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Did you know that getting pages have the highest transformation rate at 23%  than other types of signup forms? It’s true, but getting pages don’t convert people to leads all by themselves. When they don’t have attractive and compelling offers behind them, they won’t create the leads your sales team is looking for.

That’s why it’s essential to create valuable content individuals want to download, and then package deal it in a way that’s aesthetically appealing to your readers. An ebook is a practical articles choice that delivers a lot value to your audience which they won’t mind submitting the lead form to download it. WP Forms reviews that ebooks are the most widely used lead magnet  amongst subscribers, with 27. 7% associated with marketers using them.

Adding ebooks to your content archive can be a worthwhile effort, but it’ll take work. While every step of creating an ebook  is critical, a substantial step of the ebook development process can be creating a design that helps inform the story in the copy. An expert and functional design the actual copy more readable for your audience, thus making it more likely that they’ll refer to it and maybe even talk about it with a friend.

We know not every team has somebody in-house who can (or offers time to) whip up a slick, shareable ebook design. But we have good news: You should not be a designer by business to design beautiful ebooks yourself. With the right resources and approach, you can deliver useful content to your audience in the fraction of the time.

A few years ago. we created ebook themes to help make this process easier to suit your needs. They were so popular that we decided to revamp the offer and include PowerPoint, Adobe Indesign, and Google Slides formats. We hope these templates minimize the time you spend on the details of design, allowing you to concentrate on writing important, lead-generating content your readers will love.

Three Free ebook templates by HubSpot

Download the particular Templates Now


Begin with One of These Free Ebook Themes

Each of these templates is sure to arrange your content into a readable, shareable ebook that your readers will enjoy. Each one is complete with a table of contents, chapter page, duplicate pages, and a call-to-action web page at the end. Here is a preview associated with some of the ebooks you’ll find in the template bundle:

1 . Creative Theme

example page from the artistic theme that reads "creative ebook template with an artistic theme" in purple along with a dynamic photo of a laptop with purple screen

Download This Template

For that marketer, salesperson, or developer who needs to communicate the vision from high-level strategy to detail, the Artistic theme template is a smart choice. This particular template uses white room to set boundaries between sections, giving your ebook the clean, uncluttered charm. Colorful headers with serif fonts, eye-catching graphics, and spectacular images will make your e-book come to life. The Artistic theme includes several unique design options including light and heavy text pages, photo layouts, and more so that the design is fresh from one web page to another.

The Artistic Style Ebook Template is best for:

  • Marketing Content material
  • Target Audience Personas
  • Sales Tricks and tips


2 . Professional Theme

example page from the professional theme that reads "creative ebook template with a professional theme" along with a photo in the center and banded blue background

Download This Design template

Appeal to the  professional yet bold aesthetic, the particular Professional theme ebook design template. Image-based title pages plus thick, bold fonts attract attention to headlines and large ideas while body webpages with room for photos make it perfect for a showcase or inspiration guide. The Professional template is made with the particular visual communicator in mind. Social media experts, event planners, plus web designers — this one is for you!

The Professional Concept Ebook Template is best for:

  • Social Media Guidelines
  • Event Planning
  • Web Design Articles


3. Honeycomb Theme

example page from the honeycomb theme that reads "An Intro To This Topic of Your Choosing" in yellow against a blue background where the bottom half is repeated honeycomb shapes

Download This Template

Your ebook is sure to get the crowd buzzing with this honeycomb-inspired design.   The particular hexagonal shapes in the history are neutral-colored in the primary ebook template, but incorporating in your brand colors can make these hives look lovely. Inside, you’ll find page layouts for quotes and captioned photos, making it a good choice intended for ebooks with a healthy balance of imagery and copy.

The Honeycomb Theme E-book template is best for:

  • Recipe Books
  • Customer Service Guidelines
  • Technology Best Practices


four. Triad Theme

Triad theme ebook template cover page with an orange cross, two triangles in the cross on top and bottom and bold blue font that holds space for custom text

Ideal for educational workbooks that include weighty visual designs, the Triad theme provides plenty of space to organize your content on each page. The triangular designs in this template give your ebook a sense of direction that keeps the reader moving forward. The particular bold complementary colors leap right off the page plus grab your attention, but this template can be edited to incorporate your brand colors.

The Triad Theme Ebook Template is best for:

  • Educational Workbooks
  • Academic Presentations
  • Seminar Courses


Using these polished templates, you’ll be able to:

  • Create beautifully designed e-books without either the cost of a designer or experience with InDesign/Illustrator/Photoshop.
  • Choose from six different ebook designs across three different systems (Adobe InDesign, PowerPoint, plus Google Slides) , and even add your own brand colours for a custom look.
  • Take more time writing awesome content and less time obtaining the layout right.
  • Use all of the stock images supplied in the templates, free of charge.
  • Save your e-books as professional and attractive PDF files that are ready for download.


Start Creating Your Ebook For Free

Ebooks are one of the most popular articles offerings available to consumers, but the effort required to make them may deter content creators from starting the process. These templates make designing your ebook simple so you can spend more time expressing your big ideas with all the world.

Editor’s note: This post had been originally published in Come july 1st 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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