The 6 Best Thank You Web page Examples of 2021

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. Not exactly the message you desire your customers inferring from your home page’s Thank You Pages, is it?

Thanks a lot pages are effective opportunities to show appreciation towards your leads, potential clients, and customers for taking the desired action — and even potentially convert users or even increase sales through additional CTAs.  

Here, we’re going explore six different factors like a Thank You page, together with six stunning examples of Appreciate it pages to inspire your own designs in 2021 and beyond.  

Let’s jump in.  

What is a Thanks page?

Your customers and prospective customers see your Many thanks Page immediately after completing a form or making a purchase on your web page. It acts similarly to a confirmation email — except viewers don’t have to decide to open it.  

Think of the Thank You page as both last step in your transformation process and the first step regarding customer retention.  

The particular Thank You Page presents a prime opportunity to turn the lead into a customer — or a customer into a brand name advocate. The best way to do this? Make the next step(s) in the purchaser or user journey:

  • … Apparent and clear
  • … Instant
  • And exciting or desired.

What is the benefit of a Thank You web page?

Think of it this way: you might never have an easier, more organic opportunity to give a customer something that pleasantly surprises them plus precisely fits what they want.  

How do you know what your consumer wants? They just told you exactly what they want, by following the call-to-action on your site.

Right after someone follows the CTA on a landing page, take them to step two in their journey prior to they click away. Display customers you’re ready to deliver value time and time again.

For instance, in case a customer makes a purchase on your site, use the Thank You page being an opportunity to add value through additional resources or content material — which will build trust and delight customers.  

Alternatively, you might use a type Thank You page as an chance to provide leads with following steps. If the lead downloaded a Social Media Calendar ebook, the Thank You page may list out alternative social media marketing resources you’d like to provide.  

To see this in-action, let’s explore Thank You page illustrations, next.  

Thank You Web page Examples

1 . Purpose: Contact Form Completion

Confirm to your customer that they completed their meant action successfully – plus remind them what you will (and won’t) do with their info. Build trust and let them know you’re on their aspect.  

Let consumers understand you’re interested in delivering value . and won’t be emailing them just for the sake from it.

This is your best chance to encourage consumers your brand differs, and it comes long before they run across one of your messages in their mailbox.

Best Contact Form Thank You Web page

Axis Social tells a large, layered story on their Appreciate it page for new contact form sign-ups. Thanks to careful layout plus crisp design, they manage to push their primary CTA while also reinforcing interpersonal validation and trusted partners.

Axis Social's Thank You page

2 . Purpose: Downloadable

You likely have an ebook or other lead generation online send automatically via email. However , it’s still best to offer a download link to the particular originally-requested item right on your Thank You Page, as well.  

This can keep your customer involved on your site and boost the likelihood they’ll open and engage with your materials right away.  

Best Thank You Page for Downloadables

The Content Advertising Institute incorporates both indigenous download links and curated suggestions for additional on-site articles into their Thank You Pages. (It’s almost like they do this kind of point for a living …)

Content Marketing Institute's Thank You page

3. Purpose: Purchase Verification Pages

The post-sale confirmation page is an often-missed chance to surface similar, related, or complementary products.  

To improve effectiveness, you’ll want to customize these recommendations with an aligning provide — such as a coupon, rewards program, etc .  

In the event that customers can create an account along with your site, but also have the option of checking out as a guest, the particular confirmation page is also an excellent opportunity to prompt a free account creation.  

Best Buy Thank You Page

Few businesses can even begin to approach the amount of customer data that Amazon collects, stores, and harnesses across their businesses. This quality of information – as well as the company’s essentially limitless availability of items and store listings – makes the purchase verification page incredibly effective (and, as a consumer, quite difficult to resist).

amazon thank you page

4. Purpose: Appointments and Reservations

In case you have someone newly signed up for an appointment, the Thank You Page supplies a ready-made opportunity to expand or even extend the conversation with these. Encouraging viewers to follow or even engage with your organization on social is a natural next step.

Best Thank You Page for an Appointment or Booking

OpenTable incentivizes users to download the app once they’ve made an appointment so they can track plus modify changes from within the particular app itself. The Appreciate it page also includes useful notes about what to know just before arriving at the restaurant.  

opentable's thank you page

5. Purpose: Accounts Creation Thank You Pages

It is a prime opportunity to usher your own lead seamlessly into your onboarding or account setup procedure.  

You’ll want to make it so easy they don’t even think about clicking away.  

You know how much difficulty you had to work to get them to this point in the first place. Why not capitalize at the start by moving them a step or two together in your retention lifecycle journey?

Best Account Creation Thanks a lot Page

Backlinko goes apart from in laying out the next simple steps for their leads. They’ve mixed their page’s messaging along with urgency, but also friendliness and approachability.  

Backlinko's thank you page

six. Purpose: Donation Thank You Webpages

A donor isn’t ‘buying’ a product in the same way most other customers are, but they’re undoubtedly looking for some element of reassurance, affirmation, appreciation, or — at the very least — some confirmation that their contribution is usually making a positive impact and being well spent.  

For nonprofits, political campaigns, and other donor-soliciting sites, use the Thank You Page to provide a window into each donation’s impact, right from the start.

Additionally , it never ever hurts if you can anticipate and answer questions about your own efficacy before they’re also asked.  

Best Donor Thank You Page

Save the particular Chimps nails the impact of storytelling on their subscriber Thank You page, putting the chimps — the organization’s beneficiaries — front-and-center.  

save the chimp's thank you page

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