Greatest Social Media WordPress Plugin – (Review Updated for 2021)

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A good social media WordPress plugin allows visitors engage with you on social media.

It also helps social media followers transform on your website.

Let’ s look at a good example: You wrote and released a killer blog post. A reader loves your post and wants to share this with their friends on social media. How do they do this?

Without the proper equipment, the person would have to copy your blog link, navigate to the social system, login, and manually insert the link before sharing it.

They might also decide it’ s not really worth it to share your write-up. Or they might get distracted and forget to do it.

Social media WordPress extensions can make it easy for website visitors to talk about with just one click.

That’s just one example of why you need to install a social media wordpress plugin to your WordPress site. As we continue through this guide plus review the best social media WordPress plugins, you’ll learn about the additional benefits.

The 6 Best Social Media Wp Plugins

After taking a look at dozens of social media Wp plugins, I’ ve simplified it down to the six best:

  • Social Locker
  • Social Warfare
  • Smash Balloon Photo Give food to
  • Super Socializer
  • Revive Aged Post
  • Kiwi Social Share

Read on to find the in-depth reviews of each one.

1 . Interpersonal Locker

Social Locker

Social Locker is definitely one of my favorite social media marketing WordPress plugins. Personally, I really like the whole concept behind how this plugin works.

Here’s the thing. Simply adding social sharing icons to your website doesn’t necessarily give people a reason to follow you or share your content. You can increase those chances simply by installing this plugin.

That’s because Social Locker restricts your high quality content. For example , let’s say you have an ebook on your website. As opposed to charging designed for downloads, you use social media engagement as a currency. If someone follows, likes, or stocks content on your website, the particular ebook is unlocked.

Here’s an example of exactly what this would look like from the viewpoint of a website visitor:

Social Locker Example

For those of you who normally charge for various types of content on your website and don’t wish to give it away for free, you can use these social engagements to generate discounts for that content.

Maybe you have an online video tutorial that you normally cost to view. With Social Locker, you can choose to offer the video clip at a discount if a consumer shares your content.

This plugin helps you generate social media traffic while concurrently gaining quality followers. It is a great way to generate new potential clients and drive conversions along with social media integration on your site.

2 . Interpersonal Warfare

Social Warfare

Social Combat is considered among the best social media Wp plugins because it’s therefore simple. Other plugins have a reputation for slowing down your site, but that shouldn’t happen with Social Warfare.

This plugin is made to increase shares by adding social sharing icons to your website. You can add buttons for the most popular social media marketing networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest

If you improve to Social Warfare Pro, you’ll gain access to share buttons for other platforms such as Reddit, WhatsApp, Buffer, Tumblr, Pocket, and more.

Social Warfare also allows you to choose exactly where you want to put the sharing buttons. You can add them above your content, below your articles, in both of these locations, or even manually place them on your pages. This plugin offers floating share icons too — as a user scrolls your web site, the sharing buttons stay in view at all times.

Social Warfare allows you to monitor your results with UTM parameters. You can view analytics to find out how well your spreading icons are performing so that you can tweak them, if necessary.

3. Smash Go up Photo Feed

Social Photo Feeds Logo

The Smash Balloon Photo Give food to WordPress plugin lets you discuss your Instagram content directly on your website.

With the addition of your Instagram posts aimed at your website, visitors will have a better concept of what type of content you reveal on that platform. And, they won’t have to look for your profile on Instagram. This is a great way to increase your Instagram followers. It’s also a great way to keep your site up-to-date with the fresh images you are posting on Instagram.

Setting up the plugin is easy. All you need to do is certainly link your Instagram accounts and determine where you want the feed displayed on the website.

There exists a premium version of this wordpress plugin that comes with features like:

  • Shoppable feeds
  • Ability to filtration system content based on hashtags
  • Popup lightboxes
  • Hashtag feeds
  • Advanced moderation just for hiding or showcasing particular posts
  • Write-up comments for user feeds

For one website, you can purchase the pro license for $39. But if you just want the basic feed on your website, you can stick with the particular free version and conserve a few bucks.

4. Super Socializer

Super Socializer

Allowing your website visitors to develop a customer profile benefits everyone — the user will receive more personalized content, and you’ll be able to learn more information regarding your customers so you can target them accordingly. It’s a win win situation.

In order for this strategy to be effective, people need to create these profiles in the first place. That’s easier said than done.

Think about it for a minute: What steps does someone need to take to create a profile? At a minimum, they have to provide you with some personal information that a username and password. People have a lot of accounts to keep track of on various websites. Is your site important enough to them to endure this?

You are able to increase your chances of getting more visitors to do this by adding your sign up and sign in process with social media. Super Socializer is perfect for this.

Now users can create an account and login with just one click since they are likely already signed in to their social media profiles. Plus, they won’t have to remember a new username and password.

Another benefit of this plugin is the fact that you’ll get access to more information regarding your website visitors. You can target people accordingly based on their own social media likes and behaviors. You can also enable social responses with Super Socializer. This is a great way to drive conversation and obtain more comments on your blog posts.

Overall, this particular plugin definitely has more advanced features and functionality that will goes far beyond easy social sharing icons, even though it does have those options too. If you want an all in one plugin to get social logins, social remarks, and social sharing, Super Socializer is worth checking out.

5. Revive Outdated Post

Revive Old Post

What happens to your blog posts after you publish them? In the perfect world, they remain relevant in terms of SEO forever, but that doesn’t always help you out on social media.

Here’s another query for you. How are you deciding what things to share on your social systems each day? It’s not always easy to come up with ideas for social media posts.

The Revive Old Post WordPress plugin by Revive Interpersonal provides a solution to both of these questions. This plugin automatically gives your previously published articles on your social media platforms like:

  • Fb
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Tumblr
  • Pinterest

Restore Old Post can reveal more than just your blog posts. It may also share pages, custom content, and media from your web site. The plugin will instantly fetch images from your content and attach them to the social media post.

You’ll have complete control over just how each post is discussed. Maybe you just want the title of your post or page. Some of you may want a lot more, such as a hashtag or extra text.

Revive Old Post can be incorporated with your Google Analytics profile. This is ideal for campaign tracking to see how well these types of links are performing. General, it’s a great way to automate your own social media posting while at the same time driving traffic to your website.

BONUS: Revive Network

Revive Social has another plugin, called the Revive Network. This plugin is designed especially for Facebook and Twitter. It’s made for sharing content from other websites in your industry on social media. This is a great way to expand your professional system, in addition to sharing relevant home elevators your website. It’s great for individuals who don’t have an active weblog or lots of content of your.

6. Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share

Kiwi Social Share is designed for the standard WordPress user. If you’re looking for a plugin that’s easy to install, setup, and won’t confuse you with too many complex features, you’ll definitely want to take a closer look at this option.

With Kiwi Social Share, you’ll be able to develop custom icons for social media sharing on your website. You can customize the position of the symbols, as well as enable a suspended bar that’s always in view. Kiwi Social Share furthermore gives you the option to change the scale and shape of the sharing buttons.

They have a “click to tweet” function for specific phrases as well. So if you’re creating a blog and want to emphasize one of your favorite quotes, users can share that quote via Twitter with a link back to your blog.

Kiwi Social Share does not slow down your website and allows you to create social sharing icons that are visually appealing to any visitors. Installing this plugin puts you in a great placement to increase engagement on your internet site and gain more exposure on social media.

Top features to look for in the social media WordPress plugin

Before we evaluate specific plugins, I want to take a moment to identify some of the functionalities to help keep your eye on when searching for a social media plugin:

Social symbols — This shows your website visitors that you have social media pages. If they click an icon, they’ll automatically be directed to the related profile.

Social logins — Allow people to sign into customer profiles utilizing their social media accounts. This can make it easier on your customers since they won’t have to create completely new usernames and passwords to gain access to content on your website.

Social posting icons — Website visitors can share content material from your site to their social media profiles with just one click on.

Interpersonal feeds — Showcase your social media nourishes directly on your website. This feature gives your website visitors an idea of what to expect if they stick to your profiles.

Social locking — Restrict your very best content with a social fastening tool. Content can be unlocked if a website visitor makes a specified action, such as subsequent you or sharing content material on social media.

Social comments — Enhance the conversation in your comments section by adding social media comments to your posts. This is a great way to drive engagement and get more blog feedback.

Automated posting — Instead of manually posting your site content on social media, you can take advantage of plugins that do this for you.

Now that you know the top features of the best social media WordPress plugins, it is time to check out the top options to consider.


It’s apparent that your website and social networking profiles need to be working together to create optimal results. So what’s the best social media WordPress plugin? It depends on what you’re searching for.

Some of you might just want to add something easy, like social sharing icons to your blog posts or Instagram feeds to your landing pages. While others might be looking for functions that are a bit more advanced, such as restricting content based on social networking actions.

Maybe you want an all-in-one wordpress plugin that also has features like social signups and logins.

Do you want to automate your social media posts along with your previously published content? There is a plugin for that too.

As you can see with this guide, there’s a social networking WordPress plugin for everyone based on your specific needs. Now, talk about this post with a friend who also needs it. Naturally, you will find social buttons right here to do just that.

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