7 of the Coolest YouTube Banners We’ve Ever Seen

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When somebody sends me a really great Youtube-video, I always want to know who’s behind it. Was it a good ad agency? A small or medium business? A B2B tech company? No matter whom it was, if I’m amazed, I want to see more through the content creator.

So after the video is done, I follow the link to visit their profiles.

And from there, if the brand is really on top of its game, I can see its channel artwork — the horizontal banner ad displayed across the top of the user’s YouTube channel that, hopefully, shows a combination of good style and brand presence.

But how do they do it?

We have all seen design work that inspires us, but can have a bad habit of not taking it any further than that. What makes something similar to strong YouTube banners so great? And how can you create your own personal gorgeous artwork? To answer those questions, we found three excellent resources with regard to YouTube banner templates, as well as seven creative channel banners — both old plus new — that inspire us as marketers.

Why is a Good YouTube Banner?

Receptive Dimensions

A YouTube station banner will take on different dimensions depending on what system is being used to view it. For instance , a banner might have different dimensions when viewed on the TV, desktop, or cellular device.

Google’s suggested YouTube banner dimensions are:  

  • Recommended: 2560 x 1440 px
  • Minimum designed for upload: 2048 x 1152 px
  • Minimum “safe area” where text and logos are ensured not to become cut off: 1546 x 423 px
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px
  • Quality: 4MB or smaller

The particular recommended resolution  seems like an exorbitantly large file size. But think about how YouTube banners would appear on a 30″ smart TV or more. With a growing number of choices to view YouTube videos in this way, you’ll want to make sure your channel artwork is large enough to display with quality on bigger screens.

Here’s a helpful visual representation of those measurements:

Template showing the dimensions YouTube banners should adhere to
Source: Google

Balanced Design

Take note of the “safe area” we alluded in order to in the first section. Your own banner is essentially the biggest branding opportunity for when people land on your channel, so you’ll want to make sure your logo and supporting textual content is well-represented in the approach art. That’s why it might be best to place your company name and logo in that center space — this prevents viewer confusion if the name from the company behind the Youtube . com account is accidentally stop.

If you’re not sure how to take up the entirety of a 2560 x 1440 frame, video production company MiniMatters suggests “build[ing] the image from the middle out, inch putting the most important assets in the center, and going following that.

Finally, as to what to put in your banner, we like to follow a few basic rules:

  • Use a high-resolution image. A pixelated or even blurry banner doesn’t exactly signal that there’s high-quality video to follow.
  • Keep it on-brand. While your channel art doesn’t always have to be a carbon copy of the logo or tagline, it will incorporate visual elements that you would like associated with your brand, like certain colors, fonts, or keywords.
  • Your banner should represent what your company will in a timely fashion. For example , if you operate a bakery and you’re gearing up for summer, an eye-catching banner might be a high-res photo of a brightly-colored function surface covered with flour and a rolling pin, together with accompanying text like, “April showers bring May flours. ”

How to Make a YouTube Banner ad

“That’s just great, Amanda, ” you might be thinking about these tips. “But where the heck was I supposed to get these beautiful design assets? inch

You’re in luck — there are dozens of free sources for creating a great YouTube banner. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • Search engines : Why not start with the hosting platform itself? Google has its very own channel art templates to help you get began with your banner design. (Note: Clicking this link may prompt an automatic download of the zip file containing these types of templates. )
  • Canva : One of our go-to destinations for DIY design, Canva offers several free of charge YouTube channel art web templates that allow you to use your own artwork, or its library associated with stock photography.
  • Fotor : Similar to Canva, Fotor also offers a selection of free Youtube . com banner templates that allow you to make use of both your own visual property or its own library of images.

8 Cool YouTube Approach Art Examples

1 . Dying Wish Coffee Company

Death Wish Coffee Company's YouTube banner

In 2016, Death Wish Coffee was named the winner of the small business marketing competition held by software company Intuit. The reward? A free 30-second commercial during Super Bowl 50. Since then, the particular self-proclaimed maker of “the world’s strongest coffee” offers capitalized on that momentum by making sure its logos stays just as robust.

Its former  YouTube banner  banner ad is no exception. It’s straightforward, but also, bold. The company’s logo is displayed since the channel icon, as well as a tiled watermark that doesn’t interfere with the text display. And that message doesn’t leave any doubt about what the brand really does. “World’s strongest coffee? ” Okay, I’m watching.

second . Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe Creative Cloud's YouTube banner

Seeing as turquoise is my all-time preferred color, there might be a touch of aesthetic bias in our selection of Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube banner ad. But color can have quite an impact in marketing — shades of blue, for instance , have been found to invoke feelings of trust.

This particular banner doesn’t just make great use of color, though. In a single photo, it connotes creativeness and visual quality — two things that the Adobe Creative Cloud promises using its suite products. The person represented seems to be creating something remarkable — an ocean within a balloon — with accompanying text to confirm this: “Make wow. ” In addition, to learn more, social buttons are right there within the image.

3 or more. Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit's YouTube banner

Is anyone else hungry? It only seems correct that the channel art for the food magazine like Bon Appétit should be, well, appetizing. And with a phrase that is used as frequently as “bon appétit” — before a meal or as the title of a put song — it’s critical that folks who land on this YouTube channel know what they’re stepping into.

That’s one thing that makes this particular banner so great. The logos is clear, from the logo icon to the iconic title textual content in the center of the image. Plus, the photo itself sends a sign of the type of content website visitors can expect to consume — no pun intended — if they start watching the channel’s videos: All things food.

four. TauliaInc

TauliaInc's YouTube banner

One great thing about Youtube . com banners is that they can be exchanged or modified whenever you need, time permitting. That makes them especially conducive to short-term promotions or campaigns. That’s what tech company Taulia did for “P2P Superheroes”: a campaign that displays how its software may eliminate difficult, time-consuming tasks, helping everyday professionals focus more on the work that issues and turn them into superheroes.

The banner communicates 2 things: 1 . That Taulia is in the business of P2P (“procure to pay”), and 2 . the brand really celebrates procurement specialists. And by using original, cartoon-like artwork, Taulia is turning exactly what could be a dry topic into something fun and engaging.

5. Refinery29

Refinery29's YouTube banner

We’re big fans associated with showcasing the people that make your brand great. That’s one thing that Refinery29 does nicely, by frequently featuring the writers, editors, and content producers in its videos. As it turns out, they’ve all turn out to be quite popular personalities — which explains why the brand put them front-and-center in its channel art.

Making a banner of this nature is certainly two-fold. First, you have to find a way to incorporate your company’s skill into video content in ways that’s engaging and appealing to your target audience. Here at HubSpot, we have our blog writers, for instance , recount important information from blog posts in video and audio summaries. Then, once you’ve produced enough of that press consistently — and if it is gaining the right kind of interest — you can use those personas to promote your channels.

six. TripAdvisor B2B

TripAdvisor's YouTube banner

TripAdvisor is a source used by millions of travelers to discover and rate lodgings, dining places, and much more information about endless locations. But did you know it also offers B2B services for resort and other property owners to make the most of their presence on the site?

We all like to think of it as a B2B hybrid of review web site Yelp and vacation rental site Airbnb. On the one hand, TripAdvisor B2B helps business owners create a user profile with photos, descriptions, along with other information that’s going to be useful to travelers. But , such as Yelp, it also allows these to monitor and respond to the particular reviews their businesses obtain.

That’s represented in the YouTube banner by portraying what the site is all about — take a trip — but also depicts the act of visitors giving feedback on their experiences by way of rating symbols.

7. Nuvolari Lenard

Nuvolari Lenard's YouTube banner

The thing that stands out to us the most about this banner can be its simplicity. It signifies a Italian yacht style company Nuvolari Lenard, which is known for work that emulates a luxury and chic life-style. And while the channel artwork itself doesn’t portray something specifically nautical, the use of capital letters and tiered black and white does connote a brand that’s high-end.

Those kinds of digital aesthetics create what’s often known as aspirational marketing — the kind that symbolizes something that’s unattainable by most, but nevertheless has a vast following of individuals “who covet the look and feel of the brand, ” as Mediaboom puts it. Am i able to afford a yacht? Of course not. But seeing something similar to this makes me want one anyway, and makes myself want to consume the video articles pertaining to it.

Channel Your own Creativity

It’s important to remember that really cool YouTube channel art is just one part of an extensive video content strategy. It matters little how beautiful your banner is, for example , if your channel lacks in quality movie, or hasn’t added something new in several weeks.

So , along with great design should come consistency. And as you start to create both, you can consider these examples for motivation.

What are some of your favorite YouTube banners? Let us know in the comments.

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