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If you’re struggling to manage probably the most critical business projects, project management software simplifies the process by helping you create a transparent workflow.

When done correctly, project management organizes your work and creates accountability for everyone on your team, with clearly defined tasks and deadlines—creating a roadmap to get you there.

Great project management computer software can be hard to find for free. Once you’re ready to manage your projects with ease, finding the right software will undoubtedly be easy with our six top free project management software recommendations.

All project management software listed in this guide offers totally free forever plans with intensive support and features that will help you keep track of everyday projects and maintain your business running smoothly.

The Top 6 Greatest Free Project Management Software

  1. Teamwork – Best for Group Projects
  2. Wrike – Great for Campaign Creation
  3. ClickUp – Best for The majority of Standard Businesses
  4. Paymo – Best for Freelancers and Remote Teams
  5. Trello – Best for Beginners
  6. Asana – Best for Customization

#1 – Teamwork – Best Project Management Software for Group Projects

Check out Teamwork

  • day to day customer support
  • Conversation, helpdesk, CRM, and content collaboration
  • Zapier integration
  • Comes with FREE plan

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If your business relies heavily on group tasks that can be difficult to manage, Team-work will be right for you.

As an easy to use and feature-rich project management software, Teamwork is great for group projects that often get a small overwhelming. By using the dashboard and board view options, you are able to manage multiple complicated projects at once.

Board view also enables you to check individual project wellness statuses to see if your tasks are on the right track and see what’s left to do. Team-work gives you a choice to scale into a full platform along with various tools, such as chat, helpdesk, CRM, and content material collaboration.

An excellent additional feature is its excellent customer support. Even at no cost users, Teamwork offers day to day phone, live chat, and email support.

Teamwork’s forever free plan gives you most project management tools, two projects, 5 users, a Zapier incorporation, various account management tools, and 100MB of storage space. When you’re ready to improve, the paid plans start at $10 per user monthly for the Pro plan, providing you 300 projects and more integrations.

#2 – Wrike – Best Project Management Software for Campaign Development

Check out Wrike

  • Great for small teams
  • Dashboard for campaign creation
  • Cross-channel overall performance analytics
  • Includes FREE plan

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Wrike is an excellent device for smaller teams centered on campaign creation and social media marketing endeavors.

With data-driven insights and cross-channel performance analytics, your campaigns will be better than ever. This is a new feature to Wrike, yet it’s certainly great for anyone looking to optimize and expand their results.

You might have the choice to optimize advertisments in real-time, with the use of their 360 campaign visibility dashboard system—allowing you to see information for assets, campaigns, and social channels.

For a simple transition, Wrike lets you import your current data into their portal from over 50 digital marketing and advertising tools. However , the amount differs from plan to plan.

Other great features on the free plan include peer to peer, a spreadsheet view, current activity stream, sync across devices, cloud storage, plus 2GB of storage space.

If you want even more marketing and social media features, you’ll have in order to upgrade your plan, beginning at $9. 80 per user per month. For Wrike Analyze and Marketing Information to get a more macro see of your marketing impact, campaign effectiveness, and detailed analytics, you’ll need to contact Wrike for a customized quote.

#3 – ClickUp – Best Project Software for Most Standard Businesses

Visit ClickUp

  • Easily import work from Airtable, Exceed, and more
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Real-time collaborations
  • Includes a FREE plan

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Whether you’re a good amateur or a veteran at managing your projects, ClickUp is the greatest choice for project administration within most standard companies.

ClickUp is very popular in the business world and may easily import your work from many other platforms, including Airtable, Excel, and Monday. possuindo. ClickUp makes managing your projects super simple with eleven key features that include easy to customize options.

ClickUp lets you create custom colors to show different tasks, which makes improvement easier to track. It’s the ideal tool for multiple tasks, as it has a multitask toolbar and task checklists available to the entire team. The free of charge plan even lets you have unlimited tasks and members.

With the free plan, some key features include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Custom fields
  • 10 automations per month
  • Real-time collaboration
  • 50+ integrations

Not only really does this software have helpful features and 24/7 assistance, but it also has customizable areas and statuses that notify you—without you having to follow-up with your team on a occupied schedule.

The particular free plan offers limitless tasks, unlimited members, plus 100MB storage. If you find yourself needing to upgrade, the Limitless plan starts at $5 per month, billed annually.

#4 – Paymo – Best Project Software for Freelancers and Remote control Teams

Visit Paymo

  • Scheduling system great for remote teams
  • Time-tracking tool measures team efficiency
  • Beautifully designed workflow boards
  • Comes with a FREE plan

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Working from home can be overwhelming. Missed deadlines, insufficient communication, and confusing processes make it even harder to handle your workflow. However , Paymo is here to help as the greatest project management software for remote workers and freelancers.

Paymo helps you acquire a smooth transition into remote work with transparent workflows. With this particular, you’re able to add content, rename columns, and color code tasks to reveal your processes uniquely and just.

The best part of Paymo is their scheduling program because you can schedule your own team in advance with a contributed resource calendar. This function is perfect for remote work because it allows you to balance schedules much easier so your team can work in optimal conditions without being physically together in an office space.

Another prominent function is the ability to measure your own team’ s performance with active timers. This saves you the hassle of installing a separate time-tracking tool and making a rigid workflow.

Paymo offers six crucial features perfect for remote teams and seamless collaboration, for example comments and discussion community forums, file uploads, notifications, task and task statuses, job priorities, and a search functionality.

The free of charge version is perfect for freelancing plus remote work, focusing on task management, planning, and time tracking.

If you need to upgrade as your team expands, paid plans start at $9. 95 per user per month for even more features at the Small Office plan.

#5 – Trello – Best Project Software for Beginners

Visit Trello

  • Beginner friendly interface
  • Free plan offers you up to 10 boards per team
  • Company plan starts at $9. 99 per month
  • Intuitive Kanban-style boards

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If you’re searching for software that can help you kick-start your project management skills, Trello is the tool for you.

Some software can over-complicate your business, and with little support, it can be daunting for beginners. However , this is not the case with Trello as it offers built-in work flow automation straight off the softball bat.

This feature is extremely helpful for beginners because it requires them to do much less, leaving no room intended for confusion.

Another beginner-friendly feature is the option to sync Trello to all of your devices. The tool enables you to catch up with work and efficiently collaborate with your team out of your phone, tablet, or another device with no extra effort.

Trello is such a easy management software because of its use of planks and cards, creating a extremely visual and effective workflow. Having a clear view of your tasks can help people procedure and manage their business without stress, especially visual learners.

The particular forever free plan grants you access to 10 planks per team, unlimited credit cards, unlimited lists, 10MB per file attachment, 24/7 support, and 50 command-runs monthly.

When your corporation scales, you can upgrade towards the Business Class plan starting at $9. 99 per user per month.

#6 – Asana – Best Project Management Computer software for Customization

Visit Asana

  • Create workflows exclusive to your team
  • Unlimited tasks, projects, and activity logs
  • Premium plan starts in $10. 99
  • Comes with FREE plan

Try it today!

If you’re searching for easily customizable software to be able to your own, Asana is the 1 for you.

Asana lets you manage your projects plus teams as effectively as possible by allowing you to customize your own workflow.

With visual highlights, real-time charts, and color coordination, Asana takes planning, tracking, and handling to the next level.

Being able to change from a list see to a board view with ease is an absolute game-changer designed for businesses dealing with multiple projects.

Welcoming a new person to the team? No problem! Asana has you covered with the assignee and due dates functions, so you never have to worry about the newbie missing a deadline day because of miscommunication.

Asana offers an impressive list of features for a free strategy, including unlimited tasks, tasks, and activity logs, collaboration with up to 15 teammates, time tracking, unlimited file storage, and status updates.

If you love Asana and want to upgrade to a paid plan, the Premium plan starts at $10. 99 per user per month plus includes more, such as innovative search and reporting, milestones, private teams, and more.

How to Find the Best Project Management Software For You

Almost any project management software will help your business get on track, stay on deadline, and hit objectives. If each member of your team uses a different device or set of tools to stay structured, chances are no one is on a single page. If your employees do not know what the top priorities are or what they should work on next, then you know it is time to invest in a project administration tool.

Now that you know our top six best free project management software recommendations, it’s time for you to choose. This decision is important, as it will result in how well you run your teams and overall business—so it’s imperative in order to weigh your options against a little selection of criteria.

Specialization & Collaboration

The first step is to do some business reflection. What niche market does your business specialize in? How well does your team currently communicate and collaborate? You need to know because different project management software caters to different needs.

If you are a freelancer or run a remote team, then Paymo may be the smartest choice for you because it utilizes a lot of remote work and cooperation tools. You won’t always need advanced software like Wrike if you are a newbie or solo entrepreneur plus know little about task management. If your team disapprovals Pinterest-style boards or see them confusing, Trello will not work for you.

Figure out what collaboration tools you need and your team’s preferences, and then weigh your specific needs against each product, and you’ll discover what works best for you in no time.

Current Tools & Automations

All project management software offers several number of integrations and the ability to automate. But to find one that will integrate seamlessly into the existing infrastructure, you’ll need to build a list of all the equipment you currently use and after that compare that to the task management tools you’re contemplating.

Hopefully, one of these will integrate with all or most of the tools you already use, such as Google Generate, your CRM, Dropbox, yet others. Ideally, you will find a project management software that can replace some of your existing tools, like time-tracking software and communication tools, and combine those features in one place.

Customization Level

All the management software we looked at today offers some level of customization, and for a good reason.

When you’re focusing on multiple projects with a team, it can become difficult to see improvement and stay updated without customization and flexibility—especially having a larger team. Being able to personalize dashboards with drag-and-drop functions, color coding, task listings, and due date features are great ways to better handle your workflow.

When comparing, it’s important you find a project management software that will allow you to tailor the tool to everyone’s individual needs.

Learning Curve

Over time, your team will adapt to any new project management software. However , it takes a lot longer with overly complicated tools—leaving your team unsatisfied and your business suffering.

Therefore , it’s vital to find a tool that caters to everyone’s needs and is also user-friendly for your team. Management software such as Trello allows all of people to create a unique workflow just because of its simple interface plus display boards.

You should always have a trial time period with any new software program, ensuring everyone on your team can use the tool easily and judge if the studying curve is worth it. In this case, communication is key, and checking out in with your team is certainly imperative for a successful operate.


There are many project management tools available today. But we now have narrowed it down to the very best six options for various businesses. And because all of the tools on this list are free, about to catch making a risky investment simply by trying one.

If your business focuses on advertising social media, Wrike is a solid free project management tool to help you get every job completed. For managing group projects, go with Teamwork.

For overall high-quality free of charge project management software, ClickUp plus Paymo include a decent list of features in the free programs and have 24/7 customer support.

For visual learners and a lot of customization, try Trello or Asana.

Whether you want something basic or more complex, all 6 project management software listed here are excellent options for keeping track of all your company tasks and communication.

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