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If you’re searching for a unique way to deal with project management in your company, then Smartsheet may be for you. While other project administration apps are relatively similar and occasionally can only be differentiated by a few different feature add-ons, Smartsheet is something completely different. It is so different, in fact , that it theoretically isn’t a project management app, but rather the work management system.

Smartsheet is a platform loved by many– over 80, 000 manufacturers use it for each project management and work management. The particular spreadsheet look of the program is acquainted to those of us who may have years of Microsoft Excel experience, and many individuals find comfort in the appearance. But don’t be misled by the way it appears. Smartsheet allows you to do this much more than Excel. It has a wide range of task management tools which includes:

  • Document management
  • Project reporting
  • Peer to peer
  • Job management
  • Timeline tracking
  • And more

The particular versatility of Smartsheet sets it apart from other project management apps, as it is can be used for such a wide variety of things within a firm.

Smartsheet Pros and Cons


  • Versatile
  • Highly easy to customize
  • Excellent template options
  • Allows for automatic workflows across spreadsheets
  • Scalable


  • Doesn’ to update in current
  • Should manually choose exactly how often it autosaves
  • Steep learning curve
  • More expensive compared to competitors

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How Smartsheet Compares to Best Project Management Software Choices

Smartsheet is technically regarded a project management app, but in reality, it really is much more than that. Smartsheet calls itself an “enterprise platform” that helps drive function and innovation inside your company.

So while it did not make our listing of top project management software, it can be said that it did not simply because it is hard to categorize this as just a task management tool.

Other apps on our list focus their attention upon project management and do a great job from it. The top pick for us is Zoho Tasks. This cloud-based project management software helps to strategy projects, assign work, manage resources, work together with your team, and many more.

No matter what your project is, Zoho Projects has the tools to help you successfully view it from start to finish.

The particular interface is one of the factors it landed the top spot on our listing, and once you see the particular demo, you will understand why. It is simple, straight-forward, and easy to navigate. No one wants to waste materials their time trying to figure out another app. The objective of adding a project administration platform to your organization is to simplify matters, and Zoho Tasks will do just that.

Another thing that people love about Zoho Projects is that you can certainly track hours, regardless of whether they’re billable or non-billable. This is well suited for companies trying to make sure that teams are working with high levels of performance, and also ideal whenever you’re billing customers for time spent on their projects.

Wrike can be another app that caused it to be on our top list, in the #2 spot. This project administration solution is used by over 20, 000 companies, including large types like Verizon and Airbnb. Marketing and innovative teams will love applying this software, as it has tools specific to campaign management where teams can monitor progress, collaborate, and look for the results of advertisments.

Wrike also offers great layouts that cut down on period spent trying to arrange project management. Whether you’re using the templates or starting from scuff, Wrike is highly easy to customize and provides a bunch of great add-on features that your company can stand to benefit from. These include things such as Wrike Incorporate that allows you to incorporate other tools you utilize, as well as Wrike Analyze that shows current insights into progress and performance.

If you are looking for the more traditional project administration app, then Zoho Projects and Wrike and great options. But if you are looking for an all-encompassing management software device, then Smartsheet is perfect for you.

Smartsheet Project Administration Capabilities

The most important thing to think about whenever deciding which task management software is best for a person is what you’ll be using it for.

Are you looking to time? Project progress? Ideas? Or much more than that? If you’re looking for something more simple that doesn’t need a lot of features, then Trello is a great option. This is perfect for smaller projects and smaller sized teams.

However , if you are looking to get more advanced management, and perhaps even management that goes beyond projects and into big-picture company management, after that Smartsheet is the best selection for you. It brings together interactive spreadsheets with basic project administration tools and also throws in templates, web forms, and the ability to automate.

The advanced features in Smartsheet make it the best choice for those looking to streamline a lot of processes in their company and obtain the most out of the project management, from start to finish.

Smartsheet Team Size

One more thing to consider when choosing which project management app is best for your company could be the size of the team that needs access to it. Do you have only one small team that focuses on seeing projects via? Or do you have tasks that require management throughout several different teams?

Some task management apps best for small groups, like Trello.

This more standard approach to project administration does not complicate what doesn’t need to be complicated and keeps things basic for smaller sized teams to quickly manage. However , when you have a bigger team that necessitates lots of firm and you aren’t capable of keep things easy, then Celoxis could be the right fit. This particular software is geared specifically towards enterprises plus large corporations with complex projects.

As for Smartsheet, it is a great choice whether you have a small or a large corporation. The features benefit any size associated with company and speed up productivity for all team members, whether it’s 5 or 5, 500. The flexibility of Smartsheet allows you to use it in different ways depending on your team size, which is why it is a great option for all-sized companies looking for business software that will simplify things in your organization.

Smartsheet Ease of Use

If you want your group to learn and start using a project management application, you want it to be something they can very easily use. For something simple and easy, TeamGantt is a great option.

This software is well suited for beginners who are only starting out on using Gantt charts for task management. These charts are over 100 years old and have completely changed the way that will projects are managed. TeamGantt is perfect for learning this but does restrict you when it comes to functions.

If you are searching for something with additional features, then Smartsheet is what you want. Nevertheless , those additional features perform come with a bigger learning curve. That is among the struggles that people have with Smartsheet– it can be difficult to learn. Once you have the hang of it, it works excellent, but it does take a moment and patience to get to that point.

To get to a place of comfort in using Smartsheet, we suggest completely utilizing their YouTube channel. This provides some great how-tos and other videos that will help you and your team learn this software without having to trial-and-error all the way through everything.

Since everything in the app is built upon spreadsheets, your group should feel assured going into using the app. Most people have had experience of spreadsheets and the design of Smartsheet does provide a level of comfort and familiarity that your group will enjoy. It makes the steep learning curve a bit easier.

Smartsheet Features

With regards to features, Smartsheet does not have any shortage of them. This software provides choice after option for businesses to use and make their workflow better. Here are some of the top features.

Reporting. Smartsheet gives you access to reports that let you know where tasks are in the schedule — which ones are usually due soon, which of them are past due, which of them need to be assigned, which ones are completed, and much more. You can even set up Smartsheet to automatically generate and send out reviews regularly. For example , you can opt to have the progress report sent to you every Monday early morning so you know what teams to reach out to regarding the project. The reviews can quickly and simply be accessed in order to save time and raise productivity.

Alerts. When focusing on a project, especially one which involves a few different teams, deadlines are very important. Team B can not do their work until Team The has finished their own, and you don’t wish to have any team sitting around and waiting for others to get their particular work done. That is where the alerts feature of Smartsheet comes in strong. You can automate alerts for nearing deadlines and tasks that are nearing that will go out to relevant team members. You can also set it up to get notifications when parts of the project have been completed. This really is key in holding everyone accountable for their work, increasing productivity, and streamlining the workflow.

Collaborating. Smartsheet keeps most project information, information, and files in one place so that collaboration becomes a smooth and easy process. All the information for any project can be utilized from any internet browser or device.

On-the-go. Regardless of whether you’re on your desktop at home or on your smartphone across the world, you can access all of Smartsheet — as long as you come with an internet signal. This means that approvals can happen away from home, as well as the viewing of files, attachments, and much more.

Automations. Within the spreadsheets, Smarsheets provides automation options that can help the process. For instance , “when X occurs, do Y. ” This could be a reminder to follow up with a customer or it could be some thing more complex like assigning tasks from a internet form.

Proofing. Smartsheet permits proofing in a way that may clarify exactly what is required. You can upload a file that needs to be discussed, plus any necessary events can make comments within the file using a selection of markup tools.

Smartsheet Prices

Smartsheet has a few different plans that depend on your company’s needs.

You will find 2 plans within the Standard option, which is best for small businesses.

The Individual program is $19/user/month whenever billed monthly, or even $168/user/year when billed annually. This plan contains some of Smartsheet’s amazing features but does not include key ones like tracking progress and managing users.

The Business program is $32/user/month whenever billed monthly, or even $300/user/year when charged annually. This plan offers everything the Individual program, but also the Activity Sign feature, the ability to personalize dashboards, the ability to review, and the ability to control groups. Please note how the Business plan demands purchasing a minimum of 3 licenses.

Then, there are two Enterprise-level plans: the particular Enterprise and the Leading. The cost for these is not really listed on the website and requires a call to the company for a quote. These plans are usually meant for large companies that need much more manager and security settings than smaller types.

There is absolutely no free plan along with Smartsheet, but you can get a free trial with a business email address. The test is quite limited, however , and doesn’t enable you to publish any Smartsheet forms, though it does let you get comfortable with them to see if you want how they work.

Smartsheet 10, 000ft

If you’re looking for a high quality resource and profile management system, ten, 000ft is some thing to try. This product assists teams make a number of decisions including task planning, team capability, budget forecasting, hiring needs, and more — all in real-time. This software offers you a big-picture idea of project management simply by allowing you to look across projects and track multiple teams at once. By doing so, you can see the result any changes to the business plan create on the rest of the groups and the process. Also, it helps you to learn from mistakes made in previous projects and more obviously set things up for future years.

10, 000ft also provides great software that simplifies time tracking. This means your group has to spend a fraction of the time worrying about tracking their particular time and more period focusing on the actual task. And when it comes to planning projects, 10, 000ft helps you clearly visualize scheduling and controlling so that no matter where you happen to be, you can see where your team is at.

Smartsheet Brandfolder

This digital asset software allows marketers and creatives to do their own work better and more efficiently. What sounds like the glorified storage space meant for digital assets will be far more than that. With Brandfolder, you can organize, distribute, plus analyze all electronic assets in one area.

Rather than waste time trying to locate assets, Brandfolder makes it simple to access everything in one place. This location also allows you to discuss and distribute possessions with colleagues. This can be done by granting people access via embedded APIs on a web site, a saved search, or shared hyperlinks.

Another feature of Brandfolder that you will love will be its ability to generate custom reports that will help the productivity of the marketing and creative teams. On top of that, you can use this platform to spot upcoming trends in logos.

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Compare The Best Task Management Software
We reviewed dozens of task management software tools plus narrowed them down to the best options.

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When you are looking at the bigger scale of task management, Smartsheet offers more than most companies require. However , for some, it offers the right amount. If you are someone looking for a more simple project management solution, then Smartsheet is just not for you. However , if you are searching for more in-depth, detailed management of not just projects but also common work, then Smartsheet is a great option. It will help put many processes involved in project administration all in one place so that your team can easily plus quickly access the actual need. Smartsheet, once learned, will help your team streamline task processes and will assist to build overall higher success in tasks now, and for the near future.

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