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MyComanyWorks has been around for nearly 2 decades. Over the years, they’ve helped form 60, 000+ businesses throughout a wide range of industries in all fifty states.

They provide business formation services just for LLCs, C Corporations, and S Corporations. The platform’s simplicity, low cost, and ease of use are just a handful of reasons why it’s so popular.

Is MyCompanyWorks right for you?

This guide takes a much deeper look at the business formation services offered by MyCompanyWorks. You’ll learn more about the benefits, pricing, plans, and insights from real customers. By the end of this article, you can make an informed decision to determine if MyCompanyWorks is right for your business development needs.

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MyCompanyWorks Business Formation Services

While MyCompanyWorks has a broad variety of offerings, the business formation solutions are definitely the most popular. These services can be broken down into 3 main categories—LLC services, incorporation services, and registered real estate agent services.

We will take a closer look at every one of these below.

MyCompanyWorks LLC Services

The limited responsibility company (LLC) services given by MyCompanyWorks are definitely the most popular—and for good reason.

Even if it’s your first period starting a business, going through the formation process with MyCompanyWorks is about as easy as it gets. Just head to their website, select LLC from the entity kind dropdown menu and select your state.

The online form will be super simple. MyCompanyWorks simply asks for basic information like:

  • Corporation name
  • Reason for your LLC
  • Contact information
  • Shipping address
  • Name and address of registered agent
  • Name and address associated with LLC members

That’s it! They will handle everything from here. MyCompanyWorks will complete your LLC formation documents and document them with your state. They’ll offer you with post-formation documents like a personalized operating contract and more. MyCompanyWorks even offers you a new LLC handbook plus startup checklist with information for things like business permit, sales tax permits, plus hiring employees.

There are three various LLC formation packages so that you can choose from:

  • Basic — Starts on $79 + state fees
  • Entrepreneur — Starts at $199 + state fees
  • Complete — Starts from $279 + state charges

All of plans come with the essentials, such as unlimited name availability search, preparation and filing for articles of organization, personalized LLC operating agreement, same-day processing, unlimited phone and email support, free company alerts, and online document access.

Unlike other LLC formation services on the market today, MyCompanyWorks doesn’t charge you extra to expedite the filing process. All orders submitted by 3 pm EST are processed the same day. Orders submitted after that will be processed the next business day.

The entry-level Basic deal does not come with the ability to get an EIN/tax ID. You could add that to your policy for just $49.

Alternatively, you can upgrade to the next tier. In addition to the EIN, the particular Entrepreneur package comes with an LLC kit, LLC seal, and LLC member certificates. You will also get lifetime access to 200+ updated business forms regarding contracts, meetings, leases, DBAs, and more.

The top-tier Complete deal comes with registered agent providers as well. We’ll discuss this particular in greater detail afterwards.

MyCompanyWorks provides 3, 000+ verified client reviews on its website. 99% of those customers offered a 4 or 5-star rating. Let’s take a nearer look to see what those individuals have to say about their encounter.

Most of the reviews echo these same remarks. Customers like the simplicity and low expenses associated with the LLC services from MyCompanyWorks. Another recent evaluation explains how the customer needed some documents delivered with an urgent basis, and MyCompanyWorks did what was necessary to provide the documentation on time.

If you’re using MyCompanyWorks to form your LLC, you will love the platforms Startup Wizard. This interactive online dash walks you through the step-by-step process of forming your company.

The Start-up Wizard comes free using LLC formation plans.

MyCompanyWorks Incorporation Services

You can also use MyCompanyWorks to incorporate a C-Corp or S-Corp.

While these solutions aren’t quite as well-known as its LLC services, it’s still a viable option for any kind of entrepreneur or business owner that must incorporate.

The incorporation services are actually fairly like the LLC formation services, with a few minor differences.

You’ll still get the free startup wizard, unlimited name availability search, same-day processing, online order tracking, online status updates, unlimited support, free company alerts, online document access, and lifetime “My Account” access.

Incorporation packages also come with personalized corporate bylaws, the new corporation handbook, and the option for a kit with corporate seals and corporate stock certificates.

The pricing is similar to the LLC services. You can choose between Basic ($79 + state fees), Entrepreneur ($199 + state fees), or even Complete ($279 + state fees).

A good EIN comes standard using the Entrepreneur package, and the Comprehensive plan also provides signed up agent services (more on this shortly).

What are customers saying about the incorporation services from MyCompanyWorks?

Instead of referring to the reviews directly from their website, I checked out some third-party review platforms. They have a 4. 9/5-star rating Consumer Approved.

Similar to the LLC services, the reviews regarding MyCompanyWorks incorporation services are usually positive. Most point to how easy and informative the process was.

Seamless, reliable, and straightforward were some of the most common words thrown around in those reviews.

Some of the undesirable reviews pointed to the cost. A few people were annoyed about the up-sells. But not many complaints were tied directly to an unhealthy experience with the service itself, which is good news.

If you’re forming a company and want to avoid the legal fees associated with hiring an attorney, MyCompanyWorks is a viable solution to consider.

MyCompanyWorks Registered Agent Services

Each business is required to have a signed up agent. So if you’re making use of MyCompanyWorks to form your LLC or corporation, it makes sense to obtain the registered agent services from them as well.

With that in mind, these services are also popular for existing businesses that want to switch registered agents.

These services are available throughout the country, in all 50 declares. So regardless of your state of formation or entity type, you can trust MyCompanyWorks otherwise you registered agent.

You’ll benefit from services like:

  • Service of process
  • Annual report notices
  • Tax notices
  • Statutory compliance
  • Mail acceptance
  • Notifications when types and documents are received
  • Online access
  • Extra degree of privacy between you and your business

MyCompanyWorks charges $99 for its registered broker services. This is included in the Total formation package (for $279 + state fees).

Another unique outstanding of the registered agent providers from MyCompanyWorks is the way they make it easy for existing business owners to switch. Unlike additional service providers on the market, MyCompanyWorks does not impose a change of real estate agent fee.

So what are customers stating about the registered agent providers from MyCompanyWorks?

All of the reviews that I skimmed through were positive. Most mention the exceptional support and ease of use. As with most services, there are a handful of lower than favorable remarks. A few customers weren’t happy with the fact that that they had to pay extra for the registered agent services (they must be on the Basic or Business owner plans).

While it’s true that several business formation services incorporate a registered agent with all programs, it’s not really the industry regular. But I couldn’t discover any complaints directly tied to the registered agent assistance itself.

Whether you’re starting a new business or need a change of agent, MyCompanyWorks can be a top choice for you to think about for registered agent services.

General Pricing and Value

We’ve mentioned the pricing for MyCompanyWorks a handful of times throughout this guide. But I want to take a moment to provide you with a good in-depth look at the packages. Whether you’re using MyCompanyWorks to create an LLC, C-Corp, or S-Corp, these will be your choices:

Simple — Starts at $79 + state fees

  • Unlimited name availability search
  • Articles of firm preparation and filing
  • Personalized organizational a few minutes
  • Personalized operating agreement
  • Customized corporate bylaws (for corporations)
  • Online order tracking and status improvements
  • Same-day processing (on business days before 3 pm EST)
  • Company alerts
  • New LLC handbook
  • New Company handbook
  • Online document access
  • Lifetime “ My Account” access
  • Free of charge ebook for startups

Entrepreneur — Starts at $199 + state fees

  • Every Basic services
  • Obtain federal tax ID (EIN)
  • LLC kit, seal, and member certificates
  • Corporate kit, corporate seal, and corporate stock certificates
  • Lifetime of updated company forms from MyCompanyForms

Complete —Starts at $279 + state fees

  • All Entrepreneur services
  • Registered agent services

The state fees are usually automatically calculated when you select your entity type plus state. Here’s an example of what you’ll see for LLCs in Colorado:

There are another service called MyCompanyWorks Premium, for $99 each year. It’s not specific to any enterprise type. This is a managed support for annual reporting, the compliance dashboard, resolutions manager, unlimited custom alerts, company entity monitoring, and concern support.

MyCompanyWorks Premium is great for new companies and existing businesses as well.

Registered realtor services start at $99 each year.

In terms of value, MyCompanyWorks hits the mark in terms of available services. But you do need to pay additional for a handful of things. For instance , other providers on the market provide registered agent services using plans. Some even give you your best year for free. A signed up agent from MyCompanyWorks only comes standard with the Total package.

In addition , MyCompanyWorks Premium is another additional that would be nice if it were included with at least one of the packages. But you need to add it on to every plan. With that said, it’s well worth the cost for the benefits.

User Experience

The user experience with MyCompanyWorks can be summed up in a single word—seamless. From the second a person land on the website you’ll find a clean interface as you are choosing a plan and starting the process.

It is really easy to fill out the first forms. You’ll also benefit from the platform’s Startup Wizard.

The Startup company Wizard comes for free with every formation plan. It’s an advanced version of a web-affiliated checklist. But it’s individualized based on your specific plan, company, and entity type.

For example , let us say you’re filing a good LLC in the state associated with Nevada. The checklist would be tailored with the exact ways required for this state, in addition other helpful startup duties.

It’s a visual representation of your progress tracking (0-100%) that’s updated within real-time as you complete measures. You’ll also get a weekly email reminder that includes an connected PDF with a detailed summary of the remaining steps.

For those of you that are using MyCompanyWorks to form several companies, the Startup Sorcerer is a simple way to remain organized as you progress with the steps with each company.

After you’ve finished forming your LLC or corporation, you can continue using MyCompanyWorks to access files and manage your registered agent services.

Customer Support

Support is another crucial element of evaluating a business formation service.

Right away, I love the fact that MyCompanyWorks offers same-day processing. All orders submitted by 3 evening EST are processed the same day. If you submit a good order after 3 evening, your information will be processed to the next business day. So many additional formation services out there wait around days or even weeks to start processing paperwork.

The customer service helps to keep people coming back. As you can see using this verified review below, some customers continue using MyCompanyWorks to form multiple companies because they were so happy with the wonderful service.

For those of you that are looking for even better service, you’ll likely want to consider MyCompanyWorks Premium.

This add-on for $99 each year comes with a managed annual statement service, a compliance dashboard, custom alerts, business entity monitoring, online certifications, and more. You’ll also benefit from concern phone and email support (average response time under 2 hours).

MyCompanyWorks also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re disappointed with any of the services, you might be entitled to a full refund if you submit a request inside 90 days of signing up. The particular refund is good for all MyCompanyWorks fees (state fees are nonrefundable).

Final Verdict

Perform we recommend MyCompanyWorks? Unquestionably.

They have an extensive list of service offerings in the business formation category. It’s an excellent option for LLCs, C-Corps, and S-Corps, alike. We furthermore recommend the registered real estate agent services.

Overall, the platform is simple plus cost-effective. It’s a popular alternative to hiring an attorney to form your company.

Even business owners who have already incorporated in order to MyCompanyWorks for their registered real estate agent. There’s no additional fee for changing agents.

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