Tips on how to Create the Best PowerPoint Presentations [Examples & Templates]

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Some presentations are better than others. Some have gorgeous designs. A few have insanely actionable takeaways. Some just give down-to-earth help and advice. But the best presentations symbolize all three.

And if you’re looking to get started making your own display, why not learn from the best of the best?

To help you kick your own delivering presentations up a notch, we’ve curated 24 awesome PowerPoint and SlideShare decks below.  

When you’re clicking through the presentations below, notice how they weave a fascinating story through the format, design their slides, and create their presentations interactive with features exclusive to the platform on which they were created. These are all crucial elements in order to an awesome presentation — ones that you can certainly adapt plus apply them to your own, using the right approach.

Even better — you may just learn something totally new about marketing while you’re at it.

remember information better when pictures are paired with it (as opposed to text), so to help your message resonate with the audience, focus on visual content when you create your slides — we’ll cover read more about that in a bit.

3. Rethink visuals.

When you reduce the quantity of text in your slides, you’ll need compelling visuals to support the message you’re delivering for your audience. But that doesn’t mean you can just throw several nice-looking photos onto your deck and move on. Like any other content strategy, the visible elements of your presentation need to be strategic and relevant.

Web templates

While PowerPoint templates have come a long way since the program was first unveiled to the world, odds are, they’re still commonly used. To make your presentation unique, choose a theme that your audience has not seen dozens of times before — one that matches your brand and complements the topic you’re speaking about.

Sometimes, it is well worth your time to look beyond to other presentation platforms other than PowerPoint to find unique templates, like Prezi. There are also many visual articles design sites that offer customizable templates that you can adapt for your own brand and topic, such as Canva. In fact , in addition to layouts, Canva also offers its own platform for building delivering presentations from scratch.  

In addition , you can also take a look at Venngage’s free of charge presentation manufacturer for more skillfully designed templates, icons and high-quality stock photos which you can use right away.

Graphs and Graphs

One of the best ways to support the message if you’re delivering in your presentation will be by including data and statistics — and the great news is that they, too, can be displayed visually, rather than bulleted away in text.

That’s exactly where charts and graphs are available in: They provide a colorful plus engaging way to present the details that support your stage. That said, make sure they fit along with the rest of your presentation’s visual concept — otherwise, it’ll distract the audience from exactly what you’re talking about, rather than improving it.  

Color Styles

There’s been some research throughout the way color can impact our emotions, especially when used in marketing.

And while the goal of your presentation may not necessarily end up being to make a sale, you might be aiming to invoke certain feelings or impressions, which a strategic use of color can help you do. Examine out  Coschedule’s  guide in the psychology of color within marketing, which highlights the ways different tones, colors, and combinations can influence purchasing decisions.


When you do include text, you want it to be readable enough for your audience to fully consume and interpret it easily enough to avoid becoming distracted from the message. If you include text that’s too small or even dense to easily understand, they’ll become too focused on trying to decipher it to pay attention to what you’re stating.

That’s why the designers with Visage  recommend choosing Sans Serif fonts that go for “legibility over fun, ” noting that text should not only be big enough for individuals in the back of the room to read it, but also, presented in the correct color to maintain visibility over your background.

Image quality

Incorporating this fabulous visual content into your presentation should go to waste if the pictures are low-quality. Make sure your photos and other visual assets are high-resolution enough to be crisp and clear when displayed on a huge presentation screen.

4. Incorporate multimedia.

You will find a reason why we love illustrations. You can give out the best tips available, but sometimes, in order to believe it, people have to see it in practice.

Multimedia is a sure way to achieve that — in a manner that may also capture and maintain your audience’s attention. A simple Google search for “music in presentations” yields enough soundtrack results to shows that it’s a unique way of appealing your audience, or at least make a welcoming atmosphere before and after you speak.

Within the presentation alone, video — as it is in so many other applications — serves as valuable visual happy to keep your audience engaged. After all, 43% of people want to see more video content from entrepreneurs, often because it helps to illustrate and explain theories in practice in a way that the spoken phrase or photographs can’t perform alone.

The right way to Produce Better Content Ideas  Mark Johnstone

We all get writer’s block sometimes. You can stare at a screen, hoping for inspiration to strike — and for that idea to become amazing.

But that’s not in fact the best way to think of ideas. Within the  presentation below, Indicate Johnstone outlines a better way to brainstorm ideas that will help create your business.


2 . Exactly how Google Works by Eric Schmidt

Ever wonder what is in fact like to work at Google? The presentation below from Eric Schmidt (Alphabet, Inc. ‘s Executive Chairman and ex-CEO of Google) could idea you in — this outlines some of the top lessons he and his team have discovered from running and hiring for one of the top businesses in the world. Besides giving you the peek behind the scenes of a best company, it could inspire you to definitely make changes to the way your business runs.

3. Fix Your Really Bad PowerPoint by Slide Comet

Okay, maybe your PowerPoint genuinely that bad, but this presentation has some awesome takeaways we all could learn from. Even if you’re following all the guidelines in this presentation (inspired by Seth Godin’s e-book), you are able to sure be inspired by its expert copy and design.


four. Why Content Marketing Falls flat by Rand Fishkin

Sometimes, the most helpful pieces of articles tell you what not to undertake. Rand Fishkin’s presentation will just that. He takes an in-depth look at the most common factors people fail at content material marketing — and offers useful, original advice on fixing this.

5. The What If Method by Motivate Design

Many marketers are looking to grow… yet sometimes they can get trapped making incremental improvements. Whilst these improvements are growth, larger, bigger growth leaps are what most people want. To help you get unstuck from incrementalism, Motivate Design outlined a process in the presentation below.

6. Digital Strategy 101 simply by Bud Caddell

Even though this particular presentation is almost 100 slideshow long, its content can be pure gold. Caddell answers some of the biggest FAQs regarding digital strategy in a very accessible way. The reason his 35mm slides are so straightforward is because of the way in which he’s laid them away. He’s really adept with making “animated” slides describe his story — something we all should learn how to do.

7. 10 Ways to Earn the Internets by Upworthy

Even though Upworthy’s got a negative rap for creating clickbait headlines, their lessons on going virus-like are incredibly interesting. Apart from having great advice about going viral, Upworthy really does a great job of making its presentation interactive using clickable links.

8. Crap: The information Marketing Deluge by Speed Partners

Even though this SlideShare is a few years old, really one every content online marketer should flip through. The reason we love it so much happens because the message — plus delivery of that message — is pretty much flawless. Certainly take a second to switch through the presentation, as certainly learn a great lesson whilst also soaking up a great part of SlideShare content.

9. What Would Steve Do? ten Lessons from the World’s The majority of Captivating Presenters by HubSpot

Not to toot our own car horn, but this presentation has been one of our most prosperous ones, so we wanted to share it with you. I personally appreciate how actionable tips are supplied in a visual way. For instance , in slides 47 by means of 49, the author explains the between “showing” and “telling” by putting the word “circle” next to a picture of a group. Although showing, not informing, is a key storytelling method in writing, it’s especially efficient in presentations.

10. The way i Got 2 . 5 Mil Views on SlideShare by Nick Demey

Feeling inspired to create a SlideShare of your own? Make sure you flip through Nick Demey’s presentation first. He shares some tried-and-true tips for producing awesome presentations that accumulate tons of views.

11. 10 Powerful Body Language Tips for The next Presentation by Soap Delivering presentations

This presentation is inspirational from a design perspective — we especially love the color scheme. Using complementary shades (colors opposite each other to the color wheel) can be overpowering at times, but because Soap Presentations uses them with lots of white space in the history, the colors draw your attention to the content of the slides.

12. What 33 Prosperous Entrepreneurs Learned From Failing by ReferralCandy

Learning from mistakes is a crucial part of expanding in your professional and personal lifestyles. But sometimes, it’s better to learn from others’ mistakes instead of making them yourself. This display outlines some core training successful entrepreneurs have learned by making mistakes. Read on so you don’t have to make the same ones.

13. Displaying Data by Bipul Deb Nath

We envy presentation for its exceptional screen of data — this post will explain tips on how to do the same in your own delivering presentations. I also love how this particular presentation is very concise and minimal, as it helps connect a fairly advanced topic within an easy-to-understand way.

14. Style Your Career 2017 by Slides That Rock

This advice of the presentation is applicable (and the design admirable) even a couple of years later. The whole black-and-white color scheme really makes the fish accent color pop — and the SlideShare creatively combines these elements for different glide layouts. Definitely bookmark this presentation as an example of a excellent SlideShare design.

15. A-Z Culture Glossary 2017 simply by sparks & honey

The first time We heard the phrase “on fleek, ” I had no idea what it meant. (Apparently, from the term that means “on stage, ” in case you were asking yourself. )

If you’re like me and feel like it’s nearly impossible to keep up with the latest cultural tendencies, spend time with the presentation below. It’ll outline the most popular trends you should know this year — most definitely worth a read.


16. The History associated with SEO by HubSpot

SEO’s changed a lot in the past 2 decades. Most of us are concerned with keeping up with the latest and greatest modifications … but have you ever used a minute to step back on time? The presentation below will certainly walk you through SEO history from the very beginning — it’s been a fascinating ride.

seventeen. 5 Killer Ways to Style the Same Slide by Crispy Presentations

Once you start developing presentations, it’s easy to drop back on tried-and-true designs, photos, fonts, and colours. While keeping everything consistent can be good for branding or for shipping a deck quickly, it can also prevent people from noticing the awesome new content you’ve put together. The particular quick presentation below teaches you a few different ways you can style the same slide — most of depending on what you want it to achieve.

18. The Seven Deadly Social Media Sins by XPLAIN

Besides having some great takeaways for any inbound marketer, I really like how this presentation effectively uses Creative Commons images in almost every slide. That it is pretty inspirational — even if you don’t have budget for stock photos, you can have an engaging demonstration.

19. The Minimum Adorable Product by Spook Facility

When they’re first getting started, many startups and agile teams talk about creating a minimum viable product — using the smallest amount of resources to produce something that’s good enough to start testing. After all, why put tons of resources into something which you don’t know works?

This presentation challenges the particular MVP concept in favor for creating something that people love. Take a look — it has lessons actually for those of us who are not building technology every day.

twenty. How to Teach Yourself CODE and CSS This Month by Ryan Bonhardt

Lots of people have “learn to code” on their to-do list… however they never get to it. In marketing, knowing how to navigate code is becoming even more important to being successful. If you’ve been waiting around to get started with coding, look into the presentation below.

21. Exactly how People Really Hold and Touch (Their Phones) by Steven Hoober

When you hear the phrase “design intended for mobile” what do you think? Probably that you need to create a responsive site, and that’s about it.

But that’s not all you need to worry about. When you’re creating mobile-optimized content, you need to know how people actually use their phones — and the presentation beneath will you a great overview of customer behavior.

22. How to Actually Get Into Marketing by Inbound. org

If you’re graduating from college or making a career modify and looking to get into marketing and advertising, it can feel tough to in fact get started. It’s one of those “you need experience to get the work, but you have no experience” conundrums.

Well, that’s where this presentation comes in. Hull growth marketer Ed Fry — once employee #1 in Inbound. org — gives real, actionable tips to help you get your foot in the doorway at your next marketing show.

23. Search for Meaning within B2B Marketing by Velocity Partners

Sometimes, it’s easy to get bogged down and think you’re doing “just marketing. ” You’re not operating upon people and saving lifestyles, right?

From the creators associated with “Crap: The Content Marketing Deluge” comes the following presentation. When you are ever feeling down-in-the-dumps regarding marketing, I’d highly recommend reading it. It’s thoughtful, funny, and a great presentation to maintain in your back pocket for a rainy day.

Power Point Your Presentation in the Right Path

The best PowerPoint presentations have got gorgeous designs, give huge actionable takeaways, and provide down-to-earth advice.

Learn from these best PowerPoint presentation examples to produce your own that represents almost all three.

Want more? Read  14 PowerPoint Demonstration Tips for Building More Innovative Slideshows [+Templates].

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