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Communication is vital when it comes to your business. That means you need a VoIP telephone system that serves a person well.

Ooma offers plenty of basic household and international calling features, plus more advanced ones to assist your business thrive, like video calling and analytics.

But the system is not perfect. That’s why we are here to compare it to some other VoIP systems to assist you make your final decision upon whether Ooma is the a single for you. We consider Ooma a solid option for most companies. Check out what it has to offer and find out if yours is one of them.

Ooma Advantages and disadvantages


  • Great call quality
  • User-friendly
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Advanced calling features using the basic package


  • High initial cost
  • Pricey global calling
  • Simply no video conferencing with Workplace package

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How Ooma Compares to Top VoIP Phone Services

Ooma consistently makes the top listings when it comes to VoIP phone solutions. PCMag rated it the particular #1 business phone system for its reliability.

Ooma offers a lot of innovative features, even with its standard packages. However , certain ones, like video conferencing, are only available with the Office Professional package. That puts it one step below other communication systems, like Vonage, which offers video clip capabilities with their more fundamental packages.

Ooma stands out above the rest for its contact quality with crystal clear audio that goes beyond some other highly rated systems.

For what you get, Ooma is priced comparably in order to Vonage. However , others, like magicJack, are much less expensive meant for similar features. Ooma also doesn’t have an annual payment low cost like many other companies perform.

Ooma’s global calling can get pricey. With a lot of international calling, you might want to look into magicJack, which gives you free credits for international magicJack users. However , Ooma’s portability rivals other systems with its desktop and mobile applications that provide you with accessibility on the go.

Ooma Contact Quality

Call quality is one of the most important features when it comes to getting phone service. With no good call quality, you can’t offer optimal customer service. You would like your customers to know you’re hearing their questions and issues and are giving them the best information possible.

Ooma is praised for its excellent high-definition call quality each domestically and internationally. It offers better call quality ratings than most of the top-performing VoIP systems out there, including Vonage, magicJack, and RingCentral.

Ooma is also reputed for its excellent service along with close to 100% uptime. With that, it rivals other top brands, like Nextiva.

Its system is effective on both its desktop and mobile apps. You can even transfer your existing phone number or choose a new one in your town code. No matter how you use Ooma, it maintains consistently optimum call quality.

Ooma Pricing

Ooma has fair prices for service and features, yet they’re not the best you can find. Ooma comes in three packages:

  • Ooma Office: $19. 95 per user per month
  • Ooma Office Pro: $24. 95 per user monthly
  • Ooma Organization: $27. 99 per user per month

You get a pretty good deal with Ooma Office, with 35 call features for your business. Nevertheless , it also leaves off some features that most companies provide with more basic packages. Whenever you’re paying per consumer, you want to get as many functions as possible in the cheapest package deal.

Without these features, you might find that your company has more restricted communication. You also only get the following features whenever you upgrade to Office Pro:

  • Desktop app
  • Enhanced call blocking
  • Voicemail transcription
  • Call recording

Once you get to Ooma Enterprise, you can use its analytics features, along with customizable call flows and APIs with only a small price jump.

However , if you’re looking to get more features in a better price, try Vonage Premium. They have many of the same offerings as Ooma but for a lower price, including movie conferencing. You might also consider magicJack, which starts at $39 per year.

Ooma Mobile and Remote Functions

With so many people working from home, remote features and cellular apps for VoIP systems have become vital in running a business. Without this feature, you leave out a significant portion of your own demographic. It also makes it harder for your team members to do their own jobs and connect with customers.

Ooma provides you with mobile features using information or Wi-Fi to support remote control workers alongside in-office teams. Remote employees can also make use of the desktop app to make phone calls from their computers.

You can forward calls plus voicemails to mobile devices, which makes it easy to transfer calls on the run and doesn’t restrict any kind of employee to one location. In addition, with virtual extension, multi-ring, and 2-phone-in-1, you can individual your business and personal numbers.

The mobile app isn’t unique to Ooma by itself, but it’s an attribute that you’ll need to increase your business and keep it flexible. Ooma’s remote features provide you with everything you need to do that.

Ooma Basic Calling Features

While Ooma doesn’t offer as much in the way of superior features to regular Office users, it has several simple features that make it a worthwhile choice for large and small businesses. It comes with functions like:

  • Virtual receptionist
  • Mobile app
  • Call log
  • Call transfer
  • Multi-device ring
  • Call forwarding during black outs
  • SMS messaging
  • Intercom

That’s much more features than Vonage’s lowest-priced package. While Vonage will be the closest comparable VoIP services to Ooma, its High quality package gives you some of exactly what you’re missing from Ooma’s Office package while departing out others. For example , Vonage doesn’t come with a virtual receptionist. Whether you prefer Ooma, Vonage, or another service depends on which features you’ll use the majority of for your business.

Ooma Customer Support

Ooma offers 24/7 customer support for all its packages, which doesn’t come with every VoIP service out there. Many providers only offer priority assistance with more expensive packages.

You can look at that in two ways. First, you get better customer service with the basic Workplace package. But if you get Workplace Pro or Enterprise, the particular bump in price doesn’t incorporate a bump to the front from the line if something will go wrong. In other words, no concern support. You wait just as long as someone who bought the cheapest package deal.

If priority customer support is important to you, consider RingCentral. They earned the particular #1 spot for customer support, therefore you’ll know you’re having the best care.

Ooma International Calls

International calling features ought to expand your company’s reach and let you collaborate along with international businesses, suppliers, plus customers. Not having this function can limit your business’s growth.

Ooma does have international calling, yet it’s more expensive than options like RingCentral. However , Ooma comes with international numbers and serves global companies in addition to US-based ones, earning them a reputation for globally service.

Ooma offers almost the exact same international calling features as Vonage. Both allow outgoing calls to 60 countries on landlines and 10 nations for mobile numbers.

Though Ooma includes a more expensive international calling service than magicJack, magicJack has its own limiting feature. The company only allows you to call other international magicJack users, limiting the number of businesses you can achieve across the world. But if you need a cheaper option with unlimited worldwide calling, you’ll find it along with magicJack, as long as you don’t brain its restrictions.

Ooma Ring Groups

Ring groups ensure that someone is available for every caller. Ooma’s ring group feature means that when someone calls your company, the call goes to multiple lines until someone answers this. That can mean a group of customer service or sales representatives, along with several people within a particular department.

The phone call might ring on multiple phones at once. Alternatively, it might ring on one phone, and if the first person doesn’t solution, the call will go through each phone in that specific ring group until someone accumulates.

Ring groups lower the risk of customer phone calls going unanswered or going to voicemail. They also help you develop a better overall customer encounter when customers feel that somebody is always available to help all of them.

Ooma Video clip Conferencing

We’ve already talked a little about Ooma’s video conferencing feature in this it only exists to get Office Pro and Organization packages. But if you get Pro or higher, you get a high-quality program with an intuitive interface.

Video conferencing along with Ooma gives you a click-to-join meeting system along with more advanced features, including:

  • Password protected conferences
  • Chat functions
  • Mute options

This lets two or more people discuss their screens at the same time, producing collaboration and visualization easier for team projects.

You can have up to twenty five participants on video meeting meetings. You can also create continuing meetings and view and search for your sessions for the platform all in one place. The features Ooma offers using its video conferencing make it worth springing for the Office Pro package.

Ooma Call Recording

Contact recording features work well if you wish to take notes to help remind yourself of what was stated during customer conversations. They also allow you to check the accuracy of the information and analyze conversations after they happen.

This feature comes with Ooma Office Pro. It places your recordings in call logs to keep them all organized and saved in one convenient location, so you have access if you need them. The system is placed so you can listen and remove the recordings when you no more need them.

Call recording is a must for communication systems. It means you don’t miss the beat, never have inaccurate info, and you can always reference customer and business calls at any time.

VoIP Cell phone Systems

VoIP phone systems come with more features and versatility than your typical handset. They’re furthermore more cost-effective and perform better for your business simply because they store everything in one location.

Ooma’s VoIP communication service can make calls from Android and iOS, so you’re not associated with your desk. It works nicely if you’re a small business that needs the Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) cloud-based system.

It’s also perfect for businesses that need to modernize and use better technologies to meet customer needs. To put it differently, if you want to scale your business, you need a VoIP system.

Ooma’s VoIP service enables you to do work remotely. It offers functions like:

  • Voice calling
  • Chat
  • Movie
  • Fax

Ooma’s VoIP system has the features you have to meet customer expectations and keep your team running efficiently. Plus, with its mobile equipment, you can connect your mobile phone system to your mobile gadget and have access from your personal computer with the desktop app.

Hosted PBX Solutions

With this cloud-based program, you can add and remove lines as your business grows. That way, you don’t have to worry about clunky systems or spending extra time for making your system’s capability match up your business’s size.

Ooma’s PBX solutions offer a quick and easy setup that Ooma helps you with, therefore you get everything up and running fast. Once it’s all in position, you’ve got a low maintenance system, and Ooma takes care of the majority of it for you.

PBX solutions work great for enterprise businesses. You get email, a mobile fax app, and a desktop app, together with all the usual features you will expect from your communication program. The UCaaS platform helps to keep your team cohesive.

With unlimited extensions, you don’t have to worry about your business getting too big for your phone program. You also enjoy free enhancements with no extra costs with no interruptions to your business procedures. Ooma’s PBX solutions permit efficient global communications, no matter who you need to reach.

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Among the top-rated business phone systems accessible, Ooma gives you a versatile interface to make customer service procedures simple for your team. With over 35 features at the office package, it’s not hard to find all you need with this system.

Office Pro and Business only sweeten the deal with more advanced features. However , if you prioritize features like video clip conferencing, check other companies intended for cheaper packages that include it.

That said, Ooma has reasonable pricing, exceptional call quality, and lots of mobile and desktop features that allow you to call domestically and internationally. The company has options for both small businesses and large enterprises. No matter where one does business, Ooma can help you enhance the way you communicate.

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