20 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts for your Marketer in Your Life

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Roses are reddish, violets are blue, Valentine’s is coming… and you failed to think this one through.

Should you be shopping for a marketer, picking out a present can be even more intimidating. We all love trends, creativity, but also practicality! So — do you go the creative and funny route, and buy us something that can help us in the office? Or, do you embrace the pop culture trend we have been raving about?

With everyone’s favorite “Hallmark holiday” right around the corner, we had a hunch that some of you might have forgotten to pick up something special for a buddy, family member, or special someone who seem to works in the marketing planet.

Rather than letting you default to a box of chocolates, we’ve come up with a list of creative, helpful gifts that are sure to make an impression on. Now, we’ll be the 1st to admit that a number of them are kind of nerdy… but aren’t we all a little nerdy, after all?

We’ve accounted for all kinds of budgets by listing the gifts in ascending  order by price. All the  following  items  might not deliver in time for the big day, but you can still  use the following listing as inspiration for a last-minute in-person shopping trip.

20 Nerdy Valentine’s Day Gifts for That Special Someone

1 . The Gift of Nothing

Price: $1+ (from numerous websites)

Just started within your with someone and believe a gag gift would be appropriate? Maybe you should provide your special someone the gift of — well — nothing. Yes, this is an actual prop you can buy. There’s even multiple video unboxings on the internet. Check this one out:

The best part? If this product actually really does “something, ” you can come back it for a full refund.  

2 . Heart Headphone Splitter

Price: $5. 00

This festive headphone splitter allows you to plug your headphones into one of the dual aux inputs, leaving the other open up for a friend or someone special. The best part? It comes on a convenient keychain so you can bring it with you everywhere.

Heart Shaped Headphone Splitter

3. Catnip Chocolate Covered Strawberries

Cost: $6. 00+

Now, Now i am a dog person… but I actually work closely enough having a few hardcore cat ladies to know that in order to win them over, you’ve got to win over their own cat first. And these catnip chocolate-covered strawberries  are sure to do the trick.

Organic Catnip Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cat Toy

4. Cable  Brands

Price: $9. 99

Give the gift of organization this particular Valentine’s Day with these adorable little “cord huggers. ” They cling onto wires to make it easy to sort through that twisted mess behind monitor or even under your desk.

cable labels

five.   Seed Money

Price: $9. 99

For the pun-lover, I present to you: seeds money. Cleverly disguised since change, these coins are usually minted from handmade papers embedded with seeds. Seed them, water them, watching your investment grow. (Get it? )

seed money in a bag

six. Bluetooth Beanie

Price: $12. 91

This beanie will  keep your head warm while keeping your ears content. Thanks to the built-in microphone, your special someone can talk hands free for up to six hours. Pretty cool, right?

white bluetooth hat

seven. Snapchat Bitmoji Merchandise

Cost: Varies

If you’re friends with a millennial marketer, they’ve probably used Snapchat or at least possess created a Bitmoji. If so, you can visit the merchandise store on the Snapchat app and purchase shirts, mugs, or other products with you and your friend’s Bitmojis to them.  

To do this, all you have to perform is go into your Snapchat app, tap your face symbol in the corner to get to your profile, then scroll down and press the “Shop Bitmoji Merch” button to see the available merchandise. Once you simply click an item, you can select your friends emoji to have a picture associated with both of you appear on an item.

snapchat merchandise store

8. Chili Herb Infuser

Price: $13. 70

Boost the flavor of your favorite soups or stew with this chili-shaped herb infuser. This  reusable  pepper holds all of your herbs together so that you don’t have to be worried about having a pesky piece of green stuff between your teeth.

Chili Pepper Infuser

9. Plant-o-Gram

Price: $13. 99

Flowers are great, yet why not opt for the gift that will keeps on giving? Long after the petals on that overpriced bouquet  of roses have shriveled up, this excellent air plant will still be thriving. Plus, it comes in a joyful package with  a customized message of up to 100 words and phrases.

plant-o-gram in a box

10.   Hot and spicy Honey

Price: $15. 00

Serving as the ideal blend of raw honey from independent beekeepers in the Hudson Valley and specially chosen chili peppers, this nice and spicy treat is sure to delight your valentine.

spicy honey

11. Sushi Slippers

Cost: $15. 99

Nothing says I love you quite like fake fish for your feet. In all seriousness, this is the perfect gift for the sushi-lover in your life. And it’s guaranteed  to make them feel all of the warm and fuzzy… at least from the ankle down.

women's sushi slippers

12. Heart Beat Camera Secure

Price: $19. 95

Help your valentine keep their own camera close to heart with this unique camera strap. Embroidered  with a healthy heart rate style, this strap will remind your valentine just how much you care.

camera strap with heartbeat design engraved

13. Spud Parcels

Price: $20-$40

Does your special someone love potatoes and weird gifts? There are a few solutions, one being Potato Package, that will allow you to put a message or an image of your encounter on a potato and send it to someone. While the price varies based on the content printed on the potato as well as the distance you send it, this is sure to be a memorably weird gift.


Source: Potato Parcel

14. Star Wars Cookie Jar

Price: $24. 99

Step 1 : Buy the cookie container.

Step 2: Bake cookies.

Step 3: Place cookies in the cookie jar.

That’s it.

star wars cookie jar 15. LED Globe-Shaped 

Cost: $34. 99

This awesome speaker proves that there’s several way to gift a cool stone on Valentine’s Day. Perfect for the office or the great at events, this gadget allows you to bring your favorite tunes wherever you find yourself.

Vivid Sphere bluetooth speaker

16. Red Converse Sneakers

Price: $35. 00

These iconic sneakers make the perfect gift for both women and men. Not only are they comfortable and durable, but the festive pop of color will add a small somethin’ somethin’ to any outfit.

Red Converse

17. FujiFilm Small Instant Film Camera

Cost: $49. 96

Give the present of nostalgia  with this quick color film camera. Basically point, shoot, and move it like a Polaroid  image to preserve memories with your someone special.

Fujifilm instant print cameras

18. Smart Water Bottle

Price: $60. 00

Show your valentine how much you care by maintaining them hydrated… in a great way. This Bluetooth drinking water bottle from Hidrate Spark pairs with an app in your phone to track your intake of water. The bottle will shine to remind you to drink significantly more in order to hit your objective.

Smart Waterbottle with bluetooth

19. Canon Ivy Mini Photo Printer

Cost: $99. 99

The days of taking photos with filmed cameras and getting them created in a dark room came and gone. But our own digital lifestyle doesn’t indicate we have to give up on print picture taking. In fact , there are a number of picture printers that allow you to connect your own smartphone and print pictures from your device.  

And, if you’re shopping for a digital marketing expert, especially in the millennial generation, these people probably have plenty of pictures that they’d love to print out and treasure — even with the endorphins of Instagram Likes have worn off.

canva photo printer

20. Smart Ring

Cost: $125-$195

Believe it or not, this extravagant ring doubles as a really cool piece of technology. Integrated along with over 80 apps upon iOS and Android, users can set custom colour and vibration patterns via the corresponding app to receive notifications  through the ring.


Believe Like a Marketer When Buying For One

As marketers, we love to create campaigns around customer personas. We research away target prospect, what these kinds of are interested in, and create content that will attempts to engage or pleasure them. If you’re buying something for friend or beloved, think like a marketer.

Pay attention to their interests, hobbies, and what you have in common to determine which usually gifts will be the most appropriate plus interesting to them.

Editor’s note; This blog post was first published in February 2018, but was updated February 2021 for comprehensiveness and quality.

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