuts down on duplication by following the “I have” statement with six bullet points that highlight the particular applicant’s strengths, including “I have… practical knowledge of generating and implementing care plans” and “I have… an established track record of compassionate, effective care”.  

Additionally , phrases like “I’d love to put our skills to work for your clinic” and “Please contact me at your convenience and let me know how I can help you” focus on what the business will gain as a result of hiring the applicant, instead of what the applicant is planning to gain.  

Template 13: Freelance Cover Letter

Get it right here.

freelance cover letter template

If you’re looking for freelance work, your biggest objective is to get your strengths throughout quickly, so busy clients won’t pass by your cover letter entirely. Additionally , if you’re sending out multiple cover letters in order to clients, you’ll want to target each one to that client’s unique targets.

For instance, if one customer is looking for SEO-optimized content associated with marketing, you’ll want to highlight past experience writing marketing content; this will change if, for instance, the client is looking for fitness articles.  

For this reason, it’s a good idea in order to structure your cover letter so that you start with a) past qualifications or references, and b) bullet-point information related to the particular client’s goal, as shown in the cover letter above.  

Template 14: Director Cover Letter

Get it here.

cover letter for director When you are applying for a Director placement, you’ll want to start by explaining just how you’ve either successfully handled a similar role in the past, or why you believe you’re skilled and ready to handle new obligations for the first time.  

In the resume cover letter above, the candidate does a good job outlining exactly how she succeeded in a management role previously: “For earlier times five years, I have effectively developed and maintained almost all data systems, including activities and records for a company employing more than 100 individuals. ”

You’ll want to demonstrate just how your skills align using a Director position — both through organization and management — and, when achievable, where you received recognition for the hard work (i. e. “I earned an award for the majority of Valuable Administrative Staff Member”).  

Writing a cover letter is easier said than performed. Don’t hesitate to spend a lot of time creating and editing it. Or, ask a friend or member of the family to read it over and give you feedback. If the recruiter does end up reading it, you may thankful you did.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in Nov 2014 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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