seven Tips for Designing a Social Media Page That will Stands Out

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At least once a month, I discover a brand new brand and have a quick peek on their profile. In just a few seconds, I decide if I’ll hit that “follow” button or exit the page.

In individuals few seconds that Now i am assessing the brand’s profile, I’m requesting myself two questions: Is their content material visually appealing and am I interested in the type of content are going to posting?

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I’d bet many social media customers take a similar approach. This is why social media design is an instrumental element of your social technique. So much of social media is about perception plus design plays a large role in identifying that.

How could you make sure your design draws in the right audience? We’ll cover that and a lot more below.

Nowadays, social platforms will often be the first place consumers discover brands. As a result, making a great very first impression is the first step to building a robust social media presence.

Your social media design will also impact your brand notion. Every post a person create and distribute tells a story and contributes to your brand name image. You want to make certain that story aligns along with your overall messaging and builds a connection along with your audience.

This is particularly important upon platforms that prioritize visuals, like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook. But you’ll nevertheless need to make sure your designs are consistent upon all platforms.

What to Consider Regarding Social Media Post Designs

Before you start working on your design, an individual consider a few matters. The first is your brand name identity – your own social media platform will be the visual representation from it, so you and your group must have a clear concept of what it is.

The next phase is conducting market research to comprehend your audience. Queries to answer consist of:

  • What are these people looking for in a brand name?
  • What are their own values?
  • Exactly what are they interested in?
  • What are they concerned about?
  • What do they like to see on social media? What do they will like to see on X platform?

This will serve as your own frame of mention of the drive your style approach.

You can then want to look at your competition’s styles. While you have your unique approach, it’s helpful to know what visual methods they’re using and how consumers are responding. The more information you have, the greater equipped you will be to develop creative assets that resonate with your audience.

Tips For Designing Social Media Posts

1 . Aim for consistency and cohesion.

Consistency is key when making your social media web page. Why? Because it is great for brand recognition.

Imagine if every time you saw a brandname, they changed their brand colors plus logo. You would possibly confuse it another brand or ignore it altogether. Brand name recognition is important with regard to building trust plus loyalty with your target audience.

Beyond publishing regularly, consistency on social media also means sticking with a visual style. Is it dark and moody or light and airy? Would you like your page to evoke calm, enthusiasm, balance, focus, or something else?

No matter what your answers are to those questions should be reflected in a cohesive design. One way to do this is by using the same filter or editing style upon all of your images to ensure they all fit in your branding.

2 . Use colors in order to mirror your brand name identity.

Is actually no surprise that shades affect how customers perceive your brand name. That’s why popular food brands are usually associated with the colors red and yellow, and finance institutions with blues.

There are a few ways to include color into your social media marketing design. The first is inside your templates. If you plan to use templates when posting graphics, you’ll want to incorporate your colors to boost your brand recognition.

For your videos and images, you can also highlight certain colors to stand out.

Urban Skin instagram page

Image Source

In the example over, Urban Skin regularly uses two main colors in its style: peach and turquoise. While they may have got other colors within their images, these two are front and middle.

Another strategy is designing your social media posts to align with a specific theme and colour. For instance, let’s say you will absolutely a fashion brand name and you’re planning February content. Given the association of February with Valentine’s Day as well as the color red, you could build your creative resources around that concept for the month.

3. Use social media marketing design templates.

If you want to scale your own social media strategy, you will probably need to have templates.

They’re a huge time saver and ensure consistent branding. Platforms like Canva make it easy for groups to create and share themes that have been approved by the particular branding team and align with your strategy. Jump to that section [here].

Be sure to have a diverse set of templates that can be used for various content types, such as infographics and videos. For instance, this brand Mateo Ny likely uses web templates that produce a smooth and attractive design that stays consistent.

Mateo New York instagram design

Image Source

4. Adapt your own design to the platform.

Every platform has different sizing and content recommendations.

For example , Instagram Reels are formatted to be viewed on smartphones, which means videos must be filmed within portrait orientation. Facebook, on the other hand, is formatted for landscape videos – similar to YouTube.

For video clips in particular, you want to prevent having content with dark sidebars, as that isn’t visually appealing.

Beyond sizing, you might also need to consider which systems are appropriate for certain styles. For instance, an infographic probably wouldn’t excel on Twitter. Splitting that content into a text line is a better technique.

Following these guidelines will make your content more likely to perform well.

5. Follow style best practices.

The primary goal of your social media design is to make visually appealing content material that captures your audience’s attention plus encourages them to employ.

While a number of factors influence this, there are general style rules that are proven to create appealing pictures. The first is white or even negative space, that is when an area inside your frame is remaining empty. Using white-colored or negative space helps draw the eye to what you want your audience to focus on.

Yvonne Koné uses white space in its social media design, which reflects the particular brand’s simplistic plus minimalist identity.

Here are a few other style principles you’ll want to think about when developing your own creative assets:

  • Hierarchy – Organizing your visual elements by order of importance. You can do this by playing around with sizing, comparison, space, and other elements.
  • Stability – Having equal visible weight in an image, which creates tranquility, like in this instance.
  • Contrast – Putting elements with opposite colors, dimensions, or textures to generate them stand out.

6. Don’t forget regarding your profile.

While the main concentrate will be on your social media posts, don’t forget to design your social profiles.

Your user profile picture, cover photograph, and other visual elements should be a top priority when designing your social media. Follow this advice to follow:

  • Be sure to use the same user profile picture, i. electronic. your logo, on all social platforms.
  • Use a cover photo that aligns both visually plus contextually with your brand.
  • Only upgrade your profile to highlight events or holidays that are necessary to your brand. For instance, some brands include a rainbow pride banner to their logo within June in solidarity with the LGBTQ community.

7. Depend on creative professionals.

Your social media design will only be just like your investment.

When it comes to images plus illustrations, it’s really worth consulting professionals who have specialize in creating top quality content. They can show you through the creative process and make recommendations that will elevate your own design.

In case your team cannot invest in a full-time creative, think about independent contractors. With this approach, you can work on a project-by-project time frame and experiment with various designers.

How To Find Social Media Design Templates

If your team wants an easy way in order to source templates, there are a cost-effective way to do so without sacrificing quality. A lot of online branding businesses offer customizable web templates that have been designed by experts. Here are a few to consider:

1 . Canva

Canva is a image design platform along with over 250, 000 free templates readily available for personal and commercial use.

Canva homepage

In addition to layouts, Canva also has an extensive stock library with photos, animations, and videos for brand names in any industry. System is free regarding individual users and has professional and organization options for larger companies, with pricing going up to $30/month.

2 . Lucidpress

Lucidpress is a brand name templating platform which makes it easy to create from social media posts to ebooks.

Lucidpress homepage

The platform is certainly free to start using. To achieve access to unlimited themes, pricing starts in $10 a month and may go up depending on your company needs.

Your own branding doesn’t visit your logo or even website. It also reaches your social media. By investing time to create a brand-specific social media design, you will get one step closer to connecting along with your target audience.

social Media images

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