Why HubSpot is Investing in Pipe

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We know that developing a business can think that a constant juggling take action: from driving product sales and managing a group, to prioritizing item roadmaps and keeping customers happy. Founders are often forced to action away from building their own business and think about the numbers behind their particular day-to-day operations, in order to fundraise, which can be a serious distraction.

The good news is that the world associated with alternative financing can be evolving by the day. Founders have a growing set of options for accessing funds which can give them time back to focus on higher-impact work. This aligns well with our objective at HubSpot, which is focused on helping companies grow in a way that does not come at the cost of customer pleasure or that surrender the culture a team has worked so hard to build.

That’s why HubSpot Ventures is over joyed to announce our own investment in Tube , an organization that is changing the way in which companies access funds and one that gives our mission to assist companies grow on their terms.

Founders Harry Hurst, Josh Mangel plus Zain Allarakhia began Pipe with the idea that recurring revenue channels are assets within and of themselves. Historically, there hasn’t been   a two-sided platform connecting companies that have monthly or even quarterly recurring income with investors who have could bid to purchase these revenues for their annual value, upfront.

The Pipe platform Tube integrates with a company’s banking, payment digesting, and accounting techniques to rate a company almost instantly, without disrupting any existing workflows or customer romantic relationships. The product tracks revenue streams automatically, and once companies are approved, they have access to the Pipe Trading Platform to find out real-time bids for their full annual value.

They’ve drawn buy side individuals who are vetted institutional investors who bid to purchase monthly plus quarterly paid repeating revenues at a small discount to their yearly value, unlocking an entirely new asset course. What this signifies for companies is that founders can now entry low-cost, non-dilutive funding conveniently without the disadvantages of traditional debt or the distraction of raising growth capital.

We were attracted to Pipe’s bold vision as the go-to platform meant for companies seeking convenient, low-cost capital, in addition to their unique positioning about using ecosystem partnerships to help drive their growth. The entire Pipe team is on a mission to change the overall game in how businesses like HubSpot’s clients access capital, plus HubSpot Ventures will be honored to be section of their journey.

Learn more about Pipe   here , and much more about HubSpot Endeavors   right here .

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