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Jive’s cloud-based cell phone system gives customers the flexibility to place and receive calls from anywhere, on any kind of device.

Acquired by a new company, it grew to become GoToConnect, a fusion of Jive’s telephone service and GoToMeeting’s on the web meeting features. The result is an all-in-one communication and collaboration system for businesses of shapes and sizes.

Unlike other VoIP phone service providers, GoToConnect gives all users almost unrestricted access to all its functions regardless of plan. Whether you’re a new venture or a thriving organization, GoToConnect can meet up with all your business communication needs in one place.

Jive Pros and Cons


  • Key functions available in all plans
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Simply no special hardware needed
  • Third-party app integration
  • Safe and secure communication
  • User-friendly dial plan editor
  • Time-based call routing
  • Robust call reporting and overseeing
  • Limitless auto-attendants
  • Multiple office connection
  • day to day customer support
  • Reliable user manuals and tutorials


  • No free trial offered
  • Separate account required to store recorded calls

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How Jive Compares to Top VoIP Phone Systems

Jive has ceased to be just a VoIP telephone system provider. After it merged with GoToMeeting’s online meeting software to create the greater powerful GoToConnect, it’s now a pressure to be reckoned with that few rivals in the market can match.

In fact , our best pick RingCentral doesn’t hold a candlestick to GoToConnect in terms of features and cost-effectiveness.

Whilst RingCentral doesn’t offer video conferencing in its most basic plans, GoToConnect offers it and an array of other strong features to all customers regardless of plan. And also if RingCentral provides users the cost-saving option of paying the annual fee in advance, GoToConnect still eventually ends up costing less overall.

Among GoToConnect and another of our top picks, Nextiva, the latter seems to have a slighter advantage.

As opposed to GoToConnect, Nextiva includes complete communication, collaboration, and its own CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT tools right out from the box. If you’re in the healthcare industry, you might want to choose Nextiva more than GoToConnect because its VoIP phone providers are compliant with all the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996. What this means is Nextiva ensures the particular privacy and safety of whatever information stored in the cloud.

Jive Hardware Requirements

With GoToConnect, you ditch the particular bulky on-premise PBX hardware for the ease of a virtual mobile phone system.

Since calls are transmitted over the internet, it’s compatible with almost any kind of device. Hence, you are able to place and receive calls through your cellular device, a desktop application, or web browser anywhere you are.

Having phone calls delivered over the internet also means fewer expenses while you no longer have to buy special hardware plus spend money for its maintenance. As a result, it’s easier to scale your business with a cloud-based phone program.

In case you prefer the familiarity of traditional office mobile phones, GoToConnect also offers more than 180 preconfigured desk and conference phones. Price ranges from $75 to $800 per device.

GoToConnect’s VoIP phones are ready to use right out of the box. In addition , they don’t have the expensive hardware components that include old-fashioned analog mobile phones. Instead, they’re bundled with GoToConnect’s managed VoIP features such as auto-attendants, free long-distance calling, and voicemail message boxes at no additional charge.

In case you’re using an old on-premise phone system with hundreds of analog phones, GoToConnect will help make the transition easier. Analog desk phones could work with VoIP, however, you need to use an analog telephone adapter. This special device will convert electric indicators into data packets that the virtual phone system can transmit.

If you’re a solopreneur or even a small remote group with no need for any extra hardware, you might want to think about RingCentral or Grasshopper.

RingCentral is our general best VoIP mobile phone system, and you can use it with any of your existing phones.

Grasshopper also demands no additional products. All you need to do is usually select a number plus install the Grasshopper app to start placing and receiving calls. Every time there’s a business contact, the Grasshopper image will appear, so your function and personal calls will be separate.

Jive Pricing

Just like other VoIP solutions, GoToConnect also prices the plans according to the variety of users. The more workers you have, the less you’ll pay for each head.

However , GoToConnect is among the most generous VoIP service provider in the industry. In its 2 upper plans, all of the users have access to over 80 features, including unlimited call queues, caller ID, and call routing.

Pricing splits into three packages that scale in line with the number of users. The essential plan is limited and meant for much smaller operations, starting at $22/month when billed yearly for 1-20 customers (above which the Basic plan is no longer available).

The Standard and Premium plans feature all the features, starting at $26/month and $39/month, correspondingly, for up to 20 users. For 21 or more users, the price designed for Standard drops in order to $23/month.

Entrepreneurs and small companies with five to ten workers can also consider another cheap alternative. Ooma Office can give the very best bang for your buck with its simplest plan that starts at only $19. 95 per user monthly. If you want more features, you can also upgrade in order to $24. 95 per user per month, which is within the same price range as GoToConnect’s least expensive plans.

Jive Setup plus Ease of Use

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to install and maintain GoToConnect’s VoIP phone system.

There are plenty of information on the web to provide assistance. However , a more thorough “setup wizard” would considerably improve the speed plus ease of installation. Yet even without comprehensive online documentation, GoToConnect’s customer support team is always ready to extend a helping hand through different touchpoints.

Overall, the setup process is mainly plug-and-play. Therefore , busy teams with no time for tinkering will get their phone system up and running in no time. The installation is so easy that you can ship the phones to your remote control team, have them connect the devices in, and start making phone calls right off the bat.

Configuring GoToConnect is easier if you don’t have any VoIP phone to connect. Simply access the web interface, then setup call routing with the aid of a visual publisher, and you’re good to go.

Aside from GoToConnect, we furthermore recommend Ooma VoIP for being easy and quick to setup. The whole process is uncomplicated that you can start your phone program in less than 15 minutes.

Jive Features

The Jive cloud-based telephone system has everything you need to place and obtain calls, whether inside or outside your business. And now that it’s bundled with an online conference software to form GoToConnect, your team may also collaborate under a one platform.

Its all-inclusive programs give users access to tools that other providers charge additional fees for. These include the dial program editor with a drag-and-drop interface, so it is easier to create plus customize call moves for your team.

Time-based contact routing is easy to setup so that your customers will be informed when your business is available and when it’s not. Call routing also enables your customers throughout the country to dial a local number and also have it routed to one of your representatives without delay.

GoToConnect’s call supervising tool helps you be familiar with how each worker handles the calls. On the other hand, built-in analytics generates reports which are visual representations of how your employees communicate and collaborate.

Meanwhile, voicemails are also automatically delivered to your email, so you can still be notified about important and immediate matters even if you are not in the office. By doing this, you can retrieve the particular voicemail wherever you happen to be and call customers or customers who also urgently need to speak with you.

Other call administration features include a good auto-attendant, call recreation area, call queues, call waiting, call transfers, usually do not disturb, call background, and Find Me/Follow Me.

GoToConnect also offers premium video conferencing and contact center features as add-ons.

The video conferencing feature allows you to launch conferences directly into the web software. It comes with one click screen sharing to be able to jump from a conversation or a call to a video conference with no hassle. There’s no need to switch apps or even juggle different tools as everything you need can be under one roofing.

Companies can also enjoy get in touch with center services to help them serve their particular customers better. These types of call center functions include advanced band strategies, pre-call announcements, unlimited call lines, and wait period announcements.

As your business develops, GoToConnect is versatile enough to provide you with the various tools you need to scale successfully. And even if it doesn’t have the built-in functions you’re looking for, it is easy to expand its functionality by adding GoToConnect with third-party apps like Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Outlook, and many more.

Jive Connect Bundle

The particular GoToConnect Connect Package combines the best from the Jive VoIP phone system and GoToMeeting’s online meeting software program. This way, you will not have to juggle multiple collaboration tools at once.

Regarding as low as $19. 95 a month, your employees can make or receive calls and have access to basic video meeting features at the same time.

With the Jive VoIP phone program, you can add custom keep music, create workflows using dial program editor, and call internationally. You can also leverage call routing in order to let your remote workers receive calls wherever they are and let your customers understand when your business is certainly closed or open up.

In terms of video conference features, Connect Bundle lets you start a webinar for approximately 150 attendees. This particular webinar also includes meeting transcription so that you can keep a permanent report of its content.

Jive Enterprise Suite

To build a effective and cohesive group, you need more than a managed VoIP phone program.

The GoToConnect Enterprise Collection is an all-in-one solution that cares to get both your customers’ satisfaction and employees’ productivity. It has all the basic features of the particular Connect Bundle with upgraded collaboration tools to meet your developing enterprise’s needs.

For smooth interaction with your clients, the Enterprise Package has voice plus call management functions you’ll find within Connect Bundle. Its webinar solution, on the other hand, can accommodate up to 3, 000 guests. And with the addition of GoToRoom’s hardware and software bundle, you can now convert any room into a smart webinar room.

With Enterprise Package, you can get all these functions while spending much less. You can partner with GoTo, who will evaluate your requirements so you can find methods to cut costs without reducing corners.

Jive Startup Suite

The Startup Suite offers more straightforward methods to help you navigate your own business’s early stages without difficulty.

Such as the Enterprise Suite, that one also offers Jive’s flexible cloud-based phone program and GoToMeeting’s on-line meeting software. Additionally, it has GoToRoom to help turn your space into a professional conference room in mins.

You can also hold a simple video clip conference with Startup company Suite, but it is nowhere as powerful as that of the Enterprise Suite. Without GoToWebinar included in the pack, you can only have conferences for up to 250 attendees.

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Jive comes a long way since it very first penetrated the market using its cloud-based phone program. Now known as GoToConnect, it is equipped with conferencing tools, so everything you need to communicate plus collaborate with the team is in one place. While it doesn’t provide a free trial or free version, the broad variety of features it provides can make it a cut above the rest. Cost-effective and scalable, GoToConnect is ideal for any kind of business, whether starting from scratch or seeking to expand.

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