Best WordPress Security Plugin – (Review Updated for 2021)

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A person wouldn’t buy a brick and mortar company without getting a lock for that front door, right? I picture you’d probably even obtain an alarm system and install some cameras.

These types of security measures are delivered to prevent break-ins, from losing money, sustaining property damage, or even putting sensitive information in danger.

Your internet company is at risk for these similar things. It may even end up being at greater risk — the Internet makes it possible for cybercriminals to break into your website without having to depart their couch: On average, eighteen. 5 million websites are infected with malware at any time. The average website gets assaulted 44 times per day. Of the roughly 90, 000 websites that get hacked every day, 83% of them are using Wp.

That’s why you ought to take as many precautions as it can be when it comes to properly securing your site.

Don’t have the “it won’t happen to me” mentality. Nobody is immune to vicious attacks. Even retail giants like Target have had data breaches that affected more than 41 mil customers. That one security breach cost the company over $18 million in settlements. Something similar to this can be extremely damaging for your company’s online reputation.

I could go on and upon all day about why your site needs to be secure, but I believe I’ve made my stage.

So how can you install the security you need?

To start, WordPress has some built-in security features. It’s also crucial for you to choose a secure web hosting company — with a host like WP Engine a lot of the security features are built into your hosting program. Beyond these steps, you can take extra measures to beef up your own protections with a WordPress safety plugin.

There are so many different security plugins available for your website. How can you know which is the best WordPress security plugin?

Rather than acquiring weeks to go through and research all of them, you can just evaluation the ones that I’ve listed in information. I’ve identified the top 7 WordPress security plugins associated with 2021. Use this information to boost your WordPress security plus add credibility to your website.

1 . MalCare


The MalCare security wordpress plugin is trusted by the wants of GoWP, WPBuffs, and Cloudways — so you understand you’ re in great company with them.

This is a security plugin you should get if you want to save time and energy. Their own malware removal is fully automated, removing viruses plus bad actors in less than a minute. They also protect your website using their own servers. That means you’ ll never experience the slowdown on your site when they scan for viruses.

MalCare also comes with a powerful firewall to protect your website day to day. It’ ll also obstruct any IP addresses which have been flagged for malicious purpose from the thousands of sites on the network, according to their website.

Though it might not be for everyone, I really appreciate the undeniable fact that they have a host of features aside from security like their WordPress management plugin. It helps a person manage multiple sites on WordPress and allows you to take care of permissions so your team may collaborate on all fo them. This service also allows you to make 90 day backups of your websites and that means you never have to worry about losing information.

Pricing meant for MalCare is also relatively inexpensive for the features you’ ll be receiving. It begins at $99 / season for one site and contains automatic malware removal, an internet site firewall, and complete website management.

2 . Wordfence Security — Firewall & Malware Scan

Wordfence Security

Along with over two million energetic installs, Wordfence Security — Firewall & Malware Check is one of the most popular WordPress safety plugins available. It arguements spam, malware, and other threats in real time. Unlike other extensions, Wordfence Security offers a dash that’s extremely user friendly. \ to be a tech wizard, have a background in IT, or research cybersecurity to use this wordpress plugin.

One of my personal favorite parts of this plugin is the ability to see data regarding your overall website traffic trends. These reports will show you any attempted hacks on your site. You will be able to tell if traffic is coming from humans, Google crawlers, or potentially destructive bots.

Another great feature of this plugin could be the country blocking option. You are able to block attacks that come from specific geographic regions reputed for high rates of cybercrime.

The free of charge version of Wordfence Security offers plenty of features which will keep your website safe. They definitely give you more out of the box than other totally free security plugins. You’ll get firewall blocks and incredible force attack protection.

Premium pricing starts at $99 per year. The particular premium version comes with added features like two-factor authentication, direct customer support assistance, plus real-time IP blacklisting. The particular real-time IP blacklist feature blocks requests from any IP address that has assaulted another WordPress website which is also using Wordfence Security. When it comes to the safety and security of the website, that’s a pretty good deal in my opinion.

three or more. Sucuri Security — Auditing, Malware Scanner and Security Hardening

Sucuri Security

The name of this plugin alone shows all the extensive security features it offers. When you install Sucuri Security, you’ll benefit from things like:

  • Firewall honesty monitoring
  • Spyware and adware scanning
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Security audits
  • Security hardening
  • Notices
  • Post-hack safety procedures
  • Web site firewall

All of these features, except for the site firewall, come with the free version of Sucuri Protection. If you’re looking for a cost-effective method to protect your WordPress internet site, Sucuri Security is a best choice. For most sites, you don’t necessarily need the website firewall offered in the superior version.

In case of a hack or attack, Sucuri Security offers actionable steps to help you proceed with repairing any damage. Now, some of you might not love the idea of hearing something like this. However in all reality, it’s nearly impossible for any website to be completely impenetrable. There is always the chance associated with something going wrong. When something goes wrong, you’ll instantly receive a notification about it so you can act immediately.

Sucuri Security can be upfront about that. They aren’t going to sit there and promise that the plugin is 100% effective. Rather than making false promises, this plugin has added a feature to help you out if your site is jeopardized in any way. I really like that.

The security hardening offered by Sucuri Security is remarkable. It’s easy to go through and check the status of the different elements of your website to add additional security.

If you have questions, problems, or come across any trouble when you’re utilizing the Sucuri Security plugin, you are able to reach the customer service team via live chat or email.

four. iThemes Security

iThemes Security

Previously known as Better WP Security, the iThemes Security wordpress plugin is another popular choice to get WordPress users. Unlike another plugins we’ve looked at so far, iThemes Security doesn’t offer as many free benefits, therefore it’s in your best interest to upgrade to the professional version if you’re going to set up this plugin. The totally free version comes with basic security, but you won’t have access to the pro features, such as:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Scheduled spyware and adware scans
  • Google reCAPTCHA
  • Consumer action logs
  • WordPress security keys
  • Importing and conveying capabilities
  • Dash widgets
  • File comparisons
  • Password security and expiration

As you can see from this list, it’s definitely really worth upgrading to iThemes Security Pro, which starts with $52 per year.

With iThemes Security, users will automatically be banned after attempting too many unacceptable logins, which will help prevent a brute force attack on the site.

Additionally there is a scanning feature that will determine any potential vulnerabilities to have an attack. Once those areas have been identified, the wordpress plugin shows you how to repair the problems in a matter of seconds. iThemes Security actually helps strengthen the security of your server. The plugin forces SSL for admin pages, posts, and other pages on supporting servers. The plugin will hide the most common WordPress security vulnerabilities that are usually targeted by hackers. You will receive a notification via email anytime there is a problem or potential security threat on your own WordPress site.

This plugin fully combines with your WordPress dashboard too, which is a nice touch. This doesn’t feel like it’s intrusive, and you don’t need to navigate to any third-party platforms to include security to your site. iThemes Security also offers extensive video lessons, which I found to be extremely helpful.

five. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall is usually packed with free features. The interface is extremely easy to use, and you don’t need to be a technology or even security expert to figure things out.

Among the reasons why this plugin made my list is because of the visual elements on the dashboard. You can get reports with graphs that explain every one of the metrics related to your website’s security. Furthermore, the plugin tells you which actions you can take to improve the security of one’s WordPress website.

Each security feature is segmented into three categories:

  • Basic
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced

You have the ability to apply certain firewall rules progressively in a way that won’t hinder the functionality of your website. Because of this, the speed of your web site won’t be slowed at all.

The plugin scans your WordPress website for vulnerabilities. After these vulnerabilities have been checked, the plugin will assist you in implementing changes to improve your security. Everything is measured by a grading program. The grades are based on various levels of security for each element on your website.

Another top feature offered by All In One WP Security & Firewall is spam protection for your comments section. Obtaining lots of comments on your blog posts or other website pages can be extremely beneficial for SEO purposes, although not if those comments are usually spam. Instead of manually checking all of your comments and removing spam on your own, this plugin can do the work for you. It automatically detects IP addresses that are known for producing junk mail and blocks them through commenting. If certain contact information have exceeded a specific amount of spam comments, they will actually be blocked from being able to access your site altogether.

I haven’t even pointed out the best part of all. This plugin is free. That’s correct, 100% free. Unlike totally free versions of other plugins, All In One WP Security & Firewall doesn’t withhold top features and pitch special offers. It’s completely free to all Wp users.

six. BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security

The particular BulletProof Security WordPress wordpress plugin isn’t necessarily as well-known as some of the other plugins on the market, but that doesn’t indicate you shouldn’t consider it as being a top choice for your website.

It statements that in the last seven many years, none of the 45, 000 websites that installed BulletProof Security Pro have been hacked. Impressive, though this number has some contingencies and doesn’t account for things like server hackers.

This wordpress plugin is extremely easy to install and get ready to go in just a couple of clicks. The free version of BulletProof Security gives you access to functions like:

  • Security logs
  • Security monitoring
  • Malware scans
  • Database backups
  • Database restores
  • Anti-spam tools
  • Anti-hacking tools

I really like BulletProof Security’s maintenance mode. It will keep the site secure while you’re going through front-end as well as back-end updates and maintenance, instances when your site would normally become more vulnerable to hacks or breaches.

While the set up and setup wizard is simple for anyone to do, overall I’d say this security plugin is geared more towards advanced WordPress developers. BulletProof Security allows you to customize so many different security settings. So , I’d say start with that edition before you decide if you want to upgrade. That will at least give you a feel of the interface and navigation. If you go with the paid version, BulletProof Security offers a 30-day guarantee, so there are no risk there possibly.

7. Jetpack

Jetpack is considered a WordPress powerhouse. It helps enhance performance and protect your internet site in countless ways, including advanced security, automatic backups, easy-to-decipher analytics, marketing equipment, site speed enhancements, and more. Plus, with more than 5+ million activations and frequent plugin updates, you understand you’re in good hands.

While Jetpack offers dozens of different features, its advanced safety functionality is incredibly powerful on its own. As such, this WordPress security plugin is excellent for anybody needing real-time security tests, backups, and anti-spam security.

With it, you get real-time back up copies that automatically trigger at any time you make changes . So , your own backups are always up-to-date and may be reverted back to in case anything goes wrong. Along with your subscription, you get unlimited storage for backups so you not have to worry about running out of room.

Furthermore, you proactively prevent security threats using Jetpack’s scan feature. You can set it up to automatically scan new files and content, you can also run it daily. It scans your entire website in the hunt for malware and destructive software to find vulnerabilities and prevent attacks before they happen.

Another standout feature is the ability to block and obvious spam submissions through comments and input forms on your own site. Without this, you may unknowingly end up with hundreds of junk e-mail comments creating an awful guest experience for anyone unlucky sufficient to scroll to the underside of your latest post.

Not only that, but you have to manually remove them rather than blocking all of them from going through in the first place.

Jetpack also delivers various other safety features, including:

  • Incredible force attack protection
  • Downtime monitoring so you learn about problems before your visitors do
  • Detailed activity log outlining every site change that’s made

There are dozens of pricing options to choose from, depending on what exactly you need. If you want all of Jetpack’s security features, you’re looking at $55. 95 per month for real-time security or $19. ninety five for daily security.

Alternatively, you can get Jetpack’s full collection of tools, including protection, marketing, design, SEO, CRM, and more, for $79. ninety five per month. If it’s within your budget, this is a great way to easily simplify your plugin stack.

In case you’re on a tighter spending budget, you can purchase security features separately. Each of the three major tools (daily backups, daily tests, and anti-spam) is $7. 95 per month individually.


What’s the best WordPress security plugin?

It’s tough to name one as the definitive best, yet I’ve been able to thin down the top seven that you should consider in 2021. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

Some of these extensions have more advanced features than others, which aren’t generally necessary for all websites. Some plugins are easier for beginners, while others are better for advanced developers.

Do you want a free WordPress safety plugin? Or do you want a professional version with annual costs?

All of this must be taken into consideration when you’re picking the best security plugin for your website. I’m confident you’ll find what you need on the checklist above.

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