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A lot occurs on LinkedIn. Individuals post updates, professionals seek new tasks, salespeople pitch potential customers, and LinkedIn users of all kinds connect, chat, and develop relationships.

With almost 740 million members, this amount of activity comes as no surprise.

The LinkedIn Pages release in late 2018 outfitted consumers to discover and vet their favorite companies and for businesses, companies, and institutions to connect with their audiences.

LinkedIn Company Webpages provide a unique method for your organization to stand out from the noise — important noise, yet noisy nonetheless. We all developed this guide to assist you master your LinkedIn Company Page.

Get the essential guide to using LinkedIn for marketing and professional networking.

LinkedIn Company Pages were created to give your company a house base and achieve your audience for the network.

In case you haven’t built the LinkedIn Page for the business yet, you are missing out on new cable connections, followers, employees, and customers.

What things to Post on a LinkedIn Company Page

Creating a LinkedIn presence for your company grows your brand trust and awareness. Below are a few ideas for what to post on your LinkedIn page to maximize your ROI.

1 ) Share company updates and news.

LinkedIn, like any various other social network, features a content material stream on which people share and talk about important articles plus updates. Your Web page is a perfect place to publish your company updates and news for customers, employees, investors, and followers to review and share.

2 . Post open up jobs and match potential employees.

LinkedIn is a professional social network, meaning users benefit from work plus career-related updates, contacts, and interactions. LinkedIn members are set up to discover and discuss job opportunities, such as the ones at your business. If you have any open roles, LinkedIn may be the perfect place to reveal them.

Actually LinkedIn provides Profession Pages — an area separate from your Company Page that’s focused on open jobs, recruiting, and employer personalisation.

3. Create a community.

Every single social network boasts its ability to foster a feeling of community, and LinkedIn is no exception.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is a spot to build a community associated with LinkedIn members that are interested in your business, improvements, and jobs. Right here, they can connect and collaborate on their shared interest in your company. Post interesting questions, behind-the-scenes information, and unique updates to engage your audience and build camaraderie on your Page.

4. Grow and keep your brand’s image consistent upon social media.

If you’re active on other web sites, having a presence upon LinkedIn can help you grow your audience elsewhere. Most social networks allow you to link to and from your LinkedIn page to boost acknowledgement and increase your variety of followers.

Additionally , some of your audience may only become active on LinkedIn, so creating a Page gives you a chance to connect with new potential customers plus employees.

five. Improve your discoverability upon search engines.

LinkedIn Company Pages rank on search engine results web pages (SERPs) like any various other website or social network. Creating a Page provides your company another opportunity to be discovered by those searching for your own products, services, or brand.  

LinkedIn Company Pages vs . LinkedIn Groups

Another well-known feature on LinkedIn is LinkedIn Organizations, where like-minded people digitally gather to discuss common topics, sectors, or (in some cases) companies. A lot of users get both of these features confused.

LinkedIn Company Pages are the equivalent to your “website” on LinkedIn; you create this on behalf of your company, and it also belongs to you (as a business owner and marketer). You’re accountable for updating your Page and posting brand new content and up-dates. Other LinkedIn users can follow your own Page and engage with your content.

On the other hand, LinkedIn Groups are collaborative networks which can be created and engaged with by any LinkedIn member. Some organizations are private whilst Open Groups could be read or joined up with by anyone.

Now, a company can create a LinkedIn Group for several internal teams or subgroups, but LinkedIn Groups can’t necessarily replace LinkedIn Company Pages.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions site. Hover within the LinkedIn Pages option in the best menu and click Build a LinkedIn Page .

linkedin marketing solutions create a new linkedin page

If you’re already authorized into LinkedIn, tap the Work drop-down menu in the top right corner and click Create a LinkedIn Page+ from the very base.

linkedin company pages create a company page

2 . Choose your business size and type.

Choose the size of your business from your first two options. (Notice the other two options to create a Display Page or produce a LinkedIn Page for an educational institution, each of which you aren’t required to provide this information. )

create a linkedin company page choose a page type

For the purpose of this guide, I’m going to choose Small Business .

3. Fill out your company details.

Next, fill out the facts of your business. Just some of the details are required, but I recommend fully completing this step (as we’ll discuss in the best practices section below).

linkedin company pages fill out your company details form

Let’s walk with the form fields.

  1. Name : Enter your entire corporation name to improve discoverability and searchability.
  2. LinkedIn open public URL : While you fill out your Name, LinkedIn will instantly input your LINK to match. Ideally, your own URL will be your company name; this will keep your online identities constant. For example , HubSpot’s LinkedIn Page URL will be If your firm name isn’t available, choose a URL that’s similar and still recognizable, such as one of your social networking handles and/or the shortened version of your brand name.
  3. Website : Enter your company’s web site. Although not required, this information is critical as it connects LinkedIn followers to your company website.
  4. Industry : Choose this in the drop-down menu. This information helps LinkedIn categorize your company for Page visitors.
  5. Company size : Choose your company size from the ranges provided.
  6. Company type : Select your company type from your options provided.
  7. Logo : Upload a high-quality logo that matches the logo on the other social media balances. This is important so new followers can recognize your brand plus Page. It must be three hundred x 300px.
  8. Tagline : In 120 character types, briefly describe what your company does. Consider using the same tagline out of your other social media balances. You can change this information later.

Whenever finished, check the checkbox at the bottom and click Generate Page .

4. Complete your own LinkedIn Page.

The final step should teach you the Admin View of the LinkedIn Company Web page. This is essentially the behind-the-scenes dashboard from which you may make changes to your Page.

If you’re constructing your Page from scratch, you’ll see that LinkedIn provides a helpful directory of actions to complete. These tasks may also unlock new features such as Content Suggestions and Invite to follow along with that can help grow your Page.

linkedin company pages build your page checklist

Let’s walk with the important tasks to complete in this step.

  • Description : Add an Regarding Us section that will describes your company. It must be longer than your tagline. This is the place to include relevant key terms that can help people find out Page on LinkedIn and through search engines like google. This section can be as much as 2, 000 words. LinkedIn also allows you to create taglines plus descriptions in several languages.
  • Location : Include at least one location for your company. You can add multiple locations and title each one. Consider a minimum of adding your headquarters or central company location.
  • Cover photo : Add a cover picture that will engage and entice visitors to have a look at your Page. A lot of brands upload another orientation of their logo design or their newest marketing or advertising campaign graphics. This picture must be 1, 128 x 191px.
  • Hashtags : Although relatively uncommon on LinkedIn, hashtags on your Page give a unique way to match followers and engage with posts. Add up to 3 hashtags that are related to your company, industry, and audience. They will be additional as Community Hashtags to your Page.

You can also add a organization phone number, the year your company was founded, and any LinkedIn Groups you want to show on your Page.

Voila! Your LinkedIn Company Page is now created and able to share. Continue poking around your Web page to complete all fields and features. These section of LinkedIn Page best practices will help you use your Page to connect and grow.

variety of admin roles, and your Page should have at least one of each to prevent losing access to your own Page. Moreover, this particular admin (or group of admins) would be the ultimate managers of content posted in your Page. They should ensure all content is definitely on brand and consistent with your additional social networks and site content.

Let’s talk about some more guidelines for LinkedIn Company Pages.

30% more views. Take the time to fill out every Page detail, also those that aren’t needed.  

The more details you provide about your company, the simpler it will be for people (a. k. a. potential customers) to discover plus connect with you. It will likewise serve to educate those who are interested in working for or investing in your company.

2 . Add important Page admins.

Maintaining a LinkedIn Company Page can be a lot of work, particularly if your team is already manning multiple web sites and accounts. When you create your Web page, don’t forget to add more Page admins to give other people permissions.

Do add new Web page admins, click Admin tools > Web page admins in the top correct corner of your Firm Page.

linkedin company page add new page admins

The following container will allow you to manage all of your Page administrators. This is why, there are five varieties of admins you can add for your Page. LinkedIn clarifies them in detail here.

You must be connected to your Page admins in order to add all of them. To do so, simply type in the person’s title, choose them, plus click Save changes .

linkedin company page add designated admin form

3. Keep your images up-to-date.

Your Page logo plus cover photo are extremely important; they aesthetically introduce and engage anyone who visits your own Page. Keep these images up-to-date together with your latest branding plus marketing materials.  

Not only is this critical for presenting a unified social existence, but it ensures your LinkedIn Company Web page also matches your website, blog, and other electronic marketing materials. Doing this will boost brand name awareness and assist new customers, employees, plus fans discover your brand name on LinkedIn.

4. Share interesting content with your followers.

Like any social network, you can’t expect to just create your account and be finished. Building your own LinkedIn Page is only half the fight; you must also consistently write-up content to successfully engage, inform, and marketplace to your audience.

Download this particular free ebook to get into templates, guides, and infographics on how to use LinkedIn for company, marketing, and network.

Consider posting updates to your products and services, job openings, trends or news that involve your brand, and behind-the-scenes content featuring worker life, product development, or even other unique articles.  

LinkedIn also provides a useful Content Suggestions device to help you discover topics and content your own audience is already engaging with on the system. Tap Content Suggestions along the best menu of your Web page, and update the particular filters as they apply to your audience.

linkedin company page content suggestions

Faucet See content suggestions , and you’ll view a content stream depending on your chosen topic and audience parameters. You can edit the filter systems further in the remaining menu, and you can include or take away content material topics along the best. This tool shows you the particular engagement rates of popular or well-known content and makes it easy to share this content along with your audience.

Some, don’t forget to engage along with your audience, too. Such as, comment on, and share issues posted by your followers and connections. This can remind them you will find humans behind your brand’s LinkedIn Firm Page.

five. Post interesting, eye-catching visuals.

Text-only content is unlikely to engage all members of your LinkedIn Page. Be sure that at least 50% of your posts uses an engaging visual, whether or not an infographic, illustrated statistic, or estimate graphic. Even a GIF or meme can be a fun addition to a text-heavy feed.

hubspot linkedin company page

Also, consider adding short videos. Even if these videos repeat your text-based posts, might engage with your a lot more visual audience and keep folks engaged on the Page.

six. Customize your call-to-action.

On your LinkedIn Company Page, below your logo and next to the Adhere to + button, you’ll find a call-to-action (CTA). My own says Visit website .

linkedin company page cta

LinkedIn allows you to personalize this CTA to better engage your followers and audience. To get this done, tap the pad icon next to your own CTA. Make sure the Custom button option is usually turned on.

linkedin company page custom url

Choose a switch name from the drop-down menu and get into a URL. Use this setting to direct followers to your website, getting pages, event registrations, and more.

seven. Involve your employees.

Your employees are some of your greatest brand advocates. This is also true on LinkedIn, where employees have an typical of 10x a lot more first-degree connections than the usual company has supporters.

As you create your Company Page, encourage your employees to follow and engage with it. Also, ask each employee to list your company as an company, as this will link their profile for your Page and vice versa.

It is a helpful resource when growing a new Web page audience of customers plus potential employees.

8. Post content material from (or mention) partners and other companies.

If you acquire other companies, such as regarding co-marketing campaigns, function them on your Web page often. Not only really does this engage others and leaders, but it also promotes your content to your partner’s audiences.

hubspot linked in company page canva

For each post that you reveal about your company, discuss one focused on an additional company, your employees, or even your customers.  

Create Your own LinkedIn Company Web page Today

Nearly 80% of consumers trust social media over marketing — including social media for brands and companies.

Your own LinkedIn Company Page contributes to this statistic, and, in turn, helps bolster your brand awareness, trust, and social activity. Use this guide to develop your LinkedIn Company Web page and start engaging with new customers, employees, traders, and followers.

(If you’re searching for additional resources, LinkedIn also provides their very own handy Playbook just for optimizing your Company Web page. )

Editor’s note: This post was originally released in August 2017 and has been up-to-date for comprehensiveness.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business and Marketing

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