7 Effective Ways to Market an Event on Facebook

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  An event  is a fantastic opportunity to delight existing customers, while also reaching new audiences and raising brand awareness.

Consider, for instance, how I first came across Southcoast Open Air Market  — a local, Massachusetts-based market featuring handmade goods, fresh generate and meats, and live music — by searching “Events near me” on Facebook.

I never would’ve discovered the company if not to have an event they posted recently:

SOAM event posting on Facebook And, thus, the ultimate power of online events: The ability to catch the attention of new customers to your company.

Fortunately, a celebration doesn’t have to be expensive. You can set up virtual events and webinars with Facebook Live  for free, or develop small events at your company’s physical place to encourage brand new local visitors.

Of course , one of the biggest challenges when hosting a Fb event is growing awareness of the event to both new and existing audiences.

If you’re going through the trouble of hosting a celebration, you want people to appear — and, better yet, you want people to carry on spreading the word about your business even after the event is over.

Here, we will explore some creative opportunities you can use to promote an upcoming event upon Facebook.

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How to Market an Event on Fb

To demonstrate learn how to effectively promote an event on Facebook, a few walk through an instance.

Let’s say Recently i started a business — Caroline’s cupcakes — and I want to host an event to drive brand new traffic to my page.

But , once I’ve created the event … how do I promote   it? Why don’t explore how to do that, next.

You need to note — within this section, we’ll explore how to formally promote your event using Facebook advertising features, which means it costs cash to run these campaigns. If you’re looking for cheaper or free options, skip to the next area in this post, Best Ways to Promote an Event upon Facebook.

Additionally , take a look at Facebook’s directions if you’re new to developing a Facebook event. You’ll need a Facebook event to keep with these steps.

1 . As soon as you’ve created your own event, Facebook will certainly serve you a pop-up that reads, “Boost Your Online Event”. Click on “Boost Event” to advertise your event in order to new audiences.

Facebook's Boost Your Online Event pop-up

Alternatively, in case you clicked away from the particular pop-up or created the event a while ago, merely return to your industry’s page and click the “Promote” button displayed there:

The Promote button on your company's homepage, which you need to click to find the boost an event tool

And then click the container that reads, “Boost an Event”.

Facebook's "Boost an Event" button 2 . Next, fill in the Ad Creative you wish to use when you advertise the event, including a meeting description, image, and Ad Category. Here is where you want to make use of advertising best practices   to make sure your copy and image attract brand new audiences when they find your event.

Ad Creative to boost an Event 3. Once you’ve filled out the Ad Creative, you’ll want to choose the Market you want to see your occasion. Plug in certain key audience factors associated with your target audience, or consider using Facebook’s lookalike feature to find comparable people to those who currently follow, Like, plus engage with your content on-line.  

The Audience section of a form when you're filling out an ad on Facebook 4. Lastly, choose the duration that you want to promote your occasion. We’d recommend marketing a few weeks before the event, so your audience offers time to schedule it into their calendars and even invite friends or even colleagues. Additionally , it’s good to choose your budget right here, as well.

The duration and budget section of an ad when you're filling out the ad form on Facebook 5. Once you’ve finalized your ad, click “Boost Event Now” to ensure your event is distributed to new, interested viewers.

The Boost Event Now button on the Ad form, which you'll want to press when you're ready to boost your event Of course , these steps can help you promote your event through marketing. But if you’re on a strict budget, you may not have the resources to officially promote it.

Fortunately, there are a few alternate best practices to promote your event — which usually I’d recommend performing even if you’ve formally boosted your occasion, as well.

A few explore those, right now.

Articles Marketing Virtual Summit published a short movie from one of its webinar speakers, Ellie Hernaman, to remind fans of the upcoming occasion:

Content Marketing Virtual Summit's Facebook video highlighting Ellie, a speaker for their Content Marketing Virtual Summit

4. Optimize your own event page just for wider reach.

If you’re going through the trouble of promoting a celebration page, you’ll want to guarantee the event page itself is ready to attract plus delight new viewers.

A few small details can go a long way, here. For instance, consider using a unique, original picture as your cover photograph, as The Honey Pot Company did with its Essence Wellness Home Atlanta event:

A Overall Wellness cover photo showcasing the speakers at The Honey Pot Company's Atlanta event

Additionally , use relevant tags related to your occasion — such as “startup” and “technology” — to ensure the event will get shared and viewed by the right channels.

5. Discuss your event in order to relevant Facebook organizations.

If you’ve created a Facebook group for your business, this could be a good opportunity to broadcast your event to audiences who’ve already proved an interest in your brand name.  

In addition , if you’re a member of a Facebook group composed of people you believe would really find an interest in your event, go ahead and share your own event there as a part post.

Nevertheless , a word of caution: This can effortlessly feel promotional and can backfire, particularly if associates feel you’re just sharing content associated with your own business.

Instead, you’ll want to ensure it’s authentic and helpful to the topic at-hand. For instance, if you’re component of a Tech Startup Facebook group as well as your company is having a webinar, “8 Amazing New Tech Startups to Watch”, then be my guest — go ahead and blog post with a quick, “Hey fellow members, feel free to join this web conferencing on Tuesday. inch

Just be careful not to overdo it, particularly if it doesn’t feel relevant to the other topics being discussed.

6. Copy the link and paste this into an email e-zine, or alternative channels to broadcast it to existing network marketing leads.

On your event page, you’ll see a “Share” option (the arrow pointing towards the right) — if you click on it, Facebook gives you an option in order to copy-and-paste a specific WEB LINK link, or reveal to a Page or even group:  

The Share button on your Cupcake Decorating Content where you can copy a link to share with others off Facebook If you feel many of your prospects plus customers engage with your brand outside of Fb, it could be a good idea to copy-and-paste the URL straight into other channels and share with engaged supporters on other social platforms.

In addition , you might consider starting your event with regard to “pre-access” to an exceptional email subscriber listing — like those people who’ve purchased your product or service, or your site subscribers — on a “first come, 1st serve” basis. Below is an example of how that might look in practice:  

An email to Caroline's cupcake customers, broadcasting an upcoming cupcake decorating content with a link to the Facebook event

Ultimately, it’s a good idea in order to paste the URL into other articles channels to expand your reach. For example, if you have a dedicated Instagram following, you might paste the URL into the Instagram bio.  

7. Ask other businesses or even influencers to co-host or sponsor your event so they can talk about your event using their audiences.

1 sure-fire opportunity to reach new audiences is by asking another business or changer in the industry to co-host or sponsor your own event.

It will help you increase the amount of people who hear about your own event, and it may also make the event alone more valuable by including unique, first thought leadership content.  

For instance, M& M BBQ, a Boston-based bbq restaurant, partnered along with Dorchester Brewing Business to host occasions like Sunday brunch and combine the barbecue with Dorchester Brewing Company’s well-known beer.  

Recently, Dorchester Making Company posted concerning the event with a link directly to M& Mirielle BBQ:  

Dorchester Brewing Company's event post, highlight M&M BBQ and inviting people to come eat barbecue and taste beers during Sunday brunch in Boston

This particular serves two reasons: First, any Facebook followers or clients of DBC usually takes an interest in M& M BBQ as a result of the Facebook post (or an in-person experience of testing out the barbecue).

And, second, Dorchester Brewing Company has increased associated with its own event by providing its loyal clients with the option to eat delicious barbecue because they test out beers. A win, win.  

Ultimately, you will need to figure out which promotional methods work perfect for your brand, your own event, and your target audience. Fortunately, the sky’s the limit when it comes to promoting an event upon Facebook — each on, and from the social network.    

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