2021 YouTube Demographics [New Data]

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Chances are, you’ve probably spent an afternoon falling down a rabbit hole of YouTube  movies.

I certainly have, and I think I’d be pretty ashamed to see the total period of time I’ve spent on the platform.

While it’s a great source of amusement, YouTube has also demonstrated itself to be a useful tool for marketers. In fact , 70% associated with viewers  bought from a brandname after seeing content on YouTube. And, with a global user base of more than 2 billion dollars people, it’s also safe to assume that your target audience is definitely on the platform.

However , just as it really is for all social networks, building a presence on YouTube needs understanding which   segments of your market are already there. Getting that information makes it easier to create content material that speaks to their interests, maximize ROI, and achieve common marketing success. On this page, we’ll go over essential YouTube statistics you need to know for 2021 to help you succeed in your marketing and advertising efforts.

2021 YouTube Demographics

Below, we’ll go over the most critical YouTube statistics that show marketers exactly how global audiences are utilizing the platform.

General YouTube User Demographics

  • YouTube is the second most visited website in the world. (Hootsuite)
  • YouTube accounts for over 25% of total worldwide mobile traffic. (Sandvine)
  • YouTube has 2+ billion dollars users, making up almost one-third of the entire internet. (YouTube with regard to Press)
  • These types of 2+ billion customers are present in more than 100 countries plus consume content in 80 different languages. (YouTube for Press)
  • YouTube customers watch one billion dollars hours of articles daily. (Hootsuite)
  • YouTube is the 2nd most popular channel meant for businesses sharing video content. (Buffer)
  • 70% of viewers bought from a brand right after seeing content on YouTube. (Google Ads)
  • YouTube will make 5. 6 billion within advertising revenue within 2021 in the U. S. (eMarketer)
  • YouTube is the best video streaming app, and the average consumer spends 23. 2 hours per month watching content material. (App Annie)
  • The most popular YouTube research query is “song. ” (Hootsuite)
  • The most popular YouTube video is certainly Pinkfong’s Kids Tracks & Stories Infant Shark Dance, with 7. 85 billion views. (Statista)
  • The three most popular youtube videos are commentary videos (like vlogs), product reviews (like unboxings), plus how-to/tutorial style movies. (MediaKix)
  • Worldwide users watched more than 100 billion hours of gaming content material in 2020. (YouTube)
  • YouTube TV ended Q3 2020 with 3 mil subscribers. (Alphabet)
  • 70% of people utilized YouTube to physical exercise in 2020. (YouTube)
  • Livestreams on YouTube grew 45% in the first half of 2020. (YouTube)

Youtube . com Age Demographics

  • In Q3 2020, 77% of 15-to-25-year-olds and 70% of 45-to-64-year-olds in the U. S. used Youtube . com. (Statista)
  • 21. 2% of YouTube’s global audience will be between 25 and 34, and 17% is between 35 and 44. (Hootsuite)
  • 80% of U. S. mom and dad with a child age 11 or young say their child watches videos on YouTube, and 53% of those children use the platform daily. (Pew Research Center)
  • Outside of China, 77% of Gen Z, 75% of millennials, 61% of Style X, and 44% of Baby Boomers go to YouTube daily. (GlobalWebIndex)
  • 18-to-34-year-olds use YouTube to view video clip content on their Televisions 7. 9% more regularly than basic cable and 14. 5% than premium wire. (Variety)
  • 46% of Gen Z . and Millennials in the U. S. and UK say they’ve watched a virtual event on YouTube. (GlobalWebIndex)

YouTube Sex Demographics

Take note that audience data for individuals who do not recognize as cisgender women and men is not reported.

  • 45. 8% of YouTube’s total advertising audience will be female. (Hootsuite)
  • 54. 2% associated with YouTube’s total marketing audience is male. (Hootsuite)
  • Man and female internet users in the United States use Youtube . com at equal ranges. (Statista)

Youtube . com Geography Demographics

  • As of February 2021, 16. 6% associated with YouTube site trips come from the United States, nine. 4% comes from India, and 4. 9% comes from Japan. (Alexa)
  • YouTube offers launched local versions of the platform in more than 100 nations. (YouTube for Press)
  • eMarketer forecasts that the number of YouTube users in India will reach 342 million in 2021. (eMarketer)
  • 86% of U. T. viewers say they generally use YouTube to understand new things. (Think With Google)

Allow Data Drive Your YouTube Strategy

Use these stats to create a YouTube marketing and advertising strategy  that speaks to your audience’s interests, drives revenue, plus increases conversions.

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