Which Social Media Channels Do Consumers Spend the Most Time On? [New Data]

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Each day there’s something new on social media.

Lately, Twitter introduced Tweets Blue, a premium subscription-based version of its system.

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TikTok took the social media world by storm back in 2020 and still remains the most downloaded app associated with 2021, according to Social media marketing Today. Instagram is regularly adding brand new features to the platform, recently screening a new affiliate device for influencers.

The question is, how are usually these changes affecting how consumers behave online? Are users moving away from Facebook?

Let’s see what the data says and exactly what it means for brand names.

We selected 301 people plus asked, ” Which social media system do you spend the most time on each week? ” The response was type of surprising.

Where users spend the most time on social media

Despite YouTube’s steady growth in the last year and the increase of TikTok and Clubhouse, Facebook remains the top social media platform. YouTube follows, using the gap between the system and Facebook smaller in larger research.

So , exactly what does this information really mean?

Well, in a broad sense, it indicates you should consider having a existence on these systems. However , don’t delete your Instagram accounts just yet – better yet, don’t delete it at all.

I can explain why within the next section.

Need to brands limit their particular efforts to the most popular platforms?

There are no single, clear-cut answer to this… but generally, no .

While most consumers may spend most of their time on Facebook plus YouTube, that doesn’t mean you should devote all your efforts completely to those platforms.

Why? That may not have to get where your audience lives.

Generality is the enemy of marketing. Visualize running a social media ad that targets everyone. Or having a audience comprising all of Style Z.

This type of one-size-fits-all isn’t favorable to your brand’s growth. In fact , it is likely maintaining you from making progress, as you spend time and resources upon broad strategies that may not work for your particular market.

It’s like going to a party and only getting a good address for the community. Sure, you could generate around and hit on every doorway until you find the right one particular, but by that period, you might be tired, starving, and out of fuel.

When you absolutely no in on a specific audience and technique, you can gain more valuable insights and get a higher return on investment.

Data, just like the 1 above, should be used as a general guide to understand consumer habits. However , it shouldn’t dictate your entire strategy. Your own consumer data plus user persona(s) ought to.

For instance, let us say you’ve uncovered through market research that your audience enjoys consuming information mostly through blogs and pod-casts. That’s a good indication of where you need to focus your efforts. Within a few years, that data might change, in which case, your own team should be versatile and move to where your audience is going.

Here’s what you ought to consider when identifying where to direct your efforts:

  • Where your audience lives
  • The type of content you will be creating
  • The channel that converts the best

There are a few ways to figure out where your target audience “hangs out” online. First, you can check the particular demographics by platform – this will offer you a general idea of the audience.

For example, TikTok mostly suits a younger market between 10 to 29 years old while many Instagram users are between 18 to 34 years old.

You can also reach out to your target audience directly by means of polls and study to find out where these people spend their period. In addition , look to your competition.

See where they’re focusing their particular efforts and if these are successful, that may be a good sign of where you should be. Like when you are not sure you visited the right place but see someone you know parking and you can let out a sigh of alleviation.

Next is the type of content you’ll be creating.

Say your viewers enjoys video content the most (think webinars, lives, video tutorials). In this case, your viewers would be well suited for Youtube . com, Instagram, and TikTok, all of which have video editing and posting features. You can then repurpose your content for each system.

Another element to consider is how each channel is contributing to your objectives. This is where the importance of information comes in.

You may be posting every day upon TikTok and find which the rare times you post on Facebook, you get much higher wedding and conversion rates. While there could be several reasons behind this, you may want to redirect your attention to Facebook as it is providing the very best return on investment.

Following, we’ll cover what software can help you keep an eye on your social media information.

Top Social media marketing Analytics Software

1 . HubSpot

With HubSpot’s social networking management software, you can monitor your social technique from beginning to end.

HubSpot social media software

Image Source

With a user-friendly dash, you can see exactly how your published posts are performing, which stations are bringing traffic to your website and producing leads, and more.

You can also filter your reports by campaign, account, and day range so you can filter down the exact details you’re looking for.

In addition , HubSpot’s social networking software allows you to:

  • Schedule posts.
  • See how your competitors measure up.
  • Track and monitor conversations surrounding your brand on every platform.
  • Export and analyze relevant reports.

The social media tool is available within HubSpot’s all-in-one CRM system for mid- in order to large-size businesses.

2 . HootSuite

HootSuite empowers your own team to make decisions quickly with real-time data on your interpersonal strategy.

Hootsuite social media software

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The social media software takes some of the guesswork out to be able to focus on the most important information. With customizable dashes, you can also get a quick overview of your important metrics and determine what’s driving traffic and sales.

Ranging from $49/month to custom pricing for enterprise-level businesses, you will discover a plan that satisfies your needs and is scalable.

3. Develop Social

In case you have multiple social channels running at full speed and you are overwhelmed with the data, Sprout Social will help.

Sprout Social social media software

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The platform helps you manage your data and create ready-to-go reports to share with stakeholders.

In addition , you can use competitive intelligence to benchmark your speed and agility and make well informed decisions that will promote your brand’s growth.

Sprout Social’s prices is based on a subscription model and ranges from $99 to $249 a month.

Now that you know exactly where consumers spend their time online, the real work begins. Test out various strategies to discover what resonates greatest with your audience, often using data as well as your user personas to tell your decisions.

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