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If you want to learn about product management but don’t want to deal with the hassle that comes with enrolling in a traditional school, what do you do? You find the best product management course out there and take it online.

The only problem is, there are a slew of product management course options out there and vetting them all to choose the right one is a tall order.

But that’s what I’m here to do. Today, I’m going over the top product management courses out there as well as what to look for to find a course that’s worth your time.

The Top 5 Best Product Management Courses

  1. Digital Product Management on Coursera — Best free course
  2. Product Management First Steps by LinkedIn — Best for beginners
  3. Optimal Product Management by 280 Group — Best for certification
  4. Product Management Certificate by Product School — Best for industry-recognized credentials
  5. Become a Product Manager on Udemy — Best for curriculum depth

Let’s dive into the details of what each course has to offer as well as what they’re each best for. Don’t forget to bookmark this guide to refer back to later.

#1 – Digital Product Management Specialization on Coursera — Best Free Course

Visit Coursera

  • Digital PM Specialization Course
  • Official certificate upon completion
  • 5-month curriculum
  • Free forever

Get started for free

The University of Virginia offers a Digital Product Management Specialization course on Coursera you can access for free once you sign up for a Coursera account. It has a 4. 7-star rating with over 28, 000 students already enrolled.

The beauty of Coursera courses is that you earn an official certificate upon successful completion of the course. And because it’s a self-paced online course, you get to choose the speed at which you go through each module.

The average time it takes to complete this course from beginning to end is about five months if you commit to about three hours a week. And if you prefer the course in anything other than English it offers subtitles in more than ten languages.

Another emphasize of the free course is its method of learning. To be able to full the course plus receive your certificate you’re required to complete a hands-on project presenting what you’ve discovered.

The course offers lots of practice quizzes, rated assignments, course readings, and videos. This really is definitely a great deal for an in-depth course with a respected university that doesn’t cost you a ton of money.

To enroll in this program, get started with Coursera right here.

#2 – Product Management First Steps simply by LinkedIn — Perfect for Beginners

Visit LinkedIn

  • Product Management First Steps Course
  • Supporting exercises
  • View online or offline
  • Only $24. 99

Try free meant for 30 days

LinkedIn offers a stellar Item Management First Actions course for beginners that is easily accessible. You can possibly try the 1-month free trial to take this or you can buy the program for $24. 99. The course addresses skills including item management, business technique, operations management, usability, and usability tests.

The particular course has been watched over 50, 1000 times and comes with complementary exercise documents and a ten-part programs that dives to the ins and outs of product management including the studying, planning, building, plus refining of any given product.

You can even download the course and notice it offline on your own gadget and in your own period. As far as a self-paced, no-pressure course goes that can help introduce you to the basic principles of product administration comprehensively, this LinkedIn course is a great strategy to beginners.

Get started with LinkedIn’s Product Management First Steps here.

#3 – Optimum Product Management simply by 280 Group — Best For Certification

Visit 280 Group

  • Optimal Product Administration Course
  • Live online or even self-study
  • Digital and actual certificates
  • Multiple payment programs available

Enroll today

280 Team offers an excellent Ideal Product Management Course in either live-online or self-study structure that comes with certification. In a nutshell, it takes its qualification seriously. Leaders within companies like Cisco, Capital One, Dell, and Adobe took courses from the suite of courses 280 Group offers.

The Optimal Item Management course is designed to help you understand the full product lifecycle while teaching you the core skills required to take care of a product successfully. The course is set up so that you can interact with fellow course takers and take part in team collaborations. 280 Group’s product administration course comes with a whopping 24 hours of course coaching.

Digital course completion accreditation comes with:

  • The ability to share your course finalization on your social networks
  • A savings certificate
  • Certification badges for the LinkedIn profile

To take 280 Group’s Optimum Product Management program, you’re looking at the $2, 995 purchase. Though you can make that in 6, 12, or 24 monthly obligations with an APR rate ranging from 0-30 percent if you qualify.

Once you effectively take the course and pass the exam, 280 Group will likely mail you a certification of completion you can hold in your hands.

Learn more about enrolling and training course payment plans right here.

#4 – Item Management Certificate simply by Product School — Best For Industry Acknowledged Credentials

Visit Product College

  • Item Management Certificate Training course
  • First of three in-depth programs
  • 40 hours of instructions
  • Make fun of interviews included

Find out more

You can become a certified product supervisor with Product School’s Product Management Certification course. It’s the first of a three-course roadmap that you can take based on your product administration ambitions and how much you truly want to learn on the subject.

The course will be 40 hours associated with instruction. With it, you’ll learn the ins and outs of building a digital product through beginning to end plus leading project teams. You’ll even obtain access to mock interviews. It’s safe to say Product School’s course is not just geared towards teaching you solid product administration skills and know-how but also equipping a person with the necessary equipment to be employable in the product marketing employment market.

Item school offers 3 closely related item management courses in succession. They are the:

  • Product Management Certificate
  • The Product Innovator Certificate
  • The Product Executive Certificate

Although you can always consider one course and forgo the rest, the courses are designed to operate tandem with each other, for a comprehensive product administration curriculum.

To enroll, you’ll have in order to fill in a short application and a Student Advisor will get in touch with you to definitely discuss your item management goals to ensure you’re taking the right course.

Check out Product School and its courses here.

#5 – Become a Item Manager on Udemy — Best For Programs Depth

Visit Udemy

  • Become A Product Manager Course
  • 144 classes and 120 resources
  • Updated in real time
  • Active student local community

Get started today

Sometimes the best educators are the ones which have been in the trenches lately. Created by the Mature Product Manager on SoundCloud, the bestselling Become a Product Supervisor: Learn The Skills and obtain The Job course on Udemy leaves small to be desired in terms of the course curriculum.

With more than 18 sections, 144 lectures, 25 articles, and 120 downloadable resources, the program teaches you everything you might want to know about becoming a real product manager and exactly what applicable strategies are working today.

One of the perks of the courses on Udemy is that you can see the final time it was up-to-date, and you can bet this is updated continuously with new material as recently that year. Over 126, 000 students have previously taken the training course and given it a general 4. 5-star rating.

They are only a few of the tips the course covers in detail:

  • The product living cycle
  • Understanding customer pain points
  • Comparing and searching for competitors with competing products
  • Understanding the process of consumer development
  • Running a variety of MVP experiments
  • Outlining the difference between agile and design development
  • Learning software growth concepts
  • Tips on how to ace the item management interview
  • The basics associated with front-end and back-end technology and technology stacks
  • How to communicate efficiently with stakeholders
  • And more…

For a full list of all the course covers, I recommend you go through it carefully right here.

The particular course also posseses an active and devoted Slack community you are able to join upon signing up. And of course, you receive a certification of completion as soon as you’ve successfully finished the course.

The cost? In case you haven’t taken advantage of Udemy’s free trial, you can sign up for Udemy Pro free for seven days to either try to take those course during that period or vet it and see if it’s worth investing in.

Even if you have no access to Udemy, the particular course is an affordable $12. 99 one time payment. Once signed up, you have lifetime entry to updates, additional course files, and the training course community it comes with.

As one of the most comprehensive and courses you can take on-line from an instructor that is actively doing the work instead of teaching theory-based coursework, and the price point, I’d say this product administration course is a apparent winner as far as value is concerned.

Sign up and get began taking Become a Product Manager here today.

How to Find The Best Product Management Course For You

At this point, you have decided you want to enroll in the best product administration course you can find. But how exactly would you go about doing that?

Naturally, online courses are usually relatively new. This means that virtually anyone with an internet connection and some inspiration can create and marketplace a product management program on all the different course offering platforms out there.

You’ll find potential courses on the prefers of platforms such as Udemy, Coursera, Skillshare, Teachable, and more. Even though some courses are in fact offered by accredited organizations, others are not. It’s important to remember that no accreditation is necessary for the creation of a program.

To assist you navigate through it all, here are a few features to look for when looking through the a lot of product management classes out there so you know you’re getting a great deal and not wasting your time and energy on subpar programs you won’t obtain much out of.


We’ve already talked about certification and exactly how it’s not necessarily the requirement for an online program to exist. Yet there’s also accreditation upon completion of a training course, which can be important based on how you plan to use your newfound knowledge.

If you’re planning on taking a product administration course to cushion your resume, get a promotion, or head to the workforce with a robust set of skills, it’s a good idea to slim down your search to product management classes that offer some sort of certification upon successful completing the course. This way, you have something to exhibit for the time and energy a person invest in the schoolwork.

Should you be taking a product management course out of pure curiosity or personal reasons of interest, a certificate of finalization might not be an important thing to tick off your course checklist.

Curriculum and Instructor

With an online training course, you won’t want to walk into it completely oblivious to what the particular course curriculum looks like. This goes for the particular instructor too. Exactly what experience or outcomes can they account for which gives weight to the development of the course as well as the information in it?

For instance, upon course platforms like Udemy or Skillshare, you can readily accessibility the instructor’s user profile as well as their training course reviews and biographies. This helps you round out your research as far as vetting the quality of a product management course that’s worth your time.


Lots of online courses come with reviews you can easily access and read through to learn about their strengths and weaknesses. They are likely the biggest indicator of how thorough or general a course is, how helpful it was in answering questions, and if there was any support offered in the process.

Reviews give you a candid glimpse into any course you might be offering because they come from students who’ve already gone through the course before you. When you’re looking for the best product management course for you, pay close attention to ratings and reviews.


Online product management courses are an extremely convenient way to educate yourself in-depth on a subject you’re keen on learning more about without having to step foot in a costly institution. Not to mention, it can be a valuable new set of skills you can add to your portfolio.

Here’s a quick summary of the best product management courses you can start today:

  • Digital Product Management on Coursera — Best free course
  • Product Management First Steps by LinkedIn — Most readily useful for beginners
  • Optimal Product Management by 280 Group — Best for certification
  • Product Management Certificate by Product School — Best for industry-recognized credentials
  • Become A Product Manager on Udemy — Best for curriculum depth

If you’re still undecided about which course to take, you can bookmark this page to revisit once you’re ready to make a final decision.

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