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Many business owners can attest to having a difficult experience getting started writing their company plan. Once underway, you need to consider your target market, recognize financial projections and cash flow, and sort through seemingly countless mounds of data.

Moreover, not everyone is born with the gift of writing. Keeping your business plan interesting and concise can prove to be a challenge.

Business plan software can help you get over these challenges and more. With the software, you can easily and rapidly create a professional business strategy even if you have never written a single before.

The Top 6 Best Business Plan Software

  1. Enloop – Best Totally free Business Plan Software
  2. LivePlan – Greatest Business Plan Software Designed for Startups
  3. GoSmallBiz – Best Business Program Software For Business Talking to
  4. BizPlan – Best Business Plan Software For Raising Capital
  5. Business Sorter – Best Business Plan Software For Simple Business Strategy
  6. PlanGuru – Best Business Plan Software program For Financial Reporting & Forecasting

So which is the best company plan software? Check out our own reviews to find out!

#1. Enloop – Best Free Business Plan Software program

Go to Enloop

  • Have it for free
  • Quite feature rich
  • Analyzes 16 financial ratios
  • Generate bank-ready forecasts

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If you are looking to create a one-time business plan, Enloop is the resource for you. The free edition is incredibly feature-rich, and you don’t even have to get into your credit card details. The free version is good for 7 days, with enough time to put together a solid business plan.

With the free version, you can do up to three business plans. The software program also analyzes 16 vital financial ratios based on your specific industry. Furthermore, the software instantly generates bank-ready financial forecasts for the next 36 months.

Additionally , you can add coloured charts, tables, and images to augment the automatically produced text for each section.

Other features include:

  • 100+ currency formats and emblems
  • Real-time efficiency score
  • Synced data and text
  • Pass / Fail report
  • Textual content, tables, and images format

Basically, you are getting Enloop’ s entire premium Performance plan for free. The only difference is that you simply can’ t collaborate along with team members using the free edition. The Performance plan, which usually costs $39. 95 each month (you can save 60% having an annual subscription), lets you collaborate with up to 5 associates.

If the features sound good, but you require more business plans along with a more extended subscription, you are able to go right ahead and obtain the Performance Plan. Alternatively, the Detailed pan expenses $19. 95 per month and gives you all of the features mentioned above. The only difference is you get three financial ratios examined and two-person collaboration.

We cannot consider a better free business strategy software for a one-time, professional business plan.

#2. LivePlan – Greatest Business Plan Software To get Startups

Visit LivePlan

  • Good for beginners
  • 500+ business plan templates
  • Step-by-step instructions
  • Starts on $20/month

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If you are just getting your foot wet as an entrepreneur, chances are you will need a lot of hand-holding. To start, the software lets you create a one-page summary. The executive overview is surprisingly detailed and includes expected sales exercise and target market in addition to a objective statement and value proposition.

LivePlan has a step-by-step approach that strolls you through the entire business strategy from beginning to end. All you have to to do is enter the proper information when prompted prior to moving to the next section. You may also customize the order designed for filling out the business plan in the event of missing data.

LivePlan also offers 500+ business plan templates, so you won’ t have a problem finding a single for your industry. You can also set up most fields and even make a list of some sections by person or job category. The application also provides multiple instance texts for each section that you can copy-paste or use regarding inspiration.

LivePlan encourages you to enter crucial economic data for financial forecasting, so you don’t miss something. The software integrates with QuickBooks and Xero to quickly import your data, or you can opt to use the program’ s drag-and-drop feature. Then, the software calculates and outputs financial projections for up to five years. In addition , you can automatically create month-to-month or annual budgets depending on your data.

Lastly, LivePlan puts all your financial data in easily digestible graphs and charts.

Additional features include:

  • Real-time performance tracking
  • Generate multiple plans
  • Collaboration
  • Breakthrough
  • Tutorials
  • Export your plan
  • SBA-approved type
  • Compare your own plan against real businesses

Instead of tiered plans with different features, you get all the features in a single plan. However , you can choose how to pay, whether month-to-month, every six months, or each year.

LivePlan also offers a 60-day money-back assure in case you are not happy with the software.

#3. GoSmallBiz – Best Business Plan Software For Business Contacting

Go to GoSmallBiz

  • Hands-on consulting
  • Interact with business attorneys
  • Free attorney services
  • Starts at $39/month

Get it today!

Whilst business plan software like LivePlan takes you through the process step-by-step, you are mainly by yourself. GoSmallBiz offers real, experienced consultants to answer your questions every step of the way. The consultants guarantee an answer in two days, and you can ask as many questions when you like.

Moreover, GoSmallBiz will also link you using a network of business lawyers at 40 percent off their standard rate. A few attorney services, such as initial consultation and document review, are free.

GoSmallBiz’ s business plan software is comprehensive. The solution contains industry-specific templates, financial claims and projections, and a step by step wizard. Furthermore, this software provides you with a business roadmap, which includes targeted advice and insight and a comprehensive business assessment based on your data.

Additional features include:

  • Business documents collection
  • HR record builder
  • Web site analysis
  • Electronic marketing dashboard
  • Customer relationship management
  • Corporate minutes article writer
  • Business classes

You have everything you need to start a small business from the beginning right here with one company. You get all these features and more with a single plan priced at $39 per month. It’ s expensive, but hardly unexpected given the features plus support you get with this software provider.

#4. BizPlan – Best Business Plan Software For Increasing Capital

Visit BizPlan

  • Great for startups
  • Integrations with Fundable and Launchrock
  • 500+ business plan templates
  • Automated financial reviews

Get it today!

BizPlan has raised over $500 million for startups. This software lets you create a professional business plan and also gives you access to potential funding.

BizPlan partners with Fundable and Launchrock so you can reveal your business plan with potential investors on these platforms. Alternatively, you can share a link to your business plan straight with investors of your choice.

The business program creator is robust plus sports all the features you will want with this kind of software. Just like LivePlan, this software takes you through the business strategy process step-by-step. The software also has 500+ templates, impressive visuals, and a progress tracker.

BizPlan also instantly generates financial reports based on your data, including income statements, balance sheets, team income forecasts, and break-even evaluation.

Additional features consist of:

  • Entry to expert advice
  • Access to lauchrock. com plus fundable. com
  • Masterclasses with 600+ movies
  • Advice plus interviews
  • On the web courses

You get access to the full list of features with one program. You can choose how to pay out. The annual plan expenses $20. 75 per month, while the monthly billing is $29. You can also select a one-time payment of $349 for lifetime access to the software.

#5. Business Sorter – Best Business Plan Software program For Simple Business Strategy

Visit Business Sorter

  • Simple, efficient software
  • Speedy plan development
  • Assign duties to team
  • Starts at $10/month meant for 3 users

Get it today!

Putting together a business plan can be time-consuming, even with the extra help of business plan software program. For business owners not interested in complex financial projections plus steep learning curves, Business Sorter is an appealing choice.

This application is basic, simple, and efficient. You are present with 273 cards to help you sort out your own priorities from the get-go. You can choose only the business goals that you would like to focus on. The credit cards cover the main areas, including finance, goods and services, sales, marketing, brand, operations, and people.

Next, arrange the particular steps for each area of your company plan. Business Sorter then creates a business plan template that you only need to fill in with all the relevant information.

Additionally , you can assign sections of the business plan to team members through email. You can also invite people to only view or watch and edit the plan to get better results as you go along. Business Sorter provides tips and prompts to get better results as you go along to streamline the process further. You can also add information to your business plan so you don’t lose track of your ideas.

This application is very visual, and you can generate your business plan in as little as 1 or 2 hours.

Every plan includes all functions. You select your plan in line with the number of users. Business Sorter pricing is as follows:

  • Business – Customized pricing for unlimited customers
  • Huge Team – $80 per month for 30 users
  • Medium Team – $30 per month regarding ten users
  • Small Team – $10 a month for three users

Business Sorter also offers a 14-day free trial, and you could save 33% by selecting annual billing.

#6. PlanGuru – Best Business Plan Software Just for Financial Reporting & Forecasting

Go to PlanGuru

  • Great for reporting and forecasting
  • Integrates w/ Excel & Quickbooks
  • 20 forecasting methods
  • Steep learning curve

Have it today!

In case your business plan is large on data, you want a tool that will put everything with each other concisely. PlanGuru is a company plan creating tool with a heavy focus on budgeting, predicting, and reporting.

PlanGuru integrates with Microsoft Exceed and QuickBooks so you can easily import your financial information. The software has an integrated cash flow statement, balance sheet, and income statement to cover all your bases. You can also choose from greater than 20 different forecasting strategies, including turn-key methods plus intelligent forecasting.

You can also build a rolling forecast by importing historical data. The software lets you compare real vs . budget reports for each month, so you always have an obvious idea of where you stand.

PlanGuru can have a steep learning curve, but the service provides plenty of videos to help you through the process. You also get requests and suggestions as you go together.

This software program competes with some of the best budgeting software out there. You can forecast monthly cash flow from multiple departments, automatically create a income statement, and track the particular business’s growth rate.

Additional features include:

  • Scenario analysis
  • Export in order to Excel, Word, and PDF
  • Create custom business drivers
  • Unlimited number of analysis
  • Business valuation device
  • Automatically resolved cash flow statement
  • Financial ratios
  • Notes payable and credit tools
  • Payroll utility
  • Consolidate an unlimited number of projections
  • More

You can choose from two different plans, the PlanGuru App and PlanGuru Desktop computer. The latter option installs on your Windows computer, while PlanGuru App is a cloud-based service that you can access anywhere.

  • PlanGuru App – $39 per month or $899 per year
  • PlanGuru Desktop – $99 per month or $899 per year

PlanGuru offers a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you are not happy with the software.

How To Find The Best Business Plan Software For You

Not all business plan software is created equal. You might have noticed that we haven’t ranked the software from best to worst. Rather, we have picked the best software program for different categories. Comparing these tools is often like comparing grapefruits to apples since they are designed with different users and applications in mind.

That being said, below are the most important criteria we all used when creating our top six best business strategy software reviews.

Business Plan Templates

The whole idea at the rear of using business plan application is you don’t have to create one from scratch. Surprisingly, some software will not come with ready-to-use templates. These kinds of software focus heavily upon other areas like data.

Mercifully, most of this software comes with hundreds of industry-specific templates. You may want to dig a little to make sure that you get templates for the specific industry.

Step-By-Step Wizard

Putting together a business plan is difficult enough without using frustrating software with a steep learning curve. Ideally, you should get right to preparing your business plan.

Many business plan software program come with a step-by-step wizard. The program breaks down the business plan into manageable sections. Simply fill out each section in its change until you are finished.

A step-by-step method isn’ t only simple to use but ensures that you do not skip any crucial information. A few software offers suggestions, encourages, and examples to make the entire process easier.

Additionally , some business strategy software automatically generates text that you can edit to your liking.

Also, make sure that the application you choose has in-depth video lessons. This is especially true if you are not well versed in accounting and finance. Several tools are designed with CPAs in your mind, and inputting different areas and using the software can be difficult. Video tutorials offer guidance in case you get stuck.

Economic Projections

If you are searching for funding, your business plan will be rich in data. Potential investors want to know how much money they will make, when, and how. You desire business plan software that captures all crucial information like profits, sales, money flows, and ROI.

Most software comes with basic financial projections for up to five years, but it’ s prudent to confirm. Normal offerings include automated forecasting for cash flow, expenses, revenue, loss and profit, month-to-month or annual budget, plus sales.

More sophisticated software allows you to compare your projections to the actual data once you are up and running. Other people will compare your projections to industry standards and provide you a pass or fail report.

Consider also integrations. Manually inputting data can be tedious plus error-prone. Check if the business strategy software integrates with Microsoft Excel or your preferred human resources software.

Finally, keep in mind that you have to present all of this data somehow. Choose company plan software that offers visible representations, including images, graphs, and graphs.


In case your business plan is a group effort, you want a way to provide multiple team members to the fold. Most business plan software program allows you to add members. You can allow members only to view the business plan or edit the document.

Some options also allow you to give access to only a few parts of the business plan unless you want to reveal sensitive financial data.


If not more than that, business plan software can be a time saver. Some equipment offer advanced financial analytics, in-depth projections, and even link you to potential investors.

The crucial bit is definitely deciding which features are usually most important to you. From here, you are able to choose which software suits your needs based on your evaluation of its features. Also, a number of these tools offer a free trial. Make use of the free trial to see the software for before you commit your money.

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