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If you run a club, a gym, or any various other membership-based entity, then you will need membership management software.

Without it, you will struggle to manage your people, key events, content, plus finances.

Fortunately, there’s plenty of excellent software out there.

There is a significant amount this type of software can do, too, including database management, email marketing, and event preparing.

I’ve assembled a list of the best membership management software to give you one less point to worry about this year.

The Top 8 Best Account Management Software:

  1. MemberSpace — The Best for Overall Customer Service
  2. Zen Planner — The Best for Sports Studios and Gyms
  3. Wind — The Best for Cathedral Membership Management
  4. GrowthZone — The Best pertaining to Membership Management Automation
  5. Member365 — The very best for Built-In Communications
  6. StarChapter — The Best for Member Customization
  7. Raklet — The Best for Transactions
  8. ClubExpress — The Best for your Mobile Member Experience

Now you know our picks, let’s begin.

#1 – MemberSpace — The Best just for Overall Customer Service

Visit MemberSpace

  • White glove customer care
  • Tons of integrations
  • Unlimited associates
  • 14-day free trial offer

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MemberSpace is a membership management organization that has a consumer-centric focus first of all.

The days associated with struggling alone without any backup are truly well and gone if you opt for this specific piece of software.

For example , while most customers have found MemberSpace to get a difficult learning curve initially, this is alleviated because the technical support is second to none.

That excellent technical support extends to everything you do with the software, too, so you can have confidence that using it won’t direct you down a route where you find yourself stuck.

MemberSpace also delivers the following features:

  • A massive number of integrations, from WordPress to Jimdo
  • Unlimited associates
  • Automated special offers
  • Instant pay-outs
  • Custom register fields
  • Multiple currencies
  • Mobile ready
  • Custom styling

Worried about the pricing due to the customer support on offer? Don’t be. There are a 14-day free trial accessible to ease you in, and when that’s over, you can expect to pay out an affordable $25 per month to the base plan.

The other monthly packages do offer more, but impressively, the VIP support is available for any of them at no extra cost. That’s something I like to see. Try it now.

#2 – Zen Advisor — The Best for Sports Studios and Gyms

Visit Zen Planner

  • Ideal for gyms
  • Easy reservation portal
  • Attendance tracking and billing alerts
  • Personalized pricing

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Zen Planner is a account management software specially catered towards sports studios and fitness centers.

With that in mind, the software program allows club members to track their workouts, reserve courses, and much more.

On the business side of things, you’ll be able to estimate your expenses and fees, process financial transactions, and have access to custom reports to keep everything running smoothly.

It’s ideal for sports studios and gyms because the software allows members to track their bills and create secure payments for their lessons via a self-service portal.

Other key features of Zen Planner include:

  • Attendance tracking
  • Billing notifications
  • Martial arts belt tracking
  • On the web scheduling
  • Exercise training
  • The self-service kiosk iPad app
  • Simplified automated billing
  • Abilities tracking

When it comes to pricing, Zen Planner bases this on the variety of members your club provides, and the price rises appropriately. For example , if you have 1-50 energetic members, you can expect to pay the monthly subscription fee associated with $117 per month.

Do you have more active users than that? Well, 51-100 members comes in at $157 per month, 101-250 members is certainly $197 per month, and 251+ members is priced at $227 each month.

One important point here: the features don’t change based on the quantity of members you have and the price you pay. In other words, you won’t be missing out simply because you’re a smaller club—something I believe is an excellent move from Zen Planner.

#3 – Breeze — The Best for Church Membership Administration

Visit Breeze

  • Mailchimp integrations
  • Gather SMS donations
  • Background checks
  • Manage members and congregants

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Breeze, as the name suggests, aims in making everything a breeze for little and mid-sized churches. I’d say it succeeds right here.

Its cloud-based church management software offers from donation tracking to information importing, while friendly customer support is available to help you navigate any kind of problems along the way.

Customized fields let you store and filter through data from background checks to baptism schedules, so it’s easy to find things you need.

The software also enables you to compose and quickly send emails to individuals or groups of people, plus handy message stats shows you who is opening them.

Other features of the particular membership management software include:

  • MailChimp integration
  • Printable web directories
  • Demographic reviews
  • Automated every day backups
  • Occasion registration form creation
  • SMS donation processing
  • QuickBooks integration
  • SMS simple guidelines and alerts

Breeze further lifestyles up to its name by causing the pricing a breeze, as well. You can expect to pay $50 each month. That’s it—no hidden extra costs.

For your, you’ll receive phone plus email support, an unlimited amount of users, all the available functions, and you can cancel at any time. Piece of cake also maintains that cost rises in the future, if any, will be minimal and reasonable.

#4 – GrowthZone — The Best just for Membership Management Automation

Visit GrowthZone

  • Automated allowed emails
  • SSL security
  • Construction integrations
  • Great reporting tools

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GrowthZone is a regular membership management software with a keen focus on marketing automation.

The time you’ll save through automating tasks can be used proficiently elsewhere to grow your business, along with the overall efficiency that automation can provide.

An example of the particular automation with GrowthZone is within its dedicated ‘automation component. ’ This includes a powerful drag-and-drop visual email and squeeze page creator, and email themes you can send out to users.

What’s more, the automation will send out a welcome email whenever members sign up. It can also make check-in calls to see just how things are going and analyzes how members are using the software program.

GrowthZone furthermore includes the following useful functions:

  • Several mobile options plus native apps for iOS and Android
  • Payment processing
  • SSL security
  • It is possible to send event and a regular membership news to leading interpersonal channels
  • Subscription management
  • Synchronize with other email programs plus schedule mass communications
  • Accounting integration

GrowthZone does not offer as simple pricing as Breeze, however , and comes in four different variants:

It’s particularly worth noting that the base features—known because core modules—are the same for those tiers, but a host of add-ons and modules, including marketing and advertising automation and member recruitment, are premium add-ons that cost extra.

As I think GrowthZone might have included these in the month-to-month packages to streamline matters, this is a detractor, but this really is still great software general.

#5 – Member365 — The Best with regard to Built-In Communication

Visit Member365

  • Discussion forums and chat options
  • Great for communication
  • Job boards
  • Member reports

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Member365 is good regular membership management software when it comes to the expected features, but one region it excels in will be its built-in communication prowess.

I’m particularly referring to the chat choice available to all members who have use the software, allowing simple but vital communication to occur in a seamless environment.

Discussion forums are available for everybody to keep up-to-date on the latest events, but members may also talk directly to each other, as long as you and your business, through the unique chat feature.

This open form of conversation helps you know how members experience things and, as a result, can help you build a powerful level of your authority in your niche.

Some of the some other highlights of Member365 are the following:

  • Renewals and reporting
  • Manage simple and complicated ticket configurations
  • Email marketing
  • Contact records (CRM)
  • Manage both member plus non-member contacts in one system
  • Fundraising
  • Collaboration and self-service
  • Committee management
  • Job planks
  • Credit card processing
  • Member reports

To the pricing side, Member365 will be split into four tiers with a rising monthly subscription fee based on the number of contacts:

The number of contacts considerably boosts between the tiers. All divisions include access to unlimited administrators except the first tier, so think carefully about how important that is perfect for your company.

The 2nd tier would be a good starting point for most small businesses. A 30-day free trial is also available so you can see if it’s right for you.

#6 – StarChapter — The Best for Member Personalization

Visit StarChapter

  • Extremely flexible interface
  • Attendance tracking
  • Memborship directory
  • Starts at $83/month

Get it today!

If making sure your club’s members have a superior level of customization on your system is essential, then StarChapter has got you covered.

One great feature of this software is it allows members to customize how they appear to others to the platform.

Members that sign up can tweak their own profile photos, add additional information to their profile, change privacy settings, and update get in touch with information without any input out of your side.

While some of this sounds like standard stuff, you might be surprised at exactly how little control some of the additional pieces of software offer in order to members. In other words, it’s user friendly for both administrators and members, and I like that a lot.

StarChapter also provides the following:

  • A membership directory site
  • Manage associate and non-member data
  • Track attendance
  • Import membership data
  • Send news letters and surveys
  • Design layouts
  • Sponsors and ad administration
  • Email layouts
  • Secure sign in

On the pricing front, things will get quite complicated. There are 4 central tiers:

Bear in mind the initial setup fee that isn’t included in the monthly membership, and be sure to sign up for a proposal that covers the number of connections and members you need.

#7 – Raklet — The Best for Dealings

Go to Raklet

  • Easy payment transactions
  • Automated membership reneals
  • Payments directly thru app
  • Totally free plan comes with 50 contacts

Get it today!

Raklet does many things well, but I particularly liked the flexibility regarding transactions plus everything it can do in that will area.

Whether or not it’s collecting payments out of your members or helping to organize fundraising events, this is a powerful piece of software that is primarily transaction-focused in its design.

A regular membership renewals are automated along with Raklet, removing the hassle associated with chasing members for their restoration fees, and members can make payments directly through the software. You’re able to schedule transaction reminders, too.

The ticketing system is seamless and helps create fundraising events, boost reservations, that check-ins without seemingly getting drenched in sweat.

Other nifty features of Raklet include:

  • Seating maps
  • Social night clubs
  • Social media management
  • Sponsorship management
  • Staff administration
  • Ticketing
  • Visitor management
  • Voter database
  • Alumni management
  • Application management
  • Attendance tracking
  • Attendee management
  • Barcode and ticket scanning

How much does it all price? Well, you can get started at no cost. Although the free plan limitations you to only 50 contacts, so I can’t see it as being a long-term solution.

That said, the ‘Essentials’ deal includes almost everything you’ll require and comes in at $49 a month. An impressive price taking into consideration how much you can do with the software overall.

#8 – ClubExpress — The Best for the Mobile Member Experience

Go to ClubExpress

  • Excellent mobile app
  • 300+ reports
  • QuickBooks integration
  • Customized pricing

Get it today!

ClubExpress is a great part of membership management software, all-around, actually but it’s the cellular functionality that shines.

I’d say this is where the software begins to distinguish alone from the others, providing a clever mobile experience that can’t be found elsewhere.

The style of the mobile app’s UX is not only smooth and easy to use—but it also offers several exclusive features that the desktop computer version of the ClubExpress software program doesn’t.

For instance , a geolocation feature can facilitate members to meet up using their phone’s location information. There’s a handy talk option in there as well, and you can even sync events for an iPhone’s calendar.

There’s been a force to make the mobile experience as definitive as possible, and ClubExpress leads against the competition here.

Other features I like are the following:

  • Includes more than 300 reports and over 50 data exports
  • Integrated non-member database
  • Integration with QuickBooks
  • Members and non-member mailing list
  • Members can sign in to update their profile
  • Modules pertaining to documents, committees, interests, pictures
  • Multi-page, multi-question, answers in over 25 formats

ClubExpress calculates the price of the software depending on the number of memberships you think you’ll need.

Be aware that there is also an initial setup fee starting at $150 and going up to $4550 for the ‘pro pack. ’ The pro pack is for businesses that want everything taken care of by ClubExpress, so the higher price is really for convenience more than anything.

If you prefer a more hands-on strategy, I think the other packages really are a better bet.

How To Find The Best Membership Software For You

It can be tough to pick just one piece of membership management software to use, especially as there are so many choices offered.

This process turns into far easier when you start to break down what exactly you need step-by-step.

Let’s start with the particular audience. For example , if you operate a gym or sports facilities, opting for Breeze’s software, which usually targets and is specifically created for small and mid-sized church buildings, isn’t going to the best answer.

On that exact same note, it’s important to recognize the difference between membership software that can be used for all businesses and people that target explicit niche categories. Raklet is a good example of general membership management software, which could, in theory, be used for most membership-based organizations.

In contrast, an item of software like Zen Planner is clearly sports-centric and you will be best suited to gyms and sports studios. It has unique features designed for that type of business, such as workout teaching and tracking for your people.

Once you’ve thought about your audience as well as the type of membership entity you are running, you can then start to additional break your choice down by thinking about the following criteria:

Software Customization

When I talk about customization, I’m asking how vital is it that you can customize the membership management software to suit your particular needs. Do you have precise business requirements, or would a general piece of membership software end up being fine? How much flexibility do you require?

The price of designing a piece of membership management software from its generic state can be costly. Large businesses tend to have the resources to do this, while smaller ones might be perfectly happy with the off-the-shelf software. The price of customization is often included in the start-up cost that some regular membership management software providers use being a calculation. Or, as in the situation of GrowthZone, you can get a custom price quote.

Keep in mind the higher the level of customization, the higher the fee, therefore think carefully.

Cellular Optimization

Companies that don’t harness the strength of mobile with optimized platforms can miss out. Naturally , this is dependent on the framework and what exactly your business or membership-based entity does overall. Think about how and when your clients are accessing your business. Do they need it on the go, or even are most of your customers accessing it rarely and from a computer?

For example, Zen Planner and ClubExpress offer a custom experience with applications that allow your members to enjoy a full and proper mobile experience. In Zen Planner’s apps, you can monitor workouts and book courses from anywhere from your phone.

Other membership software doesn’t provide an application at all or a mobile-responsive site, and for some, that may be good.

Think carefully about how crucial a mobile-optimized experience or app is for your company.

Pricing Design

The pricing model for membership management software is unique. There are many different forms usually it takes. Some of the vendors of this software charge per member, for others, it’s per user, plus some have a base rate that you build on when extra functions are needed.

Upon my list, for instance, Member365 charges per the number of contacts, while MemberSpace lists the packages via the likely income you will generate from users. They also include a transaction charge of 4% on the bottom package.

The most important thing to do here is to work out the best pricing model for your business.

For example , when you have a lot of members and will need to pay significantly for them, then it could be better to find a piece of membership software that offers a different pricing model.

Of course , this particular all depends on the context of the company, so think carefully.


There are some excellent pieces of a regular membership management software in this guide. The correct one will make running your business that much smoother.

ClubExpress is hard to beat with regards to the mobile experience, plus Zen Planner is great for sports studios and gyms, whilst Breeze makes everything the literal breeze for church buildings with a single and constant price point.

Raklet is ideal if you have many fundraising events and transactions that need dealing with, while StarChapter is all about the members themselves, and Member365 has powerful conversation features.

GrowthZone is for fans of automation, and MemberSpace should be your prized pick if you want top program.

Don’t forget to contemplate the different audiences and which unfortunately software aligns with your own.

Keeping your musicians happy and business ready to go is the ultimate aim earlier mentioned, so use this guide mindfully, and you’ll already be midway there.

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