17 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Marketing expert in Your Life

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The days remaining in 2020 are few, and 2021 is just around the corner — things undoubtedly know already.

Yet here’s something you may have neglected about: There’s not much time left to finish up your holiday shopping. ( Gasp! We know. )

Maybe you’re a online marketer looking to complete your want list. Or, maybe you’ve got a team of marketers you would like to make smile.

To help you out, We have searched the internet far and wide (it’s kind of what I do), and found you some of this particular year’s best gifts designed for marketers.

Without further furore…

17 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Marketers

1 . Deliver a Starbucks eGift Credit card

Once upon a time, Starbucks offered a Tweet a Coffee plan, which was retired after screening it in beta. I tried it for the first time earlier this season when Emily Maxie, B2B tech marketer with Very said something nice about our social media tool. I was really thrilled and wanted to do something nice in return. Tweeting a coffee has been an easy, hassle-free way to surprise co-marketing partners, customers, or others. Plus, it was nearly instantaneous, so it was a messiah for last-minute shoppers.

Although that will program has been retired, will be certainly still a good alternative: Send out a Starbucks eGift Cards. Just add a personal message and the amount you’d like to provide, enter an email address, and hit “send. ”

Where to get it: Starbucks

Cost: Buyer’s choice

second . Blogging Fuel Mug

Since comedic writer Dave Craig once explained, “It is inhumane, in my opinion, to pressure people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line at the rear of people who apparently view it as being a kind of recreational activity. ”

Not only is this mug a great way to keep your favorite marketer sufficiently caffeinated, but its message can also be on point. Around right here, at least, our marketers appreciate creativity — but we all also love precision. And, we love the written phrase. So when this mug found our radar…

Source: Amazon

… we knew it had to make this list.

Where to get it: Amazon

Cost : $14. 95 + $4. 95 shipping

3. “Eat. Sleep. Blog. ” T-Shirt

This is a pretty great show we all have. Sure, you will find seemingly unattainable lead goals and endless writing deadlines. But think about it for a moment: Every day, we get to wake up and figure out how to capture someones fascination. It’s an amazing work.

This shirt summarizes that will sentiment nicely.

Source: Amazon

Oh, and it’s really comfortable for blogging.

Where to get it: Amazon

Cost : $17. 39

4. HubSpot Fleece-Lined Winter Hat

We are going to not sure how the weather looks in your neck of the hardwoods, but around the holiday season, this starts to get cold exactly where HubSpot is headquartered, within Boston.

It’s sweater climate. Hat weather. Fleece-lined hat weather, to be specific.

Fortunately, HubSpot has a hat for your.


And while you’re with it, check out these other last-minute gifts from the HubSpot Shop:

  • Sprocket zippered hoodie
  • HubSpot camper mug
  • HubSpot dog collar

Where to get it: HubSpot Shop

Cost : $15

5. “But First, Coffee. ” T-Shirt

It is best to wear your priorities on your sleeve… er… torso. This particular cozy T-shirt puts your working style out on view. In fact , it may double as a signal for the best way to bribe you for extra work.

Don’t work in a jeans-friendly office? Nothing a blazer and nice pants can’t fix (she writes as if she has actual fashion sense).

Where to get it: Skreened

Price : $29. 99

six. Mophie Smartphone Case

A few years ago, a group of HubSpotters obtained these cases while operating long hours at the INBOUND. Yet they’re not just any cases — they’re Mophie smartphone cases.

Mophie is a mobile phone cover that also doubles as extra battery life.

Supply: Mophie

They’re just a little clunkier than the standard phone case, but they can extend your phone’s life simply by 100% or more. If you know the marketer who is often working on the road.

Where to get it: Mophie

Cost : About $100, depending on variety

7. Book Cover Laptop Case

Rumor has it writer Jorge Louis Borges used to sleep encircled by books. He’d crawl into bed with stacks of them on either part. His last scent before sleep would be that of open up pages and intricately worded lines.

Source: Twelve South

This isn’t quite since poetic, but it’s close up.

This laptop cover would be a great fit for the bookworm in your team.

Where to get this: TwelveSouth

Cost : About $80

8. Subscription to a Streaming Music Service

Okay, so music may not make you smarter, but it does make you more happy. And isn’t delight exactly what we’re really after here?

Many marketers already pay attention to streaming music while they will work, but without a membership, that streaming music is typically limited or interrupted by commercials.

Buying your marketing and advertising friend a subscription to a streaming music can get reduce all the commercial interruptions and leave them with good working music. We’re inbound marketers — thus, we hate commercial interruptions.

Here are a few choices:

  • The planet pandora: $54. 89
  • Spotify: $9. 99/month for Premium
  • Apple company Music: Plans start at $4. 99/month
  • Google Play Music: Programs start at $9. 99/month

9. @TwitterName Necklace

It might be a bit excessive, but it’s also kind of awesome. Here’s a gift for the social media marketing strategist who has single-handedly cultivated your company’s Twitter following from 15 to 500 and beyond.

Source: Etsy

If jewelry just isn’t the right gift, there are also a variety of social media coasters.

Where you can get it: Etsy

Cost : $43. 99

10. 1Password

Thanks for visiting secure accounts on the internet. Your own password must be 15 personas long with at least two capital letters, three symbols, two numbers, and at minimum one variation of the Jabberwocky poem.

Nope, that won’t function. And it can’t be the same as any password you’ve used since junior high school.

If you could spare the marketer in your lifetime this frustration, wouldn’t this be a happier new calendar year? Take a look at the 1Password application. It will create and store all of your passwords securely plus enable you to log into your balances with one click.

Where to get it: 1Password

Cost : Plans start at $2. 99/month

11. 99U Essays: Deal with Your Day-to-Day

One of my personal favorite books, this collection of documents from 99U, focuses on the right way to develop a habit of creativity in your work and personal living. It gives you tips on how to place your creative work very first and fend off a flow of endless emails, texts, and other interruptions.

Source: 99U

With an average 4. 4-star rating on Amazon . com, this book offers concrete tips for getting more out of your everyday routine and finding the right moments for creative, complex function.

Where to get it: Amazon

Price : $10. 99

twelve. Freelancer Tools From WriterAccess or Zerys

While they don’t do gift cards, you can help a freelancer’s existence easier with tools from WriterAccess of Zerys. Produce a gift certificate yourself and wrap it up in a ribbon and bow: Good for one day of liberation from creating content.

Where to get it : Zerys or Writer Access

Cost : Varies

13. Premium Versions of Efficiency Apps

Marketers use all kinds of freemium tools to organize their time and plan promotions. Find out what online apps your own marketer uses to make their day-to-day easier with access to all the bells and whistles for a season.

Here’s a breakdown of several popular ones:

  • Evernote: Evernote is a repository for just about anything: tips, articles, documents, photos, advertising examples. You can use the tool on your phone, desktop, plus tablet, so it goes to go. The big benefit of Evernote is how searchable it really is. You can search documents or even the phrases in a picture to quickly retrieve your content again. The premium version gets a person more storage, better search, and an interesting presentation setting. Cost: $69. 99/year
  • Dropbox or Box: We all could use a little space. Help your marketer out by upgrading their Dropbox or Package accounts to a pro edition. Cost: Varies
  • Feedly Pro: When Google Reader shut its doors, Feedly was widely adopted as the alternative RSS reader. Feedly Pro is a more powerful version of Feedly with one-click integrations, custom sharing URLs, and full support. Cost: Programs start at $5. 41/month

14. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Can you really put a cost on peace and quiet? Turns out, Bose can: At a minimum, it’s regarding $180. Yikes.

But if you will get over the price, this is an amazing gift for anyone who needs to focus throughout the day. Noise-cancelling earphones put your marketers within their own cozy and uninterrupted lead-generating world.

Whether they pay attention to Mozart or Modest Computer mouse, these headphones give marketers a chance to block out everything however the work ahead of them.

Where to get them: Bose

Cost: Models start at $179. 95

15. Class Compensation

For intellectually curious internet marketers, think about giving them the combo-gift of classes plus the time to learn a new skill.

There are a number of low-cost and free of charge online classes and tutorials on the market for people looking to code (Codecademy), design (Skillshare), or obtain other relevant skills. The problem is finding the time.

In case you really want to thrill a marketing expert on your team this season, give them the classes plus an approved block of time each week to dedicate to the training. Wrap it up in one bundle.

Where to get it: Check out Code Academy and Skillshare, plus your local continuing ed classes. Then, help your favorite marketer figure out how to make the class time possible.

Cost : Differs

16. INBOUND Ticket

Surprise! It’s not too early to buy seat tickets for INBOUND 2021.

INBOUND is an industry event like no other. Of course , I would say that, because as a HubSpotter, it is the center of my life in August and September. But as it turns out, others think so , too.

Darby Tinch of Mohawk House said, “This was undoubtedly the best conference I’ve attended in a very long time. Not only was it the recharge I actually needed professionally but also on a personal level. It has been quite a long time since I’ve been this pumped up about my career. I cannot wait around until [the next] INBOUND! ”

Where to get it: INBOUND

Cost : Electronic pass on sale right now designed for $49 (typically $149)

seventeen. Donation in the Marketer’s Title or Honor

If none of the above seems like a match, consider a donation in your marketer’s name or honor. Donations are a personal thing, so be sure you have a sense from the issues your marketer cares about. But once you perform, a gift in his or her honor can be really significant.

Where to get it: Because the donation ought to reflect the gift recipient and there are so many nonprofits we care about here at HubSpot, I’m going to leave the door open here and not make any specific recommendations. Talk to the gift receiver and see what they care many about.

Cost : Whatever amount you see match.

There’s your starter list. There are dozens more concepts out there: subscriptions to periodicals or journals, lunch from the local restaurant, or a plethora associated with other gift certificates anyone would love.

Editor’s note: This post was originally released in December 2017 and has already been updated for comprehensiveness.

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