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Wix is the greatest website builder with simplicity at the core. The ease of using its drag-and-drop editor is definitely second to none as it lets anyone create a website with out touching any code.

It is a great all-rounder, so that you can whip up a personalized website whether you’ re a small business or even an artist using a portfolio to show. It may not be suitable for more complex sites, but it offers all the basic equipment you need right out from the box.

With Wix, you are able to focus more on developing an online presence and much less on figuring out specialized jargon.

Wix Pros and Cons


  • Totally free plan available
  • Scalable prices
  • Easy registration
  • Beginner-friendly interface
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Hands-off security and maintenance
  • Automated website backups
  • Extensive application market
  • Widest selection of prebuilt templates
  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Optional multilingual feature
  • Built-in traffic analytics
  • Innovative AI associate


  • Impossible to switch templates once web site is live
  • No live chat support
  • Difficult to get free from

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How Wix Even compares to Top Website Contractors

Wix is the IKEA of the online world.

It has everything you need so you can assemble a website within minutes. No code skills are required, as using the drag-and-drop editor is as simple as creating a Powerpoint demonstration.

Whilst Wix has made easier the process of creating sites, it does this in the expense of flexibility. You can’t switch to another template once your website goes live plus you’re locked in to the Wix server in the get-go.

You can do only a lot with a Wix site, and experienced internet site creators will find Wp a better canvas to construct a website on.

While it requires a steeper learning contour, WordPress has a broader selection of themes and plugins to build the better-performing site. Not forgetting its open-source nature allows developers to mold it precisely the way they want.

Design-wise, Wix has something for everybody, but it’s not necessarily the best choice for everyone. If you’re looking for designs with increased depth and element, look no further than Squarespace.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity when it comes to templates, Squarespace is the website builder of choice for users whom put a high cost on aesthetics.

Wix – Ease of Use

Everything about Wix screams “beginner-friendly. ” If you’re a novice in making websites, you’ll really feel right at home.

Creating a merchant account alone is a easy. All you need is a valid email address, and you are good to go. Alternatively, you can use your existing Facebook or Google accounts to register, so you won’t have to fill out something.

Considering that Wix does all of the heavy lifting, you don’t need to purchase a separate hosting plan or install any software. By contrast, WordPress is a content administration system, so you have to take care of all the technical stuff to release a website.

There are two quick ways to build your own Wix site: through the Wix Editor or Wix ADI.

Wix Publisher is why Wix is infront of the pack. It features an user-friendly drag-and-drop page publisher that makes the process of building a website as easy as creating a Powerpoint slide.

Wix operates through a somewhat unstructured editor, so you can effortlessly click any component, hold it in place, and drop it wherever you want. This provides you the freedom to produce a website exactly as you have envisioned it. Squarespace also allows you to move the page components around but only into columns and rows, so its editor is more restrictive than Wix’s.

In case you need to know how a particular component or feature works, all you need to do is click on the question mark image provided. This brings a box containing the answer you’re looking for.

The system has got the answer or explanation straight from the Help Middle so that you don’t have in order to waste time looking for one.

Modifying each element on the page is a piece of cake. To change the dummy text, just click onto it and type the written text you want. You can also modify its font design and animate it with just a few clicks.

Along with everything you need already supplied on your screen, you can quickly launch a decent site even if you never created one before.

Wix Editor also comes with pre-installed features like “Repeater, ” which you will not find in other internet site builders.

Repeater is basically a collection of ready-made templates having a list of items. This can be a list of products, features, properties, staff members, or anything you want to highlight on your page. The particular templates already have the design and layout, and that means you will only provide the content.

If you’re short on time to build a Wix site from scratch, you can opt for the Wix Artificial Style Intelligence (ADI). This innovative tool is available upon registration and is designed to help you churn out a website the easiest plus fastest way.

You only need to answer a few questions, which smart assistant can automatically pick a ideal design, generate a form, and connect your social media.

With Wix ADI, you may not be in full control but setting up your website is as practical as ordering meals from a drive-thru. Unless you like how the web site turns out, you can easily change it out with the classic Wix drag-and-drop editor.

Having said that, certainly one of my pet peeves when using Wix could be the lack of synchronicity between desktop and mobile versions. For example , should you be using the desktop edition to move a photo towards the bottom of the web page, the same change will not reflect in the cellular version. Therefore , you really the same change twice to have a website that looks the same to both devices.

Despite this minor drawback, however , Wix remains the easiest website contractor to maintain. Unlike Wp, Wix is a shut ecosystem, so most security and upkeep are entirely hands off. This means you won’t have to update applications, create backups, or even set up security actions on your own, as Wix’s technical team is going to take care of everything.

For the backups, Wix comes with an autosave feature that maintains multiple copies of your website. In case the particular unthinkable happens, you have the option to restore a specific copy of your website in a few clicks.

Moreover, Wix sites have built/in SSL security certificates so your visitors may check out your website with out fear of having their sensitive personal information obtaining stolen.

One way of ensuring a website has this certificate is by looking for that small padlock image beside the website URL. If the website has it symbol (which just about all Wix sites have), rest assured it has the essential protection against cyberthreats.

Wix Quality of the Site Created

There are over 500 free prebuilt templates to choose from, so regardless of whether you’re a small food business or a freelancer who needs a profile site, Wix has got you covered.

However , many selections of templates means it can be hit-or-miss. Musicians who have an eye with regard to better designs might find most Wix web templates underwhelming and formulaic. If you put a higher value on beauty, then Squarespace may be a better option to create your portfolio site.

Having said that, there are several gems in Wix’s template gallery for the time to look for one particular. These templates are mobile-responsive, so your site is like a liquid that can fit the particular screen perfectly no matter what device you’re making use of.

However are issues in synchronicity, as I previously mentioned, Wix makes up for this by giving users the particular freedom to customize the pages to their heart’s content.

All of Wix templates are on a WYSIWYG (what the truth is is what you get) paradigm, meaning whichever you’re working on the screen is exactly just how it will appear after the site goes live. This saves you lots of time as you no longer need to move back and forth between the backend and the reside site.

It’s easy to customize the template as Wix has probably one particular the best, if not the best, drag-and-drop editor. You can hold any of the pre-installed page elements by means of this feature, proceed them around seamlessly, and drop them wherever you make sure you. WordPress has come quite a distance with its Gutenberg publisher, but it’s neither WYSIWYG nor exactly the same drag-and-drop editor that Wix has become reputed for.

The page elements may also be personalized individually. You can choose the font design for each text or perhaps upload your own fonts to the Wix Publisher. Users can also inhale life into the page elements like proceeding, menu, or photograph by animating them.

Pick from different animation styles like bounce-in, fade-in, or glide-in. Try not to overdo it, although, lest your website eventually ends up looking amateurish.

Wix Editor also enables you to change the background image right into a video or another image. Select from any of the royalty-free files from the photo gallery or upload 1 from your device.

You can also pick the main color concept and adjust its shades. However , We find the site colors difficult to configure because it’s not clear exactly where exactly each color is for. And when it isn’t really evident where the colors will show up, it is easy to mess up with the shades and turn your site into a colorful eye sore.

To enhance the site’s features, you can also install any one of Wix’s over 250 apps which is its answer to the more different WordPress plugins.

While their particular WordPress counterparts obviously outnumber the applications, each app was already tested, so you know they’re compatible with Wix right off the bat. In contrast, Wp plugins may or may not break your website. It depends on whether the plugin is up-to-date or how compatible it is with the newest WordPress iteration, as many are generated simply by outside developers.

Wix has created more than 80 in-house apps, so you will not have to look elsewhere to improve your site’s functionality. Some of Wix’s built-in tools consist of:

  • Wix Songs – an app you can install to sell and promote music. Additionally, it offers custom audio analytics.
  • Wix Bookings – enables your customers to schedule and pay for visits, consultations, classes, or even workshops from your internet site.
  • Wix Events – allows you to sell tickets, connect with a payment service provider, and send email invites.
  • Wix Community forums – an easy way to build a residential area where your supporters can leave remarks and interact with each other.
  • Wix Restaurants – among Wix’s hospitality widgets featuring restaurant menus elements, a reservation app, and on-line delivery features.

Several of Wix’s in-house applications are free, while some come with a monthly membership fee. If nothing of the in-house apps has the feature you’re looking for, you can also install one of the third-party apps available in the Wix App Market.

If blogging is part of your own strategy to drive traffic to your website, you can add a blog straight from the editor. This can make Wix different from WordPress, where the blog is preparing to use right from the box. However , the need to install a blog is definitely nowhere near a problem as how the Wix blog itself works.

Wix’s blog is enough regarding small business websites that don’t need bells and whistles. It can do things that will WordPress can, such as adding tags or even categories, scheduling blogposts, saving drafts, adding authors, and changing blog layouts. Wix also allows you to add paywalls to chosen posts so you can acquire from your blog by way of a subscription-based model.

However , Wix doesn’t support AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), so it’s not system of choice if you’re planning to publish faster-loading webpages in this format. Wix only uses a native commenting system, so that your users need to subscribe to an account first before they could leave a remark. Wix doesn’t assistance Facebook Comment or even Disqus as of this writing.

If you prefer a website that can display AMPLIFIER versions of your webpages or one that utilizes a third-party commenting program, then choose WordPress or Squarespace instead.

Naturally , a blog is really a waste of time in case you can’t rank any content on search engine results. Fortunately, Wix provides dramatically improved in the SEO department right after leaving its Flash-based version in the past.

With Wix, you can now optimize your site posts so they can position high on Google. You can edit the meta titles and explanations, edit the header code, or customize the URLs.

However , Wix relies on Javascript when displaying URLs. Not just does Javascript make the URLs difficult to get, but it also leads to code bloat. The latter leads to slower pages, which can put your site at the losing end since page speed is one of Google’s position factors.

Before you even think about jumping ship, it’s worth noting that Wix has developed something to address this issue. Wix Turbo is a technology designed to optimize your site for the quickest Javascript execution period. It will help your images plus videos load faster. It also uses innovative CSS to give your website a faster design.

Wix now also offers the multilingual feature so your website can cater to more readers. And much more readers mean more traffic visiting your website or online store. Along with Wix Multilingual, you are able to translate your content and every section of your website in to multiple languages without the need to hire a programmer.

There are a great number of things you can do with Wix, but there’s the caveat.

Make sure you spend time selecting a template. Once your site goes live, you can no longer switch to one more template without dropping everything you’ve made.

If you would like the flexibility to change the template anytime you would like, build a website upon WordPress or other website builders like Squarespace.

Wix Customer Support

Even if you are on the free strategy, Wix won’t let you fend for yourself.

Every aspect in the Wix Publisher has a corresponding poser icon. Once clicked, this question mark can display a snippet of what the tool or element is all about. Some even show a video tutorial. This way, you can find answers quickly without jumping back and forth between your editor and the Help Center.

For premium users who need more specific solutions, Wix offers e-mail or phone assistance (call back) from Monday to Thurs, 5 AM in order to 5 PM SE RÉVÈLE ÊTRE. Unlike Squarespace and other website builders, Wix doesn’t have live conversation support.

Wix Pricing

Wix offers a free-forever plan, unlike other website builders that are less good.

The particular tradeoff is the totally free website is ad-supported, and you will have to make use of a Wix subdomain such as sitename. wix. com . Not only is it terrible regarding branding, but it also has a 500 MB bandwidth limit, so there is not too much that you can do with a free strategy.

However , a free plan is all you need to create a basic site for a one-off event like a wedding ceremony, garage sale, or even birthday party, or a simple site like a profile.

If you need to go pro and get rid of all the limitations of a free Wix website, then you can upgrade to any of the high quality plans.

The paid programs start with the most basic 1 where you can connect your personal domain name. However , the Wix-sponsored ads persist at this point unless you proceed to higher plans.

Ad-free high quality plans are divided into two classes: Website plans plus Business & E-commerce plans.

The Website plans are usually for regular web sites that don’t market anything. If you’re not sure what bandwidth to choose, you can always start with the standard plan. Once your site’s traffic degree surpasses the tolerance, Wix will send the notification to inform you it’s time to improve.

Business & Ecommerce plans are perfect for online businesses that accept obligations through their websites. These include Business Simple, Business Unlimited, plus Business VIP, all of which come with unlimited band width to ensure seamless business operation.

All of the premium programs offer a 14-day money-back guarantee so you can test the waters first before taking the plunge. The downside is once you see through the free trial period, the plan is immediately set to auto-renew. If you get the plan at a discounted price, you will more than likely experience sticker shock once it’s time to renew your strategy.

Should you decide to cancel the auto-renewal, make sure to achieve this more than 14 days just before your plan’s 1st anniversary. You may want to established a reminder within your calendar.

For big companies, Wix also offers a good all-in-one solution known as Wix Enterprise, yet Wix only discloses the pricing over the phone after you demand a callback.

Wix’s prices page only shows the monthly fee for all premium programs if billed each year. There’s no toggle button to show how much you’ll pay in case you opt for a monthly invoicing cycle instead. While I agree that an annual subscription can save you more money in the long run, it’s still a bit misleading only to display the discounted annual charges.

Wix Website Builder

Wix is currently almost synonymous along with “website builder. ”

It is not that surprising taking into consideration the huge advertising spending budget poured into Karlie Kloss, Jason Statham, and “Wonder Woman” star Gal Gadot.

Yet hype doesn’t long lasting. In the case of Wix, its drag-and-drop editor is exactly what cemented its place as the leading web site builder in the world. With its easy-to-use tools, anybody can now create a reasonable and professional internet site without touching a line of code.

Wix can help you launch your website within two ways. The traditional Wix Editor is where you can select among the hundreds of prebuilt layouts and then customize the content to your liking. If you don’t want to do it yourself or do not know how, you can also opt for the Wix Artificial Style Intelligence (ADI) which usually automatically builds a website for you based on your answers to a few queries.

Either way, Wix will hold your hand in every step of the way so you can build a website in a matter of minutes. This is why beginners who need a basic website are better off starting their journey with Wix than tinkering with the more complicated WordPress.

However , it doesn’t mean Wix is closing its doors to designers. Should you prefer a higher-level of customization, there are the coding platform called Wix Velo that gives the elbow room you need to add codes and enhance the site’s functionality.

Wix E-commerce Platform

Shopify is usually on top of people’s minds when thinking of an ecommerce website builder.

But Wix is not one to end up being outmatched.

To build a Wix ecommerce website, you can start with a Business Limitless plan for $25 per month (billed annually) and have access to the full suite of ecommerce features through the Business VIP plan for $35 a month (billed annually).

Starting an online store with Wix is as effortless since creating a basic Wix website. You begin simply by choosing a template plus customizing everything from your own storefront to product pages. With Wix’s drag-and-drop editor, you can do this on your own without any technical know-how.

Wix offers free tools like the Wix Business Name Electrical generator and Wix Logo Maker to firm up your store’s online presence. You can also use your own domain name, so people know you’re in serious company.

If you already have your products, Wix will help you handle your inventory, handle sales tax, and set up custom shipping rules.

Do you have no time to break a sweat managing a complicated inventory? No problem. Wix also offers tools so you can run a dropshipping or print-on-demand company. This way, you can have the supplier fulfill the purchases and ship these to the buyers without you lifting the finger.

To accept payments, you can either use the built-in Wix Payments remedy or choose from several third-party payment providers.

General, Wix covers all the basics you need being a first-time online seller or a retail business making the switch to ecommerce. It can help you market an unlimited number of items, including digital and service-based. There are no transaction fees, as opposed to in Squarespace, and you can create promotional codes so your buyers can avail of discounts, free delivery, and limited-time offers.

However , Wix as an e-commerce platform still has a long road forward to beat the industry’s big gamers. Online stores with massive, fast-selling inventory will benefit from a more scalable ecommerce platform such as WooCommerce, which is easily accessible if your site is definitely on WordPress.

Wix is also not capable of multi-channel selling yet.

Wix Organization

Wix Enterprise is the helpful business solution to help your company grow plus scale.

It’s more expensive compared to other two items as it caters to larger companies who need a unified platform for many their business needs. Wix Enterprise provides solutions for each essential company department– from HR and advertising to executives and customer support.

At the core of these business solutions is Ascend, a full suite of tools necessary to control projects and allow hassle-free collaboration between team members. Ascend consists of workflows, tasks, software, price quotes, chat, and site membership, among others.

Pricing for Wix Enterprise is only available upon request.

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Wix provides the most straightforward pathway to creating a website. With plenty of beautiful and free of charge templates to choose from, you are able to churn out stunning plus professional websites without having to shell out a dime. Along with its drag-and-drop user interface, you can customize your internet site without having to know a line of code.

Wix is simple to a fault that you can’t do several customizations you can openly do on the more flexible WordPress. Because of this, I recommend Wix for beginners who are taking a stab at creating a internet site. It’s also ideal for professionals who want to showcase their experience or portfolio. Lastly, Wix ecommerce is the best place to begin if you’re a small business marketing products or marketing your brand on the internet.

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