The Top 5 Reasons Brands Make Videos [New Research]

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Video clip is fast-becoming the preferred tool for most marketers to connect along with and reach new viewers.

Video marketing is indisputably effective, too — actually including a video on a landing page is capable of increasing conversions by over 80%, as well as the mere mention of the word “video” in your email subject series increases open rates by 19%.

But , even if you already know about the importance of video, I am willing to bet you aren’t totally aware of how other brand’s are using video … or even, more importantly, why.

Each business will use video for a very different goal — ranging from maximizing brand awareness, to increasing SEO.

Here, we dove into new research from Wave. video to explore the top five reasons brands make use of video. Hopefully, these data will inspire you to use video in new, unique ways in 2021 and above. Let’s dive in.

1 . Manufacturers use videos to increase brand awareness.

Video can help your business reach new audiences plus attract new viewers to your social media pages and site, which is likely why “increase brand awareness” is the number one reason brands use video.

Take this video from Delicious, a Buzzfeed brand:

Ultimately, Tasty’s video isn’t designed to sell any products (at least, not directly) — instead, it’s simply designed to entertain new audiences plus, ultimately, increase awareness of Tasty’s brand.

2 . Brands make use of video for new sales.

Think about how you might create entertaining or informative videos with all the sole purpose of increasing brand exposure. Ultimately, brand recognition can foster trust plus increase brand equity, therefore it plays a critical role inside your company’s bottom line.

To highlight this point, let’s start with the. Take a look at this video, highlighting Kate Hudson’s company, Fabletics, below:

While at first look it might look like a somewhat-random movie of Kate Hudson operating through the Aspen wilderness, it’s actually an effective example of a video with all the purpose of increasing sales — without appearing like, nicely, an ad.

For instance, while the video portrays Hudson inside a range of workout gear through her October Fabletics selection, it also incorporates an exclusive job interview with the celebrity to discuss loved ones, nature, and growing up in the mountains. Add in a gorgeous Aspen backdrop, and viewers might be fooled by the true reason for the video: to sell Fabletics clothes.

Consider how you might also produce a unique, compelling video to attract new prospects and also close sales deals.

three or more. Brands use video to grow a social media community.

Are you aware that four of the top 6 channels on which global customers watch video are social channels?

Ultimately, many marketers use video to appeal to visitors to a company’s social pages.

Consider, for instance, this #ShaveItOff video by Gillette partner The McFarlands:

@the. mcfarlands

The scruff was getting rough. It had been time to ##ShaveItOff and now really your turn ##GillettePartner

♬ Grammarg – BLVKSHP

While the movie is undoubtedly entertaining to watch, additionally, it serves a powerful purpose: to send some of The McFarlands’ 2 mil followers back to Gillette’s very own social channels. Best of all, the hashtag #ShaveItOff can be found on Gillette’s Instagram page too, ensuring viewers can find the brand regardless of which social channel they prefer.

4. Brands use videos to educate customers.

Video can be an incredibly effective tool for education.

HubSpot Academy, for instance, frequently uses YouTube as a platform to educate its viewers. Oftentimes, HubSpot will even collaborate along with thought leaders like Seth Godin to add a new viewpoint on a topic:

Many people understand best through visuals, which explains why video can be a phenomenal device for educating prospects and even customers.

Consider how you may incorporate educational videos into your own content strategy within unique ways – for example, perhaps you include video demonstrations for interested prospects, or even how-to tutorials for new users of your product.

5. Brand names use video to build brand name authority.

Similar to the reason listed above, the fifth reason brand names use video is to develop brand authority on a subject, and demonstrate expertise.

Preferably, this means when people are searching for help on a certain topic, your own brand will show up. After watching your videos, in case viewers feel they’ve gained unique insight, they’ll trust your brand more and explore other offerings.

Consider what goes on when I search “How to operate a vlookup” in Google. After i click on the video section (since I prefer learning about vlookups via visuals like video), Microsof company is the first two video results:

video search results for how to run a vlookup

In this instance, Microsoft is demonstrating the brand expertise when it comes to the Excel product — plus, more widely, anything related to technologies and data. This provides Ms with a good opportunity to showcase the brand authority while bringing in new visitors to its internet site.

And that’s it! The top 5 reasons brands make videos. Take a look at The Ultimate Guide to Video Marketing to learn more about how you can create a powerful video marketing strategy for your own brand in 2021.

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