13 Creative Ideas for Your Next Facebook Live Event, from HubSpot’s Social Media Campaign Manager

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In 2016, Facebook released Live movie on their platform.   As we came into a new decade, it seemed the initial live loading frenzy on Facebook had calmed down. But today, remote work and digital events are the norm.

The effect: Live video is having the moment in the spotlight again.

Actually Facebook says the number of people in the U. S. watching live streams has increased simply by 50% since the beginning of 2020. This leaves numerous marketers again asking: Should I go reside?

The answer will depend on your brand, goals, and resources. But for many marketers, streaming a Facebook Live reaches the top of their to-do checklist. For starters, video consumption is not slowing down. By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic.

Reside videos specifically are attention-grabbing — especially when the audience gets a push notification.

Plus, live videos present a distinctive opportunity to build trust with interactive, two-way conversations.

The instant, authentic, and interactive connection with a livestream is a no-brainer for some marketers. But it’s important to note that not every strategy is right for every brand. Going live can be intimidating. And there are nuances that deter many marketers from taking the plunge. Some reasons a brand may choose not to proceed live: time, talent, content strategy, resources, and more.

Discussing whether Facebook Live suits into your strategy? Consider these types of questions: Why are you creating Facebook Live? Do you have resources? Do you have time? Does your target audience consume Facebook Live? Can you repurpose the particular live video content elsewhere?

You don’t have to utilize Facebook Live to be successful. Yet it’s worth exploring, specifically now that live streaming is definitely booming. Need some support to take the plunge? Live streams are simple to set up. All you require to “go Live” is really a smartphone and some creative ideas.

That’s where we come in — here, let’s explore innovative Facebook Live ideas, as well as best practices to take your Reside strategy to the next level.

1 . Train a class.

Once of the most valuable things you can do for your audience on social media is teach them how to do something. Free, live educational programming is a great way to position your brand as a thought leader. It also gives your audience a far more robust understanding of your item and or services.

For instance, at HubSpot we often posting educational content on our Fb page, like the example beneath:

Facebook live video thumbnail from HubSpot's How to Create a SEO Strategy for 2020 content

By going live, you’re incorporating an extra level of authenticity plus connection. For instance, you might tell readers they can send along questions in real time, and they can observe their questions get responded on-the-fly. The live Q& A format might also help readers feel more involved than they would with a pre-recorded video.

Additionally , you can save plus upload your Live movies for viewers to consume after-the-fact. This enables you to reach a bigger audience than you could just through live.

2 . Make an announcement or share breaking news.

Unless they choose the “Follow” setting, fans of your Facebook page have a tendency see everything you post. However , the default setting meant for users is to receive a notice when someone they know or a page they adhere to goes live. With this in mind, Facebook Live is an ideal route for those important updates that you would like the majority of your followers to understand.

Here are some great examples of announcements you can make:

  • Breaking news in your sector and your company’s stance onto it
  • New product launches or improved features (more on this later)
  • Changes in your organization’s leadership
  • An office move to a new area or renovations to your space

3. Raise money for a result in.

More than ever, consumers want to buy through companies with values. Work with a live stream to support your values and raise recognition for the things your treatment most about.

During the reside stream, explain the cause, why it’s important, and how the audience can help. You can even pin a comment to direct your own audience to the right place to give support. Additionally , some competent Facebook pages will be able to add a Donate button to their live video clips on mobile.

4. Sponsor a weekly roundtable.

Take the time to talk about topics your target audience cares about with a weekly roundtable. Some of the most popular roundtables on Facebook now include Red Table Talk, DORRIE on Watch, and more.

During a roundtable livestream the individuals could field audience questions, give perspective on market news, or entertain the particular audience. Of course , a live roundtable style will take a lot more set-up than others. However like a TV show, it can become content your audience tunes set for weekly.

5. Take them concealed from the public view with a tour or process-style workshop.

Give your market an exclusive look at what happens behind-the-scenes of your product. Your audience will have a deeper link with a product or service if they know the process.

Think about whatever you can share that would be interesting or compelling for your audience to know. This tactic is especially perfect for brands who pride themselves on transparency.

For instance, have a look at this Dunkin’ Behind-the-Scenes Live video, in which you’ll see a “First store of the future concept”:

The Live video gives viewers a chance to deepen their connection to the particular brand, particularly since the movie isn’t especially “polished”, instead showcasing a more authentic side to Dunkin’.

6. Hang out live in a Facebook Group.

There are over 10M+ organizations on Facebook, with 1 . 4B people using them every month. Consider going live in a group for an exclusive chat with your community. Groups are often smaller and more niche than firm pages, so it’s most likely the audience is more committed to a topic.

Consider keeping this kind of live video very casual. For instance, you could set a discussion topic each week for the audience to ask questions around. Or even, ask your group desire they want to talk about and plan around their interests.

7. Do an AMA having a company expert.

Access to experts in-person is difficult — even before physical distancing. Host an AMA and give your audience access to your businesses’ most knowledgeable employees.

Throughout the live stream, the expert can answer questions on the fly — or consider fielding questions from other social stations and promote a loose agenda.

8. Do a talking to session live.

Service-based sectors, particularly ones with a training or consulting element, can use Facebook Live as an chance to show off skills in real time. This can often be even more fascinating than an AMA considering that you’re able to go beyond high-level technique and into the gritty information.  

If you have a customer who is interested in taking the very first step with you, ask for their permission to be featured live. You’ll increase your chances of all of them saying yes by providing an incentive (whether that’s making the session free when you normally charge for it or various other kind of bonus).

The goal of the live consultation will be to solve one of their pains or problems in front of an market so that each viewer imagines themselves in the prospect’s shoes and boots. Ideally, they’d be thinking, “That person could be me personally. I wonder what would be said in a consultation/coaching program about my business/situation. inch

9. Showcase current supply and sell to a live audience.

If you’re a product-based company with visually interesting products, you might consider showcasing your existing inventory with a reside video and allowing customers to comment when they find something they want to buy.

Begin focusing use this type of content sparingly, though, because you don’t wish to always come across as overly salesy on social media since most people aren’t logging on with purchasing intent. However , every now and then and with a lot of engagement, this kind of post can prompt interest and generate revenue.

ten. Host an exclusive product release or post-launch education program.

Want to make a splash together with your next product launch? Consider launching it on Fb Live. This tactic gives your own audience incentive to pay attention.

Alternatively, you might consider starting your product across every channels and provide a supplementary live stream. Then, during the live stream you can give the market a first look at the product in action.

11. Host a contest.

Everyone likes a chance to win something, right? Incentivize your market to get involved by marketing the contest ahead of time and putting up a prize that excites them.

Some examples of Facebook Live contests consist of:

  • Trivia
  • Spin to Win
  • Select a Number
  • Lottery

Those are all excellent examples, but don’t be scared to get creative, either. Any kind of carnival-style test of skill could work for your target audience to (virtually) “step right up. ”

12. Play a casino game.

One of the key ways to be successful on social media is to humanize your brand. And what much better way to do that than talk about content of you playing a game? Challenge one of your employees to a Jenga match or even game of Taboo. Recording it live is a way of including your audience in in the shenanigans you get up to (and, in effect, the human elements of your brand).

13. Have a small fun.

Speaking of humanizing your own brand, you don’t have to play a game or run a contest. There are other types of content you can discuss that shows your thrilling playful side:

  • Doing a dance
  • Highlighting “a day in the life” (or rather maybe just a couple minutes in the life)
  • Documenting an experiment
  • Tapping into performing skills to convey a message or make a point
  • Lip syncing

Just let loose and be authentic. Your own audience will love the chance to become familiar with you. For more inspiration, check out The Best Facebook Live Movies We’ve Ever Seen.

Best Practices for Facebook Reside

Once you have your ideas arranged, there are best practices to keep in mind. Below are some tips for before, throughout, and after you go live.

Before Going Live

Before your live stream, encourage your viewers to tune-in. Do this simply by notifying them via social media marketing posts and Stories.

Within your promotional content, source queries from audience members. It will help guarantee the content you generate is relevant and timely. Next, grab a tripod or even prop up your phone within a stabilized place. Check your Internet connection and get ready to start the particular show.

Pro-tip : Write a convincing description of your live movie beforehand. That way there are simply no spelling or grammar errors.

During Your Live Stream

At the start of your reside stream, be sure to build-in time to allow your audience in order to tune in. If filming on the phone, get the best image possible and lock primary and exposure.

Some live stream concepts require the talent to move further away from your phone. In that case, consider purchasing a wireless microphone that plugs into your phone.

Once you’re live, make it conversational plus encourage your audience to participate. You can respond to plus or pin fan comments. Get more exposure by posting the live stream in groups or Pages a person manage.

Additionally , although your own audience isn’t there in person, try to make direct eye contact. Look at the lens and interact with the camera. When it comes to making use of music in a live stream you need to have the rights into it. Using commercial music with out rights can be grounds with regard to removal of your live flow. Try using music from the Audio Collection within Facebook’s Creator Studio.

Facebook recommends going live for at least 15 minutes or longer. But remember, the time limit for a session using the Facebook mobile app is usually four hours.

After the Live Stream

After the live flow is complete, save the particular live video to your digital camera roll. There will be a quick once it ends. A great way to repurpose this content is to share it in your Feed, Stories, and even on IGTV. Repurposing a live video directly into supplementary social content can be even more rewarding.

So why move live on Facebook? It’s a unique content opportunity to help develop brand awareness. The real-time, two-way conversations that occur on live also help build relationships.

There are so many options for live streaming so obtain creative! And don’t forget, you can repurpose live videos across social channels. Adding value for the fans and followers in real time has never been easier.

Editor’s note: This post was originally published in May 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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