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Helpdesk software is essential to providing customer service within the modern era.

In the past, a customer had to visit a physical desk to get assist.

That’s no more the case.

Now customers can communicate with your own customer service team through reside chat, social media, email, and over the phone using a ticketing support system.

Helpdesk software allows your own team to manage everything in a single place. It’s a versatile solution for businesses of shapes and sizes, whether you’re selling products or services.

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Larger companies can even benefit from using helpdesk software in-house. If an employee is having problems with hardware or software, your inner IT team can troubleshoot those problems from a virtual helpdesk.

The proper helpdesk software can help you improve your customer service communications and support tickets at scale.

The Top 7 Best Helpdesk Software

There are eight helpdesk solutions on the market today that I may confidently recommend.

  • Zendesk Support — Best Full-Service Helpdesk Software program
  • Freshdesk — Best Helpdesk Software Designed for Small Businesses
  • Zoho Desk — Best For Scalability and Growth
  • Freshservice — Best For ITSM
  • Jira Provider Desk — Best For SME Internal Support
  • HappyFox — Best For Omnichannel Ticket Support
  • Kayako — Best For Personalized Customer Support
  • Cayzu — Best Cheap Helpdesk Software

After extensive research, I’ve written an in-depth overview of each one below. This guide covers the features, benefits, pricing, and potential drawbacks of the best helpdesk software.

#1 – Zendesk Support — Best Full-Service Helpdesk Software

Zendesk Support is among the best full-service helpdesk options out there.

They offer a wide range of support solutions to get various business sizes plus needs, as well as a full item suite that includes everything you probably will ask for in a helpdesk alternative.

It’s an excellent software, yet it’s extremely easy to set up and use. Zendesk Support is completely customizable and integrates using more than 500 different third-party applications.

Some of the best features of Zendesk Support consist of omnichannel integration, ticket types, multi-brand support, conditional and custom ticketing, pre-defined solution actions, and team cooperation tools.

Prices for Zendesk Support begins at just $5 per month.

The entry-level plan will be a bit limited, but as you can see, Zendesk has a plan for everybody based on your business needs.

Every Zendesk Support plan comes with the Lite variations of Zendesk Chat, Zendesk Talk, and Zendesk Guidebook. For those of you who want to get the most from your helpdesk software, consider upgrading to the Zendesk Support Package.

Starting on $89 per month per broker, the product suite bundles the particular apps for Support, Talk, Talk, and Guide into one package, at either the Professional or Enterprise degree.

The Zendesk Support Suite is 35% cheaper than purchasing each of those products individually.

From simple to advanced helpdesk needs, Zendesk experience it all. Try Zendesk free for 30 days.

#2 – Freshdesk — Best Helpdesk Software Meant for Small Businesses

Visit Freshdesk

  • Free forever plan
  • Paid plans beginning at $15
  • Simple support ticketing
  • 21 day free trial

Get going for free

Freshdesk is a helpdesk solution given by Freshworks, a company known for providing high-quality business solutions having a focus on customer service. More than a hundred and fifty, 000 businesses trust Freshdesk for helpdesk software, which makes it one of the most popular options on the market today.

I’d recommend Freshdesk to small businesses which are outgrowing email for customer care. Freshdesk is a simple and effective introduction to ticket support.

With Freshdesk, you will be able to simplify service communications, collaborate with other team members, plus automate repetitive tasks.

Freshdesk has an great free plan for startups plus small businesses that are just obtaining their feet wet with Helpdesk software.

As the free plan will obviously have some limitations, you can use this for an unlimited number of brokers and still benefit from basic functions like email and social ticketing, ticket dispatch, and customer self-service via understanding base.

For those of you who want features like software, reporting, SLA management, plus hundreds of apps to extend your own helpdesk capabilities, paid plans start at just $15 a month per agent.

Try Freshdesk free regarding 21 days.

#3 – Zoho Desk — Best For Scalability plus Growth

Try Zoho Desk

  • Free for up to several agents
  • Paid plans start at $12
  • Supports all company sizes
  • 15 day free trial

Sign up for free

Zoho is another company that offers a wide range of solutions plus software for businesses. A lot more than 50 million users globally use Zoho solutions.

Zoho Desk will be the helpdesk software issued by Zoho. Like everything else branded by Zoho, it’s powerful, intuitive, and easy to use.

With Zoho Table, you’ll be able to automate guide support tasks, manage conversations with customers across several channels, offer customer self-service tools, and connect your helpdesk with other tools like Slack, Trello, Salesforce, marketing software, CRM software, and much more.

Zoho Table is designed to work for businesses of most sizes and verticles. From SMBs to SaaS, Telecom, and Enterprise organizations, Zoho Desk has it all.

Zoho Desk is affordable as well. You can start using it free of charge with up to three support agents.

Compensated plans start at $12 per agent per month. This software makes it easy for you to scale as your company grows and your needs change. Adding new support agents is a simple procedure, and you can always upgrade your plan.

You will also be able to provide support on the go using the Zoho Desk mobile app.

One potential downside of Zoho Desk is its own customer care for you as a business. Unless of course you’re on the Enterprise plan, you won’t be able to reach them on weekends and holidays. So while you might be offering support to your own customers on those days, Zoho doesn’t offer the same support to you.

Besides the free forever plan, you can try any paid subscription totally free for 15 days.

#4 – Freshservice — Best For ITSM

Visit Freshservice

  • Starts on $19
  • Used by 200, 000+ businesses
  • Designed for ITSM
  • 21 day free trial offer

Begin for free

Freshservice is another Freshworks solution. Yet it’s nothing like Freshdesk, which we reviewed earlier. 200, 000+ businesses use Freshservice. This software is designed especially for IT teams and ITSM (IT service management).

Use Freshservice to modernize your business.

Provide service to your workers by departments, such as HR, finance, marketing, and amenities. Freshservice is a single system that allows you to streamline provider management roles with a consistent experience for everyone.

On the agent side, your own IT team can handle monotonous tasks and take advantage of AI-powered chatbots.

Freshservice has plans to support teams and businesses of most sizes.

The prices start a bit higher when compared with some of the other solutions on our list. However , this is the 1st helpdesk solution we’ve reviewed that’s built for internal business support.

For those of you who are in need of a back-office management solution for this service management, Servicedesk will be a top choice to consider. Try it free for 21 days.

#5 – Jira Service Desk — Best For SME Internal Support

Jira Service Desk can be another helpdesk system for ITSM and internal support. But unlike Freshservice, Jira Support Desk is designed for larger companies like small to mid-sized enterprises.

Companies like Airbnb, Twitter, Sq ., Domino’s, and other global brand names trust Jira Service Table for helpdesk support on scale.

You may use Jira Service Desk meant for both internal and external support, even though internal support features are definitely the primary focus for this system.

Jira Services Desk allows your workers to request services plus support for anything. From a broken bathroom sink in order to infrastructure support, computer troubles, or employee onboarding, this particular platform has it all.

The Jira Provider Desk software supports as much as 5, 000 employees and an unlimited number of customers.

Jira Service Desk integrates with more than 1, 000 different apps for nearly every use case you can imagine. From Zoom to Splunk, G Package, Slack, and more, you can fully customize Jira Service Table to accommodate the needs of you and your team.

Among the benefits of Jira Service Desk is its progressive prices model. The more agents you might have, the cheaper it expenses per agent.

For example , 100 agents cost $15. 75 per agent per month. But 1, 000 agents cost just $5. 33 per agent. This pricing structure is ideal for large organizations.

Besides the cloud version of Jira Service Desk, you can set up this software directly on your self-managed sever or information center.

Attempt Jira Service Desk totally free for 7 days.

#6 – HappyFox — Best For Omnichannel Ticket Assistance

HappyFox is an award-winning helpdesk solution that’s trusted simply by Fortune 500 brands such as Lowe’s and Whirlpool.

This helpdesk application is an all-in-one ticketing program. It’s designed for businesses that want to provide better and faster support across multiple stations from a single platform.

HappyFox supports ticketing for email, social media, cell phone, and live chat. It also has tools for consumer self-service support and knowledge base solutions.

Pricing for HappyFox starts at $29 per month per agent.

At this price, it’s a little more expensive than some of the other options on our checklist. But with that said, HappyFox’s entry-level plans are more feature-rich than some of the other basic programs we’ve seen on the market.

All plans include unlimited tickets, smart guidelines, and knowledge base assistance. However , HappyFox does require a minimum of 3 agents per plan. So it’s not perfect for solo users.

From ticketing to software, productivity tools, and superior reporting, HappyFox is a top helpdesk software for any company to consider.

They don’t offer a traditional free trial offer. But you can contact their sales force to request a demonstration and configure an account for free.

#7 – Kayako — Best For Personalized Customer Support

While so many helpdesk solutions on the market today prioritize software and self-service, Kayako places a strong emphasis on providing customer service with a personalized touch.

With Kayako, you are able to manage customer conversations throughout any channel while getting a deeper understanding of the whole customer journey for each special individual.

Every conversation includes detailed information regarding the customers’ behavior. You will see what pages these people viewed, what products they added to their cart, and more. This gives your support agencies a deeper understanding of what’s happening before the customer actually asks for help.

Reside chat software is built-in to each Kayako helpdesk program.

Pricing intended for Kayako starts at $15 per agent per month. Pertaining to advanced features like automation rules, custom reporting, multi-language and multi-brand support, you will need to upgrade to the Development plan, which starts with $30 per agent.

For small teams and small businesses, Kayako is a top solution for helpdesk software with a personal contact. You can request a demo or try it free intended for 14 days.

#8 – Cayzu — Best Cheap Helpdesk Software

A lot more than 20, 000 businesses rely on Cayzu for helpdesk software program. This is arguably the most basic helpdesk solution on the market today, designed for agents and customers as well.

Cayzu offers helpdesk software to small businesses, ecommerce websites, schools, MSPs, and nonprofits.

With prices starting as low as $4 per month, you will not find a cheaper deal from a legitimate provider in this sector.

The Basic plan is exactly what it sounds like. It offers the bare minimum required to run your helpdesk solution.

These low-level plans won’t support the needs of large businesses or businesses with complex ticketing systems. With that said, smaller sized businesses tend to find the simplicity refreshing. The software is cheap but nevertheless gets the job done.

All plans are cloud-based, so there’s no installation required. You can entry Cayzu from anywhere, including the mobile app. You’ll furthermore benefit from unlimited support, free app integrations, and automatic backups. Try Cayzu free for 14 days.

How to Find the Best Helpdesk Software program For Your Business

Now that you’ve had a opportunity to review some of the top choices on the market, it’s time to find the best helpdesk software for your business.

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This is the methodology that I used to narrow down the options on our list. You can take these types of factors into consideration as you’re evaluating and shopping around meant for helpdesk software.

Ticket Support

Ticketing is one of the primary functions of helpdesk software. Solution support allows your group to manage, route, and resolve problems for customers and employees.

The best helpdesk software supports ticketing on multiple channels and can even handle manual tasks like ticket creation and ticket redirecting.

Certain software program will cap the number of seat tickets you can create in a 30 days. Larger operations should search for unlimited ticketing plans.

Communication Methods

Look for helpdesk software that allows your customers to speak with your support team throughout a wide range of communication channels. Typical communication methods include email, social media, live chat, and phone support.

Regardless of the communication method, the software program should allow you to reply plus manage tickets from a single dashboard. So if a customer transmits a support inquiry via email, it will appear on the same dash as a customer who reached out via Facebook.

Make sure your helpdesk solution facilitates all of your customer service communication methods. Certain platforms have those tools built-in. In other instances, you’ll need to integrate your helpdesk software with a third-party communication tool.

Customer vs . Employee Assistance

What exactly do you need helpdesk software for?

Lots of helpdesk options are geared toward customer support. Yet certain platforms are designed especially for ITSM and internal worker support.

For those of you in need of in-house helpdesk software, you’ll want to lean towards Freshservice or Jira Services Desk.

Business Size

The size of your operation will have a substantial impact on the helpdesk software program you choose.

Companies with a handful of agents won’t have the same needs being an enterprise with hundreds or even thousands of support agents. Generally, larger organizations will have more complicated needs.

Freshdesk is our top choose for small businesses. Zoho Table has the ability to accommodate the needs of scaling companies. Zendesk has the capability to support teams of all sizes, from startups in order to enterprises.

Plans and Pricing

The vast majority of helpdesk software pricing is based on two factors—agents plus features. The per broker price is based on the number and quality of the features you require.

You’ll pay a fixed rate per month per agent. Committing to an annual contract will give you the best possible rate.

It’s important to consider the features in each plan side by side. Most helpdesk software offers the best functions with more expensive plans. But you might not need them.

Think about your group at scale. The difference among $20 or $40 per month might not seem significant. Yet what happens when you go from ten agents to 50 real estate agents? Or from 50 realtors to 150 agents?

Some software, such as Jira Service Desk, offers progressive pricing. Meaning the price per agent is cheaper if you add more realtors to your plan. Larger businesses should definitely keep this mind when evaluating different options.


What is the best Helpdesk software currently available? Generally speaking, there is no “best just for everyone” solution.

Zendesk Support is our own top overall pick due to its extensive features, ease of use, inexpensive pricing, and ability to support the needs of all business dimensions.

But there are many viable alternatives for specific business needs. Freshdesk is definitely our top pick just for small businesses. Zoho Desk ideal growing teams. Jira Company Desk and Freshdesk are usually better for ITSM plus internal support.

Are you looking for a no-frills helpdesk software at the lowest possible rate? Try Cayzu.

Regardless of your business size, industry, and helpdesk needs, you can find exactly what you’re searching for using this guide.

Compare The very best HelpDesk Software gong1deng
gong0deng Get matched up with the HelpDesk Software that fits your specific needs. gong1deng > > Compare Quotes

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