7 Really Cool Ways to Use Movie in Email Marketing

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This morning, as usual, We started my day simply by checking my emails.

While this process doesn’t usually excite me and is just my method for waking up, I came across a topic line that made the heart race with enjoyment:

An example of a video in a subject line.

Knowing that I would be starting the day with a new music video clip from one of my favorite groups made me smile. It also made me feel highly valued as a subscriber to their report label’s emails — with just one video, Specialist Subject matter Records strengthened the consumer relationship I have with them.

This is why video clip email marketing is such an effective technique. With a simple embed and subject line, you can create stronger relationships with clients, generate leads, and reinforce the content behind your brand name.

Let’s talk a little more about this.

What is video email marketing?

Video clip email marketing is simply including videos in email marketing. If you’re uncertain about how to do that, we have a fast how-to post here.

Because video is an extremely popular medium in marketing, (in truth, 83% of marketers feel its importance is only growing) including it in your email marketing can engage your subscribers and increase your conversions.

Additionally , did you know that over 80% associated with businesses use video in their marketing efforts? This is most likely because of the results video execution gives them. While using movie in email can seem just like a taboo topic, it can be quite effective.

By using video, you can make use of the imagination of an target audience that absorbs information aesthetically — sometimes text simply doesn’t do it. With movie, you have a chance to make dense topics more compelling for your audience.

Next, let’s discuss ways you can use it in your following email campaign.

How to Use Video clip in Email Marketing

Videos may dramatically increase click-through rate (CTR).

For example , B2B software company Igloo Software made a decision to show off their workplace tradition by creating 200 movies in three months for future email content. This approach doubled their CTR.

This is one method to use video in e-mail marketing — showcase your brand in email and use it to boost CTR. We have six more, which we’ll explore at this point.

1 . Use video for bonus content to delight your subscribers.

Consider using emails to provide subscribers bonus content. E-mail subscribers are likely to enjoy a selection of your content, so going the extra mile with a surprise bonus can delight your audience.  

For instance, if you share every week newsletters about Instagram content material, you can add a link for earlier access to a live web conferencing you’re hosting about Instagram Stories at the end of the month. That way, you can build curiosity for the event, keep clients in the loop about things taking place within your company, and give them an incentive to keep checking your emails.  

Alternatively, you can use emails to educate subscribers concerning the values that matter many to your business.

Patagonia frequently includes a video in a product-related email to tell the story of where their product components originate. Since Patagonia beliefs both the environment and supporting local businesses, it makes sense that will they’d focus their articles on highlighting both of these endeavours.  

In the video beneath, for instance, Patagonia includes links to some of its hemp-made products, along with a video of a farm in Kentucky that develops hemp, which helps make damaged topsoil:

patagonia video in email

The email helps instruct Patagonia subscribers’ on the significance of purchasing products made of organic materials — and while it may help incentivize subscribers’ to buy, that’s not the only impact it has. As a standalone piece of content, it’s also simply an educational tool to emphasize Patagonia’s deeper mission: to aid local businesses and create a positive impact on the planet.  

2 . Make emails a far more personalized experience.

Do you have the backlog of video content on your website? Consider using that to your advantage and sending personalized emails.

For instance, let’s say someone watches a portion of a video clip on your website that they no longer finish, and you’re noticing this is a pattern when you analyze your website data. Marketo’s formulation is to automatically send that will video in an email to remind that user to complete.

By doing this, Vidyard reported that Marketo raised their CTR by over 144% due to the personalization of that email. If I were sent a video We meant to finish in an email, I’d surely open it to accomplish that video. I’d furthermore feel pretty important to the business as a customer.

From a company perspective, this means more clicks for you, a better relationship with all the customer, and more views upon videos.

3. Display corporation culture with a video.

For anyone who is struggling with thinking of out-of-the-box tips for email content that will shows off company personality, consider heading to YouTube.  

Indeed, you read that right: YouTube.  

What much better way to show subscribers the particular culture in your company compared to going straight to the source? Why don’t look at this email from Etsy  to illustrate:  

etsy video in email about haircare products This email embeds a simple video through an Etsy Trend Expert in a step-by-step hair schedule.  

Getting a peek straight into how Etsy employees use Etsy hair products within their daily routines adds a sense of normalcy and relatability to the company. I got to see the people behind the marketing email messages, and what I saw were employees who were just like me.

Email marketing doesn’t have to be a blatant tv show of products. Sometimes, you can subtly promote your products within a display of company culture. Consider experimenting with a blend of public-facing content to promote your brand, like Etsy.  

For example , parenthetically you want to bring attention to that will new advertising metrics tool you’ve just launched. You may consider asking your advertising team to film a short video of the product’s daily value. Then, you can add the product page in the video’s thumbnail. (Consider giving workers a heads-up that their particular response might be part of the marketing email).  

4. Announce an event with a video.  

If your company serves events, whether internal or even external, take videos from the events for a recap to send subscribers. This way, you can give subscribers a taste of how your brand works in-action and build interest in your company’s events overall.

For example, do you host or take part in quarterly industry mixers? Try out including a video in an e-mail about the most recent one, together with a CTA for subscribers to find out more about the next one. The video can also serve as social proof that these events are well-attended and informative for others in your industry.

5. Declare a product line or start with a video.

Confession: Now i’m a small obsessed with make-up company, Make Up For Ever.  

One of my favorite aspects? How Make Up For Ever includes influencers’ testing out new products in their email messages — seeing real ladies try new makeup products can assist me determine which products would delight me the majority of.

make up for ever email with video included

In case you are launching a new product in the upcoming quarter, maybe it’s a good idea to include email subscribers within the pre-launch phase. For instance, in case you are launching a chatflow bot as part of a CRM update, let email subscribers know first. That way, dedicated clients can express their desire for the product and bring in that will word-of-mouth marketing.  

6. Send out newsletters with videos.  

If you’re giving clients scheduled newsletters with no movie, you’re missing out! There’s a lot of ways to include video in news letters so they can be effective. Video-heavy businesses can benefit from newsletter video clip embeds so subscribers can catch up on content they may have missed — particularly if your subscribers prefer watching over reading.

Another way to use video in newsletters would be to round-up popular videos in your industry. If your company won’t do many videos, it is really an excellent avenue for you. On the other hand, if a member of your group is interested in a program video schedule, try recording a round-up of weekly content in video-form.

For example, if there was a industrial that rocked your market recently, include that video in your newsletter with a related blog post about your thoughts to improve traffic on your blog.

7. Move leads along their customer journey.  

Email marketing isn’t just limited to loyal clients — you can also use it to nurture leads. Just make use of workflows in your CRM in order to automate videos that will proceed them along the customer trip. This works with forms you can add right into that video.  

These forms might give your sales team enough info to follow up with interested customers. Or, give leads a chance to watch your latest crash course within SEO link building — in exchange for the completed form areas, of course.  

If you’re currently thinking, “I’m no tech wiz, how do I do that? ” , do worry. HubSpot’s integration with Wistia makes it easy to add this particular widget into your marketing email messages. Check with your CRM software program to see if it offers some thing similar.  

wistia-Dec-16-2020-02-02-42-29-PM Image Source

Using this integration, you can add HubSpot forms into a Wistia video intended for higher engagement. If a prospect converts within the video, their viewing data will synchronize with their contact record. This could be useful for future customer analysis with video marketing advertisments.

Think about piloting a video e-mail marketing campaign for conversion. In case you download viewing data, you can see how to tweak video happy to further delight your customers.  

8. Include video within email subject lines.

Formatting is super important in emails and it starts with all the subject line. As a consumer, if I see an email along with emojis in the subject line, I’m immediately more interested in the email because emojis stick out to me and feel more inviting.

Try including “Video” or a corresponding emoji in your subject line to entice clients to open it. You’ll likely wish to A/B test a variety of issue lines in the beginning to figure out exactly what your readers prefer.

Another important formatting tip is to embed the video in the email within a place that keeps readers interested. Putting videos at the beginning of an email is a good idea, but placing it near the end attracts readers to keep reading to better understand the video.

Video is definitely an incredible way to engage clients, old and new. I just received a new one in my inbox, and I’ll prioritize that over other email messages. If it sounds pretty busy to produce new videos for email campaigns, think about using the types you already have. You may be capable to repurpose them into great content for your audience.


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