What exactly is LinkedIn Live? [+How to Leverage It in Your Marketing Strategy]

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Every week, I use LinkedIn to speak about current events and connect with other content creators.

Plus I’m not the only person. In fact , LinkedIn offers nearly 700 mil active users and it has become one of the top social media platforms.

In the last year, businesses have started to use the social network’s new live-streaming technology.

While Facebook and Instagram launched live streaming features within 2016, LinkedIn recently decided to join the live streaming platforms.

In Feb 2019, LinkedIn Reside was launched to person users. In 2020, it was announced that LinkedIn Live would also become available to business pages.

With this particular announcement, LinkedIn decided “to bring you the tighter integration in between LinkedIn Events plus LinkedIn Live, simply by turning these two items into a new digital events solution that allows you to stay connected to your communities plus meet your customers wherever they are. ”

Live streaming is constantly on the gain popularity amongst audiences. In fact , within 2019, internet users viewed 1 . 1 billion dollars hours of reside video.

In addition , according to Go-Globe, live streaming is likely to account for 82% of most internet traffic.

Plus, LinkedIn Live avenues have increased simply by 158% since Feb 2020.

Although LinkedIn Live actually available to all businesses right now, it might be time for you to start thinking about live streaming.

To get started with LinkedIn Live, you can complete a credit card applicatoin online to become a Reside broadcaster.

On this page, let’s review how you can leverage LinkedIn Reside in your marketing strategy to attract new viewers.

Get the essential guide to using LinkedIn for marketing and professional networking.

LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn Live may be the live streaming function that allows you to stream live video to your audience so you can drive engagement and develop deeper connections.

In fact , LinkedIn Reside videos get, normally, seven times more reactions and twenty-four times more comments than native video clip produced by the same broadcasters.

LinkedIn, known as the professional social media network, is a great place to stream live videos since you can truly get to know your audience and engage with them in a way that companies have not been able to do before.

Now that you know what LinkedIn Live is usually and why you should use it, let’s dive in to the logistics.

1 ) Apply for LinkedIn Reside.

To get started along with LinkedIn Live, you’ll need to apply to have the feature added to your user profile.

The application can ask you to want to live flow (from a personal user profile or a business page) and the link to the page you want to flow from.

If you want to stream from a business page, you’ll also have to include the profile Web addresses of the page admins. Only up to 3 page admins might have the ability to stream from the business page.

Once you’ve applied, it’s time to wait for approval. Be sure to keep checking on this, because you can not want to miss the notification that you’ve obtained access to LinkedIn Reside.

2 . Subscribe to a third-party loading tool.

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you’ll need to sign up for a third-party streaming tool because LinkedIn is not going to offer native streaming currently.

You may use tools like StreamYard or Socialive. They are also helpful for heading live on a desktop computer. They can make it easier to see comments and actually interact with your audience during the stream.

3. Connect LinkedIn to third-party tool.

Now that you might have signed up for your streaming tool and you might have received approval with regard to LinkedIn Live, it can time to connect the 2 platforms.

To get this done, log in to your third-party tool and navigate to the area where you can include streaming destinations (this will change depending on the device you’re using).

Once you find the right spot to add a streaming location, you should be able to click LinkedIn profile plus connect from there.

4. Write the title and explanation for the stream.

After the tools are connected, you’re all set to go live. Just click the particular button that says go live or even start streaming. Prior to the platform actually starts live streaming, you’ll see an area to write a title and description for the stream.

Be sure to accurately describe what’s going on in the video clip and what users can expect. This will help get your target audience interested in the live stream.

5. Go live on your third-party tool.

Now all you need to carry out is go reside. Before you do, make sure your camera and mic are all set up. You’ll also want to double check the particular camera position, light, camera quality, audio, and background. It is necessary that your set up looks professional, especially considering the fact that LinkedIn is the professional social network.

So , we know what LinkedIn Live is as well as how to get started, but you may be wondering, “How can I utilize this tool? ” Let’s jump in below.

1 . Digital Events

With all the recent integration associated with LinkedIn Live and LinkedIn Events, the social media platform is a superb place to host your own virtual events.

LinkedIn virtual occasions allow you to meet your audience where these are and host your event in a reliable environment.

In addition , hosting a virtual occasion on LinkedIn Live will help you attract the suitable professional audience.

You can share your own events with your business page followers, in addition you can send occasion invitations to your first-degree profile connections.

Instead of taking video clips during your virtual conference and posting all of them on LinkedIn later on, LinkedIn Live allows you to connect with your market in real-time.

According to LinkedIn, LinkedIn Live is seeing 23 times a lot more comments per web host and six situations more reactions per post than native video.

Along with LinkedIn Live, you can engage and connect to your followers in real-time during your virtual events.

2 . Recruiting

LinkedIn is one of the main hubs for recruiters plus job-seekers alike. Actually recruiting is one of the top benefits of having a LinkedIn profile for individuals and brands.

With LinkedIn Live, you are able to support your prospecting efforts by showing off your workplace culture, introducing team members, plus answering questions from the audience.

In addition , you can host a live panel with employees on what really like to work for your business. Team members can discuss what their employing journey looked like and give tips to people who want to work for your company one day.

You can also sponsor a Q& A with different people on the team to emphasize their specific roles. For example , you can have all of them introduce themselves and their role, after which take questions regarding their day-to-day duties and duties.

If you want to use LinkedIn Live to support your own recruiting efforts, think about other social media techniques you’ve implemented, and after that strategize how all those can convert right into a live stream.

3. Thought Management

One of the main LinkedIn strategies for typically is to use the social media platform to position yourself as an industry chief.

To do this along with LinkedIn, you can discuss current events inside your industry and enhance your content creation strategy.

Using LinkedIn Reside, you can host the panel for business thought leaders, including those at your corporation, to talk about industry trends and issues.

Additionally , you can host a live flow dedicated to interviewing business professionals and experts.

Amplifying believed leaders and participating in industry discussions is a great way to use LinkedIn Live to appeal to new audiences.

4. Showcase Expertise

Not to end up being redundant, but getting an authority inside your industry is an important component of your marketing strategy.

LinkedIn Live provides an excellent opportunity to display your expertise.

Using live loading technology, you can share your tips and tricks with your audience. To do this, write down ideas how-to topics that the audience is interested in.

If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, consider repurposing old content material like blog posts or even YouTube videos.

Producing live streaming content will help you improve your content marketing strategy.

5. Announce a brand new Product or Relationship

As a expert social media platform, LinkedIn is a great place to mention a new product or partnership.

In fact , you might consider achieving this on LinkedIn Live. You can bring on associates from your company and partner company to discuss what the new collaboration entails.

This is also a great chance to educate and connect to your audience.

By launching a product during a live stream, you can get immediate comments from your audience, solution questions, and carry out a live demo.

The statement of LinkedIn Live proves that reside streaming will continue to be an important tactic in your marketing strategy. In fact , this feature shows that consumers are thinking about interacting with brands in real-time.

When you have already used Fb and Instagram Live, LinkedIn Live could be another platform to make use of and experiment with — especially if your target audience is more likely to be upon LinkedIn than some other platforms.

For more information about how real brands are using LinkedIn Reside, check out this blog post on LinkedIn Live examples.

Editor’s note: This post was originally released in June 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

How to Use LinkedIn for Business and Marketing

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