How to Use Facebook: A Beginner’s Guide

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Facebook is promoting quite a bit since I very first signed up for an account within 2008. Back then, Fb was still known as “The Facebook”, plus my bio literally said, “Check out my MySpace, it is waaaay better than our Facebook. ”

Needless to say, Facebook has evolved at breakneck speed since our middle school years, and it’ll keep adapting at a quick pace for as long as it exists.

If you need a refresher means use Facebook meant for marketing your business or perhaps you want to sign up for an individual account, check out this particular in-depth explanation showing how to use the most popular social media marketing network in the world.

Free Resource: How to Reach & Engage Your Audience on Facebook

In addition to sharing their own ideas, users can engage with the content others share on Fb by reacting into it with a like, fun, disapproval, and even an embrace. Comments and stocks are additional methods users can connect to each other’s articles.

Facebook for companies works similarly, other than businesses have Facebook Pages not profiles such as individual users perform. Businesses can use their Facebook Pages to engage with existing customers, focus on new customers, and provide customer support.

To completely understand Facebook and exactly how it works, you’ll want to become familiar with common conditions used on the platform. This is a list of key Fb terms and what they will mean.

User profile

The Facebook profile is where your information will live. Your name, photo, hometown, workplace, education background, and so on can all be added to your profile. You can make your profile as general public or private while you want by stopping the information you don’t want publicly noticeable.

Facebook profile example for a beginner


This is actually the place where all of your friends’ posts will appear. You’ll also notice updates from company pages that you’ve liked. Your posts will also appear in the newsfeed where your friends can see them.


Often puzzled with a newsfeed, the particular timeline is your personal record of all the blogposts you’ve shared plus posts you’ve interacted with. While you won’t usually see friend’s status updates here, there is one exemption — if they’ve tagged you in the post or a photo, it’ll appear on your own timeline. Your friends can see your timeline by default if they search your own name unless you have set your personal privacy settings to do the contrary.


The criteria is an elusive concept. Essentially, the protocol is a series of calculations that Facebook’s computers do every second to determine what content material you want to see, interact with, and click on following. The algorithm uses dwell time (how long you see a post), engagement, page likes, articles, and more to determine the kind of content you might like to notice. Over time, the formula gets better with determining what happy to show you.


The two terms are often used interchangeably, but “post” is the term Facebook uses to describe something you share on the newsfeed. Text, images, videos, and location are simply a few of the types of articles you can share towards the newsfeed for your buddies to see.

How to write a status or post for a facebook beginner


These are people you have either sent a request to and they’ve accepted or even people who have sent a request and you have accepted. Unlike some other social networking sites that allow someone to stick to you without you following them back again, Facebook’s friend program requires both your other person to be friends with each other. A private account for an individual are not able to have more than five, 000 friends (and it’s not a good idea to make a second Facebook user profile to get around this rule). How to view Facebook friends for beginners


Facebook has a follower option too. When you add new close friends, you automatically follow them (and they will follow you, too). This is Facebook’s method of adding this brand new friend to your newsfeed and making sure the thing is their posts (at least for a short time unless you stop engaging with them). For those who exceed 5, 000 friends on their personal Facebook profiles, individuals can opt to stick to them instead to remain up to date on their content. Keep in mind, while Fb automatically follows your friends for you, you can by hand unfollow them with no unfriending them. This action removes these individuals’ posts from your newsfeed. If you do this, you will need to search your friends individually and rise their timelines to catch up on their latest posts.

How to follow and unfollow a friend on Facebook


Facebook users with similar interests will dsicover it helpful to make a group on the platform. A group is a community of users who also interact with each other depending on various topics set by the group’s admins and other users. Only individual users could be added to groups — pages cannot be element of Facebook groups. Admins have a wide range of permissions they can enable or even disable to have the group function in a specific way.

Example of a Facebook private group called the millennial check in


Businesses use Website traffic to create a presence over the social network. Pages are certainly not individual Facebook users — think of them as profiles intended for businesses. They can submit updates, images, videos, and all the other varieties of content that information can. However , they have an advantage — Website traffic have the ability to connect to Facebook for Business plus run ad campaigns.

Example of a Facebook page featuring GoFundme


Along with so much community taking place on Facebook, individual users and companies have the option to advertise occasions. The events may accept RSVPs, build a guest list, and promote the date period, and location from the event. Events could be virtual through a movie platform or they may be in person with a actual physical location.

Example of a Facebook event featuring a few dozen people in small boats at the 4th annual mega tube float


Instead of a direct messaging platform in the indigenous Facebook app, Fb Messenger exists like a separate application therefore users can chat one-on-one or inside a private group setting. When using Facebook. possuindo on a desktop computer, the particular messenger is accessible with the native Facebook web site.

Facebook messenger button for beginners


Such as Instagram stories, Facebook stories are another way individual users and business pages can connect with their friends and followers. Stories are short pieces of content that are visible for just 24 hours. After 24 hours, the tales disappear from the newsfeed.

Facebook stories for beginners


Displayed by the bell image in the third group below, a notice informs you if a friend engages along with your posts, photos, movies, or timeline, you will receive a notification that will explains what they engaged with and when. Buddy requests will also show up here. Facebook notifications for beginners

Now that you have an idea associated with what Facebook is usually and how it works, here is a handy facts using Facebook.

How does Facebook Function?

Facebook is definitely powered by developed that is able to learn each user’s choices and interests. After that, the algorithm displays content like pictures, status updates, plus videos posted simply by friends and businesses that the user may be interested in. The objective for Facebook is to get users to interact with, consume, and share content.

In addition to this, Facebook runs advertisements for businesses and these ads are scattered in between organic articles shared by your friends on the news feed. The particular ads are tailored to your interests that is why what the algorithm considers you might be interested in depending on content you’ve interacted with in the past. This is called behavioral targeting.

How the Facebook Algorithm Works

In the past, Facebook utilized a chronological schedule. This means that the content on your newsfeed had been listed in the order in which they were most recently shared by your close friends on the platform. In case your mom posted 3 hours ago as well as your best friend posted a few minutes ago, you’d see your best friend’s submit first, then your mom’s. However , that all changed in September last year when Facebook officially announced that it was doing away with the chronological newsfeed and replacing this with a more customized experience. Rather than viewing your friends’ blogposts in the order they were shared, you now see the content Facebook’s criteria thinks you’ll take pleasure in the most. This newsfeed is still around today.

1 . Subscribe to a Facebook accounts.

To sign up for any Facebook account, adhere to these three simple steps.

  • Visit Facebook’s website.
  • At the homepage, enter your own initial name , last name , cellular number or email , new password , birthday , and gender .
  • Click Sign Up .

Facebook sign up screen that shows new users how to sign up for Facebook

2 . Set up your own privacy settings.

After you’ve subscribed to a Facebook account, you can adjust your privacy settings to control who can see your user profile and information. Adhere to these four easy steps to change your personal privacy settings.

  • Click the downward pointing arrow that’s located on the top right part of any Fb page.
  • Click Configurations .
  • In the left sidebar, choose Privacy .
  • Fixed who is allowed to see your past and long term posts. You can also manage how people will find and contact a person.

How to change Facebook privacy settings for new users

Odds are, there’s most likely someone on Facebook who has the same title as you. To distinguish yourself from these individuals and help your family and friends find you on Facebook, personalize your profile by adding the profile picture, cover photo, and some personal data.

3. Personalize your profile.

Picking a Profile Image

  • Go to your profile plus click on your profile image .
  • To choose your profile image, choose a photo that you’re already tagged in on Facebook, one that you’ve published to Facebook, or even a photo from your computer. You can also add a framework to your profile image.

How to update your profile picture on Facebook

Choosing a Cover Picture

  • Click the camera button in your cover photo, that is on your profile.
  • To choose your include photo, you can select a photo from your Facebook profile, a selection of Facebook’s own cover artwork, create a collage, or even upload a photo out of your computer. You can also reposition or delete your current cover photo.

How to choose and change a cover photo for Facebook beginners

Updating Your Profile

  • Click the About section on your profile.
  • In this section, you can fill in details about your work and training, the places you have lived, contact and basic info, along with relationships, details about a person, and life activities. How to update your profile and about sections on Facebook

four. Like and follow public pages.

On Facebook, you can follow and get up-dates from your favorite brand names, celebrities, sports teams, and publications. The ultimate way to do this is by searching for them on Facebook and preference or following their particular public page, that will have a blue verified check mark next to their name. Once you like or stick to their page, you’ll start to see their updates in your information feed.

How to find like and follow public pages like HubSpot on Facebook

5. Take a look at timeline.

Your timeline is a digital log of your Facebook activity in reverse-chronological order. Your status updates, uploaded photos and videos, and the photos you’re tagged in will be on your timeline.

How to find and view your Facebook timeline

6. Add friends upon Facebook.

You will find three ways you can add friends on Facebook. You can either look for them, find them within the Find Friends tab, or import a list of contacts from your email, iCloud, or mobile phone.

To find friends on Facebook, visit your profile, select the Friends tab , plus tap the Find Friends button. You will see a list of buddy requests from other individuals and a list of individuals you may know that you can include as a friend on Facebook.

If you upload a list of contacts onto Facebook, you can include your friends as you evaluate each of your connections.

How to add friends on Facebook for beginners

7. Post upon Facebook.

The main purpose of Facebook would be to help friends and family interact with each other. And the simplest way to connect with your friends and family is by updating them about your daily life with status up-dates. To share a Facebook status, go to the textual content box at the top of your news feed page or on your profile page.

With standing updates, you can discuss text with 15 different colored backgrounds, photos, videos, GIFs, stickers, and links.

You can also reveal other types of posts, like:

  • Feeling/Activity: Share how you’re currently feeling or even what you’re presently doing.
  • Check In: When you visit a town, location, or place, check in and allow your friends know exactly where you’re at.
  • Tag Buddies: If you’re hanging out with your friends, tag them in your standing and share what you’re doing.
  • Tag Event: If you’re at an event, you can tag it in your status and share what occasion you’re attending.
  • Ask for Suggestions: If you just moved someplace or you’re about to visit a location, you can ask your Facebook friends for recommendations on where to go.
  • Poll: Ask your Fb friends what their own opinion is on a certain topic.
  • Support Not for profit: Choose a nonprofit organization of the choice and share this through your status. Your own Facebook Friends may then select the donate button to support the chosen organization.
  • Answer something: Choose a predetermined question to answer or create your own question in order to answer and share it with your Facebook friends.
  • Listings: Choose a predetermined topic to make a list for or even create your own topic and share it with your Facebook friends.
  • Facebook Stories: All of the content that you can discuss through a status revise is shareable throughout your Facebook story. You can also upload content to your own stories by clicking on the Add to Your own Story button at the right sidebar. In addition , you can watch all your friends’ Facebook Stories simply by clicking on their picture in the Stories section, which is also located on the right sidebar on your home page.

8. Include photos and videos.

Upon Facebook, you can add photos, videos, albums, plus live video contacts to your profile for your friends to see.

Uploading photos or videos

To upload photos or videos to your profile, follow these 4 simple steps:

  • Go to your Profile .
  • Select the Photos tab.
  • Select Add Photos/Video .

Upload photos or videos from your computer.
How to upload new photos and videos to Facebook

Generating photo or movie albums

To create a photo or video album, follow these types of four simple steps:

  • Go to your Profile .
  • Tap the particular Photos tabs.
  • Tap Create Photo album .

Upload pictures or even videos from your computer.
How to create a new photo or video album in Facebook

Facebook Live

To do a live broadcast on the Facebook account, follow these three simple steps.

  • In the container that says What’s in your thoughts? , select Live Movie .
  • When you select Live Video , you can write the description about your broadcast, tag people in it, add a sensation or activity, check in to an event, support a non-profit, or add a poll. You may also title your live broadcast or tag a video game if you’re live streaming someone or yourself actively playing a video game.
  • Select Go Live when you have finished describing your live broadcast.

How to go live on Facebook for beginners

nine. Connect with friends.

On your news feed, you’ll see updates from your friends, family, or public web pages you follow. To interact with them, you are able to like and react to their posts, discuss content on their timelines, and communicate with all of them through text or even video chat.

Like, Comment, Or even Share

If you love someone’s post, provide them with a thumbs up, discuss their post, or share it.

Additional Reactions

In case your Facebook friend’s posting evokes a more powerful reaction in you than a like, you can also express that you adore, laughed, are surprised, sad, or upset at their publish by holding over the Like button.

Facebook emoji reactions

Revealing Content on Your Friends’ Timelines

Anything you can post on the status, you can also publish on your friend’s schedule.

Facebook Messenger

To talk to your friends or general public pages on Facebook, use Facebook Messenger. You can access it simply by tapping the Text messages button at the top correct corner of any Facebook page or selecting the Text messages button on the remaining sidebar of the home web page.

How to use Facebook messenger

Next, select New Message and enter your friend or even brand’s name that you would like to connect with. Fb Messenger also enables you to create group chats by clicking on Brand new Group. After that, what you just have to do is title your group plus add the buddies you want to include in the girls.

How to send a new message in Facebook messenger

When you message your pals or group on Facebook Messenger, you are able to upload pictures, video clips, and files out of your computer, as well as stickers, GIFs, emojis, plus take pictures and videos from your computer’s or phone’s digital camera.

You can also view Messenger on its own web page, where you can search for past conversations and handle your settings. To see Messenger on its own page tap the Messages button in the top right corner associated with any Facebook web page and then tap the particular See All in Messenger button.

How to find Facebook messenger

To instant message your friends’ who are logged onto Facebook simultaneously as you, tap the particular Chat button over the bottom of any kind of Facebook page and strike up a discussion with your friends that are online. How to view messenger conversations on the main Facebook screen

Phone and Video Calling

If you have Messenger open by itself page, you can search for virtually every of your friends or groups, click on their own name, and touch the phone or video clip chat button to call them.

How to chat through Facebook messenger

ten. Review your newsfeed.

Your news give food to is a curated give food to of posts from your friends, family, plus public pages a person follow that Facebook’s algorithm thinks you’ll be interested in. You’ll also see ads through brands who believe you’ll enjoy eating their content or products.

In order to customize your news feed, tap the particular downward pointing arrow in the upper right corner of any Facebook page and tap News Give food to Preference .

From there, you can prioritize whose posts you will see first, unfollow people and groups to hide their articles, reconnect with people and groups you unfollowed, discover public webpages that match your interests, and hide applications from your news feed.

11. Find out additional Facebook functions.

Facebook is not just a platform designed for viral content and connection. It’s also a hub for local community communications, video streaming, marketplaces, and games.


The Events web page on Facebook will show you any upcoming occasions that are popular with your Facebook friends and have been set up from the groups you are part of. You can also find events depending on their date, place, and category.

To find the Events web page, select the Home button. Then, around the left sidebar, you will see the Explore section, where you can select Events

Facebook event in Bartlett, TN for an outdoor spring crafts fair


The particular Groups page upon Facebook will show you which groups you handle and belong to. You may also discover groups to join based on Facebook’s suggestions and a ton of other categories.

To access the Groups page, tap the Home button and then over the left sidebar, you will see the Explore section, where you can click Groupings.

How to find and see a group on Facebook

Facebook Watch

On the Facebook View platform, you can watch movies from the shows you are following and look for other shows plus videos.

To reach Facebook Watch, select the Home button. Then, on the left sidebar, you’ll see the Watch button right beneath the Marketplace button.

How to view groups in one page on Facebook


Not only really does Facebook compete with Netflix in the streaming sector, but they also contend with eBay in the marketplace market. With Facebook Industry, you can browse for all kinds of products, join groupings to buy and sell products with people in your area or even who share comparable interests, shop for products sold from various shops, shop simply by category, and sell your own products.

To get into Facebook Marketplace, select the House key. Then on the left sidebar, you’ll view the Marketplace button right under the Watch button.

Facebook marketplace for beginners featuring a table, a house, and a studio apartment for sale


Facebook Video games is one of Facebook’s best features. They will host a huge collection of massively popular games, and you can browse the most widely used games on the system by top graphs and categories. You can even play most of the online games with your friends, as well.

Facebook games for beginners Editor’s take note: This post was initially published in October 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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