What Is Market Share & How can you Calculate It?

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Growing up, I used to play “grocery store” with our sister. We’d go into our pantry, remove all the food, and place up a grocery store in our living room. I might typically “buy” goldfish.

You might be thinking, “What does this need to do with market share? inch

Well, let’s say that I bought 10 luggage of goldfish through various “companies” that my sister, mother, and dad owned. If three of those bags were my sister’s goldfish, that could mean that she a new 30% market share of my goldfish.

Put simply, that is business. But how does that impact marketers?

As marketers, you need to understand market share which means you know how your company ranks against competitors and can develop new marketing and advertising strategies to reach a lot more potential customers. In this post, we’ll outline what business is, how to determine it, give actual life examples, and describe how you can increase yours.

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What is market share?

Market share is the percentage of an industry’s sales that a particular organization owns. Essentially, it is the share of total industry revenue that the business has produced from selling your own products and services. Businesses along with larger market shares are industry market leaders and competition for smaller companies.

You can think of it like this: if consumers purchase 100 t-shirts and 70 of them are from company A, 25 from firm B, and five are from business C, Company A owns a market discuss of 70% and it is the leading industry rival.  

Business is typically calculated for a specific time period, such as yearly or quarterly sales, and is occasionally separated by area.  

Market Share Formula

formula that you can use to find your business market share

Determining your market share will provide you with an overall understanding of your situation in the industry, but it is also helpful to know how you measure up for your direct competitors.  

Relative Market Share

Relative business is a way to evaluate your performance to business leaders.  

Rather than using total industry revenue, you are dividing your business by your top market competitors market share, and multiplying the result simply by 100. The result will show you the portion of the marketplace you own in relation to your own largest competitor. The image below shows the particular relative market share method.  

Comparable Market Share Formula

mathematical formula that is used to calculate your business relative market share


Market Share Examples

It may be easier to understand market share along with real-life examples, therefore we’ll go over some below for companies you may already be aware of.  

Nike Market Share

Nike pas cher is part of the fitness footwear and clothing industry selling a multitude of sports equipment, casual shoes, and components.  

With footwear alone, Nike’s global market share is usually estimated to be 29. 25%. The brand is an industry competitor for Adidas plus Under Armour.  

Tesla Market Share

Tesla is definitely part of the automotive industry plus it produces electric automobiles (EV). Within the ELECTRONIC VEHICLES industry, Tesla keeps an 18% market share.  

While that number may seem small, it’s important to know that the market for EV worldwide is considerably smaller than regular vehicles. EV’s business in the automobile sector is 2 . 8% and Tesla’s is definitely. 8%. These distinctions are significant, which is why it is important to analyze relatives market share to compare your business to your direct competitors, rather than just the market as a whole.  

Google Market Share

Google has a market share of 91. 86%, making it the most popular internet search engine in the world. It dominates the competition, as the second-largest industry leader is Bing with a business of just second . 71%.

As soon as you’ve calculated your own market share and know how you relate to your own industry competitors, you can start strategizing how to raise your overall revenue.

How To Expand Your Market Share

Below are a few strategies your company may use to expand your market share.  

1 . Lower prices.

A great way to contend in your industry would be to offer low prices. This is the low-hanging fruit associated with expanding your business because consumers typically look for lower cost products.

However , it’s also important to note being the cheap option isn’t really the right move for each brand. You want to ensure that you’re pricing products appropriately in terms of offering value to clients, but not losing out on revenue opportunities for the sake of beating out competition.  

second . Innovate new products and features.

Businesses that are innovating plus bringing new technology to the table often discover their market share enhance.

New products and features attract new customers, a. k. a acquisition, which is a generating factor for earning cash. New customers make brand new purchases and, subsequently, contribute to higher income and larger contributions to overall business revenue. Larger efforts directly translate in order to increased market share.

3. Delight your customers.

One of the best ways to grow your market share would be to work on existing customer relationships.  

By delighting present customers by providing excellent experiences, you can inspire customer loyalty. Loyal customers are more likely to make repeat purchases, which usually increases your business income and contribution to perform industry revenue. As stated above, higher revenue contributions equals a better market share percentage.  

4. Raise brand awareness.

Branding awareness plus national marketing perform a large role within capturing market share. You need to get your name on the market so customers know who you are. Becoming a home name and the favored brand in an industry will help increase your market share.

Generally, bigger companies have the highest market share because they can offer products and services more efficiently plus effectively.

But , why is this so important? Below, let’s figure out what impact market share can have on your firm.

Market share is more important in industries that are based on discretionary income. Within industries that are constantly growing, market share doesn’t always have a large effect. However , it’s important to remember that a company can have an excessive amount of market share — also referred to as a monopoly.

For example , with developing industries, which have a growing available market share, businesses can still increase their product sales even if they are shedding market share.

However, with discretionary earnings industries, such as journey or non-essential goods like entertainment and leisure, the economy can have a major impact on market share. Sales plus margins can vary with respect to the time of year, meaning that competitors is always at an perfect high.

Increased competition often leads to risky strategies. For instance, companies might be prepared to lose money temporarily to be able to force competitors out from the industry and gain more of the market share. After they have more market share, they could raise prices.

Understand Your Business to Increase Business Achievement

Lower marketplace shares can tell you that you need to focus on client acquisition, marketing to raise brand awareness, plus overall strategies to raise revenue. Higher percentages indicate that your present strategy is effective, and you should focus your efforts on customer retention and product innovation.    

Whether or not your company is well-researched or just starting out, it’s important to understand your own business’ industry standing as it will help you meet business objectives and achieve desired achievement.

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