How you can Create a Facebook Group for the Business [+ Why You Should]

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Fb groups have helped me discover roommates in Boston, possible dog breeders for a family pet, and women’s networking possibilities in the nearby area.

In short: Facebook groups are unquestionably valuable.

Recently, companies have taken advantage of groups for their own benefits, as well — Peloton, for instance, uses groups to connect its users and facilitate a space where people can talk about exercise plans, training methods, plus workout schedules with one another.

Additional brands, including National Geographic and Instant Pot, have followed suit, creating their very own community-focused groups to inspire action, encourage engagement, and increase brand loyalty.

Also HubSpot recently created its private group, Marketer to Marketer.

If you’re considering creating a Facebook group for your own organization, you’ll want to keep reading. Here, we’re going explore the differences between Facebook groups and Pages, tips on how to create a Facebook group, and whether or not it’s worth the time and effort.

Let’s dive in.

Should I create a Facebook group to get my business?

To determine whether or not a Facebook group may be beneficial for your business, let’s begin with the differences between a Facebook group and a Facebook Web page.

Most businesses should have a Facebook Page. A Page allows you to advertise on Facebook, and it is a public-facing profile to post company-relevant updates and notices to Facebook users at-large.

If you’re a nonprofit company, a Page also enables you to write-up a ‘Donate’ button to increase donations from the Facebook neighborhood.

Considering 1 . 56 billion people are on Facebook, it’s important your business has a Facebook Web page to increase brand awareness, advertise to new audiences, collect audience insights, and even chat with users looking for customer service.

Because Gary Vaynerchuk told HubSpot’s CEO Brian Halligan, “… You can’t be alive in the game without a Facebook. ”

All of which is to say: Having a Facebook Page is a requirement for getting your business active on one of the largest social media platforms.

A Facebook group, on the other hand, is much smaller-scale and typically more exclusive than a Page. For instance, having a group, you’re able to set up open membership, membership upon approval, or even membership by invites only. Then, once people are accepted into your group, they’re able to freely post and engage with one another.

Simply put, a Facebook Page is company-focused, whilst a Facebook group is certainly community-focused.

A group is a good idea if you’re interested in connecting your customers or leads to one another, you want to facilitate a feeling of community surrounding your brand name, or you’re hoping to showcase your brand as a thought leader in the industry.

However , a group is not a good idea if you need to use it to raise awareness about your products or services, or simply use it to post company announcements.

People want to join groups by which they feel a sense of belonging and connection with fellow group members, and to learn about a market at-large — which takes effort, resources, and time for you to ensure your team may deliver.

If you don’t feel you might have the resources to develop a valuable, engaging Facebook team, it might be best to wait before you do.

However , if you’ve established a Facebook group could be the right decision for your own company, let’s explore how you can make one.

How to Create a Facebook Group for Your Business

1 . On your company’s Facebook homepage, click “Groups” in the left-hand side.

the group button on facebook homepage

2 . Click the “+ Create New Group”.

create new group button on facebook

3. Enter a Group Name, and then select your privacy (Public versus Private). You also have the option to invite Facebook friends immediately if you’d like. Then, click “Create”.

dashboard for creating a new facebook group

4. Click “Edit” on your cover photo to choose from Facebook photos, illustrations, or even upload a photo from your computer.

the edit button to change your facebook group cover photo

five. Add a description to your Group so people know what your group is about. Additionally , if you want to create a private group for customers, you can copy-and-paste customer email addresses into the “Invite” box.

the box on a facebook group to add a group description or invite friends

And that’s it! Your own Facebook Group is now ready-to-go.

However , in order to encourage strong retention and engagement, you’ll want to be a working community lead. To pin number posts, create a poll within the group, and more, keep reading.

Learn how to Pin a Post within a Facebook Group

A pinned post is a post that will remain at the top of your group’s timeline for seven days (unless you unpin before then).

This is important if you’ve posted content to encourage engagement. For instance, when you’ve posted an Ask Me personally Anything, you might want to pin that will post to ensure users can find it easily even once group members start publishing their own content on the timeline.

Additionally , if you’ve posted in order to welcome new members towards the community and provide some essential information on your group, you might like to keep that post pinned to ensure new users have the right context as soon as these people jump into your group for the first time (of course, you’ll also want to provide context in your description, as well).

1 . To pin a post, you’ll first need to type your message into the “What’s on your mind” box, and after that click “Post”.

2 . Once the post is published, click the three dots at the top right of your write-up and select “Mark as announcement”:

the button to pin a post on facebook And that’s this! Your post is now pinned to the top of your schedule for the next seven days.

Following, let’s dive into ways to create a poll in your new group.

How to Create a Vote in a Facebook Group

1 . To create a poll within a Facebook group, start by clicking on into the “What’s on your mind? inch box. Then, click on the three dots that say “More”:
the three dots you need to click to create a facebook poll

2 . Next, click “Poll” out of your menu options.

the poll tool within facebook

3. Kind your poll question in to the text space, and then include your individual options into every text box. Click “Poll options” to fine-tune your poll. When you’re ready, click “Post” to immediately publish your own poll.

the create poll feature in facebook

The way to Create a Private Facebook Team

1 . You have the choice to create a Private or Public Facebook team when you’re first creating a group:

privacy options for facebook groups 2 . However , if you created a general public Facebook group and now want to make it private, you can do that by clicking “Settings” under “Manage Group” (from inside your group):  

manage group dashboard on facebook 3. Next, click on the pencil besides “Privacy” plus click on the “Private” bubble (Note: It takes three days to alter a group from public to private):

changing your group to private on facebook For more information about the benefits of having a private Facebook group, read about how HubSpot made the decision to make its own private Facebook group — plus, why the social team feels the Facebook group is critical for faciliating deeper, more meaningful connections between HubSpot users as well as the industry as a whole.

And that’s this! You’re now on your way to engaging with leads, prospects, or even customers directly within your Facebook group to increase brand devotion and value.

If you’re searching for inspiration before designing your own personal Facebook group, take a look at 9 of The Best Facebook Groups Coming from Ever Seen.

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