How to Use WordPress: Ultimate Guide to Building a WordPress Website

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The thought of creating your personal website may seem overwhelming.

You might even think this task can be impossible for anyone but the developer or a person using a background in web design.

Nicely, I have good news for you — there’s a software out there that’s so easy to use, virtually anyone can successfully create a special and professional-looking website for their business, blog, or profile. It’s called WordPress.

But how?

This ultimate information will cover a basic step-by-step procedure for creating your own WordPress site as well as a list of tips and tricks to consider while working with WordPress.

But first, let us answer the question most people have got when they begin thinking about their new WordPress website: What is the difference between WordPress. org and WordPress. com?

Wp. org vs . WordPress. com

The difference between WordPress. org and WordPress. com has to do with who is actually hosting your website.

You host your own website or even blog on WordPress. org, through a third-party hosting company. You also have to download your own WordPress software, buy a domain name on a third-party site, plus manage your server. It is a much more hands-on experience than with WordPress. com.

Wp. com offers to sponsor your website just for you. Additionally you don’t need to download any software or manage the server. If you choose WordPress. com, your website’s WEB LINK will look like this: Nevertheless , you have the option to furthermore upgrade your WordPress. possuindo account and buy a custom domain from a third-party company (meaning your URL may be like this:

How to Choose Between WordPress. org or Wp. com

You may be wondering whether WordPress. org or Wp. com would be a better fit. Let’s review a few more of the pros and cons that come with both choices, so you can make an informed choice.

WordPress. org is ideal if you want full power over customizing and controlling your website. However , there is a lot more responsibility that comes with managing a WordPress. org website. You need to purchase and set up your own domain name, upload and set up plugins and a theme, modify your website’s code, and manage your website’s safety. WordPress. org is liberated to use, but you have to pay designed for everything else that goes into aquiring a website.

WordPress. possuindo is more suitable if you’re looking for an helpful option that has most of the effort done for you. You’ll never need to manage your server, pay money for your hosting, or buy a domain. There are also a number of customization options that come with a WordPress. possuindo plan to help you make your website seem the way you want it to.

WordPress. com has a free and paid version. If you stay with the free version, you can not upload any custom themes or plugins, and you will possess a WordPress subdomain. However , there is always the option to pay for premium improvements and other plans that provide a person with even more features and control, as well as the option to purchase a custom domain through a third-party site.

WordPress for Beginners: How to Use WordPress

There are a number of ways for you to create your dream website with WordPress. Users generally find the software easy to use, but getting started could be understandably intimidating if you’re completely new to the process. That’s why we have built this “WordPress for Beginners” guide. Want a quick introduction before you dive deep? Take a look at this helpful video:

For a lot more resources, we’ve also compiled some of the most useful websites for learning about WordPress — these can be incredibly valuable sources of information as you start you journey.

most popular CMS today. Its simplicity of use and versatility enable nearly all users and business owners to produce a website that works for his or her needs. Here’s how you can do the same.

1 . Select a WordPress plan (WordPress. com only).

To begin creating your website, pick a WordPress plan. As stated earlier in the day, with WordPress. org you only have one (free) plan option — but it requires you to buy your domain, hosting provider, plugins, themes, and everything else related to your WordPress site.

With WordPress. com, you’ll have to choose between the five plans they offer.

pricing plans for a wordpress website
Image Source

The main differences between these plans are the monthly fee, types of site customization, and the access you get to marketing tools.

hosting provider for WordPress on average happen around the same time in the website creation process.

Before we talk about how to complete those tasks, let’s discuss the difference between your domain name and hosting provider.

Think about your domain name as your home address — it’s how your visitors are able to locate your website on the Internet. You domain name will look something like this:

Your hosting provider is like your house — it’s where your website files are in fact stored. Without a hosting provider, your site wouldn’t have space on a server to “live. ” Some of the best WordPressing hosting providers include WP Engine, Bluehost, and Kinsta.

product page for wp engine wordpress hosting

Image Place

How to pick domain along with hosting providers

Again, Scuttle. org expects you to make your own domain and find any third-party hosting provider your website. WordPress. com helps you decide whether or not you want a custom made domain depending on the plan you pick out, but it takes care of the company for you.

Your hosting installer is important because it impacts your website’s speed, security, then reliability. There are hundreds of staff to choose from, which is why we made a list of 22 of the best Pligg hosting providers to help you learn what will work best for you. These types of providers meet WordPress’ different hosting requirements:

  • PHP version a few. 4 or greater
  • MySQL version 5. 6 on the other hand greater OR MariaDB cheap 10. 1 or a lot higher.
  • HTTPS support

When the topic is hosting providers for your Wp site, make sure they fulfill all of the above criteria.

For domain names, getting is a as easy as searching and purchasing one single through your domain registrar of preference. If you are new to WordPress. junto de but have already purchased not to mention created a domain name elsewhere, not a problem — you’ll have the option in order to transfer or map this kind of to your WordPress website.
For the sake of this guide, let’s expect you do undoubtedly yet really domain or hosting firm. Here’s how to start creating your internet site with the popular hosting service Bluehost.

First, head to Bluehost’s web business and click Get Started .

product page for bluehost wordpress website hosting
Image Type

From this level, you’ll be taken to Bluehost’s discounts page to choose from four coverages.

pricing for bluehost wordpress website hosting

Image Source

Once you choose your favorite plan and click Select , you are going to be taken to another page to join up with a domain name.

Bluehost signup page for WordPress website

Image Source

Once you select this domain name, you’ll be given a page to complete your account and furthermore billing information for your ordering.

Bluehost account page for WordPress website
Image Source

Pursuing confirming your account and purchasing your ultimate domain, you will gain access to your good hosting dashboard where you’ll be able to install the Pligg CMS.

Find WordPress.

If you are using a web provider outside of WordPress, you are going to need to install the CMS to connect your new domain to your site.

This time, let’s use GoDaddy as an example. (Don’t worry, no matter the hosting provider you choose, this money looks similar. )

Remember: If you choose to use a managed Squidoo hosting service like WP Engine or Kinsta, you will not need to go through this process, sip those services were earned specifically for WordPress and will are blessed with WordPress installed for you.

To crank up, log into your GoDaddy password, click Hosting , and then Manage . You will be delivered to a screen with your finance details.

GoDaddy account for WordPress website

Image Source

Scroll down and while under Options & Settings , you will see a neighborhood titled Quite popular Apps . Click on the WordPress app to begin the installing.

GoDaddy settings for WordPress website

Diagramme Source

Appropriate after installing WordPress, you’ll need to reason a few questions about the domain you’ll want to use, the directory where you want them to install WordPress, and your managment information.

After about twenty four hours, your website will be installed as part of your hosting account, and GoDaddy will send you an email seeking.

Now that you have your domain started and WordPress installed, you’d next need to set up your own personal “Primary Domain” within WordPress, so your visitors see your website design when they search your website url.

In WordPress, go to My Site and click Domains . Choose the custom domain you want to make the primary domain.

Setup custom domain for WordPress website

Image Source

Then, click Make Primary .

domain settings for WordPress website

Video Source

Examine you meant to make this amendment by clicking Update Primary Domain .

primary domain for WordPress website

Figure Source

Affirm the update was efficient by looking for a green kasten with a checkmark that tells how Primary Sector .

verify domain for WordPress website

Image Source

Now, on to step four: property or home your website look nice.

WordPress’ many themes and also templates, each of which includes multitude of layouts, formatting creations, colors, fonts, and other look options.

WordPress automatically employs a default theme that is rather plain. You can ensure that is stays, but your website visitors may not be so impressed. A custom WordPress theme, if or not it’s paid or able, will make your website look great looking and professional to your person personas.

Similar to the wide range of host providers available, there are also an abundance of themes and templates to choose from. To help you out, we’ve put together the lowdown on 20 of our favorite themes or templates and templates and listed them by purpose. Despite of whether you’re looking for a theme workable enough for multiple diverse business types, or it suitable for your ecommerce service, portfolio, blog, or characterization, there’s a theme that will work to your specific needs. On top of your concept, you can further customize your own personal pages with a builder attachment like Elementor.

To find a look that works best for you in Blogger. org, head to your owner dashboard. Click Appearance , then Themes . If you find yourself brought to another screen where you should browse available themes or perhaps even search for a specific one in store.

the theme selection page on a wordpress website

Once you find the perfect structure, simply install it to begin customizing. Each theme has new and exciting steps required during the change process, so be sure to respect them closely. If a themed has a website (often indécis through the WordPress theme and web design library), check for documentation passes work through the customization technique.

5. Add posts & pages to your website.

When you impart content to your WordPress website page, it’s usually displayed such as posts and pages.

Articles or blog posts (or “dynamic pages”) are usually used for blogs and casinos because they automatically place your newest website content opening into your featured content. Faits are static, which is why these companies appeal more to business owners — the added content travels to the same place.

Posts yet pages are the main entry types in WordPress. Additionally , there are other native post your, as well as custom post differences. For now, we can just go by pages and posts.

Start by deciding whether you want a piece of writing or page to serve as the homepage (or any specific page) of your website. For adding a post to your website, displays bursting with admin dashboard, click Posts and then Add New .

the dashboard menu on a wordpress website

You can add a definite title for your post, put in photos, change the format, as insert page elements throughout blocks and shortcodes. Check out Save Pen to save personal changes as a draft, aka click Release to suddenly take the post live.

Creating a page to your website is a the equivalent process. In your admin vicinity, click Websites , then Add New .

the dashboard menu on a wordpress website

First, use a title to your page. Using, you can insert photos, introduce videos, and add content. Keep to the same steps to create diverse pages for your website. That finished, click Save Draft or Upload .

6. Customize your.

Beyond the theme you pick, there are a number of ways to much deeper customize your website. Let’s inspection a few options.

First, why don’t customize your site title. For the admin dashboard, select Settings > All around . Here, add website title and tagline. You might toggle other basic internet page information like you URL, send out, time zone, and more.

the general setting page on a wordpress website

Eat, let’s customize your seeing sections. Under Settings > Reading , you can change your home page to some other static page.

the reading setting page on a wordpress website

Consider this if you’re a business owner who favors having content remain in one you use place on your website. Consider using the best dynamic page if you’re a blogger who prefers getting your newest content appear at the common of your pages. This way, them can easily find your contemporary posts.

The navigation restaurant is customizable, too. This enables your visitors to easily find information into your website.

Add a navigation bartender by going to your admin dashboard, clicking Appearing and then Menus .

the menus options page on a wordpress website

From here, you can determine how want your bar to look, the volume of pages you want to include, what you look for to title those web, and what order you want put up be listed in.

Obviously, this is just a fraction of what you can do in the dashboard — click here for more information on your own WordPress site settings and customization options.

55, 000 available plugins, there are options for most every type of website and user. Some of the most popular plugins available include:

  • HubSpot WordPress Plugin: Easily add pop-ups, forms, and live chat to your WordPress website. And as an added bonus, pair this plugin, or other CRM plugins, with your HubSpot CRM.
  • The Events Calendar: An effortless events calendar that makes scheduling events from your site easy.
  • Yoast SEO: The go-to plugin to help you with on-page SEO. This app makes sure you’re following best practices before you push your site live.
  • TablePress: Need a table on your site? Look no further.
  • The SEO Framework: Another plugin that can help you master SEO on your site.

To start installation, head to the Plugins section in your admin dashboard. This shows you all the plugins currently installed in your site. Depending on your host, you might have several plugins installed already. Note that for a plugin to work you must activate it after installing.

the plugins page on a wordpress website

To add a new plugin, click Add New . Search for your desired plugin and then click Install Now , wait a few seconds, then click Activate .

the add plugins screen on a wordpress website

Get the WordPress CRM plugin that can help you organize, track, and nurture your leads.

8. Optimize your website to increase page speed.

Website performance is a critical part of the user experience. If a page takes too long to load, your visitors will move quickly to another site. That you don’t want to frustrate visitors with slow speeds.

You can enhance your website’s performance by enabling browser caching. Browser caching is the process of temporarily storing your website’s data in your visitors’ browsers. That way, your articles doesn’t need to be sent from the net server for it to appear in the browser, which increases the web site speed.

To enable caching for the website, install and activate a caching plugin with the process described above.

9. Get inspired from WordPress website examples.

As you begin to customize your website, you could feel overwhelmed by all of the options you have. In place of starting completely from scratch, it helps to grab some inspiration from other exemplary WordPress websites. Here are some of our favorites:

99% Invisible is just a popular podcast that centers around design and architecture. Their website is sleek, modern, and offers easy navigation for visitors to quickly access each podcast episode.

the homepage for the 99 percent invisible wordpress website

Image Source

The Houston Zoo’s website displays its main attraction on the homepage. The magnification device . icon on the top menu bar makes searching the site effortless.

homepage for the houston zoo wordpress website

Image Source

Awesome Motive, the creators behind several WordPress projects, engages their visitors with a polished, yet simple internet site. It features subtle animation to grab people’s attention.

Awesome Motive WordPress website example

Image Source

user experience with a WordPress theme that complements your business and website content.

repayments Use dashes and not underscores when naming your files in WordPress. Google looks as underscores as joiners, meaning your file will look like one big word. That won’t help you with your SEO. Use dashes to make it obvious there are separate words. (For example, use, perhaps not

3. Use WordPress’ online support for any questions or concerns you may have while creating or using your website. There are a variety of forums and ways to reach out to WordPress experts listed on their website.

4. Use Image Alt Text to your advantage. Image Alt Text can be used to improve your SEO and Google rankings.

5 . Keep your sidebar as organized as possible . Stick to the essentials and consider what your website visitors and buyer personas really need easy and quick access to.

6. Right back up your website regularly, so if you ever lose access or have technological difficulties, you have everything required to completely restore your content. There are a variety of plugins, such as Snapshot Pro, made specifically for burning your WordPress content.

7. Learn and understand SEO basics to ensure your website is completely optimized so you can boost your conversions.

8. Create a custom homepage. As mentioned early in the day, WordPress will provide you with a default homepage. Take the time to create your personal with a theme that works for your business — remember, this is your visitor’s first impression of your business, blog, or portfolio.

9. Keep an eye on your website’s performance and understand what is and isn’t employed by your visitors. There are a number of of use WordPress plugins, as well as Bing Analytics software, to help of the performance.

10. Integrate an “About Us” sheet on your website to show your visitors you’re one specific trustworthy person and/or opportunity. “About Us” pages may be known to be the second most-visited sites on websites (after homepages) — so introducing yourself is extremely important.

11. Make sure your world wide web is secure to secure there are no hackers accomplishing entry. Again, there are plenty of extras such as WP Defender is able to do with security.

16. Create custom permalinks. Permalinks are the forever URLs that you plan to proceed static for the foreseeable future. They’re important because they improve subscriber experience and enhance your Scuttle website SEO.

13. Create a custom navigation thin bar (as people around the globe reviewed earlier) to make your web blog easy to use for your visitors.

14. Include excerpts pertaining to blog posts subsequently people don’t land on your website page and see your entire watch at once. By only this kind of excerpts on your blog what the, you make room to feature all of your blogs in one exact placement. Visitors can then read the excerpts and click-through to read you see, the posts they are most considering about.

15. Structure you in a way that makes sense for your business, visitors, and thus buyer personas. For example , have posts if you’re a doodlekit and use pages if you’re a business owner.

16. Dismantle “Comment” and “Share” buttons from specific pages of your website. We all don’t need (or want) a “Comment” or “Share” button on your “About Us” page, or any of your internet service pages for that matter.

seventeen. Consider what your website looks like around mobile. It is a no secret people are searching the actual web while on their phones, tablet pc, and other mobile devices these days. Contemplate using a plugin to help you gain a responsive, mobile WordPress styles.

18. Use visuals and video content when possible to break up the text on your website pages.

19. Update your Live journal site and plugins regularly. WordPress will say when updates are unveiled. This will keep your website shopping fresh and working with ease.

20. Use personal proof to produce your new website visitors how many other many people already viewed your site so content. There are plugins to guide you do this in a matter of minutes.

21. The CRM that works with your Live journal site. A CRM \ keep track of the way users are almost always interacting with your website and group}. Here’s a list of some of the best WordPress CRM options.

Build a Website Containing WordPress

Having a great internet page matters. It’s how you hook up to your visitors and leads, write a positive first impression with fresh, new users, and boost métamorphose. The good news is creating your own online store doesn’t have to be a daunting process…at least not with WordPress.

One of the easy-to-use CMS offers diligently customizable plans suitable for everything needs. With no prior fact necessary, you can start building your beautiful site for your business, thoughts, portfolio, or online store right away.

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