65 Photoshop Shortcuts to Help You Modify Photos Like a Pro [Bookmarkable]

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Have you ever accidentally lost an entire day in Photoshop?

I have. It’s not like you start out aimlessly. You have a simple goal in mind, like cropping a photograph, improving the resolution, or even changing the size of the canvas. But then, you look at the number of options there are — plus trying to figure out which buttons to press to execute a individual task suddenly turns into an attempt to solve The Riddle of the Sphinx.

Wouldn’t it end up being nice if you could simply press a button, and magically, do what you wished to do? Well, we’ve got great news for you: It turns out there are a wealth of Photoshop shortcuts that will pretty much work just that way.

By pressing a few secrets on your computer keyboard at the same time, you can select tools, manipulate images and layers, and even make adjustments to your project’s canvas. But if we’re being sincere, if you’re just starting out with the software, there might be far too many Photoshop cutting corners to remember them all. That’s why all of us created this guide — that you can bookmark and return to the next time your design project simply leaves you stumped.

Note: All of these shortcuts can be accessed on PC and Mac, but occasionally, they’re different on every operating system. We’ve included both types below, and in the cases where they might be different, Mac instructions appear in italicized parentheses. Also, in these formulations, the plus sign (+) is present only to represent the particular combination of key commands. Occasionally, it might be part of the command itself, like when you press the plus sign to move into a part of an image, yet otherwise, don’t press the particular plus sign between instructions.

these guidelines from Adobe.

Manipulating Levels & Objects

If you want to modify an object or get complicated with multiple layers, here are a few shortcuts you might like to know:

48) Control + the ( Command + a ) = Choose all objects

49) Control + d ( Command + deb ) = Deselect most objects

50) Shift + Control + i ( Shift + Command + i ) = Select the inverse of the chosen objects

51) Manage + Alt + the (Command + Option + a) = Select all layers

52) Control + Shift + E (Command + Shift + e) = Merge all layers

53) Alt + . (Option + . ) = Select top layer

54) Alt + , (Option + , ) = Select bottom layer

Note : In shortcuts 55-57, the brackets ( [ ] ) are the keystrokes in the command, and “OR” refers to the actual word — as in, press one bracket OR the other, not the particular letters “o” and “r. ”

55) Oll + [ OR ] (Option + [ OR ]) = Choose next layer down or up

56) Manage + [ OR ] (Command + [ OR ]) = Move target layer lower or up

57) Control + Shift + [ OR ] (Command + Change + [ OR ]) = Move layer to the base or top

58) Shift + Control + and (Shift + Order + n) = Create a new layer

59) Control + g (Command + g ) = Group selected layers

60) Control + Shift + g (Command + Shift + g) = Ungroup selected layers

61) Control + e (Command + e) = Merge and flatten selected levels

62) Control + Shift + Alt + e ( Order + Change + Option + e) sama dengan Combine all layers right into a new layer on top of another layers. Note: This step gets you one, combined coating, with all elements of that layer in separate layers below — which is different than a traditional merge-and-flatten layers command.

63) Control + to (Command + t) = Change your object, which includes resizing and rotating

And Finally — Save Your Work for Later

Congratulations — you’ve finished focusing on your project, and now, you want to talk about it with the world. Save time saving your project by utilizing these simple shortcuts:

64) Control + Shift + s (Command + Shift + s) = Save your work as…

65) Control + Shift + Alt + s (Command + Shift + Option + s) = Save for web and devices

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