15 Stunning Examples of Small company Website Design

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If you’re a small company, your website has a huge impact on your achievement. Research shows that approximately a third of people make use of the web to find local businesses. Honestly, I am surprised that number isn’t higher.

As a small business, you might not have the budget to hire a designer, bring in a development team, or pay for a package of design tools for your new site. A basic brochure site will probably have to do for the time being, right?

Yet here’s the thing: You don’t need a style portfolio or a personalisation team to make an effective website. A lot of why is websites work boils down to clear and user-friendly navigation, well-written copy, and tasteful usage of color, typography, plus images — no design degree necessary.

Still, it’s one thing to talk about great design, and one more to actually build a website that delivers upon all design fronts. Lucky for us, there are numerous fascinating websites which have figured out what works. Therefore , to help in your design journey, we’ve put together our favorite examples of superb small business website design in order to inspire your own.

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Small Business Website Design Examples

There are, of course , a large number of small business websites you can draw from, yet we think these fifteen serve as a good starting place whether you’re planning a redesign or wireframing your first iteration. By the way, these are all actual businesses, so you can click each link to explore the website yourself. Let’s dive in.

1 . Bennett Teas

Starting off our list is a gorgeous example of what you may accomplish with color palettes, animated web page transitions, scrolling results, and creative designs. The Bennett Tea shop offers just a handful of premium teas options, but each is presented elegantly via this online store’s unconventional format.

Typically, stores display their products as grids with links in order to product pages. On the Bennett Tea web site, however , users scroll down to explore every offering, with a life-sized image of the herbal tea box and descriptions of the taste, aroma, and mouthfeel. It’s the perfect visual colour scheme to complement the company’s variety of tastes.

Also notable may be the site’s navigation encounter. Upon landing on the website, visitors are proven a splash page stating the company’s mission. They then have the choice to continue to the store or go to the About or Contact webpages. It may require a single additional click to get to the store page, but this choice puts the branding front side and center for potential customers.

homepage for the small business website design example bennett tea

2 . Aroz Jewelry

Belgium-based jeweler Aroz offers constructed an immaculate website to display and sell their products. Offering a variety of components, Aroz first greets visitors with a full-width image, below that they present their pieces in a grid slider.

As customers continue scrolling, the site makes frequent usage of zoom-in animation, slide-in animation, and fade-in effects for better visual impact. Each text section determines the store’s products, capped off with a contact form and a social media CTA.

For all those looking to learn more about Aroz, the website also includes a blog featuring brand new collections as well as customer and designer stories. All of these components function to conjure a professional, sophisticated, and distinctive brand image — a great example of exactly what an ecommerce web site can be.

homepage for the small business website design example aroz jewelry

3. Chi town French Press

If a tea shop can have a fantastic internet site, why not a espresso roaster? Chicago France Press sells a number of rotating flavors while donating a portion of its proceeds to nonprofits and charitable organizations.

Like Bennett Tea, this website emphasizes the particular aesthetics of the product packaging. It also implements colour backgrounds to distinguish among flavors, as observed in the full-width image slider on the website.

The Chicago French Press store is easy to get around, as visitors may search by different criteria including taste, brewing method, and bag size. And, if you want to incorporate their flavors with food, the website’s weblog includes recipe blogposts too.

homepage for the small business website design example chicago french press

four. Wildwood Bakery

Wildwood Bakery’s site incorporates illustrations in small but spectacular ways. The Aussie bakery has made an easy but captivating internet site with little more than some delicate pictures, a nice orange-and-green color palette, and mouth-watering close-ups of their creations.

On the homepage, website visitors can learn about the bakery and click away to the website’s web store or sourdough subscription service. The bottom of the page sports a footer with social hyperlinks and other useful resources. Note that the footer is more prominent than usual — the top text draws the attention to other important facets of the business like durability and wholesale.

Wildwood’s store page is also worth looking at. Customers can filtration system products by flavors and quickly include anything to the cart. It’s clear the fact that designers considered every thing, as even the cards icon itself is really a custom illustration. It is these details that make this website exceptional.

homepage for the small business website design example wildwood bakery

5. AÃRK Collective

The web site for watchmaker AÃRK Collective leaves simply no question as to what it does — from the start, the timepieces are shown in full-page, pleasing images. The whole thing is similar to more of a gallery than an ecommerce site and establishes the brand’s commitment to simple and stylish designs.

However this is ultimately an online store, and scrolling down reveals AÃRK’s product lines in a brickwork grid style. The presentation is quite minimum, but this lets visitors focus solely to the designs themselves. There are no other information until you click on an item, which sends you to a item page with all the appropriate information, plus many more images to be sure you’re making the right view purchase.

homepage for the small business website design example aark collective

6. Cleenland

Not all web sites have to be visually elaborate — this is established with Cleenland’s online store. The Boston-based organization sells low-waste house care and personal cleanliness products, and the web site wastes no time nudging visitors to visit the actual physical location.

Site visitors can also shop on the internet in Cleenland’s online shop, which lists its product categories along with images of each item and information about the supplier. This way, you know products are sourced sustainably. There’s a “popular products” class serving up the best this store has to offer.

homepage for the small business website design example cleenland

7. Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Receive money is a membership site that offers financial and professional education classes for women. There are online classes, speaker events, plus networking events, along with job postings plus online communities, all in order to fuel career advancement and financial confidence.

From a visual perspective, Ladies Get Paid really does a fantastic job associated with presenting its number of benefits in a straightforward manner. Its mission is clear from the start, and the page header lets guests view every offering in more detail.

The website furthermore effectively incorporates suggestions of color in the interactive items. The cards and control keys match each other to get a cohesive feel and integrate subtle hover effects for a pleasing user experience. Overall, the site is bold yet inviting, a difficult but certainly achievable balance.

homepage for the small business website design example ladies get paid

eight. Good Vibes All of the Purpose Cleaner

Maybe I’m just biased toward lasting cleaning products, but Good Vibes Every Purpose Cleaner offers a simple, effective ecommerce site that handles to convey its beliefs and offerings effortlessly.

Good Vibes has no frill with its product displays — products are proven in a grid format as you might anticipate. However , the website furthermore prominently features reviews and testimonials from customers below to instill confidence in new buyers.

Each product web page includes a description as well as cleaning instructions, components, reviews, and recommended products. It’s enough to make a positive impression without relying on visible gimmicks.

homepage for the small business website design example good vibes all purpose cleaner

9. Wisr

I by no means expected to have this great on a financial services web site, but here we have been — Wisr provides personal loans, financial planning, and, above all, a tremendously amusing homepage. While you scroll, you the actual path of a simulated marble course through start to end. Along with each obstacle, you learn more about what Wisr does.

Whether or not you think this design choice serves as a metaphor for the often unpredictable financial street ahead, or just an awesome thing to look at, this site definitely stands out one of the rest.

An additional cool secondary function, the website remembers exactly what page you depart from. So , upon a return visit, you will see a prompt welcoming you back to the page where you remaining off. It’s a smart use of cookies that will help get prospects back on the conversion path.

homepage for the small business website design example wisr

10. Cafe que incluye Libros

Intersectional Feminist bookstore Restaurant con Libros (Coffee with Books) not only offers espressos with your purchase — additionally, it boasts a fantastic internet site with everything you need under one domain name.

This site manages in order to pack its guide inventory, merch shop, event calendar, and mission onto the particular homepage alone without overcomplicating things. Guests can also order any book from the store — physical, e-book, or audiobook — for pickup or delivery through the site.

As if that weren’t enough, the web site also maintains an energetic blog with glare and book testimonials, a newsletter, a monthly book membership service, and a podcasting with an on-site gamer. It’s an excellent stability of quantity of offerings with quality of design.

homepage for the small business website design example cafe con libros

11. Reform Collective

Style agency Reform group features one of the most cinematic scrolling experiences I have seen on a website. It combines set scrolling with horizontal scrolling to display each section within chunks while maintaining visitors on the same page.

Each individual section mentions some piece of the company, be it their particular design style and philosophy, a case study, testimonials, or a contact form. If you’re looking for a long-scrolling website that offers information to visitors in a specific linear sequence, try emulating this trick — it ensures users see what you want these to and in what purchase.

homepage for the small business website design example reform collective

12. Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams may create CBD and melatonin items for better sleep, but don’t sleep on this website. Combining 2D and 3D illustrations, scrolling animation effects, customer evaluations, and even interactive images, the homepage with this small business does an excellent job getting visitors in the mindset of the product before marketing the products themselves.

Informational sections are interspersed with product links so that new customers, whether sold or even skeptical, know what they are buying and how these products work. To learn more, the particular About page contains masterful visuals plus copy to put guests at ease. Given exactly what they’re selling, that will seems like the right approach.

homepage for the small business website design example sweet dreams

13. Panache

The graphic style and branding experts and Panache have got proven their capabilities with their one-page informational website. This is one more example of how moving can be much more than the usual way to traverse the particular page — right here, it triggers multi-colored transitions and animations that leave a strong impression.

Fashion makes this list since, rather than including another gallery for showcasing the work, it blends its aesthetic approach into the construction of the site itself. This particular ultimately gets prospective clients down to the contact form more quickly. There are also navigational links along the still left side of the page in case visitors desire to return to a particular section.

homepage for the small business website design example panache

14. Scott’s Inexpensive Flights

The aim of Scott’s Cheap Flights is to help Oughout. S. travelers effortlessly and cheaply guide vacations to domestic and international locations. Its membership web site is suitably easy: Just sign up and start getting daily email messages with the latest discounted flight offerings.

Once signed in, the website places its offers front-and-center — each one occupies the card with a colourful image of the location. Clicking a card takes you to a web page with information about the destination, instructions means book, and ticket prices by airport terminal. Some cards are premium, and the “Upgrade” button lingers in the top right tempting users to subscribe.

Additionally , this website also provides a ton of extra value to free and premium users in its blog area. In it, there are techniques for booking flights, traveling advice, and instructions for exploring new cities.

homepage for the small business website design example scott's cheap flights

15. Music Audience Exchange

Finally, Music Viewers Exchange (MAX) creates partnerships between brand names and musical musicians for promotional reasons, with a website that conveys class and professionalism.

Since it caters to both performers and companies, this features two pages for both forms of clients, with step by step guides explaining how the process works. It’s an efficient means to funnel both brands plus musicians alike towards an application form plus a conversion.

homepage for the small business website design example music audience exchange

Big Style Ideas for Smaller businesses

Designing an internet site is, without a doubt, a challenge for small businesses. Yet after some checking out, you can come up with a list of your favorite inspiration sites and what makes them take, then incorporate these types of features into your own site. Plus, you probably invest a good deal of time on sleek sites already and have a good feeling of what you will want.

Searching for more inspo? Take a look at all of our website design assets, including our Web site design lookbook — simply click below.

examples of brilliant homepage, blog, and landing page design

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