Ways to Sell on Instagram Using Shoppable Content

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After months associated with testing, Instagram introduced a big change to the user interface (UI) in late 2020: replacing the consumer “Activity” tab with all the “Shop” tab, the social platform’s latest move to be more business-friendly.

It’s a large evolution from in which the feature was a few years ago. Today, it could infinitely easier regarding users to shop products from brands without having ever leaving the particular app.

New Data: Instagram Engagement in 2020

So , how exactly really does the tool function and how can you influence it to generate revenue? Find out everything you need to learn in the sections beneath.

Why Your Business Should Sell on Instagram

Thanks to the Instagram shoppable posts feature as well as other supportive tools (like the product wishlist, product launch reminder, plus shopping stickers upon Instagram Stories), customers can go through the entire buyer’s journey, from breakthrough to checkout.

Example of Fenoel brand selling on Instagram with product tags

Social media platforms are typically seen as great brand consciousness tools. However , Instagram’s new integrations have made it a big income driver.

The 2019 Facebook study revealed that 54% of respondents bought items in the moment or some time after seeing a product or services on Instagram.

And it’s not only direct-to-consumer brands that can take advantage of using Instagram’s shopping features. A Q4 2020 report by HootSuite revealed that will 36. 2% associated with B2B decision-makers use the app to supply new products and/or solutions.

Shoppable articles are marked having a clickable shopping handbag icon that displays the product information as well as the “View Products” call-to-action to visit the brand’s Shop page.

Example of Material Kitchen selling on Instagram with product tags

This creates a seamless encounter for the user plus allows you to advertise your own products without being as well promotional.

one Meet the eligibility criteria.

There are a few eligibility requirements you must check out off before you start promoting on Instagram. You should:

  • Be located in one of these markets.
  • Have an Instagram company or creator accounts.
  • Sell bodily goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce procedures.
  • Connect your Instagram account to some Facebook Business Web page.

Once you meet the above requirements, follow the steps below.

2 . Upload your product catalog.

Your catalog is really a file that contains the products you want to sell with their information, such as prices and description. You can find two ways to upload your product list:

  • Take the do-it-yourself route through the Fb Business Manager by manually adding the things.
  • Connect to a good ecommerce platform companion, such as Shopify or BigCommerce. Find a full list of compatible partners here.

Learn how to Upload Your Products Manually

To create a catalog through Facebook, you must first have a Facebook Business Manager account, which is completely different from a Business page. Following that, head to the Business Manager and set up your catalog.

Steps to create a catalog on Commerce Manager

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get it done.

It’s very necessary to keep your product list synced with your Instagram Page, and that your product descriptions and prices are precise. If you’re running a selling or promotion, make sure to update your item catalog to reflect it.

Methods to Upload Your Products through an Ecommerce System

A second method to connect your Instagram Business Profile to a Facebook catalog is to do it through an ecommerce platform. Here are the steps using 2 popular platforms.


Before getting started, you need to have the Facebook sales route (included in all paid Shopify plans) attached to your Shopify shop, which creates a Shop tab on your Facebook page.

How to create a catalog on Shopify

For particular details on how to link your Facebook page to your Shopify accounts, you can view the Shopify guide here.

Once you’ve done the above, you can easily add the Instagram Sales Channel to your Shopify store, which connects the items from your Shopify web page to your Instagram business profile.

To do this, head to your Shopify admin and click the “+” button situated beside the “Sales Channels” heading.

How to complete product catalog on Shopify

Next, around the “Add sales channel” dialogue, click “Instagram” and then “Add funnel. ”

You will have to log into your Facebook account page to authenticate your Instagram account in the product sales channel.

After the Instagram Sales Approach is installed, you are able to enable the function in your settings upon Instagram.


Start by starting Channel Manager on your own BigCommerce account plus click “Get Started” next to Facebook.

How to create catalog on BigCommerce

Within the next screen, make sure you’re using a compatible currency, sign up for the Facebook account (if you don’t have one), review the product requirements, after that click “Get Began. ”

Next, fill out your details on the Configuration web page, including your business’ get in touch with email, phone number, as well as the Facebook Page you are longing your shop to show up on.

Below is the complete BigCommerce information on how to do it.

Once Facebook approves your catalog, head back to Channel Supervisor, click “Get Started” next to Instagram, plus confirm that your shop meets the requirements.

3. Submit your account for review.

Once you’ve connected your own product catalog for your Instagram account, you are able to submit your account pertaining to approval.

1 . Go to your professional dashboard. Once there, click on “Set Up Instagram Shopping. inch

How to submit your Instagram shop account for review on your professional dashboard 2 . On the set up page, click on “Get Started. ” How to submit your Instagram shop account for review step 2 3. Choose your catalog.

How to submit your Instagram shop account for review step 3 4. Review the details plus click “Submit regarding Review. ”

How to submit your Instagram shop account for review step 4

The particular approval process may take a few days. You may also have to provide additional information, like domain verification.

How to Tag Products with Instagram Shoppable Posts

Once you get access to shoppable posts on Instagram plus you’ve completed all the steps listed above, incorporating tags to your articles is quick and easy.

1 . Upload your image and once that you simply done editing, hit “Next. ”

2 . Click on “Tag Products. ”

How to Tag Products with Instagram Shoppable Posts step 2

3. Tap on the item in your image you want to tag.

4. Search for the product and select it.

How to Tag Products with Instagram Shoppable Posts step 3

5. Click on “Done” and share the image.

Have an older post that still gets good traction, but doesn’t have a shoppable tag? You can label products in both brand new and existing posts from your Instagram Business Profile, up to five products per one image post or 20 products for each multi-photo (or carousel) post.

Instagram shoppable tag example

How to Enhance Your Posts for Shoppable Purchases

one Create posts that will feel natural to the Instagram feed.

While selling on Instagram is easier than ever, remember that your viewers shouldn’t feel like these are being sold to. You should maintain their current articles strategy, incorporating shoppable tags on photos that are a natural match for your profile.

Material Kitchen example of natural Instagram product integration

2 . Leverage influencer content.

A great way to organically add shopping labels to your post will be by leveraging articles from consumers. Studies show consumers trust influencers much more than brands and these posts act as social proof, we. e., credibility and validation for the brand name.

For example , Fe Noel recently reposted this post from a fashion influencer and added the product tag.

Fenoel example of influencer product tag

You may also optimize your Instagram sales strategy by using influencer posts. Changer collaborations and sponsorships have nearly replaced traditional ads and they are a huge part of social networking strategies today.

55% of style shoppers have purchased a fashion item after seeing this promoted on the platform, according to a 2020 post from Instagram’s creator account.

Below, popular fashion model Michelle Dee is shown sporting a Herschel Supply suitcase on the brand’s profile:

HerschelSupply example of influencer product tag

An Instagram influencer’s stamp associated with approval goes a long way and is a great technique to drive sales from the Instagram shoppable blogposts.

3. Enhance your post along with multiple tags.

Lastly, including multiple shopping tags inside your photos will help your audience explore and browse through your items quickly. You can also attempt adding shopping tags to carousel content to test their functionality against single-photo posts.

ByrdHair example of multiple Instagram product tags

4. Activate the Shop page on your Instagram profile.

Create at least 9 shoppable posts in order to activate the “Shop” tab on your Instagram profile. This will group all your shoppable posts under one tab for easy buying and product breakthrough.

Sunni Sunni Studio example of how to activate your Instagram Shop page

Measuring the Results of the Shoppable Posts

Instagram business accounts have access to analytics for shoppable posts, including data on how lots of people viewed product information and clicked through to the product page. These details helps determine what type of products resonate along with your Instagram followers plus identify gaps within the buyer’s journey.

As with all of your social media marketing efforts, you should determine performance data to see what drives the best results (and why) and use that to inform future articles.

Once your company begins selling on Instagram, keep experimenting with images, copy, shopping tags, and other aspects that may contribute to your sales.

Regardless of what type of products a person sell, delving into your analytics allows you to understand your audience’s desires, improves your content, and ultimately helps you generate more traffic plus sales.

Offering on Instagram iis a remarkable opportunity to reach customers in all stages from the buyer journey via a seamless experience.

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