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The best healthcare billing service depends on your facilities specific needs.

And when it’ t done right, it’ ersus something that your patients and also you rarely have to think of aside from copay. When it’ s done wrong and it can be a costly nightmare of throwing away time and resources for everyone involved.

Caring for patients’ health is the main concern, of course , but multiple other items are important. After all, if you cannot turn a profit, you won’t have the ability to properly care for patients very long. Keeping on top of your billing process is the key to keeping the earnings growing and the lights upon at the office.

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For a number of practices, in-house billing is a serious chore. Instead, methods may consider outsourcing this key aspect of running a healthcare practice to one of the best healthcare billing services, or income cycle management (RCM) providers.

The 7 Best Medical Billing Providers

  • AdvancedMD
  • AthenaCollector
  • CareCloud
  • Cerner
  • CureMD
  • DrChrono
  • Human Medical
  • Kareo

Medical billing consists of submitting claims to health insurance companies for the care you’ve offered to patients. In modern health care, insurance payments would be the key to maintaining the financially viable medical exercise.

A medical billing service will document the insurance claims in a timely manner with all the proper coding. By following the submission rules the insurer has, the chances increase of receiving a timely payment, offering your practice the cash circulation it needs to operate.

These services often will certainly handle the billing procedure with patients. After the insurance company pays its portion of the bill, the RCM may offer a service where it bills the patient for the outstanding balance.

The best medical billing services will also help you avoid making mistakes in insurance claims plus bill submission that could drive you to forfeit revenue because of poor recordkeeping. Here are the eight best medical invoicing services we have found.


For medical practices that want the highest possible achievement with insurance claims on the first pass, AdvancedMD is a strong performer.

At 95%, it guarantees to deliver one of the highest proportions of success on preliminary claims submission in the industry. In addition they tout that they can exceed the number of in real-world conditions.

The interface is straightforward and provides you with everything you need to make billing and invoicing simple and headache free.


AdvancedMD has an EMR program that you can use too, which aids in billing accuracy. However , the particular service does not initially program code the claims, so you will have to do this part in-house.


  • Incredibly high first pass effectiveness
  • Will research your claims for coding errors
  • Works together with denied claims for you
  • Works with all dimensions and types of practices


  • Does not do the initial code, so you’ll need an in-house certified coder
  • Has some extra fees


AthenaCollector helps your employees handle the majority of the billing procedure with guidance.

It’ s primarily a good automated medical billing company that attempts to catch errors that your staff will make during the billing process.

It’ s also incredibly easy to use. That means when you set it up, you can get started immediately.

Because AthenaCollector only has a 90-day minimal contract, you can try this RCM service to see if it fits your needs without a major dedication.


  • Extremely easy to use
  • Designed to help your in-house service
  • Smaller than average minimum agreement length
  • Price point is a bit below average


  • Not made for those who want a finish third-party billing service
  • First pass success rate in claims is a bit less than others


CareCloud is a solid choice when it comes to medical invoicing solution.

Exactly where they really shine will be how they tailor their pricing tiers to match your practice. It’ s not one-size-fits-all. CareCloud adjusts its billing in line with the complexity and frequency of your claims.

Along with CareCloud, you’ll receive a below average percentage cost, based on your monthly billing amount, but you will have to pay some hefty startup fees.

If you want to match your EMR software with your biller, CareCloud offers a strong EMR program.


  • Multiple pricing tiers along with competitive overall pricing
  • Has a strong complementing EMR system
  • Offers a minimum contract duration of one year
  • Excellent coding results


  • Startup fees are high for brand spanking new clients
  • Requires a minimum monthly guarantee


Cerner is a great billing service pertaining to handling complex billing needs.

But that is included with a caveat: With the advanced features comes some issues in training, so do not expect to be up and running quickly with this biller.

Once you learn the ropes, Cerner is great for handling the whole of the billing process from start to finish, including resubmissions of denied claims plus account collections from individuals.

Due to its difficulty and the scope of their coverage, I highly recommend Cerner regarding larger operations.


  • Multiple sophisticated features for large practices
  • Handles many aspects of billing
  • Will manage patient account collections for you
  • Once you figure out how to use it efficiently, this is an impressive service


  • Higher than average pricing
  • Training process is definitely long and involved
  • Customer service has strike and miss results


Small practices that want to start utilizing a medical billing service with out shelling out a significant upfront expense will appreciate CureMD.

This service has a first pass success rate just for claims at up to 98%, which is one of the highest in the industry. It handles all facets of the billing and promises process, including generating codes, so it’s a full service option.

CureMD excels at generating useful reports too.


  • Low preliminary price for basic support
  • Geared toward small practices
  • No minimum contract requirement
  • Very high first complete success rate on claims


  • Has multiple add-on fees, depending on the level of service you require
  • Will not assistance some uncommon specialty locations


For smaller than typical sized medical practices, a full service system that includes EMR, practice management, plus billing services may be the smartest choice, which is what DrChrono provides. (You cannot be a DrChrono customer for medical billing services unless you also make use of its EMR software package. )

DrChrono states a first pass success rate on insurance claims of up to 97%, which is extremely strong. This particular billing service delivers complete service to its clients, regardless of size, including producing the codes for you.


  • Geared toward both general practices plus specialty providers
  • Works with small practices without minimum monthly guarantee
  • Will handle the claims submission process from start to finish
  • Offers a high percentage associated with success on first move of insurance claims


  • Must be a DrChrono EMR software client
  • May not work as well to get larger practices

Human Medical

When you want a highly personalized and personalized service from a medical biller, Human Medical is an excellent choice. It is not a large company, but its customer service is strong. It is willing to work with its customers to come up with the best solution.

Human Medical will not offer other types of software, so it’s a nice choice with regard to practices that already have EMR and practice management software in position and do not want to change vendors.

Its proportion charges are higher than average, so you will pay a bit additional for the flexibility you receive.


  • Highly flexible service
  • Handles all aspects of the claim generation process, including coding
  • Great for smaller practices
  • Excellent customer service


  • Has no EMR or practice management software option
  • Percentage charges are a bit higher than typical


If you are a customer of the Kareo EMR and practice software, you’ll receive an excellent price on the Kareo medical billing service.

Kareo gives you flexibility in the way you use its billing providers, as it can handle the entire billing process from start to complete, or it can handle any kind of single segment of the billing service. It also handles resubmissions as required.

You will have to pay a set up fee and a monthly minimal with Kareo, but these quantities are reasonable versus some others.


  • Competitive pricing
  • Handles all aspects of healthcare billing, if desired
  • Works with resubmissions
  • Nice level of instruction options


  • Must make use of Kareo’s EMR and practice management software
  • Some questions about its customer support reliability

How to Choose The Best Medical Invoicing Service For You

Finding just the right medical billing service to meet your needs needs completing a bit of homework on your part. Think about which RCM services are most important for your practice (and in which areas you need the most help), and discover a service that has the strengths in those areas.


Cost is a significant differentiator among RCM services. As a start, the majority of medical billing services will charge you a percentage of the revenue they run through the particular billing process. Around 6% is average, but some RCMs charge as much as 9% or even 10%.

Sadly, you cannot consider price solely when comparing the best medical invoicing services. You also need to fully understand how the biller calculates the particular percentage. In addition to the amount of the claims the RCM runs for you, the amount on which the RCM bases the percent also may include:

  • Any clearinghouse charges you pay
  • Any copays you collect before the appointment

The RCM may charge you additional fees for extra features, such as the total number of claims you file a month and the number of different insurance providers you use. Be certain you completely understand the service’s fee framework before signing any contract.

The RCM also may have a minimum amount it will charge you each month. In case you are a small practice that does not generate enough claims to achieve this minimum amount, it will end up costing you quite a lot more than a straight percentage supplier.


The medical invoicing service likely will want you to definitely agree to some sort of contract duration before it takes on your exercise as a client. This is a typical occurrence among RCMs.

A minimum contract length will be one year, but you often find billers that want you to sign up for a two- or even three-year contract. Some even make use of five-year contracts. You can try in order to negotiate shorter contract periods, but success rates are hit and miss.

The good news with a contract is you will know what your expenses will be for the length of the agreement, as the biller shouldn’t replace the billing rate on a whim during the contract period.

Pay attention to any charges you must pay if you want to cancel the contract early. If the medical billing service fail to meet the guidelines for overall performance spelled out in the contract, make sure the contract allows you to cancel the particular service without penalty.

Guarantees on Code

If you find a low priced medical billing program, it may be because the service needs you to take care of the initial coding on insurance claims. Using proper coding is a substantial part of filing insurance states properly, and incorrect coding leads to rejected claims. You will want a medical billing company that is able to achieve prosperous claim submissions at a higher percentage the first time, which decreases delays in receiving obligations.

If your practice struggles with making code errors, you may want to find a medical billing service that handles all of the coding for you. Be sure the service hires only certified coders, ensuring you receive the most accurate possible outcomes. The service needs to be able to handle the ICD-10 coding system, which most can. (And it should have plans in place for how it will migrate to ICD-11 after this system’s adoption in the near future. )

If you have someone on staff who has success with generating insurance coding, you most likely can save some money with a medical billing service by generating the codes yourself.

Managing Denials

When selecting the best medical billing service, figure out how the particular RCM handles claims that this insurance company denies. Will the billing service fix plus resubmit any denied promises?

Some solutions will not resubmit a claim if the mistake occurred on the end, not without charging you an additional fee. Others will fix everything as part of your base price, regardless of where the mistake originated.

Dealing with Specialties

If you engage in an area of specialty at your practice, your insurance plan coding can be a challenge. Just before picking a medical billing provider, make sure it has the ability to handle your specialty needs, particularly if they generate some uncommon insurance billing codes.

Working With Your Computer software

For the smoothest possible integration of your billing needs, look for an RCM that is able to connect with your own EMR system. If the healthcare billing service can draw the necessary data directly from the body, this will reduce errors in publishing claims.

Several medical billing services have their own EMR and exercise management systems. If you suit the biller to the software you’re already using, it could deliver the maximum efficiency for the medical practice. In fact , several billers only will accept you as a client if you use the particular biller’s EMR and practice management software.

In addition , the service also may be able to generate reports about the method your medical practice is usually operating, passing them directly into your practice management software. This helps you see which areas of your billing process may be blocking your practice’s growth and bottom line financials.

Working With Patients

Some medical billing solutions will be able to handle all aspects of billing, including working with sufferers on their accounts.

The service may take a number of items off your plate, which includes:

  • Delivering statements directly to patients
  • Monitoring the progress of patients making obligations on a balance
  • Working out a payment program
  • Turning over unpaid accounts to choices
  • Operating the patient portal where patients could make payments on account amounts

Understand that some medical billing providers will charge you extra for people patient management options, while others include them in the monthly percentage fee you spend.

Privacy Guarantees

It is vital that any medical billing assistance is able to follow all HIPAA rules and guidelines. Because the service will be handling delicate patient data, it should have a process in place to guarantee the safety of the information.

If you are working with a good American-based company, you’ll have a much better chance of receiving HIPAA compliance than if you’re using a foreign-based company.

Customer Support

Make sure the healthcare billing service you select enables you to contact it using the method you prefer, whether that is via email, telephone, or reside messaging.

Several services offer customer support twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, while others only offer support throughout normal business hours.

Summary: Putting a Medical Billing Service to operate for You

Several medical practices choose to handle medical billing and insurance coverage claims with in-house workers. If you have the budget to hire insurance policy coders who know how to manage the medical billing process, this choice may work effectively for you.

Nevertheless , doing medical billing properly does take significant period. You may not have the staff accessible to handle this key job. The best medical billing solutions will give you excellent and dependable results. These services a person on track with your revenue stream. If you try to perform medical billing in-house and you fall behind, it can be almost impossible to catch up again, which will cost you cash flow.

Certainly, medical billing providers have an expense associated with all of them. You may end up paying more for RCM services than what you’d pay somebody in-house to handle the work. However the extra expense may be worth the particular peace of mind a billing provider gives you, as well as the steady movement of successful insurance statements.

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